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i placed a $100 order free delivery. After flowers were delivered, I called the florist they came from (not ZF) because they were not what I had ordered. Lucky enough that florist included business information. Found out ZF ordered a $30 dollar bouquet $10 delivery fee. ZF pocketing $60 and my gift was not a $100 bouquet. I was a lovey little bunch but not as big as i wanted and not the flower type i ordered. At least now i can call the local florist directly and get what i pay for


Ordered for same day delivery..arrived 3 days late
The flowers were not fresh the petals were bruised and did not come in the hemp covered vase shown in the picture.
Baby boy balloon was replaced with a blue birthday boy balloon
Attempts to call customer service number failed as it was constantly engaged or rang out.Email not responded to.
Disgraceful appalling .I would not recommend you to anyone.You should be ashamed of yourselves

Terrible - Terrible - if I could leave no starts I would.. Do not order from them.

Ordered same day delivery within the websites specified timeframe and the delivery was still not made on the second day.. zFlowers staff told me they don't know where the delivery is because they can't call the courier. Everyone don't waste your money with this company - false advertising.

Absolutely Apalling

I ordered a bouquet through zflowers to be delivered to my friend and her mum for the loss of her dad. I saw a lovely bouquet and ordered it. They cost $198 delivered locally on the Gold Coast. They were delivered later than specified and certainly not worth the price I paid. They were a lot smaller than what I was led to believe I was ordering. Never will I go through these guys again...absolutely apalling

Terrible Service!!!!

Ordered flowers to arrive today for my friends birthday they were booked a week in advance. I started stressing at 4:30pm when they hadn't arrive yet so i called them to find out they didn't have the flowers in stock and instead of calling to see if I wanted to arrange a different bouquet they just didn't say anything till I called. I had better get my full refund!!!

Dont get embarrassed by Z flowers

Flowers I ordered with Z were substituted and provided in our view a very poor token effort at what should have been a special birthday occasion. Presented at the work place they were simply embarrassing never ever again. Shame Z Flowers.

Do not use. Fake Company

This Company does not deliver the flowers. Keep promising they will contact the supplier. Will not name supplier so you can contact them. No refund.

Pretty good for anniversary of my friend who came back from Japan

I ordered from zflowers for my friend who came back from Japan after a years work and they arrived on time and i was happy with the roses.


wish I'd read the reviews before ordering- site specified same day delivery - delivery was 4 days late - I never received an order confirmation or response to 2 queries that day and one query 3 days later, order tracking indicated delivery one day BEFORE the flowers were received! Phone call gave me no explanation of the descrepancies!! VERY unhappy!!!

What I ordered is not what was delivered

I ordered orchids for my grandmother's birthday, her first since Pop's passing. I received an email saying the local florist does not have enough stock of orchids or freesias but will replace with other flowers.... My $100 bunch of flowers looks like something from a service station .....maybe $20 at the most, very very poor effort. Very disappointed. Will never use zflowers again, nor recommend them.


Liers and thieves. Did not deliver. Did not refund. Promised a lot delivered nothing. Do not use. these dishonest people.

terrible service- not recommended

After one week from the due delivery date the order was still not delivered. The worst experience ever. Not recommended

Next day delivery took 4 days and $27

Ordered next day delivery for flowers and kept receiving phone calls saying they couldn't deliver them until the next day. On a Saturday they said it would be Monday at which point I requested a full refund.

Do NOT use this company!

My order was wrong and the packaging was terrible. I sent about 10 emails and got 0 responses. Even the 3rd party company that delivered the flowers couldn't contact zFlowers. This company doesn't care about its customers, is dishonest, unethical, and probably much more.

Terrible service.... no delivery after 4 days.... rubbish messages....DO NOT USE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTA

Do not do not do not do not use do not use under any circumstances

THIS IS readyflowers.com.au REBADGED

Google them. They are con-artists. They have been investigated for their business practices and have just changed their trading name. Do not fall for this. They advertise a low low price, then contact your local flower shop and pressure them into accepting the order, in an unsolicited manner. This is why your flowers never turn up.


Flowers were ordered online to be delivered to a terminal patient in hospital. 3 days after the order was placed, I received a call saying they couldn't deliver today but would absolutely deliver the next day. Then... the next day they called to say they cant deliver and will refund me. Still no refund 2 weeks later... Phone numbers for NZ don't work. Terrible service.

Delivered at exactly the right time

I was a bit worried after ordering flowers from Zflowers.com and then I read the reviews on here saying how bad they were. We had no problems at all and the flowers arrived at exactly the right time.

Never ever use this company

I have ordered a flower bouquet for my wife's birthday and the end product we received is does not match up what you see in their website. The nice wrapping paper you see on their web site it does not include when they deliver the goods. They don't even deliver the flower to the recipients directly instead they deliver at my door without even knocking on our door. My wife collected the good when it was just sitting in my front yard.

Never ever use this company!

I ordered flowers for my daughters birthday the day prior. The website indicated that I had ordered in time and that my order was proceeding.
At 3.59pm on the day I had expected the delivery to have been made - I received a call that appeared to come from Asia, saying that "the courier couldn't deliver to my requested area that day"!
They said they'd attempted contact with me, but my mobile had no missed calls. I asked to speak to a Manager. The customer service operator put me in hold and came back saying I either had the option on cancelling with refund or they would deliver tomorrow. No offers of delivery guy for free or solving my distress at these important flowers failing to arrive,
I'm appalled this company are still operating.

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Questions & Answers

When is my refund coming? elaine wilk8nson
1 answer
Help other consumers by making a Consumer Complaint direct to the region where these people operate from in Western Australia. Consumer Protection WA (CPWA) are requesting formal complaints from consumers regarding zFlowers and can assist in getting your money back. It appears from history, that zFlowers only make a refund if you make a complaint to CPWA. Online complaints to CPWA can be made from anywhere in the world from here: https://www.commerce.wa.gov.au/consumer-protection/how-lodge-formal-complaint

Do they misuse the credit/debit card details entered to make a payment? Anyone has been scammed that way?
2 answers
No, not been scammed in that way from zflowers. Just flowers not delivered.If you consider a company charging your card and not delivering your order a misuse of your credit card details, then yes! Shut these crooks down.

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