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Very bad quality and way to small

Today I received a charcoal ruffle sleeve sweater size XL as I ordered.
BUT: quality very cheap look and the size way to small to be XL. MAYBE a MD.
Not a happy at all.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Sizing Very small
Product Appearance As advertised

Great customer service

I have been buying items through Zulily for a number of years now. I love the variety of items and that it gives me access to fashion that would be difficult to source in Australia at usually very good prices. The few times that I have had issues, customer service have been in touch quickly and provided a resolution that exceeded my expectations. In fact, customer service is second to none across my extensive on-line shopping experience.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Product Appearance As advertised

Good company.

I really like ZULILY. Bought quite a bit from them. They are based in the United States. If you like UNIQUE things and clothes. They are great. From my dealings, they don't accept RETURNS. When you buy clothes etc. They are in US sizes. So be aware of that. They have a conversion table for sizes most of the time. There is a negative too. It usually takes awhile to arrive. At least a month. I am giving this advice as well. They have a amazing Christmas selection. My advice is to order it when you see it. Don't delay. Christmas sales are throughout the year.

A smooth easy transaction

First time buying from zulily ,Great products , tracking was easy to follow and accurate ,products were exactly as advertised. Great quality ,great packaging .i would definitely buy again from Zulily. One happy shopper

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Sizing True to size
Product Appearance As advertised

Help was only a phone call away

Zulily is an online shopping site that has one beautiful pieces to buy from clothing to shoes.I received a parcel the other day and the jewelry was missing.Unlike all other online sites I have used and had stock problems with; this site has a 1800 or 300 phone number.They were very polite and helped me immediately.No silly taking photos of parcels and being questioned about your honesty.Veryy happy and will stick with this site from now on.

Customer Service as it should always be!

Bought a few pairs of shoes and they all fit perfectly. Only one pair had a bit of a problem with one zipper. I have sent an email and got a reply within 3 hours. Unfortunately the boots were out of stock - so the lady gave me an immediate refund and 10$ store credit. Honestly - I am more than happy with my whole order and I will most certainly buy there again


I ordered three items as a present for my 5 year old granddaughter. Although two of the items were allegedly mailed to me, I never received them. The third item had not been posted and was no longer available for re-order. After phoning Zulily they immediately issued me not only with a full refund, but gave me a $20 credit towards my next order.

Untrustworthy company

I placed an item in the cart and continued shopping for a while. When I went back into the cart to make the payment I viewed the item again to make sure I chose the correct size. As soon as I entered the credit card details and paid I noticed the price of the item increased by $10. I emailed the company but was given a spill how customer service is very important to them but they didn’t correct the price and refused my request for a refund. Watch out this company is untrustworthy

Worst web shopping company ever!!!!!

Overcharged nearly 1 month to deliver, some items processed on order and charged for but not delivered and when I tried to review order it is empty even though I viewed it a few days ago. Ordered bib necklace but the opening wont even go past the front of the neck (I’m 12/14 size). It would probably fit a small child.... Worst company ever!!!!! Over charged and items left off the order. Total rip off!!!!!!
No invoice received - will be reporting company to fair trading.

Terrible experience with zulily.

My items where never deliver to me. After 1 month waiting I called them and told me they could not ship the products and they did not know when they were going to be able to do it. After 5 more calls nobody can give me an answer. I let them know that I still want the products and after another week they cancelled the order.
Never buy anything else from them. Terrible service!

Misleading promotions

I purchased, what I thought to be genuine Michael Kors sunglasses and when after 18 months they fell apart (literally the arm of the glasses fell off my ear), I took it to an eyewear store for repair. I was told, on the spot, the glasses were plastic, they were made in China and were compared to those you would purchase from a petrol station! They were not Michael Kors genuine glasses.
How humiliating and disgusting. I now question all the other 'designer' glasses I have purchased from this site.
So disappointing, with the response I got when I wrote to Zulily describing my purchase. It was a standard response that because I didn't raise the concerns within 14 days of purchasing, they couldn't refund my money. Sadly, they have missed the point, the secret is out, they sell copies in disguise!

I have been buying all different items from zulily for ages, all my items have arrived & the custome

Never had any problems, customer service was fantastic, clothing is always made really well. Never returned anything yet. Very happy with all the products

Beware you may never see your goods!

i didn’t get my goods ? lost in the mail, misdirected then expect extended delays. Zulilys standard response no action

No product issues except shipping

You have to be wise when buying online from Zulily because not all their products are cheap. Some of the products they are selling, you can easily get them in Kmart or Target which is more cheaper! Or you can go directly to the website of their sellers and compare prices! I would love to buy from Zulily mostly are outergarments. They are cheap and keeps us really warm and no issues with the sizes as well except for childrens clothing. I find it small sizes. I have purchased one set of bedding they are pretty cheap. The materials are thin but i dont really mind. I always suggest if you are planning to buy from Zulily, i always check the prices from local stores or ebay if you can buy them cheap or the same price. I hope zulily also stop using fastway and dhl as their courier. I always have issue with them. Either slow delivery or missing parcel!

Excellent so far

I have ordered 4 different shipments from zulily so far. I was sceptical of this website because of some reviews but everything has been perfect for me. Ready to ship items arrived within a week and items that needed longer to be procured arrived in around 15-20 days .1 item was found to be out of stock so i was refunded immediately and also given a credit on $10 for the inconvenience.I ordered 1 maternity bra, one maternity tunic and all others were baby/kids items.Except the maternity bra im really happy with the quality. The active nursing bra by the brand leading lady was very poor quality thin material.its advertised as for low impact excercising but its not even supportive for general wear- I wear it to sleep.

Overall it's been goodfor me!

I purchased on line, I wanted to add to my order straight after I'd placed it. I didn't want to be hit with another shipping fee! So I called, spoke to an American lady, which was nice-she was really polite, said it was too late...I was sus about that, yet the woman gave me free shipping for my next order-so I was really grateful.
They move their products really fast, so alot of people must be happy! I know my items will take weeks to deliver, I'm always a bit anxious with online shopping. Fingers crossed my next review will be positive. I just hope this helps witha few points I learnt. I contacted them@zulily Australia

Annoying you cant view website without signing up

I would like to browse the product however it's very annoying you can't do this without signing up as a member-sorry Zulily you've lost a potential customer.

No Show

Ordered items within weeks got partial refund without any explanation. Balance of order never turned up. Thanks to Paypal who refunded me for no show item.

Hit and Miss

Bought quite a number of items in my usual size. The products were shipped in three seperate lots. 2 arrived and 1 was lost in China somehow. Zulily were great at issuing an immediate refund for the missing items.
However, the clothes received ranged from too small, just right and too big. I wanted to send 4 items back. It’s really difficult to find the return instructions but eventually emailed. I identified my name, order number and the 4 items (description given to them included colour, brand and cut). Return email said they didn’t have my order details under the email given. I responded again with the same details and confirmed my email is true. They responded (a day later) with a return initiated and return instructions, but one of the items they identified was incorrect. I responded back, telling them so. (A day later) they respond. Instead of adding the missing item to the initial return they initiate a seperate return for that item. I go ahead and pay $13 at Aust. post to return the items not thinking too much about it, but discover 4 days later (just by chance, I clicked on something on my account) that each return has an $8.95 shipping and handling fee! This means they’ve slugged me with two fees and I’m being penalised for their stupid mistake.
I’ve since responded again and am asking for one fee to be waived since I clearly described the return as “2 boat neck tops by zenana, one blue and one green” not a blue boat neck top by Zenana and a green hoodie by Z Avenue. I’m still waiting for a response.

The whole process has taken weeks. Each email takes a day to respond, then they keep making mistakes which adds more days. I really wonder if they’re trying to stall and delay in the hope I’ll just give up. As I mentioned, finding the info to initiate a return is hard enough, I really think they’re trying to dodge returns.

I’m waiting to receive confirmation that my returns have arrived at their destination in NSW. I’m wondering if that will even go smoothly and I’m half expecting them to have a problem with it.

I’ve had good experiences with zulily in the past, but I really say be aware of what might happen. As soon as you want to return something, they are suddenly incompetent!

Actual items are different from those shown

I recently purchased 3 tops from Zulily. I’d read the (mostly negative) reviews, and knew that I was probably not going to be pleasantly surprised, but the tops were only $17 each, and would be suitable for lounging about the house. The reason I purchased 3 was to make the delivery fee worthwhile.
The items were described as being marked down from $75 - I took this with a grain of salt, and waited to receive my items. And waited. And waited. Approximately 6 weeks later the goods arrived. The colours were accurate. Everything else was not. The tops depicted in the photos had patch pockets on the front, a scooped neckline and was shaped between an A-line and a fit and flare. What I received had side pockets inset, a highish round neckline, and no shape.
I’m not disappointed, because my expectations were very low to start with, BUT I would never again purchase from a company who so wilfully misrepresents its merchandise.

Several months later and all tops have been consigned to the rag bag. One top pilled terribly after the first wash and was unwearable, the other 2 were only good for gardening.

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Questions & Answers

I am a size 12 in australia. What size would I order for Zulily clothing, mainly tops and tunics?
1 answer
Mandy definately XL as there 3 XL is equal to a 20 to 22 Australia sizing. Margret

Has anybody bought baby clothes from Zulily? If so, what is the quality like?
2 answers
Nope but take note of the brand which should give you a guide to quality. Most of Zulily's clothes are from overstocked suppliers but are still excellent quality.1. Was ordering an acrylic tray. 2. Filled in address+ tel no. 3. Asking for my banking details. 4 stopped there, because there was no final total price including GST, taxes, delivery??? For all I know, I could have ended up paying nearly double the price. Am in West Australia and find it irksome that a real person cannot be contacted to answer my questions. Anne.


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