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Where do I start!

Refused to pay out claim for stolen & damaged car. Police located vehicle 8mths later and offenders charged however because a kangaroo damage claim was made only 6mths prior they refused to approve and pay out the claim for the vehicle when it was reported stolen. And now despite police charging 2men with the theft & damage to the car Youi are still claiming they are not willing to pay.
And still chased up & harassed us for insurance payments despite us not having the vehicle for over 8mths and not being able to drive it out of the police recovered vehicle impound because Youi misplaced the ignition keys they had taken with them when the claim was first made. Absolutely shocking customer service and total waste of money and patience.

Insurance claim madeYes
I’m very interested to find out more here David; We’re keen on investigating all circumstances around a claim & ensuring everything is considered. If something’s been overlooked I’m more than happy to review with the right people & see what can be done. If the decision does stand I’m sure I can provide some more clarity as we can’t reject a claim simply because another claim has been lodged. If you’re able to send me some details like your claim or policy number in a direct message, I’ll get in touch to hear your side before I go looking & once I know what’s going on I can make sure we’ve exhausted all possible avenues to help out. I’ll keep an eye on my messages & hope to hear from you soon. - EllaHi David, I’ve not heard back from you just yet & still really keen to get you some answers if you have a moment for me. You can send me a direct message through product review or feel free to email me through ellat@youi.email with some information so I can find you & we’ll go from there. Thanks again & looking forward to chatting - Ella

Youi - We get you - to give us a lot of information and then give you a ridiculously expensive quote

We bought a brand new car and did our homework looking for comprehensive insurance. I went online and got quotes from 3 of the big players before trying Youi. The cheapest of the other 3 was $1100 with excess free windscreen replacement, new for new replacement in the first 2 years for a write off, free hire car and the usual things for a comprehensive policy. I put the basic information in and then got the message that they will ring to finish the quote. 20 seconds later the phone rang and I was asked a lot of questions to tailer the quote to my situation. I gave them the same basic information as with the other quotes and a tonne of other information. I drive to work and drive less than 15,000km per year. The only difference with the Youi quote was they added 'free' roadside assistance. I was expecting a figure close to or below $1,000. I actually laughed at the guy from Youi when he told me my quote was $2455. When I told him the price from the other company he said that it was probably cheap for a reason and didn't cover what Youi covered. I was the NRMAs comprehensive plus cover which has everything that is in the Youi cover and more. Even factoring in NRMA roadside assistance, it is still less than half the cost of Youi. Youi, you don't get me!

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi Baz, congrats on the new car. Thanks for giving us a go & sadly this time we weren’t in the ball park. A premium is calculated in many ways including risk & this can be rated differently between insurance companies. I’m sorry we couldn’t come to the party & didn’t meet your expectations, still thanks for your post & your time, cheers, Koppo.

Banned by YOUI after 1 not at fault accident! Appealed with facts just gets ignored!

In May 2016 my car was hit by a 19-year-old driver from behind at the lights and then it hit the car in front. The accident was immediately deemed not at fault. My car was a write off. This is my 1st ever claim with YOUI and my 1st claim in 20 years of driving.

When I called YOUI to request a quote for my new car and found out that YOUI will no longer offer me insurance, but they can't tell me why.

After an appeal I found out it was because there was another accident on the policy in August 2015. One which my wife was involved in where the driver in the parked car park behind her accidentally put their car in forward, instead of reverse. The claim was her 1st with YOUI with no claim or accident in the last 10 years. The claim was deemed not at fault.

I wasn't even involved in that accident. But YOUI have confirmed that they have considered the insurance history of the policy and evaluated that I am too high risk.

It was very difficult to get a straight answer from YOUI about who was actually banned from the policy the policy was listed against my wife's name, but I was a listed driver.

After one not at fault accident each, they are banning BOTH myself and my wife and counting each other's accident against the other driver.

I appealed to YOUI stating some strong facts in my appeal like I wasn't even present in the other accident. But these facts are just getting ignored. The YOUI reviewer doesn't seem to care what I have to say and keeps stating I have been banned based on the policy history. When the person doesn't even read the facts that you have to say it's not even an appeal process.

YOUI have since confirmed in writing that both accidents count against me. Even the one I wasn't present at.
Meaning, if you're listed on the policy, you're at fault and banned as a group! Regardless of whether you were present or not!

So we have both been in ONE NOT AT FAULT accident each and are now banned by YOUI.

I don't mind if YOUI doesn't want to offer me insurance, but they have now blacklisted me and defamed my reputation against all insurers without any care or consideration of your reputation. Another company has rejected my insurance as I have to tell them I have been refused insurance by YOUI.

This has been absolutely nightmare experience and I can't believe an insurance company in Australia that heavily advertises how much they listen on TV can behave like this.

Very, very UPSET and UNFAIRLY TREATED YOUI customer of several years.

Insurance claim madeYes
I understand it wasn’t the decision you were expecting Tom, & it would have come as a shock. Every company will have different guidelines they adhere to & sadly your case sounds like it was outside of ours. If you’re not happy with this decision we offer the chance to review through our IDRS service, who will go through all of the facts before confirming the decision. From your comments it sounds like you’ve gone through this process already. I can assure you we never take these matters lightly & I’m very sorry it’s left you so upset. Regards JoshHow does YOUI count accidents against customers when they are NOT EVEN INVOLVED? Just because they are listed on a policy. How is it legal to hold someone accountable for something they are not involved in? How is it ethical and moral? YOUI's decision to count all accidents against everyone on a policy and BAN EVERYONE ON A POLICY is disgraceful. How does YOUI justify counting NOT at fault accidents against clients? What is the point of a review process labelled IDRS "service", if the facts stated are just ignored? Why doesn't YOUI have the decency to advise customers directly if they are banned and clearly state the reasons why? I found out when trying to get insurance that I was banned, but I couldn't be told why. YOUI has been so secretive about who is banned and why. In a reputation based industry YOUI's treatment of a long term customer who has been in ONE ACCIDENT CLAIM and is now banned is absolutely horrible. YOUI should include these facts on their commercials, so that people know how they would be treated if they were involved in accidents, even not a fault ones. It should be made clear that YOUI can ban customers and make their names mud after one accident!I sense the anger & frustration Tom, & I assure you it’s not our intent to upset. Simply it’s a business decision, & I’m sorry it’s left you so hurt. Regards Josh

Nothing they can do..

I've been with youi for 3 years now and never had a claim in the time of having my license. Got my renewal notice and its jumped $300 extra and agreed value has decreased. Nothing has changed in 12 month. After ringing to discuss the information and see why its gone up so much, they said its little factors but didn't say what they were. First lady was rude and didn't do anything. Next guy looked into it but said that's the best they could do. Over $1000 for insurance. Nope not paying that. When I've looked around and can get a better deal for around $500. Doesn't matter how long you have been with them or driving record, its all about taking money from people. They have lost a customer and I'll be sharing my story.

Insurance claim madeNo
Insurers will all differ with cost/cover/service Stazz & I’m super keen to check this out for you. Price & risk can change, still, we’ll always do our best to help ease the cost. Some of the many factors that’ll influence this are, area/vehicle risk, claims, repair/parts cost, payment history, etc. 3years is a long time & we appreciate your business. Please email me your details/policy no. to laurenj@youi.email & I’ll follow up. Hope to hear from you soon. Cheers, LaurenIve already spoken with two people regarding my policy and they both said thats the best price they can do. Thank uOk cool, thanks for your reply. No pressure Stazz, if you change your mind, I’d love to understand more about your experience as we’re open to learning about what we did or didn’t do in order to improve. You’ve got my email handy, will leave it with you to contact if and when you’re ready. Lauren


Unfortunately never go with them again
Someone hit our fence and the police has all car information number however Youi still want to charge us the claim access!!!! Why? Because I did not provide them the Car Rego Number however I did provide them the police event number which is enough for them to get all required information from the police! Still want me to pay access
Was due to renew my policy I sent an email saying (please don't renew my policy again they direct debit my annual renewal charges)


Insurance claim madeNo
It doesn’t look like things are going especially smoothly here RH, I’m hoping to jump in & try to help. Depending on your state the police won’t always release details of the at fault party to us although we sometimes have other avenues so I’ll be happy to take a look. I’m not sure what’s happened with the renewal; what’s you’ve described certainly isn’t ok. I’d love to speak with you & try to get this sorted out, would you mind sending some of your details in a direct message? I’ll give you a call & see what I can untangle. - EllaHi RH I’ve not heard back from you just yet, still more than happy to take a look at the claim & see what can be done about the excess, is there a good time to get in touch with you?

Youi - CAR INSURANCE Misleading information

Signed up a policy with Youi since 2014. The Agreed value for the car to be insured was over $19K. Noticed that each year it has been going down. When I questioned it with them they stated that it is in my product disclosure and that the word Agreed Value can have many meanings. No! I don't agree, I agreed to a value I wanted my car to be insured for and that is the amount I should get if the car is written off. Why put Agreed Value on the policy documents sent out, why not put Agreed value which Youi decides on not the purchaser of the policy. When I asked for a better rate of insurance they said no. They went on to say the insurance premium amount is based on weather, area, break ins in certain areas, seems it's not based on how many claims you make, where you keep your car parked or the age of the drivers.

Insurance claim madeNo
White I’m sorry to see you so disappointed & I hope I’ll be able to provide a little more context. If you take out an agreed value policy it will remain in place for the next 12 months. After that we’ll send you a renewal notice which will have a new value reflecting the depreciation of the car over the last year. If you accept the renewal & go ahead then both parties agree to the new value when it rolls over. With regards to premiums, all the factors you’ve mentioned go into consideration; things like weather & crime are how we establish the risk connected to where the car is parked. Claims history & age are also key factors, for example a young driver with no claims may find themselves with a cheaper premium than an older driver who’s made several claims. I’d like to chat more & make sure we’re doing our best, would you mind sending your policy number in a pm? I’ll get in touch & see what we can do. - EllaHi White I’ve not heard back from you just yet so thought I’d leave another post. Please let me know if you’d like me to take a look at the policies & make sure they’re doing their best for you. I’ll leave it in your hands & hope you have a great day :)

Beware the hard sell!

I've just spent the best part of 25 minutes on the phone with a Youi representative trying to get a car insurance quote. This is after going through their website for a quote, only to find out it is a trick to get your personal details so that one of their representatives can call you. By comparison, I've had 4 other insurers quote online and each one took under 5 minutes to obtain a price. When I got to the end of the inquisition from the Youi representative, I asked him to email the quote through as I would like to discuss it with my wife. He suggested that he talk to her for a few minutes instead...clearly hoping to put the hard sell on her. Yes their quote was competitive, but their tactics and service are slimey and salesy.

Insurance claim madeNo
Hi BKS thanks for your feedback. We do like to speak over the phone & tailor a policy to your needs. We do ask more questions & this can take longer, sorry if this isn’t for you. I’m keen to review the call, can you DM me your details either quote or contact number & I’ll investigate? Cheers KoppoNo thanks. My comments are on Youi as a company and the way it delivers its service, not the individual who served us as he was only doing his job. I wanted to point out to anyone who would read my comments, the way in which Youi misleadingly uses what appears as an online quoting platform to obtain contact details, then to have a representative call. If I wanted to speak to a representative, I would have called Youi myself. I understand that Youi does this because it can give them higher sales penetration, however this is not what I as a potential customer want. It is imtrusive and dishonest...not something I want from an insurance company.Ok BKS I respect your choice & I'm sorry you feel this way. We do have a start quote function online which we do call & finish off for you, I get this isn't your cup of tea. Thanks for your feedback & time & for giving us a go. Koppo.

Very bad service

Put in a claim for car insurance was told it was all sorted and then 4 mths later got a court summons as it was not settled no call from Youii to inform me of any problems was very unhappy with the whole claim will definitely be looking at changing company's.

Insurance claim madeYes
Received a call stating it was a trainee that stuffed up and they are sorry they didn't follow it up in the following 4 mths. Very poor service very poor excuses am looking at taking my complaint else where really not good enoughThanks for speaking with me Kristee I’m really glad we got in touch. As promised I’ll be going in to bat for you on Monday & I’m determined to make this right. We’ve dropped the ball here & you were given a pretty lame apology so I’m making sure that all ends with me. I’ll give you a bell on the work line on Monday & I hope you enjoy your weekend :)

youi, we get you "in the end"

Long story short, someone hits my car while making a turn by going into my lane and somehow youi tells me its my fault. A damage worth no more than $300.00 they ask for a $2500.00 excess. Go stuff yourselves. Canceled membership on the spot, spoke to the othe party and we agreed to let it go. Youi, we get you. (In the end they do get you...)

Insurance claim madeYes
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Liability can be a tricky thing sometimes Dan, & comes down to who has the higher duty of care & what we can prove. As for excess, this is the amount you pay towards a claim, however only if the damage is over the chosen excess amount. So we’d never charge you a $2500 excess; if the claim was only $300 it would be something you’d settle privately. Still I’d like to look into this further, so if you could message me your claim or policy number I’ll get right onto it. Cheers Josh

Double compared to other Insurance Premiums

Given the extensive "we will save you money" ads by Youi I thought I’d try it for my cars' insurance. I was in for a surprise!

• I was promised that they deal with any claims very quickly but I was on the phone for 30 mins just to get a quote for one car. (didn’t even try to get a quote for the second car!)
• My demerit points were taken into account to calculate the premium. No other insurance company that I know of does this.
• The key problems were (comparing like for like cars)
o The excess was 40% more than other insurers
o The premium was double what was offered by other insurers
• I’ll stay away from Youi!

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hey Peter, as no two situations or persons are exactly the same we’re unable to offer like for like. Every insurer differs with how they rate risk, cost & cover. We ask a bit more to get a better handle of the risk at hand. Whilst this works really well & saves $ for many, it may not work for all. Every question we ask contributes to the overall risk assessment including demerit points. Glad to hear you’ve found a great offer. Happy to chat if you’re keen, please email your details to laurenj@youi.email & I’ll call. Cheers

So expensive!! Car insurance 1k renewal wollies $400!!

Very expensive mob, for a 2002 car and I have 15 years clean driving $1k at renewal. Woolworths insurance $400! Also can't cancel online or via email, have to call so they can try to 'win' you back. Jokers. Shop around don't believe the adverts.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi, I’m sad to hear we didn’t get you price you wanted for your vehicle. Different insurers do have different levels of risk & cover & it sounds like you have done what is right for you. We do cancel over the phone to protect both the customer & us so everything is done over the recorded line. Thanks for giving us a go & cheers for your time. Koppo

Okay until you try to cancel your account.....

Had accounts with these guys for a couple years. Never had an issue with them, or with the one claim that I made, until I tried to cancel my accounts.

I cancelled them (in writing - I have a legal background and prefer to keep everything in writing) and yet Youi still rolled both accounts over. They were due for renewal about 3 months apart, so I hadn't realised that they had rolled the first account over despite my cancellation request.

It wasn't until I called to query the 2nd account being rolled over (they tried to charge me, but my account didn't have enough funds - thankfully - otherwise I may never have known my accounts were still active). I never even received an email advising me that my first account was renewed!

They now claim that I am not allowed a full refund for the first account, as I've "cancelled it too late"; and that they never received my cancellation emails - inputted through their own website! Which means that their website communications must be faulty, or they have staff who are not doing their jobs? Otherwise, one can only assume that the staff are trained to ignore cancellation emails such as mine and continue the process of rolling over those accounts unbeknownst to the customers? I do wonder what the Ombudsman would make of this.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi & thanks for the feedback BackstageRebel, That sure didn’t go according to plan! I’d like to know more with the aim to help. We have some very strict systems in place to ensure we cancel when requested. With your help, I’d like to learn why that didn’t happen. We can refund you in full for a variety of reasons so I’d like to know why we didn’t do that as well. Would you be happy to message me your mobile number or email address? I would then dig deeper to see how this could have occurred. Thanks again for commenting & I hope we get to talk soon. Regards, Jeremy

Completely dishonest

I was shopping around for car insurance and ended up talking to youi. After going through the survey, which is by the way full of irrelevant question (over 30 min), I ended getting a quote of $105 per month for my car. I told the operator I didn't want to go ahead because I could get the same kind of insurance elsewhere but for $80 per month. After the "manager" chime in and give me a discount to match the other insurer prices I ended up going ahead with youi. Once everything has been finalized and I receive the policy by email, I have noticed that some details has been changed in order to match the new price (e.g. agreed value was changed from $18000 value to market value....etc) and other windscreen repair with free excess has disappeared from the policy. That is very dishonest, good thing I checked it all out. I ended up cancelling everything the next day.

Insurance claim madeNo
Woah Julien, that’s definitely not OK, your comments have me worried! Really keen to find out what’s happened here, your quote should come out exactly as described. Are you able to please PM me your details so I can look into it? I won’t call if it’s not welcome but would love to investigate the call & see what’s gone on. I’ll keep an eye out here today, thanks for letting us know :)Definitely not ok. Not sure how to send PM on this site as this is the first time I am using it. The policy number along with proof of purchase was provided to productreview when I posted my comment. I believe everything was sent to a YOUI representative prior posting the review.Hi Julien, I've asked around & I don't believe we have your details attached to the post, my best guess is it's a privacy measure by product review. I've sent you through a pm so you can reply, just a policy number or phone number & I'll get right onto it!

Youi - Should change their name to FYoui

Senior couple, clean driving record, no claims - got an outrageously high quote from Youi. The rep checked it and said that the quote was so high because "Youi determined that we were an unacceptable risk and they didn't want our business". So there it is...

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi Craig, It’s true we price based on risk & may not always be the cheapest. Still, you’ve raised some favourable points that may help with the premium so am keen to look into this for you. Please email me your quote no/details to laurenj@youi.email I’ll be in touch. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks, Lauren

Don't use YOUI

Had a house claim earlier this year. Useless tradesmen and took a long time. I cancelled my policy renewal and they still debited my credit card. No worries they said and refunded it $52 short

Insurance claim madeYes
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Wow, sounds like a very poor experience indeed. I'm very keen to learn more about what's gone on here & find out where your $52 is... Can you please email me with a policy number or name to jonnyf@youi.email. I'm here to help. Thanks, Jonny


my vehicle was rammed from behind by a youi client , as soon as they realised i only had third party with another company they started being relentlesly intimidating trying to hold me fully responsible threatening court action etc.
Over time as i provided them with evidence , photos etc showing their client at fault they eventually said they would close their books on it & i would not have to pay for their clients damage !!! but they refuse to pay for mine as they know i cant afford to take it to court , please dont ever even consider patronising these unethical cretins
just be aware youi lowlife scumbags , THERE'S MORE THAN ONE WAY TO SKIN A CAT !!!

Insurance claim madeYes
I’m so sorry to hear of the pickle you’re in G S. Without the info @ hand, it’s difficult to understand what’s happened here. If you could email me a claim no/your details to laurenj@youi.email, I’ll check this out. Thanks, LaurenHaven’t had an email pop in yet G S. Keen to understand what’s happening here. You’ve got me email, will leave it with you to contact if & when you’re ready to share the details/claim no. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks, LaurenThanks for replying Lauren , I'm draughting a letter to your complaints department atm Hopefully it will be sorted out through the proper channels If not unfortunately the only course of action available to me is to discredit your company as far & wide as possible by publishing all the evidence , photo's emails etc in order to hopefully cost your company much more in lost business & reputation than you would have lost by simply paying for your clients at fault accident

Almost impossible to cancel my policy at renewal date!

Incredibly high pressure sales, made me very uncomfortable. I just wanted to cancel as Budget Direct was cheaper.
The sales person said that to cancel I had to go through a lengthy process with another team member or else my insurance rating would be affected? Complete fabrication to keep me on the line so that they could wear me down.
2 years with Youi, then virtually every other insurer was cheaper! Glad I never had to make a claim.

Insurance claim madeNo
All of a sudden within the last 2 weeks there seem to be a lot of 5 star reviews for Youi by 1 time reviewers?Gutted to hear your experience wasn’t a good one Hudson. Would love to check this one out as it’s not the vibe we’re going for & the information you said you were given regarding your insurance rating being affected when cancelling a policy, is incorrect. Our price is calculated on your individual risk & as much as we’d love to help with low costs, we’re not always the cheapest. We’ve recently had some new technology put in place to make it easier for our clients to leave feedback whether it be positive/negative, this helps us see what’s working & where we need to improve. Please email me your policy no/details to laurenj@youi.email as I’m keen to see this through. Cheers, Lauren.Hey Hudson, You may be busy as haven’t heard back yet. All good, no pressure. Keen to help when you’re ready. You’ve got my email, will leave it with you to contact when you can. Thanks, Lauren

No option for full online quote

Tried getting your car insurance quote on line - got to a point where I had to call them to finalise it. I cancelled the whole thing.
The next day I got a call from them as if I requested it. No thank you.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Izy001, online quoting is certainly a popular way to get quotes. We prefer not to make assumptions though Izy001, so we do want to talk to you to tailor the quote to you. I get that this isn’t what everyone wants. I’m keen to learn more about your experience to see what more we can learn to improve. PM me your details & let me know a good time to call for a chat. ~ Cam

Poor communication

My car was crashed into by a customer of Youi, so I was instructed by their claims department to hire a car for the 6 weeks while it was being repaired. When I sent them the receipts for reimbursement it took 5 attempts at communication and unfortunately the threat of going to the ombudsman before they finally paid me back the $1900. Sad for Youi as I would have been keen to consider them for my own insurance but given how slow and reluctant they were to pay out, I definitely wouldn't use them for my own cars.

Insurance claim madeYes
Hi Jade, I’m sorry for your experience & it wasn’t as easy as it could’ve been. I’m keen to know more so we can improve for the future. Can you email to me on koppok@youi.email our claim number so I can investigate? Thanks for sharing & I look forward to hearing from you soon. Regards, Koppo.Hi Jade, I’m super keen to chat as your experience doesn’t sound like a good one at all. If you could email me details of the claim number. I’ll be able to investigate & we can improve for the future. Are you able to do this? Thanks, Koppo.

Worst Claim service and prompted me to change provider immediately

Worst customer service and claim management. Claims officers were argumentative, rude and unhelpful. They're polite and great only when they want your business. When I threatened to make a complaint, I was told to go ahead - nothing was going to happen anyway.

Insurance claim madeNo
This does sound concerning & not what we stand for at all Baz. Can you message me some info please & I’ll look into what happened? Cheers JoshI haven’t heard back Baz, & I’m keen to find out more. Please Message me through your policy/claim number & I’ll take a look. Cheers

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Contact phone number
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Record of insurance on Rover WM3616
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Contact phone no for Youi

I have received a letter from a legal firm claiming to represent me on behalf of Youi in an accident that happened over 7 months ago. The other driver was at fault and we have two witnesses that he ran a red light. The claim was paid out over 6 months ago. The letter looks suspicious- they want me to make an appointment to see one their solicitors. I lost about $6000 on the car as it was written off- I am not prepared to lose a days wages to travel to the city. Has anyone ever had this happen??
2 answers
Hi Jen, check out the legal firm's reputation, get them to Skype with you and do record the meeting. Take a second opinion from another legal firm. Be cautious about fees under all circumstances. Do not commit to any upfront fees or future fees. Find out what will be the final potential outcome and how it would work for you. All the best and good luck.Thanks for reaching out Jenni. I’d like to look into this further, please forward any policy, claim details to robynf@youi.com & I’ll be in touch to put your mind at ease. Look forward to hearing from you. Robyn.

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