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Youi Car Insurance
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Not too bad

Good Value, not as easy to get the policy we wanted as AAMI on line quote but Youi almost matched it so went ahead. Didn't want roadside assist as we have a reliable car, so lots of bulking up with things unneeded.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Insurance TypeComprehensive
Plan covers drivers under 25No
Car ModelBMW M3 E92 (Coupe, 2007-2013)
Claim MadeNo
Book AgainYes

Simple and nice to talk to a real human

Quick and easy set up talking to a real person, lots of opinions and extras to choose to from. A very nice reward system with getting some of your premium back each month

Insurance TypeComprehensive
Plan covers drivers under 25No
Claim MadeNo
Book AgainYes

Car insurance

I'm a new customer so don't have much to comment on but saved a significant amount of money on my policy and the customer service was excellent.looking forward to the Youi rewards.

Insurance TypeComprehensive
Plan covers drivers under 25No
Claim MadeNo
Book AgainYes

missing out

I need to save money I am 72 and spend a fortune in insurance and get very little back. I missed out on using Youi because watching your advert led me to believe that your very expensive so I avoided using you. may be I should make a claim against you for miss leading me. When I did decided even though I believed you would not get my business I was so impressed when I was given the rates I could have saved even more changing over to you sooner

Insurance TypeComprehensive, Compulsory Third Party and Third Party, Fire and Theft
Plan covers drivers under 25No
Claim MadeNo
Book AgainYes

Extremely helpful and a very pleasant person (Toni)..

Only just become a member, results pending :-)
will review in 12 months time . I find it hard to find a critique in a service I haven't used as yet.

Insurance claim madeNo

General feedback

Been with Youi since I got my Ps like 2013. Never had major issues and whenever I have to renew, I always get discounts. I recently discovered about the Youi rewards so I got quite a bit to spend however, I noticed that there's not many choices to pick from. They even got rid of Dominos which the only thing I tried to purchase so far. I would suggest if they put vouchers to claim more on activities such as putt putt, wall climbing, photography classes, etc.


I would really appreciate if you'd kindly bring back the Dominos voucher offered before.

Many thanks,

Tammy :)

Insurance claim madeNo


Helpful and kind over the phone, would recommend this insurance company to friends and family, thank you for all your help setting up my car insurance.

Insurance claim madeNo

YOUI 'tailored' policies.

YOUI seems to be able to tailor its quotes to a given drivers history and address so that if you have a good history you get a better price than some other companies one size fits all price. However the real test is when you make a a claim. I hope all the specific questions aren't designed to catch you out on technicalities if you have to claim!

Insurance claim madeNo

It's great

4 years with youi always great people to have a chat. Towed my car was good n fast it's great that the policy comes with roadside

Insurance claim madeNo

Good end result

I upgraded my i30 from 2009 model to 2018 i30 with all the bells & whistles - the increase in my new policy was approx $15.
How can this be? Was I overcharged for my old policy.???? Needless to say I am pleased with the price of my new policy.

Insurance claim madeNo

Peace of mind

Spoke to Matt today and after having had terrible experience with previous insurer was lovely to feel confident in youi that they have my back
Tanks Matt
Great job

Insurance claim madeNo

Your customer service operator Alicia was excellent and deserves to be employer of the month. Your v

Excellent customer service. Alicia was just great and patience, clarity and absolutely loves her job. She deserves employer of the month.

Insurance claim madeNo

Good so far

First time with Youi the delightful lady I dealt with was obviously new at Youi, however in saying that she tried her very best to answer all my questions and provide all the necessary information for me to make an informed decision on what Youi product was best for me including all Youi offers I believe she was a dedicated individual and she is striving to be the best she can, I don't think it will take her long to become one of your best telephonists and believe she will be an asset to your company, delightful to deal with.
I was with TIO In Darwin before who were a ridiculously overpriced organisation living in the back pocket of the Territory Government totally dissatisfied with the entire experience and very happy im no longer with them.
Kind Regards
Glen Roberts

Insurance claim madeNo

Youi and Buying Your Car Insurance Policy

Compared to every other insurance company
Youi will beat them hands down on price
Customer Service is excellent and they are contactable.
I have not needed to claim anything to date so thats for another review should it ever happen.

Always check product review for the latest interactions between Policy Holders and Youi
This way you will always find the most reviews enabling you to make informed decisions!

Overall a good experience buying a car insurance policy from Youi and customer service will win Youi the market share , providing Youi dont begin to over analyse claims looking for an excuse or escape clause to not pay out on something legitimate they will grow exponentially.

We all know from people and reviewers that this behaviour is something others in the insurance industry are growing famous for.
In saying that its also important to note that people who lie or scam are really the big problem for all policy holders, people do make mistakes and Youi is aware of that ,we wouldn’t be human if we didnt, but dont scam with lies and fake claims. Dont do it , its insulting to say the least.

So do the right thing when buying insurance by bringing honesty and integrity to the table when either purchasing or claiming then I am certain Youi will honour their part of the deal.

Overall Youi is definitely worth looking at !

Insurance claim madeNo

Been with youi couple years and happy. Now have another 2 policies with them

Been with youi couple of years now. Very happy with them. We now have another two vehicles insured with youi. Thank you Youi

Insurance claim madeNo


For one year only

Good overall service experience , received a better price and excess plus road side assistance ..

Insurance claim madeNo

Wont know until something happens.

8 months with another car I own and now I have added a second vehicle.
No road side assistance needed.

Insurance claim madeNo

Very good

Don't waste time online just ring directly to save yourself some time. Otherwise, they are really great to deal with

Insurance claim madeNo

worth the while to shop around

Been with YOUI for a couple of months... so far all well. If and when I have to make a claim will be a determining factor.
The assessment words go from GOOD to AWESOME … Awesome seems over the top.... I would have preferred VERY GOOD or EXCELLENT. So, to be different, I say Henry's performance was COMMENDABLE.

Insurance claim madeNo

Good Deals

Got a lot of insurance quotes for vehicle, house and contents. Youi had the best deals. Checked a few review sites, including this one, Youi comes out very well. Didn't give 5 stars because I have never had to claim. Will renew in a year or two. But hope i never have to claim.

Insurance claim madeNo

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Contact phone number
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Record of insurance on Rover WM3616
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Contact phone no for Youi

I have received a letter from a legal firm claiming to represent me on behalf of Youi in an accident that happened over 7 months ago. The other driver was at fault and we have two witnesses that he ran a red light. The claim was paid out over 6 months ago. The letter looks suspicious- they want me to make an appointment to see one their solicitors. I lost about $6000 on the car as it was written off- I am not prepared to lose a days wages to travel to the city. Has anyone ever had this happen??
2 answers
Hi Jen, check out the legal firm's reputation, get them to Skype with you and do record the meeting. Take a second opinion from another legal firm. Be cautious about fees under all circumstances. Do not commit to any upfront fees or future fees. Find out what will be the final potential outcome and how it would work for you. All the best and good luck.Thanks for reaching out Jenni. I’d like to look into this further, please forward any policy, claim details to robynf@youi.com & I’ll be in touch to put your mind at ease. Look forward to hearing from you. Robyn.

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