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Zodiac FloPro e3 Pool Pump

Zodiac FloPro e3 Pool Pump

3.6 from 24 reviews

Good Service at the end

Had the Flo pro e3 for three years worked efficiently had some major problems all of a sudden initial contact with distributor and Zodiac was a bit noncommittal but possibly my impatience was the problem it was xmas and i suppose they had a few customers to sort through however at the end all parties came through and exceeded my expectations in repairing my pump

Date PurchasedSep 2015
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Thank you for your 5 star review! Happy Swimming.

Price reflects its quality - poor.

Purchased this pump and worked well for the time it was on. However 2-3 years later the electronics of the unit turn on but the motor does not kick in. Sent it off for assessment and was told the more was gone. This product may be cheaper than waterco and the likes but i had a hurlcon pump last me 12 years. This cheap product only lasted me a few years. Spend more and buy anything but zodiac.

Head office didn't want to even touch this or assist a warranty claim or price of a new motor.

Date PurchasedAug 2016
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Hi Ant. Sorry to hear of your issues. We sell our products through our Zodiac dealers which is why we are unable to give you a price on parts or products.

These products are the worst ever would not recommend

Have pump clhorinator put in 3 half years ago pump seized, now chlorinator not working. Bought new celk and still nothing my advice stay away from Zodiac products. They are not worth the money would not buy their products again.

Date PurchasedMay 2015
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Sorry to hear of these issues. If you would like to discuss these matters with our Customer Care team, please call us on 1300 763 021, Thanks.

Terrible customer service over broken chlorinater

Our chlorinated broke 2 weeks before the warranty. Zodiac were quick to offer to send a replacement part however when I requested a technician instead was told I would have to wait two weeks so I booked an appointment in.
Technician never showed and Zodiac after being chased multiple times say they can’t control their employees and that the technician won’t answer his phone or emails. I got told it was my fault for not installing the parts myself.
Odd they accept employees not doing their job as the norm. She said what would you have me do fly to Brisbane and sort this out for you. Maybe escalating this to management would be a more appropriate response. Will not replace with Zodiac again simply for poor customer service.

Date PurchasedSep 2016
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Hi Brooke. I am really sorry to hear about your experience. This is certainly not our practice even though you have been advised otherwise. May I please get your details either by Dm or Inbox via our Facebook page and we can sort this out.

for the money im not impressed - 2 replacements

Looks great, runs quiet most of the time, new complete pool setup - all zodiac, easy to clean however,

Second pump in 4 months, first one had a faulty controller and lost connection to the pump, second pump trips my house out every three days "roughly" and stops running til I realise again. I work away so this is highly inconvenient having a dirty pool every two weeks. Wont switch over from prime to run mode. Also have no flow error every start up. Customer service could have been more professional on the phone. Overall disappointing and I hope Zodiac come to the party,
Unable to give arrival time for technician and unable to even say morning or afternoon.

Date PurchasedJan 2018
HI Dan, Sorry that you have had this experience with us. I understand that it is frustrating regarding the Booking times, it can be hard as jobs can vary in their processing time. I will contact the Tech today for you and ask that he give you a more accurate time that he will be attending. Thanks!Hi Dan, I have left a message on your Voicemail with the details you required, Thanks!Thankyou for your time to reply however I have not given my mobile number ! I understand faults happen. Hopefully issue can be rectified. Thanks. feel free to PM me.

Installation is critical!

Came with pool package (POOLFAB) all zodiac equipment..
Installng technician set up everything perfectly .
Explained ongoing maintenance and good pool hygiene practices.
He calibrated Magnapool ph monitoring device .. everything spot on ..
Runs very quietly.. have solar panels only filter and clean when the sun shines !
Couldn’t be happier!

Date PurchasedMar 2018
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Thanks for the 2 star review Dobbo, Happy Swimming!

I would have given 5.

My new Flo Pro e 3 pump is getting good results but a question I have put to you 3 times via website indicated emails remains unanswered! Whatever suggested steps I take some air remains at the top of the filter cylinder.
It does not appear to effect the efficiency of the filtration but occasional squirts of bubbles through the pool inlet jets are irritating. This never happened with my previous pump! Is this normal/acceptable? Otherwise I would give it 5!

Date PurchasedJul 2017

extremely quiet

I had this pump installed after a solid 5 days talking to everyone in the pool industry I could about which type of pump and filter to buy. I ended up choosing this pump because of reviews and seems to be the one a lot of pool maintenance guys use . Its only been installed for 6 months and it is very, very quiet on eco pump. However, our automated cleaner does struggles to clean on eco mode. Perfectly fine on medium mode. I am sure the electricity bill will have to come down a lot also. Its easy to use, and it has good warranty. The pool is spotless when its on medium and can go a bit cloudy on Eco mode. I am still working out how to fine tune it. The guys who sold it to us were not very honest as they said is was a 1.5 horsepower motor when its only a 1 horsepower motor. Maybe not strong enough for the size pool we have [ 57000 litres] , who knows! Overall I am pretty happy with it.

Date PurchasedNov 2016
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Hi Petal 1, Thanks for the review. Glad to hear that your Pump is working well. Happy Swimming!

Impressed so far....very quiet

When it was installed it was set on the "Boost" setting. Should I change it to the "Clean" setting to minimise power usage? And how many hours a day does it need to run on the "Clean" setting? I'm currently running it 5 hours a day on the "Boost" setting which seems fine.

July 31st 2017 Update: Last power bill cut by $250

I called Zodiac about which setting I should use. I was advised to try it on Eco as I don't have an automatic cleaner. So far so good. I received my power bill for the last quarter - down $250. There is no other reason for the reduction. In summer I may need to increase the time I run the pump on Eco and will need to switch it to "Boost" when I vacuum. Happy customer.

Date PurchasedMar 2017
Hi, Yes, changing it to Clean will save Power. You should only need to use Boost when vacuuming or backwashing providing your Pump has been sized correctly. Please call 1300 763 021 if you have any further questions! Thanks.Thanks. The Installation and Operation Manual is not easy to understand.Just letting you know that I was able to vacuum successfully on Eco. There was no need to switch it to Boost. The pool had a winter's worth of gum leaves, gum nuts and other debris - all successfully vacuumed up on Eco setting. Very impressed with this product.

Not Happy with Authorised Zodiac Dealer advice.

I purchased a Zodiac Flo Pro pool pump and Sand filter from a an Authorised Zodiac Dealer in Qld on 17.2.2015
They were bought as a matching pair to used on a 47,000 lt. pool we were installing.

They items were a Zodiac ZT650B Sand filter and a Flo Pro 1.5 Hp pool pump,which came with a remote wired control board.
The remote control board was a nightmare to program and also would not come on sometimes for programmed run time.
Complained to the dealer from where I purchased and had basicly no response.
Took the pump to an opposition Zodiac dealer in town,who is authorised to do Zodiac repairs.
They replaced the remote control board with the std 3 speed pump mounted panel which fixed the run time problem.
But the main issue has been consistent return of fine sediment to pool which settled out on the bottom and could only be removed by Vac to waste mode on the filter.
After 22 months of angst,looking at garbage on the bottom of the pool,I now believe I found the issue.

The Pump and Filter are mismatch,1.5 hp pump on a 25" filter does not fit,to my knowledge,the Zodiac Specification for coupling of pump to filter,(the filter has a design flow rate on its plate of 270 LPM.
The pump runs,especially on startup at a much higher,perhaps double the rate,and I believe it has been pushing
fine particles right through the filter and back to the pool. Presently running a 1/2 hp Onga on the filter,water is perfect.
I am taking the pump into the Zodiac authorised repair dealer in town today to hopefully get some satifactory result. Not Happy,$1000 pump in a wrong marriage, in my opinion.

Date PurchasedFeb 2015

Dead quiet and cheap to run

Was a bit tricky to set up ignitially but now, 12 months later, our power usuage is down by almost 55%
The set up instructions for the Zodiac pump could be more clearly written.
Certainly a marked improvement noise wise. Cannot hear it from 2 metres away. But I'm getting deaf ! (My wife tells me)

Date PurchasedOct 2015
CORRECTION. I found the receipt. It was purchased on line from Poolshop on 3/11/2014 $715. But again : the set up and installation instructions must be re written.The most efficient speed at which your pool cleaner creeps over your pool floor is very critical. The cheaper pumps have just the one speed only, with the cleaner speed adjusted by reducing or enlarging a "bypass" opening somewhere in the hose. The operating speed of our cleaner is adjusted by the speed of the pump itself. Our Zodiac FloPro E3 pump runs at full speed for the first 3 or 4 minutes when it runs up the walls of the pool, after which it automatically settles to the ideal operating speed of just 900 rpm of our Onga pool cleaner. At that very slow pump speed it runs dead quiet and we can run the pump throughout the night on the cheaper night rate without disturbing our neighbours. Also the electricity bill came down dramatically. To find this "most efficient operating speed" was the tricky bit. The instructions that came with the pump ( now nearly two years ago! ) were totally inadequate at the time.

No flo Pro flo

Flo pro e3 is 4 months old. It will not prime and gives a no flow message. I have tried the suggestions in the manual to no avail. It will not switch on now and gives a message to check the pump. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

Date PurchasedJul 2016
Hi Erik, Our Aftersales Team would be happy to help you with this. If you would like to email us your details at apac.aftersales@zodiac.com, we can help with troubleshooting and book in a warranty call out if need be. Just let the team know you contacted us via this review, Thanks.Thanks i got the flow going but now it trips the safety switch for the pump when I turn it on. Sometimes it may run for a while then it trips the switch. When this happens and I turn the switch back on the pump will not start?. Erik

Zodiac E3 8 Star

Good: it's so quiet that i run it all hours now. 1400 rpm still runs my zodiac SWC well, which was an initial concern, wayyy less power consumption which running 8-10hrs a day. Reckon this will payback in 12 months.

Not good: 1400rpm will not run my pool cleaner, it's got no guts for going up walls. I only have had this a few days, so I'm still solving this issue. I will likely increase increments until it climbs my walls, but buyer beware, 1400rpm ECO mode does not go up my pool walls.

Good not excellent for above reasons

Hi Phil W, thank you for taking the time to write a review! The 1400RPM is for filtration. The Clean Mode will operate at 2150RPM which will ensure sufficient operation with your suction cleaner. You also have the ability to then optimize this to your specific pool by changing the speed by 50RPM increments. We hope this helps! If you have any further questions, please contact our After Sales team on 1300 763 021 or email apac.aftersales@zodiac.comAppreciate the feedback that's what I did it's a good product.

My New Zodiac Pump, just the ducks nuts!

My current sand filter & salt water chlorinator is all Zodiac, which has been bullet proof to date (10 years old) (apart from the pump which just died & was not a Zodiac product), I am extremely happy with the Zodiac equipment so decided to purchase the Zodiac FloPro E3 pump, Pt Douglas Pool Shop was outstanding & gave a fantastic service, they also offered to install my new pump for me & went out there way after it was installed to explain to me how to use the controller & clean the pump filter basket, to date the pump is so much quieter than my old one, and the controller is so easy to use, and the flow rate is so much better than the old one even on clean mode (the new pump is slightly smaller than the old one in size too!). I Have no hesitation in recommending any Zodiac product to anyone.

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Thank you for the great review Tony, we're happy to hear you love our products and have been looked after so well by the staff at Pt Douglas Pool Shop!

Great Pump bad water resistance

I had 2 FlowPro pumps installed 1 year ago, the first pump got water into the electronics within the first month and had to be replaced, the other pump has now just packed up due to water in the electronics but Zodiac will not honour the warranty due to the way the pump was uninstalled to deliver to the agent for repairs. Not a very good backup for the warranty.
Zodiac should look at the design to ensure that water cannot enter the electronics of the pump.

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Hi Andrew, the FloPro Pumps are rated at IP25 and meet the Ingress Protection (IP) Requirements. Ensuring the drain holes are not being blocked is important as this could be a potential cause for this to occur. It's imperative that the units are returned back to us at Zodiac in good condition so we can clearly identify the potential cause and provide any feedback to our relevant departments.

didnt last

Pump is 6months out of warranty and I'm on my own had fault from start every now and then it would say no flow and now it won't go and it's not worth fixing and shop could care less very unhappy with zodiac they just left me out to dry

Hi Grant, can we ask that you get in touch with our After Sales team on 1300 763 021 or email apac.aftersales@zodiac.com? They would like to follow this up with you. Thank youZodiac are a company that sell poor service and even poorer products

Excellent product

We have all Zodiac products on our pool and have found them to be excellent and reliable. We had to replace our pool pump and it was so easy as the old Zodiac pump was removed and new pump fitted back on with ease with no changes to plumbing. Excellent

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Glad to hear you like it - thanks for the great review ma!

Peace and quiet

Just had a new zodiac flopro pump installed, and can't believe how quite it is , I can hear the birds in the back yard now unbelievable, I would recommend a zodiac pump to everyone you won't be disappointed. I'm so glad my pool man from narellen pools has installed this pump. Manny

Zodiac FloPro e3

Just had a Zodiac ePump installed as recommended by the pool builder on our newly built pool. It is so much quieter than the pump we had on our last pool and so far we aren't having to add as many chemicals. We haven't got our first electricity bill yet, but because it has the energy efficient setting I am sure it will be less expensive to run than our last pump.

Zodiac FloPro E3 - Quiet & Cheap to Run

Replaced my 3 year old Hurlcon CTX280 with a new Zodiac Flopro E3 variable speed pump. Placed it on 2 small pieced of decking board & it went straight in - although had to change the connecting flanges as the Hurlcon ones wont seal against the Zodiac. ( so get 1m pipe & 2 x 90 bends + 2 straight sockets + glue) The pump was easy to install. It is noticeably quieter than my old pump at 50dB. It only draws a bit over 1 amp in Eco mode so cheap cheap to run. In Boost mode - runs really well and and can move the water as well as the Hurlcon. Remember that in Eco mode - the flow rate is a lot lower the Hurlcons' 280lpm. My pool - only 10000L in ground fibreglass - so both pumps are way overkill and only had to run for a minimum hours. Even though I only ran the Hurlcon for 5hrs a day - I will still get a really god saving from the Zodiac in energy costs - and I can run it longer for very little additional cost. I suppose the issue for me to change it over came down to the Hurlcon bearings had gone - it was expensive to run for more than 5 hrs a day - lucky I only had a small pool - but the noise reduction & the savings together should be worth it. Payback approx 2 years based on the hours I was running. Low noise - priceless. Long warranty - peace of mind.

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Questions & Answers

Hi, I have a pool of about 37000L and a 150L cartridge filter. Will the E3 be too big for the pool at 1hp?
No answers

Have got low pressure just lately and cant work out why.
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Hi Geoff, Please call our Customer Care team on 1300 763 021, we can help. Thanks.

My zodiac pool pump is making a flaming sound when working could this be the fan loose. Please help? Steve
2 answers
Not sure Steve but definitely not right the pump is really quite and there are and shouldn’t be any funny noises I suggest you get a technician to look at itHi Steve, Please give us a call on 1300 763 021. We can give the advice you need. Thanks!

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