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I am moving into a Lifestyle village. Can I get Contents only insurance to $20,000? Trish
3 answers
I am not a youi consultant. I am a consumer. You will need to contact them direct.Hi Trish, cover is dependent on the profile as a whole. If you’d like to give it a shot, we’d be happy to provide you with a quote, please give us a call on 13 9684.If your contents value is low (around $30k), try AAMI as they have premiums as low as $15 per month. All subject to individual circumstances of course. Cheers.

I live in Maribyrnong. My building has provided parking of cyclists in front of building. My bicycle is Trek Powerfly 5 and is valued at AUD 3700. If I take content insurance as a renter, will bicycle theft be included in the value or do I need to take separate insurance for the bicycle?
2 answers
I am not a Youi advisor or employee - please contact the insurance companyHi Chirag, there’s optional covers that may assist however for a more personalised response please feel free to give us a call 13 9684. As every claim is based on its own merits, you can check out our full terms & conditions via the Youi website/Home PDS -https://www.youi.com.au/GetPDS?riskType=BUI

Hi I don't know if hail damaged my roof or the building last night and I made a claim so I can get an assessor to check for damage. If there is no damage, can I then cancel the claim?
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I believe so but dont be afraid to ask them. With Youi I never thought they were trying to trick my and played it honest from start to finish. Good luck.Hi Esther, thanks for getting in touch. If there's no damage, you can request to have your claim withdrawn. Thanks Michelle.

Do you get a discount being a pensioner on home and contents insurance?
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If your contents value is low (around $30k), try AAMI as they have premiums as low as $15 per month. All subject to individual circumstances of course. Cheers.No I am working full time and this was their price for me. I am based in Mt Evelyn, Victoria.Sadly we don’t offer any pensioner discounts Tess, however we do ask more questions to get to know you & your home better which can save you on your premiums. Cheers Josh

Good morning! I'm after contents insurance for a three bedroom home. I have the usual furnishing and approximately $40K worth of art? How much would it cost to insure?
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Hi Daryl & thanks for your question. To be able to provide you with a quote, we’d need more information, for example, the location of your home, & the security etc. The premium is calculated on how we see the risk so we won’t know the premium before we receive the answers. You can start the quote online if you wish here https://www.youi.com.au/home-insurance or you can call 1300225975 to talk to a real person - Jeremy

if someone's house is insured for say $500,000 and it burns down and all is lost. Do you payout the entire $500,000 or does market value come into play? Secondly does the land value come off that $500,000 I am asking because I have had a very bad experience recently with business insurance and am now wondering how home insurance is assessed. Bad experience was not from your company
2 answers
Hi Trevglenda, A great question & I’m sorry for whatever your experience was for your business insurance. With Youi, we offer a “Sum Insured” type policy for our Building cover where you nominate the “sum insured”, the cost to rebuild your home. Land value is not included as it isn’t included in our cover. The property market value isn’t a factor either as you’re being covered to have the home re-built, not a new property purchased elsewhere. If you made a claim & the entire home had to be rebuilt, we would need to rebuild your home to how it was prior to the incident, UP TO the sum-insured value that you selected. So, if you had a small 1-bedroom shack insured for $900k & if we could rebuild it for $200k, we would rebuild it for $200k. At the other extreme, if you had 10-bedroom stone castle & you chose a sum insured of only $200k, perhaps that wouldn’t be enough to adequately rebuild it to its former glory. Have I answered your question? – JeremyIn simple terms, lets say your house would cost $500,000 to build and the land value was $380,000, total $880,000. You need to take in to account debris removal and disposal after an incident of total loss. This, depending where the house is located can cost from $75,000 to $200,000 on average. Then there's the services like gas and electricity. Allow another $10,000. The worst thing you can do is under insure as insurers have an "Under Insurance" clause that can penalise you. So, $500,000 to build (rebuild) - at that value probably, allow about $150,000 for debris and disposal and $10,000 for services. Total insured $660,000 (guide only). Always best to get a professional to value a rebuild after damage as theres too many variables.

Hey Youi just a few questions: 1. What is Youi's policy and procedure in relation to managing a claim to conclusion in a timely fashion (e.g. from the royal commission, the Box Hill customer appears to have waited a long time to get her claim resolved while the Cannonville QLD customer's claim is still to be resolved)? 2. What is Youi's policy and procedure for maintaining its approved supplier list (e.g. from the royal commission, the Box Hill customer had a builder that appeared to be operating in breach of the laws and was not replaced to resolve the Box Hill customer's issue and also, that builder's work was not checked after having been "completed")? 3. When we take out home and contents insurance with Youi, are we required to maintain our home to meet the latest building code, law or regulation?
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Great questions "Concerne", but I will leave Youi to answer those. One thing I will give you a tip on is question 3. Whilst your home should always comply with relevant building codes at the time of building, repairing or renovating, there's really nothing that I'm aware of that enforces owners to modify homes as codes change EXCEPT: if you become a landlord, i.e.: rent/lease/share/whatever and you have a legal tenant. There are a number of precedents in courts where the landlord has been found in breach of their "duty of care" to a tenant if the property has code faults. Equally, the managing agent has been found liable as well. A recent case was where a person cut their hand severely on front door glass. The court found the glass did not comply with the building code and the tenant was awarded over $800,000 in compensation. I wonder if Youi would cover anyone through their landlord insurance or through the legal liability cover of a contents policy if that was to be claimed against the owner, but somehow I doubt it based on your previous questions.1) Our policies & procedures are detailed & have been significantly enhanced due to the findings of the two claims you mention & are audited regularly to ensure quality. 2) Additional steps & checks have been added to service provider requirements/quality measures, with auditing enhanced here also. 3) As a general rule, if we have assessed that your insured building was originally built to code at the time it was constructed, & the damage you’re claiming is a result of an insured event, it will be covered in full & brought up to current building standards. If it wasn’t originally built according to the building code at the time, we will consider the individual circumstances of the claim. We are disappointed in the customer service, and the timeframe taken, in the two cases reviewed by the Royal Commission this week. We unreservedly apologise for this and will continue to work closely with these customers to settle their claims as soon as possible. We are confident the changes will further improve our customer experience, and we are committed to continuously getting better. Cheers Josh

Is my damaged carpet covered under contents insurance?
4 answers
You’re right, carpet does fall under contents cover :) Damage to your contents caused by an insured event will have cover. If you’d welcome a call so I can help out, please email robynf@youi.com with your policy details. Robyn.Be careful of that "insured event" clause, they are evasive when you try to claim in saying that "event" is not an insured event , all subject to their interpretation. Dodgy as.Nick C is correct dianne1965. Its just one of "40 Reasons" NOT to insure with Youi.

How much to pay to insure $100,000.00 house per year?
2 answers
Thanks for getting in touch Wendy. We like to tailor the policy to our client’s needs by asking a few extra questions in the hope of finding extra savings. I’m keen to help if you would email robynf@youi.com with your details or give us a bell on 139684. Robyn :)Beware of Youi's Home & Home Contents policies. Be sure to get quotes based on "apples v apples" because Youi's policy is a "LEMON" compared to most other insurers policies. Try Budget Direct who have won many awards and are recommended by Canstar. Also try Woolworths as they have come up trumps. Youi is rated as 67th on Canstar's list - so there's lots of insurers who offer better cover.

Hey Youi Rep, Please tell us exactly what are "Youidollars" and their benefit? Thanks
2 answers
Hi Landlord, thanks for your question. Youi Rewards is a reward benefit you get in the form of Youi Dollars to use offers with our partners. You get half of your premiums in the form of Youi Dollars & there are a variety of offers & partners. Some of our partners are Flight Centre, Hungry Jacks, Boost Juice, Secure Parking, Event Cinemas amongst many others. All you need to do is have a policy with us, download the Youi App, set up your account, link your policy & away you go. Thanks & enjoy! KoppoA SCAM !. Simply read all the negative reviews here on Product Review about Youi Rewards and dollars.

How to view my account?
2 answers
Go to www.asic.gov.au. And that will give you an update on Youi’s latest $150,000 fine for deceptive sales conduct. Youi has been caught red handed by signing people up to policies without their knowledge or permission. This is Youi’s 3RD FINE since August 2016 which totals $570,000 in fines.Hi Ken, you can get onto our website and head to ‘Manage Policy’ and log in there. If you have any issues remembering your log in details, just give us a call on 1300 258 381 & we can help you with it. I hope this helps. ~ Cam

why do insurance companies access a home 200-300K over the cost of rebuilding ? surely the clean up cost is no more than 70K at most 1 loader , 1 tipper 1 day ?
2 answers
$100 - $200k clean up and service disconnection is not uncommon these days after a major event. $50 - $75k was the norm to about 2005 if you owned a 2/3 bedroom weatherboard cottage. Tip fees are a killer too. Remember, many insurers penalise you if you under insured and Youi is bound to be one, so look for an insurer that allows up to 20% under insurance cover if you’re not sure or get a pro to estimate reinstatement.Great question noskie. When we replace a house, it’s more than just bricks & mortar. We need to cost in fees & permits with the local councils, the disconnection & re connection of utilities, cost of materials & labour. The new building also must meet current regulatory & safety requirements. We also allow up to 20% of the insured amount for clean-up & professional costs including engineers and architects or surveyors. I hope this helps noskie :O) Feel free to PM us if you need anything more ~ Cam

Can you use your own tradesman?
3 answers
If you click on the 1 star reviews of Youi, you will find Youi only sends out workers (not necessarily tradesmen) from their own network. Most appear to be unqualified for the task from the comments. Do yourself a favour - choose a reputable insurer !.Great question Joe. Every good insurer will have their own network of suitably qualified tradespeople to carry out repairs & Youi is no different. The advantage of using one of our own repairers is that we’ve had a chance to monitor their quality of work, along with their customer service, over an extended period of time, giving us enough insight to know which repairer is best suited to the job. Having said that, we welcome our Clients to source their own quotes or trades & have no issues allowing them to do the work, provided their costs are fair & reasonable, & our Assessor is happy with their method of repairs. The reason we like to have a hands on approach with repairs, is that we guarantee the quality of any repairs we authorise, so we need to be confident the tradesperson is up to the task & the repairs will stand the test of time. If you are going through a claim currently, or even if you just wanted to chat to someone further about this, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 13 96 84. Cheers, Ian.And the chances of having your own tradesman’s quote approved is ZERO as trades people don’t work for $25 per hour like the “handymen” Youi sends out for 9/10 jobs.

I see lots of nice comments about the price of the policy, but how about when a claim is made ... are they still good? After all, the premium is only half the story.
7 answers
Thanks for your interest Grahame, we have lots of feedback you can view on our Youi Wall, here's the link: https://www.youi.com.au/wall If you’re interested I’m happy to look into something for you if helps?I am in Northern Territory with our own insurance company owned by the NT Government but the CLP (Country Liberal Party) sold TIO to Allianz and now my premium has gone from $331.74 to $404.51 per month. Just got my renewal notice and gone up another $12.10 with no claims and no change in circumstance. Been checking this product review site and it seem non of our insurance companies are worth. Let me know when you have found a good one at reasonable price??Hi Barry. Allianz, QBE, GIO, AAMI and Budget Direct are all highly rated by Canstar, unlike Youi. I would stick with the Allianz group as they have been around over 100 years. Regards

How do I cancel my contents insurance? I have not been able to find any information on the YOUI website.
2 answers
Hi Loulou67, we just need to confirm your ID over the recorded line to cancel. You can call us on 139684 or if you provide your policy & phone numbers along with the best time for us to call - I'll arrange for a member of our team to get in touch. Thanks, Kerry.Just another way Youi doesn't get you !

If we get Cyclone Debbie will Youi send in a rep in this town quickly to help us not stress on our claims?
2 answers
That’s the aim Rolly, when there’s a big event, it’s all hands-on deck. Depending on location & circumstances, we often send out assessors or if need be get builders/tradesmen out to provide reports for our assessors to review/process. Efficiency is key during these times & we’re sending everyone in potential effected areas our best wishes/thoughts. If you need us, we’re here, 13 9684. LaurenHi rolly. Hopefully the cyclone passes you by with the minimum of impact. In an emergency, contact SES QLD on 132 500 or other services where required. In the event you do suffer some damage, be sure to take photo's before the SES or other services arrive and after, as this can be useful in supporting your claim. All the best, as us QLD'ers baton down. Cheers

Hi Youi As there is no easy way to speak to anyone in hours I can access, can you please let me know the procedure for NOT renewing your policy? I'm not a fan of anyone thinking an automatic renewal payment from my credit card without my express authority is ok. Thanks
2 answers
Thanks for getting in touch Deb & I’m happy to help in this instance. Our automatic renewal process is designed with our Clients convenience in mind, but we understand it won’t be everyone’s preference. If you can respond with your policy number (starts with the letters OA), I’ll get in touch via email & arrange for your policy not to renew. Alternatively, you can email me directly on iana@youi.email – including your policy number & DOB. Hope to hear from you soon. Cheers, Ian.The only things Youi does fast are, debit your credit card and increase premiums each year !.

Hi there how long a home and contant claim shouldbe sattlement down
2 answers
Hi Niel, all claims are based on their own merits, with this said I’d be happy to review your claim & give you an update. You can email me robynf@youi.email with your details & I’ll be in touch. Cheers Robyn.The only things Youi does fast are, debit your credit card and increase premiums each year !.

am i insured for ducted system electrical breakdown and what is my policy number?
2 answers
We have a cover that may apply depending on the policy you have. If you’d please email me your details to laurenj@youi.email I’ll check this out & be in touch. Alternatively, please feel free to call us on 13 9684. Cheers, LaurenHey there, haven’t heard back as yet. Here to help when you’re ready. My email is laurenj@youi.email or you can call me direct on 07) 3852 7868 Mon-Fri 8-4.30pm AEST. Will leave it with you to contact when you can. Cheers, Lauren

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