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Youi Car Insurance
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I did a quote with a sales assistiant, you can go on line and do a quote as well and found them very frendly. I have a very old old Toyota corlloa and thought its hardly worth having insurance so I though I would YOUI. Other companys have charged me nearly $600 a year in compehensive cover. YOUI was only $225 with front window protection. They sent me a copy of my policy in the mail with a sticker for my car with a emergency number if I need to ring. Better than BINGLE where you have to email them and if ita a long weekend you might thave to wait 3 days to hear from them. So far Youi seems great will have to see in the future to see how good they are.
You can talk to some one if there is a emergency or accident, very very Cheap, Frendly staff, you can pay over the phone
To early to tell


I decided to get a quote for Comprehensive Car insurance from youi as we have a 2000 Model small car we use for a "run around" and wanted to compare with NRMA.

After spending at least 30 minutes providing what felt like my life history and going through the silly SMS message pin number, I finally got a quote which ended up being over $200 MORE expensive than my premium renewal with NRMA.

The only thing that I felt would have counted against us in youi's consideration was that our car is parked on the street and not garaged. According to the 'banners' that came up during the quoting process our suburb is a "good" suburb and should therefore = lower premium.

Youi did not result in a saving for us, so I did not bother with them.
Nothing that I found
Online quote slow, tedious and ultimately more expensive.


overall - they are the same as other companies - they use their online quote to get a heap of information about you and then decline to insure at the last minute - Budget insurance went from $700 for a preliminay quote up to $2200 when you added a couple of extra details, AFTER, you said that you wanted to buy it. WHY? WHY? WHY?
easy web page to get online quote..but....
Wasted 30 mins fo my time only to be told that if you have lost your licence then they will not insure you. WTF do most online quotes do that? If there is 1 question that guarentees that they will not insure you, regardless of price, why would they not ask it as the 1st question, would have saved me and countless others a lot of time.


I searched for 2 hours in various websites getting quotes. Two called back to offer better than their web offers. Youi was one of these. Comparable excesses and options offered.
Discounted premium was offered which was much cheaper than others
Had to ring Brisbane number but the $200 dollar saving was worth the call


After going through with the quoting process and handing my mobile number over, i received a quote that was $40 per month dearer than Allianz. To make matters worse they phoned me 2 days later and abused me when I said I didn't want to proceed with the quote. Stay right away from this lot.

Having to provide a phone number to receive quote


I though they are sensible from the ads but read this..after spending 15-20 minutes they did not offer me a quote..i don't now why?? am a red plate with one very minor accidental claim (that was honored by QBE) they Youi find the risk higher?? how about asking basic risk questions first and if your eligibility is satisfied ask personal and other details..why waste time if you can offer at the end..dont bother never compromise on car cheap bucks dont work
Good ads and marketing campaign
online quote process sucks!!


They market themselves as though they will use more information to reduce your quote. The process is pretty much the same as any other insurer and ends up costing the same anyway. Then they ring you afterwards to hassle you if you don't go ahead with the quote.

Tedious quote process
Forces you to divulge contact details so they can call and harrass you.
Not cheaper than Allianz or ING


This pack of fraudsters seem to be not so much insurers as collectors of person information (maybe they make their money by selling your details to a third party).
After giving them everything but my tax file number their quote was $50 more than the GIO. My car has only traveled 14000 km in two and a half years so where is my discount for driving less? Give this smoke and mirrors outfit a wide berth.
Nothing that I'm aware of.
Drawn out quote process. Ask for way too much personal information. Despite advertising that you'll be rewarded if you drive less, they were actually dearer than GIO.


I much agree with obone50 & others. I tried their online quote few months ago and again today (although I gave up after couple of screens today). Way too many questions just to get a simple quote, it feels very irritating...and when I tried them few months ago, at the end the quote was more expensive than some more reputable insurers.
I'd like to know who the owners are and what's their real business plan, since this way they're not doing themselves any favours as "insurers"...they seem to have too much money for advertising & little substance really.
Nice TV ads maybe?
Way too long online quote process. Too many irrelevant personal information solicited. More expensive than some other more reputable insurers


It pays to shop around and ask questions, but it's your decision if you are willing to pay through the nose..I chose not to and If i want to be badgered then I'll go to the local car sale yard.

all i wanted was a quote and after going online and finding it was double the cost i would get anywhere else for full comp,driving for 30yrs no claim and only driver decided against it so close the browser with in 30 mins they rang me to ask why and told them too dear for what i could get elsewhere, they tried to convince me it wasn't and after 10 minutes of biblebashing me on comp insurance hung up on them..at the end of the day it was my money... It's not cheap like the ad makes out in fact it was the dearest


Because I wanted the opportunity to shop around and make sure I was getting the best price and a high agreed value.The Sales guy I spoke to was Drew then proceeded to inform me that If I chose to go ahead with it today if I give him my bank account details he could apply a dicount. But my question is why did he not offer me the best price to start with? After reading the Product Disclosure Statement which Im glad I did my faith in Drew and the company{even though they came out cheaper}they lost me after the bullying and the freedom to shop around.
Judging by the adds it sounded like a great idea asking more questions and paying for how you use the car.
The time consuming quote process and the verbal bullying manerism I copped on the phone because I wanted to shop around.


YOUI projected the image that they are very cheap and very good at what they do. When I got a quote from them, it is even far more expensive than what I am currently paying to AAMI. They should honour and deliver their services as what they have advertised. Very disappointing!!

Not as what they advertised


I was changing over my car, so I did the call around for quotes. I called YOUI first and after enduring 35 minutes of rigorous questioning, got my quote. The sales lady was VERY chatty, too chatty, asking 'off the topic' questions. When I brushed these questions off, she started repeatedly asking 'and you are still happy this is being recorded, for quality purposes?'. In the end I got my quote, and I said I'd call back if I wanted to take out the insurance. She insisted on calling me and as she had asked many questions during the quote, she knew what date I was going to pick up my car. In the 36 hours after getting the quote, I received 3 emails and 3 phone calls (plus voicemail messages), each one saying 'feel free to call back'. I did some research in the meantime and wasn’t impressed with what I read, so decided the $250 just wasn’t worth the potential trouble. I finally the last call today, I said I had already taken out the insurance with aami....then the questions came again! I cut the conversation off and hung up. Hopefully I don’t ever hear from YOUI again.
Their quote was cheap....too cheap!
Very pushy sales, intrusive questioning just for a quote.


PLEASE DO NOT EVER BUY YOUI - Worst customer service ......................... Please dont ever buy them. they are expensive and ask you questions
Worst customer service I have ever come across - rude and uncivilised , the customer consulant actually laughed on me on the phone. I did not want to renew my policy , so i confirmed the same thru theier website. I called up customer service to confirm that changes were in effect. The consultant ([name censored]) first annoyed me with questions and I told him I was running late for a meeting. He then without confirming with me CANCELLED my policy on the same day and sent me a confirmation email even though my renewal date was not for another 2 weeks. After telling him that I did not want my policy cancelled, instead of saying sorry he laughed and was extremely rude to me.

I called up another insurance company and they gave me a much better quote.


They give off a number of warning signs. 1. After you fill in your details such as phone number at the end of the quote process, your phone rings almost immediately with a Youi agent calling you. 2. Whilst they say in the Ad's you will save, the quotes I got were more expensive and offered far less and more restrictions than normal insurance. 3. They would not disclose what the market value of my car was saying that it changes all the time. Other companies will tell you what the current market value is...this is important as the cheaper policies have lower market values. By the time you add in other things like Glass cover which some policies give you as standard the over cover is the same a a "Real" insurance company. All I can say is check the small print, I would hate to think what the process would be if you had to claim via them.
Promoted as Cheap - But ARE NOT
Too many restrictions and clauses.


Hopeless, stay clear, not worth the pain of the quote.
They could not even tell me why I could not be covered, maybe my vehicle too expensive for them cause I can not understand why anyone would use them.

Hopeless, had to laugh but when they said I could not be insured, driving for 20 yrs, no prangs and a brand new car.


After reading a few of the reviews on here I have to concur that it seemed very pushy. After hitting the submit I recieved a phone call within two minutes (if that)I was busy at the time so I said call me back later, withing the next 5 hours they had called several times and left voicemails. I have been with CGU for the best part of twenty years and have had to make a couple of claims over that time. I dont get messed about and the process is very easy, After reading some reviews on this site I doubt that life was going to be that easy with Youi in the event of a claim. So even though I would have saved a couple of hundred over the year, there was no guarantee that I would still have the same level of service that I enjoy now, I will stay with CGU
Price had I taken out a policy would have saved me over $200 on the two cars annually.
Seemed too pushy for me.
Online quoting now has all my details.
Not enough evidence around to support what a Salesperson is telling me !


Youi now need to prove to me that they will deliver when I claim (hopefully never) and wont raise the rate as my "loyalty" continues.
Easy to get a quote and very responsive
Quotes were way below those of the company I had been loyal to for 20 years.
Bit worried that they are too cheap and will dissolve into the ether!!!!!


Found their website easy to use and found all questions very easy to understand. Comprehensive car insurance for my 2006 Hyundai Sonata Elite is A$ 250.00 less than previous provider Budget direct.
Competitive pricing, easy to use website
Nothing yet. Will have to wait and see how they respond in case of a claim


Does YOUI think we are all stupid? After telling them I only travel 3000kms in my car annually, they offer the highest price. So much for the big discounts they promise for not using your car much. I guess the people who insure with Youi are the same people who use Telstra for all their mobil/internet/telephone needs and don't mind paying more. The only person who would choose Youi is someone who doesn't shop around and believes all their ads!

Was the DEAREST of the 7 companies I rang for quotes. Long process online to get a quote.

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Contact phone number
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Record of insurance on Rover WM3616
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Contact phone no for Youi

I have received a letter from a legal firm claiming to represent me on behalf of Youi in an accident that happened over 7 months ago. The other driver was at fault and we have two witnesses that he ran a red light. The claim was paid out over 6 months ago. The letter looks suspicious- they want me to make an appointment to see one their solicitors. I lost about $6000 on the car as it was written off- I am not prepared to lose a days wages to travel to the city. Has anyone ever had this happen??
2 answers
Hi Jen, check out the legal firm's reputation, get them to Skype with you and do record the meeting. Take a second opinion from another legal firm. Be cautious about fees under all circumstances. Do not commit to any upfront fees or future fees. Find out what will be the final potential outcome and how it would work for you. All the best and good luck.Thanks for reaching out Jenni. I’d like to look into this further, please forward any policy, claim details to robynf@youi.com & I’ll be in touch to put your mind at ease. Look forward to hearing from you. Robyn.

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