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I love playing my ZAD 50E

I bought my ZAD 50E over 10 years ago and find this guitar is not only the easiest to play, but the quality is lasting. Many of my guitar buddies are always impressed how this guitar sounds. I do take care of it like a grand child. When I bought mine, it was on sale for under $700.00. Even at today’s prices (now over a $1000.00.) It’s still the best bang for your bucks . If you care about price and performance, you can’t beat the Zager line. Thank you Denis Z.

The best guitar I've ever owned!

I've been playing guitar since 1972, but had to quit a few years ago due to arthritis. This spring I heard about Zager Easy Play guitars and ordered the ZAD80CE. Over the years I've owned Ovations, Fenders, a Seagull and a Baby Taylor. I can honestly say that the Zager is the most comfortable to play, and the quality is superb! And the sound? Mellow, rich, full, vibrant...… excellent! It's so nice to be able to have my own accompaniment again.

A hidden gem in the field of acoustic guitars!

I purchased my first Zager Acoustic Guitar (ZAD80CE AURA) two years ago and was very impressed with the quality. It has been one of the most excellent acoustic guitars I have ever used and I’ve played Gibson, Taylor and Ovation guitars. I highly recommend this guitar to anyone wanting to achieve that studio sound without going into the studio. Customer service is excellent and personal.

Makes me sing like a guitar hummin'

I was all set to buy the ZAD20E. In fact, I did just that on a late August 10 Saturday night. On August 11, I ran into a YouTube video Dennis Jr. posted. Wait … what?? A Zager Easy Play ZAD80CE AURA Johnny Cash Black Lacquer Special Edition. Had to do a double-take and then I watched the video 4x. Couldn’t take my eyes off it.

I sent a reply to my email receipt asking if I could switch my order to the J-Cash ZAD80CE. Dennis Jr. replied himself. “Consider it done”, he says. That’s a Sunday night, folks. Right, so let’s cut to the chase.

Within a few days, FedEx makes me feel like it’s Christmas. I’m examining every inch of this instrument in awe. No question it’s the most beautiful guitar I’ve ever seen. Yes, highly subjective, the way something looks, I know. It’s exactly the same as their other ZAD80CEs but this one appears to have been dipped in liquid black gold. Then Dennis Jr. was right when he mentioned in the video that the abalone inlay absolutely pops against that ebony body. To me, it’s reminiscent of stained glass church windows. Maybe that’s why I hear an angel’s choir from the black lacquer sound box every time I open the hard case? I swear!  The rich shade of the bridge over black body accentuates when viewed in natural light. This guitar is so distinctive, heads will turn your way.

Looks aside, the craftsmanship is evident throughout. Lightly trace your finger over the edges and you can’t find a seam anywhere on it. Likewise on the side edge of the neck. No protruding fret notches; smooth as buttah. The gold Grover tuners hold. I strummed upwards of an hour and had to laugh when I put the tuner on it. Strings hadn’t budged. No, I’m not diving into a heavy metal audience with it but still. The ‘easy play’ features give your fingers a break with the slightly widened string placement and neck. Turn it sideways and you’ll see the strings are barely above the fretboard, requiring less pressure. I’m not very experienced so I can’t appreciate the speed this design technique purportedly affords but I can attest that it sure feels a darn site more comfortable. It’s more forgiving on the rushed stroke buzzing, too.

The most important part is how it sounds to YOU. I played a single chord with purpose. Listened. Heard the warmth of the tone and how it resonates for so long. Then strung a few chords together and really listened. Maybe that’s what Mr. Neil Diamond was referring to when he said, “You make me sing like a guitar hummin’. And I haven’t even had time to try the Fishman Aura Pro electronics. That’s it, I’m taking off tomorrow. Sometimes it’s better to just surrender, submit to an obsession.

I had to dig deep to make this purchase but there’s no buyer’s remorse like when you get that sinking feeling in your gut the next day. I just keep finding more reasons to feel good about giving this one a good forever home. With the money back guarantee, I figured I had nothing to lose so no reason not to try it. Maybe this, too, is one purchase you’ll dread … nought. 

Oh and the hard case should be a must-have. Dennis Jr. was right when he said you’ll feel a puff of air when you close it. It’s so tight inside, there’s indentations of the strings in the upper panel. And the customer service is noteworthy. Already mentioned Dennis Jr. answering emails on a weekend night. Then the @help returned with answers to my questions on Mr. Denny’s video library straight away. Everyone’s really personable and seems to have a genuine interest in making you happy, treat you like a good neighbor. Don’tcha love the good ol’ US of A?

best sounding ,easiest playing ,best looking guitar i have ever held in my hands.

I can play this guitar for hours and my hands won't fatigue,the workmanship is the best i have ever seen. and the customer service is more then you can ask for.


I was amused to see an add for a Zager guitar, remembering Denny Zager of Z & E fame. I was looking for an OM size and checked this out from a player thinning his herd. Very nice looking guitar with Martin style headstock, superior case and then instant barre chords that sang out. I started laughing in disbelief that this, to me, obscure guitar has captivated my hands and ears. This OM is comfy and a delight to play. It equals the pleasure of Taylor’s, Martins and Gibson’s that I have owned. I have no idea of how you do what you do but I encourage all players to try a. Zager. I still laugh about the excellence of this product. An A-1 Keeper.

Re: my ZAD-80 CE

Impossible to say how great my ZAD-80CE is in 30 words! Best guitar, best support. Thinking about getting another one, a better guitar. It's got to be another Zager guitar.

I was a skeptic... until last Friday!

I received my new ZAD-80 on Friday. I was a professional musician, for many years, having recently sold my Gibson CL-50 Supreme and a Martin D-45 due to personal reasons. Of course, I had to have a guitar, yet I knew I couldn't afford one to come up to par with the ones I had sold. I ordered my Zager, expecting something mediocre, having not heard of the brand before. I read many reviews which were all rave, five-star reviews. Then, after ordering, I read some blogs on the reviews! That made me feel as if I made a mistake ordering from Zager. I received my ZAD-80 on Friday, which came perfectly packaged and in impeccable condition. When I opened it, I was in total awe. I still am. In awe at the workmanship and fine details of the guitar. I checked it over as if I was doing it by microscope. No, not a flaw on it. Then the test that I was waiting for... the test that is the single, most important point to me. That point was the tonal quality of the sound. I hit a few chords up and down the neck and I believe my jaw dropped. I am understating when I say the sound rivaled my sixteen-year-old Martin D-45 and my Gibson. I could write and try to explain all day, but it is something one is going to have to hear their self. Flawless sound. Beautiful tone and deliverance. The reviews on the reviews falsely accused the Zager reviews as being "fake and false". No, readers of the review. They are not fake and false. They are all trying to exclaim the wonder that I'm still in! You see, I am still wondering how Zager can offer a quality instrument at only a fraction of a comparable one from well-known guitar makers. I am in no way trying to put a blemish on my Martin and Gibson, only trying to proclaim what the Zager Guitar really is! Oh... and by the way, it is easier to play! The first few minutes felt a bit awkward but I very quickly adjusted and my playing was clearer and precise, hence "easier". Oh... and did I mention the extra gifts that came from Dennis? Thank you, thank you, Dennis Zager and Zager Guitars!

Great guitar!

I own 5 different guitars...from acoustic to electric...hollow body to hard body. I bought a Zager ZAD50CEOM a few years back and I love it. It really is easy to play, easy on the fingers, and it sounds great. Bar chords are much easier to hit and single picking lead parts are easier to play. I am not very good, but I am 76 years old and this guitar let's me play things I cannot play on my other instruments. Easy Play may sound like a gimmick, but it is true!

Great Guitar! Great Support!

I am the proud owner of a ZAD20E. It's taken me a little while to learn to play easy, but this guitar has a "big" sound (just what I was looking for). I almost pulled the trigger on a Martin. I'm glad I changed my mind. I use this in church for our "praise" music, and its voice fills the room.
I'd also like to thank the Zagers for their excellent support. Most recently I was having trouble with the pickup on my guitar. The low E was hot but the other strings were dead. When I went to the web site to ask for help, I found a video that addressed the problem directly. I had the same success when I wanted to adjust the truss rod.
Zager is a great company with a great product. I think it's one of the best values in the guitar market. Easy to play, and it sounds great too!

Really awesome guitar!!

I own a Martin D-41, but my Zag900ce is easier playing and sweeter sounding than it. Awesome product!! I can’t believe how it’s sound fills a room. I have many top of the line guitars but this is by far my favorite. Thanks to the Zager Family for producing a great instrument.

Easy Play is Correct !

I was beating myself up on a Martin D2R before I came across the Zager website in late 2011. In October of that year I ordered a ZAD80CE. The piece of art arrived and I haven't put it down since. I think the sound and ease of playing have gotten better over time. The Martin was sold. Thank you Zager's !

Sweetest Guitar Ever

2005 Zad 80. I love this guitar. I am 57yo beginner and my carpal tunnel and arthritis along with finger pain had my practice at a stand still. Because I discovered this guitar I can now practice for hours. I can't believe the sound of it. DZ reset the neck and now it is like a brand new guitar. OMG!!!! Thank you so much!!

Amazing Guitar!

I have 10+ years playing guitar for gigs, church, and for pleasure. I own a ZAD80CE and have played a ZAD900CE. Hands down the best two acoustics I have ever played. I even took mine to guitar center and compared them to the highest Martians and Taylors in the store. Not even close. Zagers are not fake, they are real and they are the best. Wouldn't buy anything else.


Easy to play. Comfortable from first use. Excellent sound.it is a beautiful piece of art and no expense has been spared using the finest materials available
Fisher electronics are fantastic
Zad 80ce

Wise Choice!

I'd been playing an amplified super thin Ovation for over a decade. I wanted something with a richer sound so checked out some Martins and Taylors. While they sounded great, they just didn't feel right. I read an ad about the Zager, so, thinking I really had nothing to lose, ordered a ZAG80CE. From the minute I held it, I knew it was a keeper! It was setup perfectly; the neck feels like it was designed for me; the sound is crisp and deep; it's lightweight but solidly built; and intonation is perfect. I did my first all acoustic gig with it and it received rav reviews from listeners and a couple of semi-pro players. Nice guitar, Dennis! Thanks!

Zager Guitars

I ordered the Zager ZAD900-CE with the Fishman Aura pickup. It was delivered by FedEx Tuesday. I am in love with this guitar. It has a deep more base sound than my Martin, Epiphone, Alverez or Taylor guitars and I love that. My live and breath Martin guitar only friend Kevin came by to play it. I think he would have sat and played it for hours had he not had to go to church Wednesday night. ( He did steal my Zager pick though) He was very impressed with the guitar and said that it more than lived up to the name and advertisement of Zager guitars. He also stated that it played and sounded as good as his Martin D-28. l will also like to say that I searched the internet looking for negative feedback about a Zager. I couldn't find any except for one site. But in reading the negative comments I realized that no one commenting actually owned a Zager. Not one of them. This guitar is constructed very well, it is really an " Easy Play " guitar. I'm almost 63 and arthritis is setting in. I played it for almost two hours straight out of the box. So it is exactly what they advertise. A well constructed, easy play guitar with an awesome sound. I will put this guitar up against any other make of guitar out there period. Today I got a years worth of strings, picks and an external tuner for entering their sweepstakes contest. Customer service is awesome as well. I just can't say enough good things about this guitar and the service I got. Thanks Mr. Zager and company.


Larry Wells

Wow, nice guitar

This ZAG900CE, is clean. The finish of the guitar, inside and out is really wonderful. Tight joints, impressive inlay, comfortable body style. The most important item, the sound and action. Intonation spot on, full open sound with great sustain. Top line pickup and preamp system and Grover tuners, can't get much better. This is the real deal, hand made, no hand crafted in America. I would put this on top of the line with the high end production guitars on the market for half the price. Buying direct pays off. Gotta go, my Zager is waiting. Thanks.

Zager guitars

We 8 guitars; Fender, Yamaha, guild, Koa Martin, Mahogany Martin, a 12 string Martin, Mahogany Zager and a Black 50 CE. Oh also a hand built Walnut and Cherry Dulcimer from Cross Creek.
I find I spend most of the time choosing my Zager 50 CE to play.
Lately my wife has been playing her Dulcimer...
Really love the rich sound of my Zager...

I want to thank the Zager family for aiding me through my first purchase of a quality quitar. Paul M

Awesome guitar. Right out of the case it was set up and ready to go. The craftmanship is beyond my expectations and the sound is to die for. Thank you Zager family.

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