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Return policy BAD

Their returns policy sucks! I paid to return an item abiding by all their rules and never saw the item again. Still arguing with them to get a resolution. Its been 4 months.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes
Sizing Slightly small
Product Appearance As advertised

Unorganized & late shipping - very unhelpful

If you buy more then one product, they wont be shipped together. I received one of my item well after the shipping date and the other hasn't even arrived!!! Very unhelpful with trying to help. And some of the tracking websites aren't even in English.

Product Quality

Dodgy mobile website made me check out this site for a second opinion

Wanted to place some orders through my mobile had a another price when it went to the shopping cart. Had $55 worth of stuff but asked me to add $13 worth to get free standard shipping... (that’s when I realised the price had changed for 1 item) so decided to remove the items and add them again... second time round it told me I could get free shipping if I added $20 worth of stuff!! I swear I saw free standard shipping above $49...☹️☹️☹️...(maybe it’s just the mobile site... dunno but don’t think I want to trust this company)

Items are just as expected!

The website was extremely easy to navigate with multiple sales and discount offers every day. All 4 items that I ordered arrived in perfect condition, well packaged and within the shipping time listed. They looked like the pictures of the items I ordered online and fit me well for the most part. The winter coat was a bit big for my liking, so I contacted customer support about a refund or an exchange, and they were very helpful. I managed to return my coat and I am very satisfied with the other items I received!

Company claimed the item was 'delivered to my address' but it was at a warehouse 17km away!

The company refused to give me a refund after I didn't receive my item. I wasn't home when an attempt was made for 'delivery'. So, the courier company took my parcel to their warehouse 17km (35 min drive) across the city. I was unable to confirm this with them, as their tracking number didn't work, and the companies phone number was not connected. Total scam, I would never buy anything from them again.

Longest shipping & no tracking information

I ordered items from Zaful 21 days ago and did not receive any tracking information whatsoever until I contacted them only to be hung up on when the lady (who I couldn’t understand at all) said she couldn’t find my information and therefore could do nothing about it. I then Facebook messengered them which they replied saying it’s arrived in my country and that’s all I know about it. So not quite sure if it’s even coning or not.


I tried ordering some hoodies from their site and after about a month of waiting, I suddenly get a notification telling me the order was cancelled. They did not tell me why it was cancelled or that they were going to cancel it and I had to reach out to them on several platforms asking the same thing. Just to top it off I have to wait over 7 business days to receive my refund. Just an overall messy site to order anything from and would not waste my time with these people.

Go in at your own risk.

Still waiting for my package, they keep getting my address wrong!

I’m really disappointed has they got my address wrong, then I paid to be sent again after they got the package from the post office Back. They sent it again to the same wrong address! Are they robots?! I asked for a refund, no comments yet. Horrible service, hire people that can read English.

Refund Issue

I recently bought 2 swimming costumes from Zaful. Unfortunately the tops were too small and bottoms were perfect size. I asked if I could exchange the tops only but unfortunately not (totally understandable). I was granted a refund in early December and was told wait 7-14 business days for the refund (as per their refund policy, I checked). It has now been almost 21 business days and I still have no received the refund.
The first lady I spoke to in the support centre was really helpful.
The second lady I spoke to whilst chasing up the refund today was no help at all and told me to "wait a little longer".
I'm not usually one to write reviews on things like this, but I have never had to wait for refunds.
I have launched a dispute with my bank but they said I did not use my bank account details to purchase the goods, I used my card details, which means it would take between 24 and 48 hours from when the refund was processed by the company because it goes straight to my card and not through the bank.
I was very happy with the quality of the products and have bought from here before.. it was a shame just the sizing. Although I have never had so much trouble with a simple refund.

Customer service not helpful!

Order items a few weeks ago and when delivered it was not left in a safe spot instead it was apparently taken to Australia post. However it was not take to my local post office. I have since tried to access my account to find out the location of it only to be stuck in a loop of changing my password because it’s incorrect only to have to change it again because the new one is also incorrect. Being unable to access my account I attempt to find an email address to contact them on.. this led me to only social media links in order to make contact. So I messaged through Facebook and have since been in an unhelpful cycle of them not answering my question and instead persisting to tell me it is at Australia post but are not telling me a specific location. Instead they told me to “search it on google maps” because that’s going to help ? There are hundreds of Australia posts in the country so how is googling it meant to tell me the location my package is at?

To summarise:
Terrible website
Atrocious customer service
Still no package
Will not order again!

Scammers use this site!!

My acc was used to make an unattractive purchase from this site and it scammed me! Had to call the bank to cancel my card and dispute this! 22DEC so close to Christmas and new year so I'll be waiting longer for this to be over!! Stay away!!


They advertised a product so I purchased it, but as weeks passed I still hadn't received my order. I contacted their customer service team to ind out that the product has been discontinued and no longer available. That means if I hadn't of checked, Zaful would have never told me and they would have kept my money. I'm still awaiting a refund. Not impressed. They definitely make influencers hype it up to have fast shipping when in reality it takes weeks, even months.

So adorable!!

I had been looking at zaful bikinis for around a year but was always hesitant to buy from the site. Planning for my holiday I decided to take the leap and I definitely was not disappointed! In fact I was happily surprised. After reading some not so positive feedback online I was afraid that my products wouldn't arrive, that the quality would be terrible or the sizing totally off, or even that the customer service would be bad, but my experience was infact the complete opposite!
The customer service team helped me change my sizing with no problems at all, kept my updated with my order and once it arrived I was totally in love! The designs are totally cute, great quality and are very flattering! One advice would be to order one size bigger than your normal in the bikinis:) And another piece of advice is don't be afraid like me and wait a year but order some bikinis now in time for summer!! :)

3 months waiting of shipping period, and asked by pay extra to re shipping

I bough 2 set of swimwear from Zaful around August, I have asked the customer service so so many times and every single time I was only told to be patient and wait for it. I can't issue any credit or refund. Now 3 months passed, and I was asked by pay then extra to get this delivery. Again, I can't issue any refund or credit. Nothing at all but some stupid advise like waiting for a better result.

Uncaring, unprofessional, customer satisfaction is not in anyway shape or form their concern

Ordered 1 pair of swimmers from Zaful and had not received the item within the time frame and it turns out the item was being sent back (was not at all informed this by Zaful or the delivery company), still have not found out way as Zaful and AusPost have not giving me an answer. Zaful is making me chose between paying double what I paid in shipping to have the item shipped back to me! Or only receiving a 20% refund of a pair of $19 swimmers and that they are not at fault or liberty to help me further. That is absolutely absurd and just about the worst company I have ever dealt with, I've never experienced a company less caring about customers.
I would recommend never ever ever buying from such a disgraceful and unprofessional company!

Don't be alarmed!

It sounds like some people have had a lot of trouble, however I have ordered from zaful a few times and have been happy with the products. Some took a couple of weeks to arrive, but I have received everything and they fit well. I bought a bikini which is great, a couple of dresses which aren't of the most luxe fabric but for the price I am very happy with them, definitely worth buying. If you're looking for affordable clothes I would recommend zaful, there are also lots of deals, sales and rewards which make them even more affordable.

Perfect Romper!

I bought the Rainbow Trim Drawstring Cami Romper ( Order #: U1808031358155959) on August 10th, 2018. It didn't take too long to get here, and I was very happy with it! It was extremely quality and worth what I payed. It fit perfectly and was true to the size chart. The fabric was soft, stretchy, and comfortable. Definitely one of my favorite rompers! And it's hard to find ones that fit. I am a real customer, and this is my real, honest, objective review! I stand by it.

About their order replacement and customer service

I bought clothes from them 3 times already. But this time I need to exchange few items. I can’t say they represent very good quality clothes but still not so bad. After I sent them back the item of which I need to exchange, one item doesn’t have the size I need, so I contact the customer service and ask if they can ship it back to me, they responded quickly, not like other shopping apps that you need to wait 1 or 2 business days for reply. They reship my item the next day and another item from China. Definitely give them a 5 stars review!

Terrible customer service!! Not worth it!!

I consider Zaful to be one of the most difficult and unfair companies I've ever dealt with! Do not buy from them!!!! The customer Service sucks, has been almost 2 months since I ordered and I still haven't received my products, during this time I had to deal with their unhelpful customer service team that would only respond to my questions when I got angry! It shouldn't be this way!! They are only good to influencers to attract customers but they only care about the sale, not the clients. Go to Shein or Pretty Little Thing, they know how to keep their customers happy and the quality is great!!!

3 months later and never received my items

The company keep trying to stall as I have been asking for a refund for over a month now.
The last correspondence that I've had with them is them saying that an item is not considered lost until it has been over 180 days. What a joke, who in their right mind will let that slide to wait for half a year for bathers?
I ordered 2 sets of swimwear in July and the tracking says it has been delivered somewhere in NSW, however I live in VIC, so they must have just updated this to a random address so that they can attempt to get rid of my matter. Will never purchase from them again, I'll stick to Shein.

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What do you mean by this ‘new users, P5300 prize’?
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Hi there, Has anyone ordered the red and black fur coat from them ? If yes, please share with me about the quality of it and your purchase experiences with them. I really do appreciated :) Thank you ! susan schmidle
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I have tried tracking my parcel but it keeps coming up as invalid or cannot be found did this happen to anyone else?
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Yes it does, at the moment I’m still trying to track it but it won’t show. So annoying, been waiting for months!

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