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Poor quality materials, worse customer service

The soles of the shoes I purchased wore away within four months of wear, they are now slippery, have large holes, and are unwearable. Very poor quality for $260 shoes that are marketed as 'stable, supportive, orthotic friendly, highest quality materials, for your busy lives' to paraphrase. Online and in store customer support offered no assistance, I won't shop there again and will trash talk them to every one I know.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Product Appearance Not as advertised

Soo comfortable

I have purchased a pair of flat shoes , which I normally dont wear as they hurt my back. However , these are wonderful and soft and I can walk without heels and they feel like walking on soft ground.

Poor quality soles

My favourite shoes are irreparable. I was advised that the perishing soles can't be fixed. Why manufacture fabulous shoes with this problem. I have 2 other pairs plus 2 pairs of boots and wonder if they will suffer the same fate. I'm retired so seldom have the occasion to wear these expensive shoes these days, but don't expect this outcome.

Fabric uppers scuff badly

I bought a pair of Ziera lace up shoes two months ago and they are very comfortable but the fabric mesh uppers snare easily. The very thin shell under the mesh is not strong enough to withstand knocks and within a week dents appeared on the toe caps and could not be pushed out. These shoes look shabby after ordinary wear and tear. Years ago when Ziera was known as Kumpfs, the shoes were a far higher quality but sadly corners have been cut in the manufacturing process and in the materials used and the end result is poor.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Sizing True to size
Product Appearance As advertised
Store LocationSunshine Coast Qld

Extremely Poor Instore and afer sales Service

The shoes I purchased were great except for the hook and loop ankle strap which was a little short (only just met). After being advised that I could purchase a strap extension I went ahead with the sale. While they didn’t have the colour in store, and didn’t offer any for me to try, instead of travelling 80km round trip to pick up from the store I advised them that I would order online which they agreed I could do and even gave me the product number to make it easier. After finalising the sale, I left the store feeling happy with my purchase.
On arriving home later in the afternoon and logging online I found that they don't actually sell the straps online (which during one of my complaint calls was informed that the staff would have known that). With this I phoned the store the following day I and advised and went ahead and placed an order over the phone and paid for them to be couriered.
After waiting 3 days without receiving the order or any contact from the store I phoned to enquire and confirmed my disappointment and requested for someone to investigate and call me back.
On waiting overnight and still no contact I made contact again for an update and it was confirmed that the straps were sent by courier and they didn’t understand why I hadn’t received. Yet again promises were made and request for the Area Manager to call me were promised and not delivered. It was during this call that it was confirmed that the goods actually were not sent by courier as promised and paid for but sent via standard postage with Australia Post.
Arriving home on day 4 after 10 hours at work I found no package and after not receiving the calls promised I contacted the store again and express my total anger on the whole situation and requested the promised call from the Area Manager within half an hour.
Finally, a call was received and excuses made and still here I am without my straps and no idea when they will be delivered. During this call it was also identified that the straps ordered may not work with the shoes. Something that yet again the staff would have known. Why aren’t I surprised. While I was promised a full refund (if required) something that is available by law anyway I still have a $239 pair of shoes purchased for special events this week which I haven’t been able to wear and have needed to organise and purchase new items as a replacement.
Ziara hang your head in shame and learn what customer service is all about. The service that I previously received under Kumfs was far superior than what is provided today but obviously you now longer care.

Will decide if I will keep or return the shoes when and if the straps arrive.


Comfortable but not lasting

After having my zieras for less then 4 months the soles began to bubble and come away from the shoe, after getting a replacement pair 5 months down the track the glue on the leather has come apart ... for the price and paid for them I’d expect better quality.. would not recommend them for someone looking for a long lasting shoe. Comfort wise they are excellent.

Chemical smell

I have been buying Ziera (& previous Kumfs) for many years. My wardrobe is full of these shoes. Yesterday I bought a new pair of flat, took them out of the box and put them in my shoe shelf. This morning I took them out to wear for the first time, and the SMELL hit me. Totally chemical smell. Typical of China. I have never had this smell before. It's actually not good for you. I'm very disappointed. I am returning them this morning, and if this continues will not be buying again. My previous shoes have not smelt like this. I see production was moved to China in 2009. Either I have been lucky enough to not purchase a pair that have been infused with heaven knows what, or China is now sneakily changing things.

Ziera boots

Purchased boots Online. Very efficient in purchasing and having boots delivered. Another pair added to my collection. They are so comfortable.

Disintegrating soles

I have hardly worn my Kumfs and have had them for a few years. I have just had a hip replacement and they were the perfect shoe I could put on without bending down. After a couple of steps both soles totally disintegrated. Very lucky I didn’t trip. Surprised and disappointed.
Liz Ellis

Poor Ziera soles

My Ziera shoes just continue to have disintegrating soles. The great leather uppers are wonderful but in less than 2 years the soles fall apart. I need comfortable shoes but Ziera don’t last. It’s such a shame they don’t improve their product because they will continue to lose customers. Does anyone know really GOOD shoe repairer on NSW Centrsl Coast who could repair my Ziera soles?

Rocker soles are a mixed blessing

My Ziera shoes seemed very comfy in the store and wearing around my tiny apartment. When I ventured outside I found the soles weirdly uncomfortable for walking. The soles are cushiony but stiff and forced me to walk with an unnatural plop & roll off, plop & roll off. Once I wore them outside they could not be returned to my local independent retailer. When I contacted Ziera I was informed that the shoes have rocker soles which apparently are all the rage right now. A little online research turned up multiple scientific studies on these soles. Rocker soles are wonderful for certain foot issues but hard on knees and hips. Since I have had double knee replacement surgery my top concern is to protect my investment in my new knees. Even if they did not put my knees at risk I would find the noise of walking with a big loud plop on each step insanely irritating. I am reluctantly writing off my loss. The rocker soles on my Ziera shoes are made of the new Polyurethane (PU) sole material. Be sure to read up on this material as it fails spectacularly unless you wear your shoes regularly. Storing them out of season (summer sandals, winter boots or fashion shoes to wear with a single outfit) causes the material to deteriorate. There are lots of tales of people finding themselves out and about hobbling along on their disintegrating PU soles trailing chunks of sole.

Problem with metallic shoes

I have had a similar problem to a few people with some metallic shoes I bought from Ziera. The foil is so thin that they scratch easily. Ziera replaced the first pair but have not offered to replace the second pair. Their response was to take care of them, use gentle polish (they scratched before I even needed to polish them) and waterproof them first! Why didn’t they do that if they know that they will scratch through the foil finish. I wanted to buy another pair that look and feel great, but I will steer away from any Ziera shows in future too.

I only wear Ziering shoes

Since I found ziera shoes,I couldn’t wear anything else.best shoes ever!I had channel shoes,fregammo shoes and other brands too,ziera shoes eazliy killing those big brand .Very good shoes if you buy the sale time and comfortable ,last long time .

Bought 2 pairs of sandals, both faulty & ziera will not replace or money back :(

The 2 pairs of sandals were not cheap. Have only got 5 mths use from them. Cannot wear any longer as both left sandals have a long metal shaft showing through the sole.
Ziera will not admit to this as there fault and are not willing replace or give money back and they will not tell me what this shaft sitting low in the sole is.
Very sad to have experienced this.
Do not buy their shoes.
They are faulty and ziera do not give a damn about the customer :(

Ziera Shoes are THE BEST

I have been wearing Ziera Shoes for ages and they just keep getting more comfortable! I love the arch support and the cushioned innersoles. Not to mention so many great styles to choose from.

Disgusting Customer Service

I went to the Doncaster Store to buy boots and the sales person was very rude and unhelpful. I was looking around the shop and there were 2 Sales assistants and 1 was serving a lady and the other one was just standing there and could not even be bothered coming over. I will never go back to this store and the people you employ are horrible.

Faulty shoes

Metal appearing on left shoe sole.
Underneath is showing some sort of metal.
ZIERA won't give explanation as to what this is.
Not cheap shoes and obviously a fault with their manufacturer.

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Exactly the same thing has happened with my shoes.

Same old problem with soles

My soles also fell apart, I took them to [name removed] and he replaced soles with a wedge sole, so comfortable, non slip, better than original sole. Cost $ 77.00 but well worth it as the cost of another pair was more than double the price. I cannot believe that this problem is still occurring as I had that problem over 6 years ago, so Ziera nothing has changed with your rubbish soles. Shame on you.

Sole trouble

I have experienced exactly the same issue with the complete disintegration of soles and the black marks that they have made on the carpet that cannot be removed. As these shoes only come with a one year guarantee obviously no one is prepared to take responsibility for this rubbish product. The upper leather is completely intact and still new but the soles are completely in pieces. I find this a disgrace and I will never buy nor recommend these shoe.

Impossible to buy online

Chose a few pairs of shoes in my size and each time the webpage took me to the very beginning so I had to start all over again. When I finally got to the checkout and tried to use paypal (which was an option) went through the whole spiel and nothing went through. Went through this process at least ten times thinking I was doing something wrong. Contacted customer service and was told the issue was with paypal and I should contact them. I did that and was assured there was NO problem with paypal so I contacted Ziera Customer Service again and was told that their "team" would get onto the problem IMMEDIATELY. That was over three weeks ago! I have made several attempts to try the Ziera website to purchase several pairs of shoes again but the issue is still not fixed. Looks like Ziera does not want the business so I surely won't be EVER buying from them and I certainly will not recommend them to anyone else either. Worst Customer Service for online purchases ever.

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Questions & Answers

I just bought Ziera shoes online and the squeak really badly! I love them but are so noisy. Whats the solution here?
2 answers
very irritating! If you can return them to your retailer that would be your best option otherwise your choices are to live with it or sell them (if you can find a buyer) or donate them to a charity shop (which I where mine went) I think rocker soles may be useful for people whose jobs involve a lot of standing but they are not friendly for walking and are hard on joints.Hi I am not sure about that as I haven’t experienced steaks. I only had issues with the soles after a couple of years. Maybe contact Ziera. Hope that helps

If insert is lost or worn, can u buy new inserts/inersoles? Thx
2 answers
Cannot answer for you. Maybe ask the shop where you purchased. Cheers :)Yes you can. Contact your nearest Ziera stockist.

Has anyone else found the Ziera Orna Rose Gold shoes a bit disappointing? The silver foil on my shoes has scratched and ripped very quickly in an obvious place. I’ve hardly worn them but they are unwearable. I have put protector on the before each wear. I’ve had other Ziera shoes with metallic surfaces but never had a problem before.
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