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This is a scam service. Avoid

This is a scam reported to ACCC. Do not use it. The 1300 number is not manned. They will take your payment and will not deliver. They did not respond to 3 emails. Don't use this service. I have reported it to ACCC.

THIS IS readyflowers.com.au REBADGED

Google them. They are con-artists. They have been investigated for their business practices and have just changed their trading name. Do not fall for this. They advertise a low low price, then contact your local flower shop and pressure them into accepting the order, in an unsolicited manner. This is why your flowers never turn up.


I am a genuine florist that constantly gets 'orders' to deliver from this company. It is a massive scam. For example a customer (you) will order flowers for $100 inc vase and delivery same day. They send a florist (me) the order (sometimes at 6pm for same day service!) with no receiving name (your friend or relative that you bought the flowers for) just a bogus business address. The value of the order for the florist is about $35 therefore $65 disappears to this scam company and the flowers can't be delivered anyway. I hope no florists fall for this and I hope no more customers loose their money with these fraudsters. Please beware. Buy from a florist or a reputable relay service.

This Company is A SCAM

Order direct from a local florist. This company rips off customers and small businesses. They owe money to florists and to customers. Do not order from these people.

Fake company scamming innocent people!!! Buyers beware!!!

Purchased flowers from this company and the product did not show up and still have not showed up!!! I called the hotline and they told me for 3 days they will be delivered the next day, i kept contacting the number 1300297730 and waiting forever to be told it will be sorted and the flowers will be delivered. The staff are idiots especially the lady who claims she is the manager well obviously you failed at life and this is the only way you can be a manager (LOSER).
This company was previously ready flowers which went into liquidation and is now Z Flowers.
I even questioned the company if they were a scam and asked them about their previous court case when they were ready Flowers i was placed on hold real quick to then be told the flowers will be available the next day (Nothing was delivered).
To all staff at z flowers, I hope you are proud of yourselves scamming innocent people you might be enjoying the easy cash now but humans like you guys will always fall on their face!!!

Flowers did not arrive..have not received a satisfactory outcome

The web site and flowers on line appeared good and easy to use. My order went through on 3rd October 2017 and $95.51 charged to Credit Card. The flowers were intended for a business colleague. A week later I asked if they had been received. No, they had not, as confirmed by my colleague. zflowers admitted to receiving the order, however noted that the order had been delayed due to an unforeseen incident with their order and delivery system. They apologized and advised they would deliver the next working day. The flowers did not arrive at all. To that end, from 6 October, I have been (via email) back to zflowers approximately seven times asking that they refund my credit card. I receive a polite response advising that they have received my request and it is being reviewed by their customer service staff, however to date I have not received a response advising they have refunded my card.
I would therefore be very wary indeed about using this company again. Everything appears above board, however their lack of follow up is very distressing and annoying, plus it has cost me $95.51 for zflowers order and another $70.00 for a flower order with a local company who delivered the flowers on the same day. My advice, stick to the local companies and avoid zflowers.com with a vengeance.

never arrived!!!

thankfully I paid with a credit card so will contact my cc company !!!! so so disappointed!!!! never again!!! why didn't l use a reputable company!!

Funeral flowers did not get delivered, and cannot contact them

I ordered flowers for an aunts funeral on 31st October for delivery on 1st November, the flowers never arrived and to this day I am unable to reach them by phone, all phone numbers give same message - to email, to which they never respond.

The company is a scam!

Never buy from here, either your order never gets processed / you realize what gets delivered is not even worth 10% of your money. The quality is so cheap! Used to be Ready flowers and when ACCC intervened with several complaints they shut shop and reopened as zflowers.

Z Flowers are flower delivery scammers

Scammers. No flowers delivered, lie to you over the phone over and over again. No refund given. Never use them!!

ZFlowers - Do not use

I ordered flowers on 16th October 2017 on their online site for a friend who did not receive them. I spoke to customer service and was told they could not deliver to that area and were trying to find someone to deliver. I requested a refund. After many calls requesting a refund and asking to speak to a manager I still not have had one response and no refund. It is now the 31st October and still no refund or response. I was also hung up on twice when calling the 1300 297 730 number. Do not use this company. I believe this guy Tom is the founder of the business according to website and cannot even get hold of him. He has no email or phone contact.

This company is a scam. DO NOT purchase flowers through them.

I ordered flowers on the 13th of October, which never arrived.

I requested a refund, it's now the 2nd of November and I haven't received a refund. I have contacted the company 10 times.

This company is a scam

Ordered flowers 14 days ago. Guaranteed next day delivery. But got told that were not sure when they could deliver? I cancelled the order and asked for a refund. But no refund has happened as yet 15 days later. This company is a rip off scam and i hope they choke on there make believe flowers!!!

Beware - ReadyFlowers after 700+ bad reviews changed their name to zFlowers

Last year I paid for flowers from zFlowers (then called Ready Flowers) for Mother's Day from this offshore business which was not delivered (+ no refund given)

ReadyFlowers had 700+ terrible reviews on this site alone. It has now named itself zFlowers (presumably to overcome the bad reputation it had) It is a foreign business and is beyond reach of Australian consumer laws, so BEWARE.

I know it is the same business because I received an unsolicited email from zFlowers "reminding me" to repeat my order from last year - and using the prepopulated same message as I used last year with ReadyFlowers... so zFlowers is ReadyFlowers.

My recommendation, use an Australian based service with an office you can physically attend.

What I ordered is not what was delivered

I ordered orchids for my grandmother's birthday, her first since Pop's passing. I received an email saying the local florist does not have enough stock of orchids or freesias but will replace with other flowers.... My $100 bunch of flowers looks like something from a service station .....maybe $20 at the most, very very poor effort. Very disappointed. Will never use zflowers again, nor recommend them.

Next day delivery took 4 days and $27

Ordered next day delivery for flowers and kept receiving phone calls saying they couldn't deliver them until the next day. On a Saturday they said it would be Monday at which point I requested a full refund.

Do NOT use this company!

My order was wrong and the packaging was terrible. I sent about 10 emails and got 0 responses. Even the 3rd party company that delivered the flowers couldn't contact zFlowers. This company doesn't care about its customers, is dishonest, unethical, and probably much more.

Terrible service.... no delivery after 4 days.... rubbish messages....DO NOT USE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTA

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Never arrived despite repeated promises. No refund to date.

I ordered flowers well before mothers day - on the Tuesday to be delivered on the Friday in NZ. Note I have used z flowers before without too much issue. My account was debited straight away. The flowers did not arrive on Friday. I rang on Saturday, and again on Sunday. I was told that there were not delivered due to a 'technical issue' and replacement flowers plus chocolates would be sent on Monday. Again, they did not arrive. I rang again that week. Apologies once again - another 'technical error'. Would I like a refund? Yes, I said. We will send a confirmation email straight away. You guessed it, no email, no refund. Will never use this company again. My 81 year old mother who lives overseas received nothing on mothers day. Disgraceful!

Didn’t follow through with order and was unable to contact them to get a refund. Rip off!!

Sympathy flowers were not delivered which I wasn’t advised. Couldn’t be contacted when I tried to get a refund.
Very bad customer service. Rate: 0.

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Questions & Answers

When is my refund coming? elaine wilk8nson
1 answer
Help other consumers by making a Consumer Complaint direct to the region where these people operate from in Western Australia. Consumer Protection WA (CPWA) are requesting formal complaints from consumers regarding zFlowers and can assist in getting your money back. It appears from history, that zFlowers only make a refund if you make a complaint to CPWA. Online complaints to CPWA can be made from anywhere in the world from here: https://www.commerce.wa.gov.au/consumer-protection/how-lodge-formal-complaint

Do they misuse the credit/debit card details entered to make a payment? Anyone has been scammed that way?
2 answers
No, not been scammed in that way from zflowers. Just flowers not delivered.If you consider a company charging your card and not delivering your order a misuse of your credit card details, then yes! Shut these crooks down.

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