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Beware - ReadyFlowers after 700+ bad reviews changed their name to zFlowers

Last year I paid for flowers from zFlowers (then called Ready Flowers) for Mother's Day from this offshore business which was not delivered (+ no refund given)

ReadyFlowers had 700+ terrible reviews on this site alone. It has now named itself zFlowers (presumably to overcome the bad reputation it had) It is a foreign business and is beyond reach of Australian consumer laws, so BEWARE.

I know it is the same business because I received an unsolicited email from zFlowers "reminding me" to repeat my order from last year - and using the prepopulated same message as I used last year with ReadyFlowers... so zFlowers is ReadyFlowers.

My recommendation, use an Australian based service with an office you can physically attend.

Never ever use zFlowers!

I ordered a bouquet from zFlowers few days ago. First of all, I was lured on their website into 35% discount which was never received. Second - I was given additional charge for delivery ONLY at the stage of payment and it was more than 50% of flowers cost. When even after all of that I proceeded with a purchase, I was still given a lot of crap, like the recipient was supposed to meet and greet a delivery boy at the ferry (they were supposed to be delivered onto the island next to mainland) or something similar.
After insisting over the phone on delivery exactly at the address which was already paid for, the recipient has gotten some funny fake which barely reminded a bunch of flowers, much less in quantity + flowers were of different type.
Claim for refund was simply declined by their customer service (why do they even have it???), stating that they substituted the flowers in original bouquet with those that were available at the local supplier.
The outcome is: after paying $120 I have gotten some bunch of plants worth maybe $20 at most. Never in my life, nowhere in the world did I have such a horrible experience with flower service

Once were good..not so good now...

I have ordered from zflowers before, the order arrived no problem, but a recent order was not delivered the same day as their website promised, and still hasn't been delivered. Also a strange thing happened..i received an email from them telling me that my last order was never completed? I clicked on the link and it took me back to my first order trying to make me pay again? VERY deceptive site, their CHAT function does not work, and you can't contact them. Won't be ordering again, they blew it.


DO NOT USE . DO NOT USE. DO NOT USE. This appears to be a new name for an old scam. Be careful. Do your research as I was failed miserably. This used to be READY FLOWERS. they do nothing they invoice you for, and it is time consuming cancelling your credit card and getting it reissued. However, that is the only way to stop payment to this FRAUDULENT COMPANY. All they do is take your money and humiliate you when you check with your elderly relative if they loved the special gift you organized. Local NZ florists refuse to work with them.

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Cool. I am so glad I was able to prevent someone from being defrauded by this company

Scam! Flowers didn't arrive. Still waiting for refund.

The flowers I ordered in 2012 have still not arrived. Neither has the promised refund. No one answers their phone numbers. This used to be ReadyFlowers until it went into liquidation. They continue to spam me with 'offers' despite repeated requests to remove me from their email list.


Never use zflowers

I had a shocking experience with Zflowers. I order some flowers for a team member who was leaving the following day. The flowers never arrived the next day so my poor team member didn't get her farewell gift. When I rang customer service they said they could deliver the following day which I said no point we had the farewell already and team member gone. I am still waiting for my refund.

Don't trust these morons for a second!

Ordered flowers for my mother who is unwell and about to go to hospital. Was told 'next day delivery' but 5 days later I received an email saying that they can no longer fulfill my request and will refund my money... but this will take 14 DAYS!!! I have since found out that zFlowers previously traded as ReadyFlowers, and they are being investigated by the ACCC for ripping off local florists (their subcontractors) to the tune of 188k! Avoid this company!


what a joke !!! ordered flowers for a funeral to be delivered at a specific date.paid for and you guest it...didn't get delivered, rung them and they said had a delivery problem.no email no text no phone call no nothing,still waiting for refund but i suppose i can kiss that goodbye got to be one of the worst flower shops around. DO NOT USE

Even worse than terrible. Do not use it!

The most unreliable company.
Ordered flowers for my mother's birthday and they never arrived! Service was terrible and I am still waiting on them to pay the money back!!!
We were super upset and they told us last minute that they wouldn't fulfill the delivery in time.


Fraudsters!!!! Do not buy via this website, New Ready flowers replacement FRAUD

Again I fell for this company, covering themselves as Z Flowers online. ordered, and they delivered once, and second order, NON delivery, and an automated response from customer care.

Do Not Use

Paid additional fee to have same day delivery one week later still not arrived. Disgusting and wish I had read previous reviews ....lesson learnt do research first.

Beware!!!! Dont use!!!!

My story.... ordered flowers Thurs 12th 2 hours before cut off for same day delivery. I sensed they hadn't been delivered as spoke to my Aunty and she didn't comment. Sent an email to ask if delivered, no answer, no answer, but during this time received promotional and 'how did it go?' emails from 2 different ladies who I replied to with questions. Then 4 days later they emailed to say delivered.(which was a lie!!!) Finally they were delivered on Wed 18th (6 days late). (resulted an arrangement worth no more than $60...they had 35%off sale and yet I still paid $102.00..with small delivery charge.) So I rang their 1300 number....was on hold for 40 mins. the recording seemed dodgy too....saying place in que and hold time varied up and down..?? then finally spoke to foreign guy....he put me on hold again after Id given him order no. then when I told him the story, he was vv wishy washy and then hung up on me.... ???!!! Do you think I have time to wait another 40 mins... N O

ZFlowers - don't go Near Them

This is a total scam that I got sucked into. Non delivery of flowers and no way to contact them. Emails returned as non-deliverable, left on hold when I tried to phone them. I have reported them to Scamwatch at the ACCC.


After ordering these to make my partner feel special on her birthday nothing arrived. I am absolutely disgusted these vile people are taking our money and not keeping to their word about the service. Impossible to get a hold of too. Absolute scam

zFLOWERS [formerly Ready Flowers] - Dishonest. BEWARE

Ordered some flowers 12 days in advance, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to cancel an hour after I ordered them. Told I would get a FULL refund [SIX TIMES] via phone and emails. That was a month ago. I am sorry I didn't check Product Review first… Seems I'm not alone in saying stay well clear of this company. They don't do the right thing by their customers.

Basically stole my money

Never delivered the flowers to my wife I had purchased with money I was saving for something I needed to cheer my wife up, and will not reply to my emails or Facebook messages.
Today is the 20/10/2017 and tomorrow I will be calling the ACCC and a ombudsman and seeing what can be done. I WILL TAKE THIS AS FAR AS I CAN GO. Just for the fact that I’m not the only person they have done this too and they are scamming peopl.

Shocking. Scam

Purchased flowers for my mother as my father in law passed away. Never delivered. I have sent numerous emails. But have managed to talk to customer service. Lol what a joke they are. Was told Simone in the house must have taken the flowers. Umm. Don’t think so. I asked for a refund only to be told. I would have to pay 50%. I will be taking this further

No flowers delivered, no response to queries

My flowers were meant to be delivered last Friday and one week later there's been no delivery - or a revised delivery time. I've chased with 3 emails and a FB message - no resolution to date. And whilst I get plenty of marketing emails, I don't get responses to my emails from their customer service reps.

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Update - 12 days since my order, there has been no delivery and the customer reps either don't reply or give me the run around with non-answers. Reporting zFlowers to the ACCC. THIS COMPANY IS A SHAM.

Don't ever work for, purchase from this company

Zflowers, Ready flowers, onsavii, Global Valley, all rotten immoral theives. This company doesn't want to do the right thing!!!!!!!!!!!! EVER

No Flowers or Refund from Z-Flowers

I ordered flowers for my friends birthday 30th September through Z-Flowers nothing arrived . Followed up Z-Flowers twice and got a response 3rd October to say none of their partners were able to deliver them in the area and how would I like to proceed. With the birthday missed, I asked for a refund and was told it would take 10-14business days, although my card was charged October 2nd by Ready Flowers HK Manning WA. It has been over 14 business days and I have had no refund. Have chased them twice again and have been told there is a processing back log......
Do not use this company. Their NZ number is a recorded message which goes nowhere. I don't think they have any intention of refunding anything.

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Questions & Answers

When is my refund coming? elaine wilk8nson
1 answer
Help other consumers by making a Consumer Complaint direct to the region where these people operate from in Western Australia. Consumer Protection WA (CPWA) are requesting formal complaints from consumers regarding zFlowers and can assist in getting your money back. It appears from history, that zFlowers only make a refund if you make a complaint to CPWA. Online complaints to CPWA can be made from anywhere in the world from here: https://www.commerce.wa.gov.au/consumer-protection/how-lodge-formal-complaint

Do they misuse the credit/debit card details entered to make a payment? Anyone has been scammed that way?
2 answers
No, not been scammed in that way from zflowers. Just flowers not delivered.If you consider a company charging your card and not delivering your order a misuse of your credit card details, then yes! Shut these crooks down.

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