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Zodiac FloPro e3 Pool Pump

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Better than we knew it would be

We have upgraded our pump and it has save us $$ with energy consumption. It is so quite you don't know its there. Great product!

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Thank you for your feedback EmmaM, it's great to hear how happy you are with your FloPro!

New pool pump fixes power costs

I just installed a new Zodiac e pump with three speeds. The systems works well with a starting speed that is simply brilliant. When it slows I do have a few problems. I cannot run it at the slowest speed as the chlorinator gets a large bubble in the tube and when the water level drops below about half it stops the chlorination. The pump cleans well and uses less power but the chlorination of the pool suffers a bit. If anyone has any ideas I would like to hear them.

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Hi northernangler, I'm glad to hear how happy you are with your FloPro e3 pool pump. The Low Speed (Eco Mode) is designed for filtration purposes only to ensure your pool water is kept healthy by keeping the water circulating during normal operation. The optimum mode for operating a water care appliance - in this case, a chlorinator - is the Medium Speed (Clean Mode), which runs the pump at a higher RPM level, ensuring there is sufficient power to allow correct chlorine output levels. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me on 1300 763 021 or email apac.aftersales@zodiac.com. Kind regards, Nicole C Zodiac After Sales

Zodiac FloPro e3

I replaced my broken old pump with this Flo Pro e3 over the weekend for my 63,000L salt water pool. Pretty simple to install if you don't mind cutting and gluing pressure pipe. The pump came with two 50mm-40mm reducers and the pool shop gave me the other connectors and pressure pipe to finish the install. Took about 15mins to get in and running. I was hesitatant to hand over twice what a normal pump would cost but I am so far impressed with it.

My old pump had broken and the pool had not been cleaned for about 5 days. The new pump on boost took about 4-5hours to clean the pool and had it looking sparkling again. I've since been running it on the eco setting for about twice the amount of time. The new pump is whisper quiet on the low setting so I don't mind running it late into the night and early in the morning. I was sold on the idea that I would save my money in the long run plus the $150 rebate from the Govt (Qld). I didn't think I'd use the variable speed setting but after this pump has been installed, I must admit it's handy to have variable speed in case the pool needs an extra boost when its windy (I have a lot of trees around my pool) and eco for everyother time.

Eventhough my old pump was 1HP (same as the new one) the new pump seems noticably more powerful (probably because the old one was about to die).

Only had the pump for a few days so I can't comment on longevity. Will update in time.
Quiet, variable speed, efficent
Twice the price of a normal pump (pay for what you get I suppose)

Quiet and powerful

I needed to replace the pump for my swimming pool (50,000 litre salt water) a few weeks ago. I was keen to find a quiet energy saving one. After visiting lots of pump shops and websites, I settled on this 7 star, 3 speed variable one. After three weeks I am really happy with it and especially how quiet it is.
Quiet, energy efficient (7 star), easy to use

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Two years on and the pump still works without a problem. Still nice and quiet which I like. My pool is 10 metres long and initially wasn't circulating the water very well, as the outlet nozzles were aimed towards the top of the water to push floating leaves towards the filter basket. I've now angled the jets towards the bottom of the pool and the circulation is much better.

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Hi, I have a pool of about 37000L and a 150L cartridge filter. Will the E3 be too big for the pool at 1hp?
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Have got low pressure just lately and cant work out why.
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Hi Geoff, Please call our Customer Care team on 1300 763 021, we can help. Thanks.

My zodiac pool pump is making a flaming sound when working could this be the fan loose. Please help? Steve
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Not sure Steve but definitely not right the pump is really quite and there are and shouldn’t be any funny noises I suggest you get a technician to look at itHi Steve, Please give us a call on 1300 763 021. We can give the advice you need. Thanks!

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