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poor service from zodiac, lead times and warranty work not good

Good morning I would like someone to call us in regards to our zodiac pool cleaner I have attached a photo of the back of the control module with model number etc. The cleaner is not running as it should be, we placed it into the pool and turned it on it runs for about five minutes sometimes less and then turns itself off with the small red light on the left hand side of the control panel flashing.
This is not the first time we have had to send our robot back to you guys we sent it back for this very problem as well as a separate issue of a track not staying on. When it was returned the first time. we found almost immediately that the track issue had not been fixed we then sent it back to the Ingham rd pool shop in Townsville for this issue to be fixed both times under warranty. We picked it up about 2 weeks ago and have cleaned our pool twice with it and now the original problem of it shutting itself of has restarted. In total we have only actually had our robot for about 3 weeks in the last four months. The turnaround for getting it fixed is slow and the level of service has been low, which if it actually was fixed I we would put up with however as that’s not the case I would like someone from your company to call us with a solution to this problem.
The product came with a 2 year warranty and we are getting close to the warranty date however this has been an issue ongoing since December 2018 well and truly still within the warranty date. This is becoming a time consuming exercise, we purchased this product in good faith that it was a reputable brand and I understand that sometimes with any product line there may be faults however our experience with Zodiac has been less than satisfactory. I look forward to being contacted ASAP by a representative offering a solution in a suitable timeframe and with results lasting more than 2 weeks.

Purchased in April 2017.

Build Quality
Value for Money
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Noise Level
Pool Size Average
Hi Nathan, sorry for these issues and delays. Can you please send us your contact details either via DM on Product Review or Inbox on our Facebook page, Thanks.Hi Nathan. The Warranty Agent notified us that they had contacted you to pick up your Repaired cleaner, Hopefully this is now up and running for you. Thanks.

Bad experience with zodiac aftersales

My cx20 has only done 300 hours and has died. I called zodiac and they suggested my two local pool shops (neither of whom sell zodiac pool cleaners or know anything about them) are my local representatives! $110 for the privilege of having them courier the robotic cleaner, 20mins down the road, then I’m told the product needs $700 worth of a new motor! ($1100 to buy new!) I called zodiac who basically said ‘yeah, bummer dude!’ You’ll have to speak to the pool company who sent it to us. The zodia person wasn’t ‘allowed’ to talk price and couldn’t let me talk to anyone who could! Apparently money is something I need to talk to the representative about... so I did... apparently that’s what zodiac charges... talk about the being given the run around!!

Purchased in December 2016 for $1,099.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Pool Size Large
Small Debris Cleaning
Large Debris Cleaning
Wall and Step Cleaning

Keeps breaking down

I have the zodiac CX20 - bought in September 2016
Broke down and needed to be repaired in Jan 2018.
Now needs to be repaired again as has the same fault.

The fault is that I start the pool cleaner and it will start for a couple of seconds then stop with the error light flashing.

Seems to only last just over 12 months and needs repair - I have emailed apac.technicalsupport for assistance again.

Called Zodiac - they repaired it for me.. Service was quite good. Anyone with issues i recommend call the 1300 number ...

Purchased in September 2016.

Tracks come off on edges of pool steps, does not clean into rounded corners.

Tracks come off on sharp step edged. Does not clean rounded corners. It also has trouble covering a thorough clean pattern. Why do I need 30 words to describe twenty one ?

Purchased in December 2017.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Small Debris Cleaning
Large Debris Cleaning
Wall and Step Cleaning

Just out of warranty and it is now broken :(

Purchased the CX20 Oct 2016 and it worked perfectly well. Very pleased with it but not until yesterday we tried to use it and it goes for a bit then suddenly stop, then it seems it is trying to move until after a few minutes it goes again for a few seconds then stops again. I hope zodiac can help us out with this as it is just outside the warranty period and we can't afford another 1k at the moment.

Purchased in October 2016.

Just out of warranty and its broken! :(

Had this unit for 3 years, the first two seasons it worked well and now when it's turned on it runs for 10 seconds and stops!! Of course it is now out of warranty!! Considering it was nearly $1k you would think it would last a lot longer than it has.. Very disappointed, I hope Zodiac can help!

Date PurchasedDec 2015

Top Notch Customer support from Zodiac

We have had our CX20 for nearly three years now. First two years fantastic, best cleaner we have had. We had an issue with flashing control box 1 month prior to 2 yr warranty end. Returned the unit to Zodiac and they repaired and returned within a week. Just one year later (last week) we had a second issue with the flashing controller box. The unit was just 12 months since its last repair. Rang Zodiac support (all be it the wait was long) the team organised a repair agent to visit our house. He came, repaired the unit and now back to working like a charm. Cant speak highly enough of the level of service and the no issues approach to just in or just out of warranty these guys take.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016
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Thank you so much for your 5 star review! Happy Swimming.

Not working and getting runaround

Purchased and registered a Zodiac CX20 in April 2016. Going well but then it stopped working and had to get it fixed under warranty in Nov 2017. All good until now - now it won't work at all. Switch on and it goes for maybe 10 secs then stops and error light flashes. Called Zodiac and was told it sounds like a communication error and told to take it to Rockingham Pool and Spa for assessment and the pool shop will send it to Zodiac if necessary. I called the pool shop and they said they are not allowed to even look at the CX20 as it's an on-line model and Zodiac told them they cannot repair this model and I will have to send it direct to Zodiac myself! I feel like I am getting the runaround!! I know the warranty is 2 years but does this re-set after the previous repair done under warranty?
I would appreciate some help/advice.

Purchased in April 2016.

Hi Christine, Sorry to hear about these issues. Looks like we have given you some wrong information and for that we are sorry. Can you please call us on 1300 763 021 or send us on a message on Facebook (inbox) and we will get back in touch. Thanks.Happy update! Zodiac have repaired/replaced the unit at no charge and now I have a working pool cleaner again. Very happy with Zodiac's customer service! Thank you :)

Great Cleaner

I’ve only been using this cleaner for a few weeks but very impressed to date. I purchased the optional 100 micron filter basket as our pool is more prone to fine dust rather than larger twigs and leaf litter. Does a great job and very easy to empty and clean.

Date PurchasedDec 2018
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Hi Mick, Thank you for your 5 star review. Happy Swimming!

Very disappointing

Worked well but only just out of warranty and stopped working ( as live in Tasmania it prob has only been used 6-9months in total). Contacted company by phone found the team member quite dismissive and rude. Took to local pool shop as advised and has been told by zodiac it is discontinued and no parts available to fix motor. Very disappointed

Date PurchasedFeb 2016
Hi Vic. The CX20 NOT discontinued and parts are still available for repairs on the Unit. The Unit has a 2 year warranty so going by your review, the Warranty would have expired in Feb 2018. Are you able to provide your email address and we will contact you regarding this. We can look into it further for you. Thanks.Waiting for reply

Worthy of review... which I never do

Tried countless suction cleaners including MX-8.
None worked. We have BAD leaf litter, palms frangapanis and others. This cleaner is set and forget, no getting stuck, no stopping, just check after it’s use and empty. Our leaf problem is hard on cleaners, this one seems to handle it still 2 years on. It did go in for a warranty repair (debris in motor) and they fixed and it has worked well ever since.
I don’t write reviews, but pity the person going through what I used to.. I’m not sure how it would be with gum leaves etc as ours is mostly golden cane palms and seeds so long stringy waste.
The cleaner won’t pick up really big long ones, but that ok with me, I just scoop them up.
My only gripe is sometimes the basket falls off, probably operator error, but feel a better latch could be in place.
Well done zodiac, my quality of life has improved :)

Date PurchasedFeb 2016
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Hi Rob. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave this 5 star review. Happy Swimming!

Useless for fine dirt

Cheap, easy to clean filter ok job on larger debris completely useless for fine dirt blows straight back into pool through filter mesh. Bought the extra fine filter for fine dust exactly the same. Was told by seller I should have bought a different cleaner. Now stuck with a pool that's either cloudy from stirred up dust or bottom covered in fine silt. Never had a single issue with our old Admiral cleaner wish I had bought another Admiral.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

works well but only a 2 year lifespan

Worked really well for 2 years and 4 months. Never got stuck in my kidney shaped vinyl pool with a couple of large shallow shelf areas. I did buy replacement tracks about 4 months ago and the fine filter basket. Now continuous check my brushes error... Removed them all and cleaned and worked for 30 minutes before the same error. I am guessing the motor has gone. Tried a friend's and it's not the control box which is working fine. The cord does get tangled on itself sometimes. I bought a hose reel to help store the cable which helped prevent some tangles. The lid and seal take a battering in the weather and salt pool water but still fitted fine.
Not sure what I will do now... Replacement motors are available 350 bucks... But not found a tear down video and could be some of the gearing that is worn. Looking at the other cleaners they all seem to struggle with faults and cost twice as much. Can't see the point of paying 2k for a three year warranted cleaner when you can buy two cx20s and get 4 years! Does feel like the pool cleaners short change you. Might just buy another cx20 and use the old one for parts.

Date PurchasedAug 2016
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Hi, Thank you for your review. Sorry you have had these issues. If we can offer any help, please contact our Call Centre on 1300 763 021, Thanks.

Broke Down

Purchased in May 2016 (winter in Melbourne so did not really use for 4-5 months). The unit has dad minimal use and started playing up when used again in October 2018. Began to only clean 3/4 of the pool and now the motor has died. Cost around $1,000 to purchase and have been advised the repair will cost (with shipping) over $700. Very disappointed with the machine and service from Zodiac.

Date PurchasedMay 2016
Hi Peter, Sorry that you had these experience regarding your Pool Cleaner. May I ask if you spoke with us directly? Thanks.Yes. I was advised to take it to the local pool shop which looks after Zodiac. And was advised by both Zodiac Rep and Pool Shop that there was nothing that could be done as it was out of Warranty

It's ok but for $1000 you expect more

I've used the unit only a dozen times so far and not completely happy with it. As others have noted on this forum it does not pick up fine dust. I got round that problem by floccing and vacuuming to waste. Maybe this is a limitation of all cleaners??

When it cleans it doesn't do all the areas. It does do a good job of climbing up the walls but when going in a straight line it does veer off to the right.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Worked for 2.5 years then needs a new motor $650 repair

Zodiac CX20 robotic pool cleaner worked well since purchasing it in Nov 2016 but it has now stopped. Warranty only 2 years so bad luck I guess. I paid $1050 for it. When you spend over $1000 for a pool cleaner it should last more than 2.5 years. The repair cost $650 new motor block, estimate means it is not viable. If I bought a Dyson vacuum cleaner and it broke after 2.5years and paid $1000 I would be as equally disappointed. I have had my Dyson for over 10 years.

Date PurchasedNov 2016
Hi Steve, May we ask that you contact us directly regarding this? If you could send a DM on our Facebook page or through Product Review? Thanks.Thanks for the reply. I'll DM you.Zodiac have contacted me and we are trying to work through the issue at this stage.

Great after sales support!!

Bought a CX20 just under 2 years ago. Works perfectly. According to installation instructions the external controller box needs to be protected from the weather. We thought ours was protected from the weather, but some very heavy rainfall, and a blocked water drain, caused our controller box to be flooded with water and to stop working. Took the controller (water still leaking out of it) to Redlands Poolman in Alexandra Hills Qld. They sent it to Zodiac who repaired it for free, without question (even though the damage was my fault). Total cost to me was $20 for transporting the controller to and from Redlands Poolman.

Super impressed with both Zodiac and their agent network!!! Big thumbs up to Zodiac and to Redlands Poolman!!!

Date PurchasedDec 2016
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Hi, Thank you for your 5 star review. Happy Swimming!

A few months out of warranty unit has failed

The Zodiac CX20 robotic pool cleaner has worked extremely well since purchasing it in 2016 but it has now failed some 6 months beyond warranty period and the supplier has refused any claim or even any assistance towards a replacement. The cleaner runs in forward direction but not in reverse. When you spend over $1000 for a pool cleaner I expected it to last for many years. The repair cost estimate means it is not viable and suggest I purchase a new one. This being the case I feel I need to seriously consider other makes.

Date PurchasedApr 2016
Hi Roland. May I ask if you have contacted Zodiac directly or your place of purchase. Thanks.Hi I have contacted both the supplier and Zodiac directly and obtained the same response. Thanks Roland SmithHi, I was wondering if Zodiac are considering offering any assistance towards repair or replacement of this pool cleaner. I need to source a cleaner quite urgently as the pool is full of leaves due to recent storms. A response in the near future would be appreciated. Thanks

Still within the 2 year 'honeymoon period' but it has been a good purchase

The Zodiac was far better priced than the Dolphin range but I was still reluctant to part with $1,000+ on a pool cleaner. Almost 1 year on and it has proven to be a good investment but I may still be in the honeymoon period before things suddenly deteriorate.

- Competitive price
- Pool coverage is about 90% most times and climbs walls well
- It collects everything. I had no problem with dust or finer dirt left in pool
- Easy to use

- The robot memory seems to leave some central areas uncleaned (manual intervention)
- The accessory filter baskets are a little bit pricey
- The filter basket only lasted about 6 months before the spring loosened leaking leaves back into pool

Overall I would certainly recommend buying this robot. It's an impressive piece of kit.

Date PurchasedDec 2017
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Thank you for your review. Really appreciate you taking the time to leave this feedback, Happy Swimming!

Was awesome now really disappointed

Loved this cleaner for almost the first two years then like clockwork it started having issues.

Every other time I use it loses a tire track in the pool somewhere and then goes around in circles..causing the power cord to be now frustratingly tangled with a tangled memory formed in the cable.

....thought I’d solved by not using the climbing function but now every time I use regardless of the setting it looses a tire track somewhere in the pool.

This past few months it has virtually given up the ghost completely..... “IF” it starts it only works for half or less than full cycle then the error light flashes and it stops. If I turn off at the power, remove it from the pool overnight it MAY work again the following day but not every time, if I don’t do all of these things then it simply doesn’t work and just the error light flashes.

I would have given this a 5 star rating and I have even recommended to friends but now wish I hadnt!

Extremely frustrated cause can’t afford to fork out any 1000 on a new one

Date PurchasedNov 2016
Hi Chris, sorry to hear that you are having these issues. We can most certainly help you sort these. Could you please inbox your details so we can get this up and running straight away. Thanks!Have sent an email to your APAC email address with my phone numberWondering when Zodiac are going to get in touch? Clearly received my email address as ironically I received a customer service survey via email, but no response to my email detailing the above issues....waiting and hopeful of a resolution.

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My CX 20 has stopped climbing the wals on my pool. It never had great success at doing but now will not at all. It just floats away from them. Would not recommend it at all.
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Hi guys how do you clear a Cleaner Error Thankyou
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Hi there. I have a less than 3 year old Zodiac CX 20. It has been working perfectly ever since new and today I started it and very shortly after starting the information light started flashing. I checked the manual and I have pulled it apart to check the wheels are not jammed and move freely. There is no water in the compartment that holds the PC board and motor. I am a qualified electrician. when I turn it on it starts normally but only runs for a very period of time then the information light flashes and the unit stops. When unplugged and the power supply is started the unit flashes the information light as well. Is it likely to be the power supply or unit itself that is faulty? My mobile number is [details removed] Thank you in anticipation Uli
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Hi Uli. Your mobile number is not visable as this is a public forum. Please call us on 1300 763 021 if you would like to discuss Thanks!


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