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Hi, I have a pool of about 37000L and a 150L cartridge filter. Will the E3 be too big for the pool at 1hp?
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Have got low pressure just lately and cant work out why.
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Hi Geoff, Please call our Customer Care team on 1300 763 021, we can help. Thanks.

My zodiac pool pump is making a flaming sound when working could this be the fan loose. Please help? Steve
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Not sure Steve but definitely not right the pump is really quite and there are and shouldn’t be any funny noises I suggest you get a technician to look at itHi Steve, Please give us a call on 1300 763 021. We can give the advice you need. Thanks!

Hi. Just installed the E3. It primed as it should then automatically switched to Eco mode. 1400 appears on the read out. This lasted for @30 seconds. Now nothing at all. The motor is not spinning. So electronically the display looks fine but the motor does not spin. Any ideas?
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I have a fault 4, over-current trip fault on my Zodiac FloPro E3 and I have turned it off but the fault remains. Any idea how to correct this?
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Mine working flawlessly!! Suggest you contact Zodiac Team for technical supportHI, Please contact our Customer Care team - 1300 763 021, We will be happy to help!

My zodiac flopro e3 has started to rattle. Have had it for 5 years. What can we do to avoid having to buy a new one? Surely at the price they should have a longer life than this?
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Hi Margie, If you have not already, please call us on 1300 763 021, We can go through this with you, Thanks!

Would like to know how many hours people run pool pump for on the eco setting during summer? Thankyou.
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I'm still running it on 2x3 hours on Eco mode as I was in winter. Pool looks fine. I live in the Newcastle area - it may be different if I lived further north.They say between 8-10 hours for summer conditionsHi, Each Pool and conditions are different. It is best to trial your Pump to see what works best for you, Thanks.

While the pump is running should air be flowing out of the motor?
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I'm unsure. Contact Zodiac?Hi Deisel, Please call us so we can confirm your question and provide you with the correct information, Our number is 1300 763 021. Thanks!

Needed some advice on the most efficient pool pump that's reasonably priced and lowest running costs. Thank you
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I did an enormous amount of research into this. It's not that simple as you have to make sure local people can service them if they need it, and getting parts etc.. I guess in the end I went for the Zodiac as it seemed the most popular and familiar to everyone as well as efficient and cost worthy. I came close to purchasing a German made pool pump that had a very good track record and seemed very energy economical but no one had heard of it and getting parts etc... made me nervous. My electricity bill has come down with the Zodiac, and we run ours mostly on medium, not even the lowest setting. We have to do this as a pool cleaner needs the medium setting to really work properly.. in winter I run it more on low for the power advantages. Overall we are pretty happy so far [ its been a year now] with the Zodiac.Thanks so much for sharing! I really appreciate your help. I am also considering the zodiac : it looks very expensive though and I am wondering whether there is a close alternative?? Any ideas? What came second in your search other than the German version?Any views on the astral variable speed pump?

I want to use oro flow e3 with a heat pump that demands 10- 12 m3 per hour. Can the rco mode cope (10m head). Or can uou tell me the RPM to achive this. Thank you. Simon.
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Hi Simon I have no idea. Perhaps direct your question to Zodiac....phone 1300 767 021. Regards Gilly

Hi I have just installed a heat pump requiring 2.8l/s what speed to I need to run my e3 flopro pump to get this, pool plumbing does not have a lot of restrictions/head in both suction and discharge lines. Thank Jamie
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Hi my pump was installed on the "boost" setting so I called Zodiac and they said that if I didn't have an automatic cleaner I should try running it on the "eco" setting. Since changing the setting I have saved 42% on my power bill (previous bill was $517, current bill $295) so I'm very impressed. Not sure how it will go in summer. I may have to run it longer. Hope this helps.Sorry I can't answer that. I do know that our auto vacuum cleaner does not work unless on medium because it doesn't have enough guts. Maybe ring zodiac for advice

After reading all the comments my question to Zodiac is the seal on the Zodiac Flopro E3 okay now to stop the water going into the electronics and can you send me the instruction book on programming the e3 1.0 hp pump? Ken Potter email: kenandpat2@tpg.com.au Ph 0410615921
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Hi Ken, Emailed as requested, Thanks!

HI is there a way to start the zodiac E3 without the high speed mode? The mode is too poerfull for e.g. backwashing.?
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Hi there. The E3 always starts in Priming Mode. You are also unable to change the Priming RPM's. Thanks!

Hi,i have a 65,000 L pool and i run it for 8 hrs.per day in summer/8mths. with clorinator and pool cleaner would i still save energy costs installing an energy saving pump as i have read that it would have to run at high speed to work well.
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You will save money, as running a variable speed pump at lower rpm means that it is drawing less current, and is more efficient. The idea is that the low speed provides just enough water flow to keep chlorinators and dosers happy and functioning, while the filtration is better, as the water spends more time travelling through the filter (because lower flow also equals lower speed). The thing that a lot of sales people and manufacturers forget to tell customers is that to compensate for the fact that there will be less water being pulled through the filter, you will need to run the pump for slightly longer (roughly 2 hours in summer).

I would like to know if the Zodiac Flopro e3 is suitable for a magna pool magnesium and potassium system?
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In theory any pool pump is designed with salt water in mind (Either regular salt or magnesium) so you don't need a specialized pump for a certain type of salt water.

Hi my Zodiac FloPro E3 3 speed pump has stopped pumping there is power but no suction what could be the cause ?? I thought impeller but it's only a year old
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Disconnect pool cleaner, remove skimmer basket and pump basket and test for suction, likely plastic or blockage somewhere. Dont' run permanently like this

I would like a price on a variable pump sand filter and chlorinator for a 35000L InGround salt pool.
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Go on line heaps cheaper but stay away from zodiac since my troubles have heard lots of bad reports on them try the pool warehouseThank you for your reply. Zodiac,Hayward,davey and onga are the main pool equipment sold around my home town to get parts for but rang from $2 300 to $4 600 its fair to say I can get a better price on line thanks for all your helpHi Laurie, Please visit your nearest Zodiac Titanium Retail Outlet who will be able tp provide you a quote on your required pool equipment. You can find your nearest dealer on our 'Find a Dealer' page: http://www.zodiac.com.au/find-a-dealer

Adrian here, hello Zodiac official, My 3/4-year-old zodiac e3 pump is making a grating noise and its gradually getting worse. What could this be?
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I think you could have a bearing on the way out get it looked at before it goes completely or you could damage the motor or worse still burn it outHi Adrian, This could be caused by the bearing or the impeller. As it's still under warranty we would suggest you take the unit to your nearest Zodiac Warranty Agent to examine in detail. If you're unsure, you can always call our After Sales team on 1300 763 021 or email apac.aftersales@zodiac.com for help.

I'm building my own concrete 8.5x4 m pool saltwater 45000 litres. I need to buy all my pool equipment. I would like it to be cost efficient and quiet. I have a waterfall going in and would like to purchase 3 spa jets also. So what equipment do I need?
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Hi Shady, Great to hear you are building a new pool. Ensuring you choose the pool equipment most suitable for your pool is vital to ensure the pool operates effectively giving you more time to relax and enjoy the pool itself. The filtration (Pump & Filter) is the heart of the system. To ensure you obtain enough flow to operate the standard pool equipment as well as additional water features and spa jets we would suggest a New FloPro VS Pool Pump which has the ability to operate at 3450RPM. In regards to the filter a 28" Fiberglass Media Filter with Glass Media would be a good option. Choosing the right pool cleaning method is important. This heavily depends on the type of pool surface (concrete, fiberglass, vinyl). Even though we know it will be a concrete pool the shape will be a major factor as well as any obstructions such as positioning of steps. The types of debris (leaves, gum nuts, dust) will also be a key factor in the purchase decision. Latest advancements in this category has seen robotic pool cleaners become more popular. The New VX55 Robotic Pool Cleaner is worth considering, however it would be worth visiting one of our Zodiac Titanium Dealers to discuss further and assist in making the right decision. One latest advancement Shady within pool sanitation methods is mineral pools which we would also highly recommend. The Zodiac MagnaPool System is a new patented blend using magnesium and potassium minerals which have properties that are extremely gentle on the skin, hair and eyes. Visit http://magnapool.com/new-pools/ for the complete details. Good Luck on your new pool journey! :)

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