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Zaaptv HD609

Zaaptv HD609

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Probably the worst company in Australia

The company is located on Preston, Melbourne, Victoria, I believe they are called Globe TV over hear or u-but pty Ltd.

They will take your money and if the product works that is a bonus. Over the three years we have had it I've had to call and go in multiple times and generally the response it "we cant help you"

When it works it is fine, when it doesn't work it's a nightmare and will make you feel sick.

Could not recommend this product even if it was free, disgusting.

Date PurchasedDec 2015

Bad product - Arabic Channels disappearing

Really bad product.
We cannot stream many of the Arabic channels.
They don’t have the licensing to stream through this iptv
When you contact globaltv they say licensing changes they can’t help it.
We can not get our money back.
Worst waste of money ever
Remote control is bad quality
Instructions just as bad
I don’t recommend.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Very bad product and very bad service

I had been forced to buy a new device on Sep.4 2018 after my Maaxtv unit stopped working. They are the same company. My subscription with Maaxtv since 4 years and been renewed last year for 3 years. The company asked me to refer to their local agent in Canada. I contacted a gentleman called [name removed] and he told me that my unit is discontinued!!! and he offered me a Zaap unit to continue with my subscription. I sent him the money and he sent me the unit. Since then, I could not see any program continually and had a long conversation with [name removed]. He told me to send the unit to their wear house in Alberta to refund my money. And I should pay all charges. Nasty products and nasty policy.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

The dealer in AU is called global Tel they are a gimmick

The premium Arabic channels are no longer available, seems that the seller in Australia has an issue, when I contact the centralized customer service the advised me to call Australia customer service and vice versa. I have asked them to state the list of available channels they said we don't have a list.
The dealer is actually called global Tel they are a gimmick

Date PurchasedMar 2015

Stop. Do not buy this product

I bought this box a year ago and every time I use it I feel sick. It buffers all the time. If you need to change channel it takes 5 minutes to be stable only for a little while. I have a very fast internet. If you try to contact them you will feel even more sick for the time you spent for absolutely no answer. Horrible. Horrible. Horrible.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Do not go with zaap tv

It was a bad experience with zaap tv. The number of channels have been very limited, and subscription fee after 2 years. More costly than other companies' similar products. Poor customer service! Study more before getting a zaap tv.

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The cost is generally $11-12 Australian dollars which is relatively cheap. Bad experiences vary from poor internet streams, devices too far away from the modem and sometimes the devices itself. Now without knowing who you are or where you purchased the device from, it is unfair to say that you have received "Poor Customer Service". If you are in Australia and you have purchased your device from GlobeTV located in Preston Victoria, then our Office is always open to the public. We are open Weekdays between Mon-Fri: 10am to 5pm. We have multiple ways in which you can contact us. Support can always be accessed through our website Globetv.com.au in which you will receive a response from our Technical Team, just as long as you have purchased directly from us. GlobeTV is the only Official Distributor for ZAAPTV, MAAXTV and ARAABTV products in Australia and New Zealand. This means we only sell and support their products. So for any Channel queries, you need to direct complaints to ZAAPTV in USA through their website. If we can help you with anything else and you are based in Australia, please call our Office on 03 9001 4526 or send us a Private Message via this website.

Be carefull, do not buy

The worst device and the worst customer service. Their units are faulty, when you try to call customer service No answer at all. If you open a service ticket, they never comeback to you. Do not waste you money.

Horrible device even worse customer service

Horrible device. Channels freezing... useless update and even worse customer service.. I email them about an issue and they reply that 'you will like it when you get used to it...
Do not buy it..

Painful IPTV experience

I purchased a renewal of my subscription for 2 years and paid $290. The service was unacceptable as the channels keep on freezing and you can not get them to work properly. I complained to their sales team and they had no solution at all after 4 days of discussion. They refused to refund or to upgrade to any different device. For heaven's sake, save your money. I really don't know how such dodgy people are allowed to operate in Australia.

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Dear Customer. When you make a purchase for Renewal, you are purchasing a PIN Number that you enter into the device to continue viewing the content. It does not mean that you receive Extended Warranty on the device. This is detailed before you make any purchase through the GlobeTV website. Having said this, you would have had the ZAAPTV device for at least 3 Years and you didn't have any issues during this 3 Year Period, yet you state that since you Renewed your Subscription your device started Freezing immediately. We must also make it clear that you did not purchase your ZAAPTV device from GlobeTV, so any hardware related issues would not be covered under Warranty. Upon Renewing your Subscription, "we do not and we cannot" alter anything which will affect your viewing experience. The most likely scenario is poor Internet or congestion issues if the Freezing occurs at night time only. These are issues that must be discussed with your Internet provider first and then us. GlobeTV is simply a supplier of ZAAPTV products. We have no control over the device or it's content. We offer Support to Customers who have purchased directly from us through multiple channels, including In-Store Support, over the phone and web support.

DO NOT buy from this company, faulty item, horrible customer service

I bought this product 2 weeks ago. Wireless connection drops very often (although I am using superfast NBN and never had any wireless issues with the other devices). Also after 30 to 45 min of watching, the TV freezes and no way to get it working except by switching off the wall power button . Tried contacting them 3 times, they promise that the technician will ring me up, nothing happens. They are not willing to return the device

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I believe in your case, you had a faulty device but the issue was not identified until you eventually and reluctantly sent the device back to our Office. Unfortunately, you also went to extraordinary lengths to bad mouth us and to take legal action. We help our Customers as much as we can, but we do require the Customer to reciprocate and to feed us the correct information so we can best advise them. If we are given wrong information or the Customer is simply unwilling to provide any information nor undertake anything we may ask the Customer to try, then we can't assist to resolve the issues. For anyone who has any issue with a ZAAPTV device and has bought the device from us, then it's always best to go through the GlobeTV.com.au website to receive Support. By using the website, there is a record of the issue by the Customer and there will be a record of what has been done by our staff to help resolve the issues.

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How can i make a complain againest zaaptv to get my money back?
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