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Zodiac TX35

Zodiac TX35

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Nice Low End Robo

I've owned the TX35 for just over a year now. I was immediately impressed with how well this unit cleaned my 14m pebblecrete lap pool - I trialled more expensive (and MUCH LARGER) cleaners that didn't seem to perform any better than the light weight, easy to handle TX35. After giving rave reviews to all my friends all through last year, the unit started having issues just prior to Xmas (stopping unexplainably, spending a lot of time in reverse, doing 'cartwheels', getting stuck in places it never used to get stuck, etc, etc).
At the time I thought - 'ah well, you get what you pay for, but I have had 12mths of exceptional service'.
Now the story gets better - I contacted the Zodiac service/support guys, and can I say I have nothing but glowing praise for their customer service. The issue was resolved in a timely, hassle free manner honouring their warranty obligation, and my robo is now back in the pool doing it's job just as well as it did all last year.
Well done Zodiac - nice work!! (fingers crossed I get more than 12 mths second time around).

Purchased in January 2018.

Will not clean whole pool.

I trialed this unit, and it was not good. It would get to the surface of the pool when doing the walls, jet the water out filling with air, then slowly sink back down. It would lose its position when it did this so any algorithm it uses is useless. For this reason, it wouldn't cover the whole pool and This was only a small pool.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Great Pool Cleaner - Why did I persist with suction cleaners for so long??

This is first robotic cleaner after 20 years with numerous suction cleaners. So far, after 5 weeks, it is fantastic. Scoops up long strands from palm fronds as well as large and small leaves, simple clean of basket and caddy included keeps it all tidy and easy to wheel out of the way. I turn the pool filter on half way through to clean any dirt it stirs up and pool is clean as a whistle in 2 1/2 hrs. For under $1K including caddy great buy. Very happy so far.

Date PurchasedOct 2018
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Hi Edsbo, Thank you so much for your 5 star review. Happy Swimming!

Cleans O.K. But needs replacement parts after one summer.

We have been happy with the performance to date. Unfortunately, the tracks need replacing after one summer of use twice a week. I would have expected a bit more use. Especially if it will cost fifty dollars a season to replace the tracks.
As I have just had surgery on my leg, vacuuming the pool is not the best option at the moment.

Date PurchasedOct 2017
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Hi Kezza. The Cleaner does have a 2 year warranty. Please contact us on 1300 763 021 if you require further help. Thanks.

Just doesn’t seem to work

I purchased this unit with a new pool less than 3 months ago. It doesn’t go up walls. Runs for a few minutes on the bottom then stops. Get 3 blinking lights on the info light. Turn it off then on again and same thing. Tried troubleshooting. Picks up sand / dirt and does a good job...just doesn’t run for more than three minutes at a time. Troubleshooting in the manual is useless, no info re what blinking light sequence means, what the actual cycle time is etc.

Hoping customer care on here can offer advice

Date PurchasedAug 2018
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Hi Craig. Sorry to hear that you are having these issues. Thank you for reaching out, we would be happy to help out and hopefully get the Cleaner up and running asap for you. Could you please call 1300 763 021, let the team know that we asked you to call. We don't ask for your personal details on this public forum. Thanks!

great pool cleaner

picks up all but long strips from palm trees, but seems to do a good job only in for a couple of times per week, does bottom , sides and up to water line, great cleaner suction cleaner always blocking up and replacing parts all the time, Very easy to put in pool and take out also easy to clean

Date PurchasedOct 2018
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Thank you so much for your 5 star review. Happy Swimming!!!

Frustrating - better of manually cleaning

So far - I think we will be better off with a suction cleaner as this does not pick up anything small. Zodiac say you can buy a finer weave basket 100 micro instead of the supplied 200 micro, but why don't they provide the finer basket to start with, something that will do the job right the first time.
Not happy and would prefer something better

Date PurchasedAug 2018
Hi Paul. Sorry to hear that you are frustrated. We do advertise the TX35 as the following: Debris Type Suitable for small, medium and large debris Extra large debris such as twigs, large nuts and large leaves may need to be removed from pool manually For extra fine debris, 100 mircon filter canister available separately. The 100 micron canister is an optional extra.This unit was recommended by the pool company on handover when the pool was complete. Initially we were provided with a TX20 but the guy doing the handover advised the TX20 does not climb walls and recommended the upgrade. Your after sales people do not appear to be interested either and they commented an email - 'if you wish to swap your cleaner for another product that will have to be taken up with the shop that sold you the unit as we didn't sell the unit to you' Doesn't sound like Zodiac want to back their products at all.HI Paul. We most certainly back our Products. The reason we would ask that you return to your place of purchase as the sale was made through them and they recommended this to you. As the manufacturer, we try and advertise our products as clearly as possible. We will definitely pass on your feedback in relation to our Aftersales staff, as a further explanation or assistance might of better help to you in this case. Apologies for this. Thanks.

This cleaner has proved to be great value for the money

I have used the TX35 three times, the first time it had trouble climbing the walls but the pool had not been cleaned for several months.The second time it had no difficulty climbing the wall to the water line and picked up leaves about 2 cm long and striped palm leaves up to about 12 cm long as well as a fine white algae. Cleaning of the basket was simple and fast. The TX35 did get caught in the corner of the pool on one occasion.

Date PurchasedAug 2018
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Thank you for your review. Happy Swimming!

Can only clean shallow end of pool

Zodiac claim cleaner not suitable for my pool. Specs on product say nothing about not being suitable for pool with a deep end just over 1.8m. Zodiac tech said it can't be fixed and I should be upgraded but was overruled by head office. Supervisor did not contact me back as I requested. Very sad as I really like how it cleans, but only does half of pool. Zodiac expect me to pay several hundred dollars to upgrade to VX model. Stay away from this product.

Date PurchasedMay 2018
Further update: my supplier advises that Zodiac now claim there is nothing wrong with the cleaner, it's just not suitable for my pool. I have a standard fibreglass pool with the deep end slightly over 1.8m. My supplier has offered refund or an upgrade that will cost me another $500. Zodiac's warranty is worthless and the product not fit for purpose. Zodiac have failed to contact me as requested so I guess my next step is Fair Trading Dept.Hi Jenny, Unfortunately, if there is no fault found with a product there is nothing further we could do for you but to offer you a refund through the Place of purchase which has been done. Thank you.This is very poor customer service. I have a simple fibreglass pool. It should work in my pool. Why don't you offer to trial the VX50 at my place to see if it works.

Great cleaner for the price

We've had this pool cleaner for about 9 months now and it did a cracking job over summer keeping the pool floor clear of dirt and debris. I purchased this one because it was easy to assemble and clean and I liked that it had the clear top so I could see when it was full. I have just used it again before putting the pool cover on for winter and I have just realized I think it works better when the pool is really quite dirty! I love that it goes up the walls therefore saving me the need to brush them. For a lower end robot it is better than I expected. I'll be happy if I get 4 years out of it.

Date PurchasedDec 2017
Thanks for the grat 5 star review Billy. Happy Swimming!Ok second review - have just started using it again to get ready for summer - we've already gone for a swim in October. this is a big deal, being Melbourne!! But sadly today, I find the cleaner has stopped working. It makes a sound like it wants to work, crawls a couple of inches and that's it. It's like the tracks are stuck. I have always treated this cleaner with kid gloves, washing it down and making sure the basket is perfectly clean before storing, but sadly it has lasted less than a year before problems hit - I think it is still under warranty - hopefully! My feeling is that I now I regret not stretching myself to get a higher end cleaner. If zodiac has any tips on trouble shooting I will give it a go, I have Googled trying to find any information but nothing so far. Realistically, the irritation and inconvenience of sending the unit back for a service will end up costing me more than forking out for a brand new one.Hi Billy, Please give us a call on 1300 763 021 and mention that you contacted us via the Product Review. Your unit has a 2 year warranty and based on the date mentioned, so would still be in this period. This warranty includes the courier costs both ways. Thanks.

Product sucks- unfortunately not like it’s designed to

After having an RF cleaner for years I bought this on advice from the pool shop lady after my old one died. I liked the idea that it would clean the side walls and steps. The very first time I used it I realized I’d made a mistake. I have a lot a finer dirt get in my pool so I purchased the finer catcher, unfortunately it still wasn’t enough and passes the dirt straight through.
I wished I’d had returned it straight away but going into winter I thought it would do an ok job. I’ve just started using it again and it’s actually gotten worse. It misses hole sections of the pool, spends half the time going backwards (it doesn’t suck while reversing just stirs up dust to settle on the area it just cleaned)
I rang zodiac who told me there was not much I could do after the pool shop told me I couldn’t return it but try moving the weights, I asked for some info on this procedure and was told it should be in the manual. (It wasn’t). I’ve tried moving the weights, I’ve tried putting it up the shallow end.
My advice is to stay clear of this product

Date PurchasedMar 2018
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Hi, sorry to hear that you are having issues? May I ask where you are located? Thanks.

Over all Happy so far have had only 1-2 month

Have had about 1 month or so now. Use twice a week on a 4 meter X 2 & half metre Bestway steel framed pool. Works well so far but find I'm using a hand held vacuum to get some dirt out it isn't picking up. Nevertheless am very happy only purchase to date. This product to date has improved the cleanliness of overall pool. I just leave it to do it's job for 2 hours.All good am happy I brought this product.Nothappy with price I paid and really wish they had made it as a remote control.

Date PurchasedMay 2018
Hi Tess, Thank you for your review. Glad to hear that you are happy with your purchase so far. Please call us anytime on 1300 763 021 if you need to discuss. Thanks.It's now been a little longer since I've owned and written the review can say I'm very happy. The hose needs some more consideration in makemanship as it gets tangled and I think they could of somehow made hose better.Now I've had the Zodic for about 7-8 months roughly. Over the past two weeks it's slowed down and started to turn itself off and is lacking power to do it's job. I rang my local pool shop two weeks ago, Man said that's ok just turn it off and leave for few minutes and then back on as it should reset itself which it did. One week later it was worse and started off ok then slowed right down dramatically. I took it back to my local pool shop to be fixed by Zodic. Its been my little baby and always done a great job up till now. Has anyone seen had this happen?

Robot is great when it works, but Zodiac service and support has been very disappointing.

I was originally very impressed with this unit, but it has stopped climbing the walls to the waterline in the deep end. It still cleans to the waterline in the shallow end, but not the deep end. The unit was sent away to Zodiac and they couldn't fault it. As soon as I got it back, it still had the same issue. Zodiac came to my home to inspect the unit working in our pool and the report I got was that the robot was functioning correctly - no issues found. That same afternoon that the Zodiac technician had been, I took 3 videos of the fault (the robot not reaching the waterline in the deep end) and sent them into Zodiac. I have had no response at all. Not even an email or a phone call to say that they would be coming back to investigate further.
I work in the service industry and have to say I think this level of support is a joke.

Date PurchasedJan 2018
Hi Brad. May I please ask the email address that you sent the videos to? We have a Team of Customer Care staff here to help so it is usual for this to be missed. Once this is confirmed we can look into this further for you. Thanks.The email was sent to this address apac.aftersales@zodiac.com. I finally got to speak to someone at Zodiac on Friday (I had no call back from two other calls I lodged) and they confirmed they had received my emails with the videos. When I asked why no one had contacted me, I was told that the technician had photos showing the TX35 working correctly from when they visited my home. When I said that the videos were of the same afternoon, clearly showing that there was still an issue, they said they could arrange another visit, if I would like. They are coming today. I sent in additional videos I took on the weekend, showing the comparison between a borrowed Maytronics i300 robot cleaner and the TX35. The i300 was able to reach the tile line in the deep end of our pool, but the TX35 could not. I have had no response to that email.Hi Brad. There was a long weekend here in Sydney so there would be a further day added to the turnaround time to answer enquiries from the weekend. Once the Tech has visited today, we can get a better idea of what we can do to ensure your Unit is working at 100%. Thanks.

Annoyed / Disappointed / In trouble with my wife for not doing required research

Our pool is fairly clean the main issue is sand on the bottom. Difficult to remove as we have a cartridge filter and cant run to backwash so if we try and vacuum sand out it just goes through the filter system back into the pool. Purchased this unit based on advice from pool-shop. Made it very clear (via email so it was in writing) what my requirements were and that having the sand removed was the main reason for purchasing. We have had the unit for several weeks now so in summary make the following observations.

The good
- Easy to assemble
- Easy to use
- Stand makes storing the unit very easy

The bad
- Exactly the same experiences as the other negative reviews, indicating there are serious flaws with this unit
- Goes backwards more than forwards
- Moves very quickly stirring the water up making a real mess
- No way to remove from pool other than pulling out by the power cord. Probably OK to do this however you need to be careful not to damage the cord.
- Does a poor job at picking up sand despite installing a 100 micron filter
- It appears to run in such a way that it misses so many parts of the pool. We have a basic shape, medium size pool. It will clean along one line for a minute then chuck itself in reverse and go and clean the other end of pool for 30 seconds. Then go up the wall once. Then get stuck on the step. At the end of the cycle only half the pool has been cleaned its extremely disappointing.
- Amount of sand / leaves collected at the end of a cycle is minimal.

I have contacted the pool shop (who are great to deal with) and they organised for a tech to come out 17/5/18 from Zodiac. I also spoke to Zodiac directly on the phone. The CSR was helpful and considerate however given there are no controls or setup changes you can make I am not sure how the tech will make the unit work any better. Based on my requirements which I made extremely clear at purchase the unit is not fit for purpose and I will be returning it. I cant get my head around how such a product makes it to market. Wouldn't it be thoroughly tested by Zodiac prior to releasing.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Does not do a good job of cleaning our pool

We originally chose to purchase a different model that had great reviews, but received an email from the retailer to offer this later and greater model at no extra charge. We now wish we had followed through with our original order. We don’t have a large pool and this machine spends most of the time stirring up the water and leaves the floor just as dirty. We spend more time cleaning up after it....not fit for purpose in our opinion! Our old suction cleaner did a much better job.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018
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Hi. Sorry to hear you are experiencing these issues, We have a Customer Care team that would be happy to discuss if you like. Our number is 1300 763 021. Thanks.

Fantastic little unit

Bought this after my old vacuum started falling apart. Local pool shop had suggested getting a robot for over two years so I thought I may as well bite the bullet and get one.

Got the Tx35 home, chucked it in the pool, and nothing. Completely dead. Pool shop ordered me another and after 4 days I was ready to chuck the replacement in.

No tricks, just plugged in it and turned it on and it took off like a champion. Cleaned steps that had rarely been touched by the old vacuum, and scrubbed the waterline like there was no tomorrow.

First clean of the on board basket was an eye opener. Had picked up things that I would never have known were in the pool. Ten years worth of rubbish, slurry and random trash. Extremely impressed.

I try to run it everyday for a few hours to keep pulling the crap out of the concrete and now the pool is a colour that I haven't seen for a long time. Great result in my opinion.

I definetely recommend the Tx35. It's a ripper!

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Underwhelming performance

This is My first pool robot so was not sure of what I was going to get. I have had an excellent experience with a vacuum cleaning robot - the best money I have spent on anything in the house! So, I thought I was going to be suitably impressed. Sadly not to be. Easy enough to assembly and get running- good. But now we get to performance. Just like the previous reviewer it spends a lot of time going in reverse?? And while in reverse the vacuum is not on! Other issues:
- vacuum is not on all the time - never in reverse. Vacuum must operate by the forward motion of the wheels/track. Spends too much time in reverse.
- runs too fast. Does not pick up the leaves and small debris. It just pushes them aside.
- climbs walls ok. Then goes in reverse and vacuum stops, robot then just drops to the bottom of the pool to stir up the rubbish.
- the flapper wheel runs at that same speed as the wheels so does not brush the surface clean.
Generally disappointing. Picked up a handful of leaves in its cleaning cycle, but certainly did not clean the pool floor and walls of the leaves that were there.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018
Hi Phil. Sorry that you Unit has not performed as expected. May I ask if you have contacted our Customer Care team, or would like to be? Thanks.Hi. No I haven’t contacted the team, and sure, they can contact me anytime. CheersHi Phil. Can you please provide your Email address or Inobx us via Facebook so we can contact you asap, Thanks!

Adequate - no more

In my opinion:
Promotional material poor in explaining machine only works ONE set time pattern and cannot be set to only do pool floor. Instructions with machine are useless, a 5 year old could write better. Example
1. Says do not use extension lead; not many pools have a power point close enough that the supplied mains cable will reach.
2. Says when finished cleaning to get machine to climb side wall, then lift by handle. Of course machine is not controllable, so usually stops in middle of pool. Then you need to pull it to you by the floating power cord, which it tells you not to do.
3. I agree that the 100 micron filter that I purchased for an extra $79 makes no difference at all.
4. Beater bars do not always shift and lift the dirt, so machine passes over the top of some debris. Needs more robust beaters,
5. In fact no real instructions at all beyond "press button and red light comes on". No means to control the time it runs for. Nor any selection for floor only option (no sides cleaning).

So better than nothing, but for a major pool company a very disappointing offering. Could have done a lot better.

Date PurchasedJan 2018
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Hi Sheldrake, Sorry to hear that you are unhappy with the performance of your TX35. The TX35 is designed to be a simple to use robotic option with one button for ease of use. There are other larger models available with options to customise both the cleaning area and the cleaning duration. It sounds like you may have only received the Quick Start Guide and not the complete Owner's Manual in the carton. The complete manual is available on our website at https://www.zodiac.com.au/Content/cms/products/TX35/H0585900_REVA%20(1)%20Tornax%20Manuals.PDF. For any futher information, please contact apac.communications@zodiac.com.

Happy we purchased

Very easy to use, set and forget and no longer need to put the sock over the skimmer basket as this picks up all the fine stuff that used to go through the skimmer.
Would recommend this to anyone that has a smaller inground pool, recently had trees removed and this head the pool back to normal in no time at all.

Date PurchasedJan 2018
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Hi Steve, Thanks for the 5 star review. Happy Swimming!

Rather Disappointed

We were so looking forward to getting this cleaner but have found it to be rather disappointing. It spends more time going backwards in the pool and stirring up the dust than it does going forward. Unfortunately when it is reversing it is not sucking anything up so it just moves dirt and debris around without actually vacuuming it up. It tries to climb the walls backwards and then instead of moving forward in a straight line it rears up, pivots and almost tips over before dropping back down (and stirring up more dirt). After reading reviews we purchased the 100 micron filter owing to the fine dust we get in the pool but it doesn't seem to make much difference at all. It does pick up leaves and small bugs etc but overall it is nowhere near as good as we thought it would be.

Date PurchasedDec 2017
After having read a few more reviews and seeing that there are others having similar issues, which has elicited a response from Zodiac, now I'm even more unimpressed with the whole deal!!!!Hi Irene, Sorry that you are having issues with your Cleaner. May I ask if you have contacted Zodiac directly so we can fix this issue for you? Thanks.I contacted the business I purchased it from but they were little to no help. I found a contact number for Zodiac and left a message for a return phone call which i never received

Questions & Answers

Hi I have the Santorini fiberglass pool from Buccaneer pools (6m x 3.6m) 1.1m deep to 1.7m deep with a wide-entry circular steps and a long 6m bench. I was wondering if the TX35 is the best Zodiac cleaner for this type of pool. The cleaner needs to be able to clean the steps. Any advise would be appreciated.
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My TX35 climbs walls and gets onto steps/bench (I have a semicircular 2.5x1.5m bench/steps) but before I put it in I brush/swish any debris away from corners. NB the accessing of steps with TX35 is random and if you want to be sure steps are cleaned you need to upgrade to far more expensive programable/memory learning models. I have had mine for several months and don't recall steps/bench not being cleaned - not bad for under a $K. The shop I bought mine from offered a week free trial with their shop display model, no obligations.

Our unit goes on for 5 to 10 minutes then stops and needs to be restarted.. any guidance appreciated?
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Sorry have no idea I would just take it back as there must be a fault in it. This will be the last answer I will be giving unless I get some sort of incentive to do , they should have their own technical staff to answer problems with these cleanersI returned my for a refund and got something better - good luckHi DWD, Can you please call us on 1300 763 021, we can help you from there. Our Team will assist you. Thanks! Thank you Lincoln, Zodiac do have many Customer Care members and we help them from our Care Line. We do address these issues as much as possible online, however, we like to speak to our Customers in person to help them. This is a public forum and people like yourself can choose to help fellow members or else we will reply. Thanks.

I was looking at purchasing the Zodiac TX35 this week, after reading the below pros and cons, can anyone kindly give me some direction on a good (value for money, sweet spot) robotic cleaner please?
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Hey I've only had my TX35 for a month or so now but it seems to work really well clean all of the pool and about half the price of some of the other units, sometimes I will give it a second run just to get the odd leaf out that it may miss. over all good value for the price and it even scrubs the tiles at the water line ( use to have to do this myself by hand ) good luck with your choice.I returned mine because it could not collect silt and the like - it will collect leaves and nettles but no dirt and silt. This unit costs $1420.00, so very disappointed. I am about to purchase a different brand and have seen it clean my pool in half the time. It costs another $400.00 but it works very well. I just cannot recall the brand until I go to purchase it.I have been using my TX35 for a couple of months and I am happy with it. One of the con you read is that it will not climb the wall. First try it only climbed half way up the wall. The pool had not been cleaned for months and the wall s were grimy.By the end of the two hour cycle it was cleaning the water line without a miss. If you are having silt problems you have to buy the optional fine filter.I paid $960.00 for mine and the nearest equivalent was $1800.00. I am very happy with mine.

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