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Zodiac TRi-XO Saltwater Chlorinator

Zodiac TRi-XO Saltwater Chlorinator

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Companies that do not install as they should

I purchased a ZT650 Pool Filter with Glass instead of Sand and a TR-XO Cross over LARGE the product has been great except the installation. I was away and when I came back a Plumber had installed who eventually did not know about installing swimming poll equipment. I purchased the equipment from Cozy Pool Care who had a plumber to install both products. When I came home and looked at the product the TRi-XO cross over LARGE was installed on the side wall and not on the back wall. The seemed okay but when I looked a couple I could not see the Pressure Gauge. I called Zodiac and they told me yes there was a pressure gauge and it screwed into the six way valve. I went and looked and sure enough there was the Pressure Gauge on the back of the Six way Valve facing the back wall and hidden from sight from the front and unable to see with my eye. I discussed this with the owner Ben and he just said he would look into it. I told him that the ZT650 needs to be turned around and that it would need to be re installed. Hi told me that he would look into it and have not heard from him since..

Date PurchasedMar 2017

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