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Never will I use this company again

I am extremely furious as I ordered flowers a week ago for my daughters birthday today.
Today I get an email saying they can’t deliver because they no longer use the florist as it got a bad review.
Why only inform me half way through her birthday????
Never will I give this company business.

Return Claim MadeNo

Appaling. No delivery no help from customer service.

Beginning to think this company is a scam. I have ordered before which was successful. This time I’m getting no luck. No delivery and no answer as to why. Messenger chat is just robot answers. Phone just goes to answer phone. Avoid this company. I too have wasted a lot of money here. Very unhappy.

Return Claim MadeNo
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The company has no finally given a refund. Has taken a lot of effort. I would suggest pursuing if you, like me did not get your delivery.

Valentine's flower, never sent

Wish i saw this review earlier. The flowers for Valentines's day were never sent. called up the next day and they only told me to wait for their response in a few days. end up calling me a week after saying they could help resend or do me a full refund. I know nothing much they can do to but they definitely ruined my Valentine's day. Any of you considering this company i would definitely avoid.

Do NOT use this Company!

Previously operated under Ready Flowers which were liquidated in 2017. Paid NZ$69.96 for a $30 bunch of flowers which were delivered a day late for a Birthday :( :( Scam Company beware.

Product Quality

STOP don't do it!

Turn around and look somewhere else for your flowers, this company (if it even is one) is an absolute joke. They failed to deliver on the day I requested and still has not been delivered.
I wish I had seen these reviews before hand and I never would have wasted my money.

Product Quality

Never delivered, fake company

My order never arrived, when I tried to follow up the company was outsourced to the Phillipines and they though it was hilarious my order went missing. Do not order anything you're throwing your money down the drown.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Very Unhappy

I ordered flowers on website as they stated they deliver to Newman, $203.60 was debitted to my card on the 4/1 and then I received an email stating that they were unable to deliver to Newman. I requested a refund to my account and then followed up with another email on the 5/1 to find out when I would be receiving my refund. Followed up again on the 15/1 and still no refund. VERY UNHAPPY. Have also tried calling and just receive constant engaged signal.

Disgusting - DO NOT USE

Totally appalled - spent $125 on flowers for my mum for her birthday overseas - email response said flowers would be delivered on 3 January due to public holiday - flowers have not been delivered, money taken and no responses to website query - emails and phone constantly engaged - I wish I’d read the reviews before proceeding with these thieves - I will be lodging a complaint with https://www.commerce.wa.gov.au/consumer-protection/how-lodge-formal-complaint in an attempt to at least get my money back.

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After over 3 months, I am still fighting to get my money back - My credit Card institution have investigated and advised that they received evidence from zflowers that the transaction was authentic so now its back to the WA government who wouldn't proceed with their investigation because the credit card institution were investigating.... I cant believe that thieves like this can get away with taking peoples hard earned money and not provide the product or service that they are paid for in Australia! At this stage I will keep fighting but please do not use this company

Never again!

Ordered flowers for my mother who i never see due to living in different countries...late delivery, not even flowers from the picture just looked cheap! I ordered a balloon to go with it and she did not receive it, OVERPRICED! i would like a refund and you should refund anyone who has brought flowers in the past. this business should be shut down. only good reviews are the fake ones on the website.

Not delivered

Ordered flowers for my mothers birthday and never arrived they said they didn’t deliver on weekends and said would deliver next day still didn’t arrive. Have since asked for a refund and have not received it and have stopped answering emails. Very disappointed as I live on the other side of the world and don’t get to see my mother often.

Woeful service.

I ordered a large bunch of flowers to be delivered to my mum for her birthday, I ordered 3 days before the delivery date. When I called my mum on her birthday (the day after the flowers were to be delivered) she still had not received them. Then the next day I got an email from z flowers saying whoops we have had a technical error, still no delivery, then some days later I got an email saying a refund is coming, and after 1-2 weeks and repeated emails, still no refund and no answer

Not worth buying from this company

I bought flowers from here for my mother's birthday. I had to chase this up as I thought it would be delivered in the morning and was finally delivered at 4 pm. It had very little flowers compared to what I ordered which was very disappointing.

Poor service and disappointed with the flowers.

Dishonest company, don’t buy from them!

My husband paid over $100 for the flowers that looked big and luscious on the website but the flowers I received looked cheaper than than the $20 bunch from Woolies. The flowers were delivered a day late even though they guaranteed same day delivery before 11 am. There were only 4 very small roses in a $100 bunch of flowers and they drooped the very next day. Please save your money and disappointment and not buy from this zflowers!

Woeful ‘service’

Ordered flowers for delivery as an anniversary gift. By late afternoon no delivery, phone number rings out and no response to email. Tracking system not working. Never use them.


i placed a $100 order free delivery. After flowers were delivered, I called the florist they came from (not ZF) because they were not what I had ordered. Lucky enough that florist included business information. Found out ZF ordered a $30 dollar bouquet $10 delivery fee. ZF pocketing $60 and my gift was not a $100 bouquet. I was a lovey little bunch but not as big as i wanted and not the flower type i ordered. At least now i can call the local florist directly and get what i pay for


Ordered for same day delivery..arrived 3 days late
The flowers were not fresh the petals were bruised and did not come in the hemp covered vase shown in the picture.
Baby boy balloon was replaced with a blue birthday boy balloon
Attempts to call customer service number failed as it was constantly engaged or rang out.Email not responded to.
Disgraceful appalling .I would not recommend you to anyone.You should be ashamed of yourselves

Terrible - Terrible - if I could leave no starts I would.. Do not order from them.

Ordered same day delivery within the websites specified timeframe and the delivery was still not made on the second day.. zFlowers staff told me they don't know where the delivery is because they can't call the courier. Everyone don't waste your money with this company - false advertising.

Absolutely Apalling

I ordered a bouquet through zflowers to be delivered to my friend and her mum for the loss of her dad. I saw a lovely bouquet and ordered it. They cost $198 delivered locally on the Gold Coast. They were delivered later than specified and certainly not worth the price I paid. They were a lot smaller than what I was led to believe I was ordering. Never will I go through these guys again...absolutely apalling

Terrible Service!!!!

Ordered flowers to arrive today for my friends birthday they were booked a week in advance. I started stressing at 4:30pm when they hadn't arrive yet so i called them to find out they didn't have the flowers in stock and instead of calling to see if I wanted to arrange a different bouquet they just didn't say anything till I called. I had better get my full refund!!!

Dont get embarrassed by Z flowers

Flowers I ordered with Z were substituted and provided in our view a very poor token effort at what should have been a special birthday occasion. Presented at the work place they were simply embarrassing never ever again. Shame Z Flowers.

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Questions & Answers

When is my refund coming? elaine wilk8nson
1 answer
Help other consumers by making a Consumer Complaint direct to the region where these people operate from in Western Australia. Consumer Protection WA (CPWA) are requesting formal complaints from consumers regarding zFlowers and can assist in getting your money back. It appears from history, that zFlowers only make a refund if you make a complaint to CPWA. Online complaints to CPWA can be made from anywhere in the world from here: https://www.commerce.wa.gov.au/consumer-protection/how-lodge-formal-complaint

Do they misuse the credit/debit card details entered to make a payment? Anyone has been scammed that way?
2 answers
No, not been scammed in that way from zflowers. Just flowers not delivered.If you consider a company charging your card and not delivering your order a misuse of your credit card details, then yes! Shut these crooks down.

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