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My online Zara purchase has scarred me from doing online shopping.... TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE service.... it took less than 10 sec for my account to be debited of my purchase.... they did not deliver the item within their terms and conditions policy, only then to get the wrong item sent to me, followed by a lengthy 10 days to get a refund.... lesson learnt.... if the item u want is not in the store, it's not meant to be for u.... DO NOT DO ONLINE SHOPPING AT ZARA!!!!

Very bad customer service

Arrogant employees on registers at maquarie centre store, I always feel like my cash purchase is an inconvenience, I like shopping at zara but pls train your employees to have some respect for their customers and that it wont hurt to say " thank you" to customers now and then. There is no need for the arrogant attitude.

The quality is really bad

I am very disappointed with my purchase from Zara online. I ordered a bag and shoes but the shoes looked really worn and theres a bit of stain on it. Lessoned learn I will never ever buy from them online!! It's just a waste of time and most especially a waste of money!!

Poor Quality Top

I bought a top 3 weeks ago and paid full price of $70 from their Parramatta store. I have only worn it 3 times and always gently hand washed it and until I noticed yesterday the stitching on the collar area had come apart and created a small hole. I really love this top and one of my favorite tops and I am just so disappointed as I always get good compliments about it.

Online buying prices are inflated and sizing not shown

Zara opened an Australian site online so I thought I would give it a go. Shipping is free if you spend over $75 so I bought a jacket for $99. Imagine my surprise and feeling of being ripped off when it arrived with tags showing it is priced at $89. So that 'free' shipping is just added onto all online stock ? Perhaps I should let the ACCC know.
My other gripe is sizing and lack of information on the online store. Some items have standard measurements shown and others you have to enter your measurements and they will tell you the size to buy. Really ! - I am not a child, I would like to know what the garment measures, including length and I can assess if it fits me or is a similar size to something in my wardrobe. BY THE WAY if you are bigger than an Aussie size 12 then beware. Zara sizing is tiny and seems to be made for stick thin tweens with no curves. I won't be buying from them again it was a waste of time.

don't buy online

I bought a dress which arrived on the Friday, wore it once then washed in accordance with the washing instructions (gentle machine cycle). When I hung it to dry, I noticed the seams had started to fall apart so on the Monday, I contacted Zara online to request a replacement as I loved the dress. They told me that because I had removed the tags and washed it, they would take no responsibility and despite numerous attempts, they have completely refused to refund or exchange this faulty dress, completely against the law but they don't seem to care...I would be extremely careful about purchasing from them online...they are lawless

Great services!

I simply love shopping at Zara, for their low prices, quality clothing, and whatnot. The range of clothing is extensive but I am mainly a fan of the jeans, overalls and jackets, my children also adore the soft denim of the jeans and I definitely recommend shopping there!! There are great bargains and great clothes.

No Return Policy without the receipt

ZARA is the ONLY company who will NOT return or exchange any clothing or items bought without a receipt. Do not buy gifts for anyone! Very disappointed with your useless policy. The knit is not a copy or a replica and is only a week old stock.
A knit was given to me as a gift and wanted to return for something else in Miranda Sydney. The tag and bar code was still attached. The person who gave me the gift threw the receipt away. Zara, unfortunately I'm not even going to re gift it....its going in the bin.

Horrendous customer service

Today I walked into Zara and the security card told me that I couldn’t walk in with a coffee cup. I told him that it was empty (because it was) and he twisted his head indicating that I throw it in the bin. He did not even bother to communicate with me but twist his head to tell me what to do. I turned around and walked out of the store. This behaviour is unacceptable and I certainly will not be entering Zara any time soon. Other places with a much more hefty price tag on a lot of their products don’t treat people like this. This is despicable.

Don't expect the products to be durable

Having bought quite a number of things from Zara, the only items that are still of good condition are two coats that I haven't worn much (less than 10 times each) and a pair of sunglasses.
The Pitt St store really needs more fitting rooms. Chatswood and Macquarie aren't as over-crowded.
Unlike a lot of the others have said, the service isn't that bad - or perhaps I wasn't there when they were at their busiest. The staff at the entrance of the fitting rooms were always happy to help, whether it's looking for a different size or removing some foundation mark from the clothes.

Unacceptable Return/exchange policy

Zara-Melbourne CBD
I tried to exchange the present, I received for xmas. I didn't have the receipt but based on my experiences with the other big retail stores, I thought barcoded label, which was intact should be able to provide sufficient information such as whether item still in stock or sold. Apparently it was not enough for store manager, so she first asked me to prove of purchase and lectured me about the consumer law (not so kindly) finally asked me to leave the store.

Stitching fell apart at first wear pockets all frayed

Very poor sewing of slacks. How did they pass quality control? $50 each for 3 pair of slacks where stitches have come apart and material frayed. $$$$ we will not be spending at Zara Brisbane City again.

unforgivable service

Zara Miranda Sydney
My daughter received 2 dresses as Christmas presents from her Grandmother, unfortunately, the sizing was incorrect we drove to our nearest outlet which is 60km from Home only to be told that due to the items being purchased more than 30days age there was no exchange policy and nothing could be done. I have spoken to both consumer affairs and department of fair trading and was told that this is not the case and that the goods should have been replaced.
The level was of service I received at your Miranda Sydney store was disgraceful, prompting other customers that were waiting in line to speak up firstly we were told that “the store is not responsible for incorrect and poor gift selections and more care should be taken” which seems ludicrous considering we were actually very happy with the purchase the issue was sizing which one would think was an understandable mistake when absent Grandparents purchase gifts also we were not looking for a refund we simply wanted to either exchange the items for either the same product or something of equal value
On explaining to the store manager that we were given different information from consumer affairs regarding your returns policy the response was “If you really think you can take this further and go above, by all means, give it a go” please remember this conversation took place in front of other customers which really isn’t a great look it was a really arrogant approach especially when your dealing with a 12-year-old girl. This discussion and the fact that my daughter was left unable to exchange her Christmas present which in turn leaves her with no Christmas present obviously upset her to the point that she was in tears when I asked if there was anything that could be done as my daughter is clearly upset the delightful managers response to her was “It’s not my fault she is crying its store policy and as said earlier I am not responsible for poor decisions when purchasing gifts” I am completely lost to how someone can be so incredibly insensitive. We have purchased many items from Zara before as my children’s Grandparents however after this treat we won’t be shopping again I really do think that at Christmas there should be some leeway on the 30 day policy but even more disappointing if the way that the issue was handled and especially the way my daughter was spoken too.
If you are willing to do the right thing and actually show some Christmas cheer and over an exchange that would be greatly appreciated I will certainly be in contact with fair trading and consumer affairs if I haven’t heard from you, however, I will not be holding my breath

Zara Perth-customer service horrible experience

Being a regular shopper at Zara. I have bought many tops from your company and never have I had a problem until now! I have bought a top where it smelt so strong of black dye. I figure a couple wash after, I may be able to get the smell off but it clearly didn’t.

Obviously I didn’t think of it when I first wore it and have cut the washing label and tags off. (Bearing in mind their washing label was as long as a freaking receipt!).

I have gone into the Zara store in Perth after queuing for nearly 20 mins as there was only had one cashier working during the crazy sales...

After explaining to the lady at the counter why the washing tags weren’t there and advising her it’s a product that Zara have produce that is clearly not up to satisfaction, she just erruptly called for someone in the microphone.. not even telling me who she is calling for.

So someone stood next to me who I assume was one of their manager ...advising me I cannot exchange it as I have cut the washing label off after I have clearly explained it’s a product produce by Zara that clearly have not satisfied the customer due to the quality. She has advised me it is not a faulty product and it is return/exchange policy that the washing tags needs to be on and no one had complaint about it (Mind you, I tried looking for their return policy that said this and couldn’t find anything that said this)

I am obviously furious as I have asked her, what can I do from here and a response of “nothing”.. not even a complaint line etc.

I don’t know if they understand how customer service works but the whole time, they didn’t even apologise about their product and as it was clearly evident it is a product from Zara and it is a manufacturer issue, they clearly didn’t think twice.

I’ll even think twice shopping at Zara from now on! Never again!

Rude, Horrible, Slow service

There was a massive line on boxing day and i had to wait for 20 minutes to purchase an item from the store. Got to the counter and the lady told me i had 30 days to refund. I nodded my head but she said it again even louder like yelling loudly and i said okay..? and she said " oh i didn't know if you could hear me or not hahaha " She also said I couldn't pay with paypass.. after i waited 20 minutes in line... she really trying to tell me that now when I'm at the counter. She didn't even say sorry and threw the shirt back onto the counter and yelled next. Not to mention she was super slow and has major RBF. I don't understand how a store in the city could have such poor customer service. Also at the mens section another guy yelling at everyone not to walk on the warning slippery surface sign every 5 seconds... Don't you have something better to do like umm attending to customers at the counter to make the line go faster?! I ended up going to another counter with paypass and had to wait a further 30 minutes... Worst shopping experience I have ever had.

Zara Sydney : Rudest Store In The Pitt Street Block

Probably one of the most rudest stores in the Pitt street block. The customer service here is horrendous. The staff are absolutely lazy, especially behind the checkout counter. They were so rude that the check out girl just dumped the garment into the bag when I told her if she could just hurry up.

Its a shame Gap is closing down. Maybe Zara could learn something from the Gap’s customer service team.

Terrible fitting room service

A few years ago, I went into ZARA for the first time when it was open in Melbourne. I picked a pair of pants that I wanted to try but couldn't find my size. So I asked a staff, he took out a device that's like a calculator which I thought was used to check the stock. He took like half a minute looking at this device and pressed a few buttons, and then he said to me, actually we are closing now. I was shocked! But I thought it's just this staff.
Today I went to Macquarie shopping centre, and when I saw zara, I wanted to give it another try. I picked two tops, went to the fitting room. There were two staff members talking to each other. I waited for a bit (for someone to come up and ask me how many cloths I'm trying), nothing happened. So I asked for the number plate and went in. However all the curtains of the fitting rooms were closed. So I walked back to the entrance, standing there, having those two staff talking to each other with me standing in between them. I decided to leave after another while. For the whole time neither of the staff came up and talked to me. Maybe I was spoiled by staff at other shops attending to me, checking the availability of the fitting rooms for me, and letting me know if I do need to wait a little bit?
I believe it's not zaras company culture to provide such a customer service standard. However, I don't think I'll go back to zara for a long time as the clothes are not that appealing so that I can disregard a bad customer service.
Also for the staff, I hope they become responsible for their work and like it as it's their own decisions to work at zara.

Quality control

I received a shirt from Zara with large pearl buttons on the sleeves, the first delivery came with a button missing which does happen. Returned and reordered second came with the same issue. Contacted customer service and advised them of the problem. I can only say customer service very bad, they cannot send out a button and proceeded to advise how to return the item, of which I am fully aware as had to do that a few days earlier. They did not offer an alternative or assistance until I advised they should look at the quality control and options for a customer they then asked for details of the item.... But too late they had to be prompted need to look at their services to the customer.

Less than acceptable

Appalling customer service I received yesterday at Doncaster store. I work in retail (actually at a store in Doncaster) and want to make it clear that my decision to email is because the manager of the store is appalling and the system of customer service is severely lacking.

I went to the Doncaster store on the 4th of Oct at 11.15am to exchange a top that had shrunk in the wash. I had a receipt and explained what happened and that I followed the washing instructions. The lady at the counter said she had to have an exchange approved by the manager and went off. The manager approached the counter and stopped to speak to TWO other staff members before she got to my query and told the lady at the counter to get another of the same top to measure it. The manager did not introduce herself - nor express any concern over the shrinkage - but came up to me and began lecturing me about what kind of material viscose is. I told her I know what material is and that I work in retail and know how viscose works in washes. She told me she wouldn’t do anything about it because it’s not a factory fault and I said I was only after an exchange because my top shrank - she said no and ‘you’ll need to contact customer service’. To say this woman was condescending is an understatement. The staff at Zara have never been helpful, but I shopped there because I like the styles. I won’t shop there ever again because this company doesn’t deserve my money. This manager (an Indian woman, I didn’t get her name) was rude to her staff and rude to me. I find this less than acceptable because I even had a receipt.


Worst service ever - Zara Highpoint (Men's Department)

Worst experience ever from a Zara store. I bought two knitwears long sleeves sweat tee from Zara Chadstone a couple of months ago and obviously I don't wear them regularly so after wearing and washing them (following the washing instructions) the tees turned out to be of a different size and now the sleeves are stretched to extra long. I went to Zara Highpoint and discussed the issue with one of the staff and she called her manager to explain the situation... she was the rudest manager I have ever seen. She came to me and said its over 30 days policy and she can't do anything about it and just walked away from me without even apologizing for what has happened and without even talking to me. I then went to the other staff to discuss the issue and from the back she was asking her staff to get rid of me. I have never seen such a rude behaviour from any store staff or store manager. She had an attitude as if she just don't give a crap to my problem and once they sell the items they are done with their job and let the customers pass through this situation. No after sales service. I literally would have slapped that lady.. For the reference her name was [name removed], who thinks she was queen or own Zara.. what a staff Zara has.

Luckily I met another staff in the same store in kids department with whom I discussed the situation where she apologised and took the details of the product and promised she would discuss the issue with the product manager.. I honestly don't know if this would get me any positive response or not but atleast this ladymade me feel that not all the staff is the same and there is someone to listen the issues of the customer. [name removed] if you reading this please do learn and earn some management skills before you step in tomorrow.

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Hi I was at the Miranda Zara store this morning exchanging my grandchildren’s shoes. The lady had no customer service skills what so ever. She was telling me “right sign down there” no smile no respect for the person infront of her. When I asked if I could get the smaller size she replied “you have to look for it on the floor”. I returned to her and told her that they would be at the back that’s where the lady got them from on Friday when I purchased them. She was annoyed and did a good job of making me feel uncomfortable for putting her out. I asked for her name and told her she was quite rude. I asked the man if he could serve me. She already told him about the situation. He said “do you have a problem I saw she was helping you” just like that. I told him not to worry about it. Very sad to see Very bad customer service especially in a great shop like Zara. Looking at past comments it all relates back to bad customer service. Try hiring more mature staff. Thank you for you time
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Can I return the faulty items that I bought three months ago, poor uplift sewing line, tear apart after 2 wear?
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Bought clothes in chadstone today but its too small can i return or exchange the size in other zara shop ?
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Hey Rosalyn, As far as I know you should be allowed to exchange it at any store as long as you're in the same country/region as the purchase was made in. You'll be able to find more information here: https://m.zara.com/au/en/buying-guide?v1=196001 I hope this answers your question. Cheers, Annie

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