Flavour: Gourmet Ready Chicken with Cheese & Parsley

Very sick dog from this

1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 20, 2018

I'm extreamly distressed seeing my dog vomiting and diarrhoea for days even blood in her stool ,with extreme stomach pains, I'm not sure why this food has upset her this time but I'm concerned that there is a bacteria issue with this batch of food, I have contacted the store where I purchased it, and a vet of course, I am hoping with all my heart my dog recovers from this, date on this batch is the 12/3/18 so it was still in date.

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4Legs Official

Hi Lea, we are deeply concerned to hear about your dog. We need investigate this incident immediately. We need to obtain some additional information from you in order to this. Could you please cont... read more »

Flavour: Lamb, Coconut & Vegies

Upset tummy no good!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 19, 2018

We normally give our 9 yr old Bulldog, VIP Chunkers and they had run out at store, so brought 4 pkts of "Natural- Lamb, coconut & vege, Beef, veg & Mac, Chick, veg & pasta, Kangaroo & Veg, NEVER AGAIN....
She had diarrhoea about 5 hours after eating, but I let her go for a few days thinking it was the change of food (as that happens), but everytime we gave it to her it was bad, and we live in a unit so it was not pretty, nor was the smelly fluffs.
Sorry not happy with this product!

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4Legs Official

Hi Old G, we are concerned to hear about your dog and we'd like to obtain some additional information so that we can investigate this case. Could you please email us at msupport@4Legs.com.au or giv... read more »

Flavour: Chicken with Vegies & Pasta

Never again

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 30, 2018

I have a female dog and 2 pups , i have been buying other rolls and they were eating them. Deciding to give them a change i grabbed two of your rolls and for the last week we have had them turn their nose up at it.

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4Legs Official

Hi Robyn, we're sorry to hear you've had this experience with our product. We'd be happy to offer you a refund. Please email Christine from our Customer Service Team at helpdesk@4legs.com.au Thanks... read more »

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Flavour: Chicken with Vegies & Rice

Not interested at all...

1 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 15, 2017

Our German Shepherd looks at the food and then walks away. If we add some cheese he will eat it, reluctantly.

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4Legs Official

Hi Frank, we're so sorry to hear your dog didn't enjoy his 4Legs! Sometimes it can take a dog a few days to adjust to a new food. If you are not totally satisfied with our product, please drop us a... read more »

Hi 4Legs Team, many thanks for taking the time to respond. I guess our dog just doesn't like smell or the fact that it seems to be a lot of rice and not much meat. Anyway, nothing to worry, there are plenty of other options around. :)

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Puppy Food - 3 Meats with Sweet Potato

Hi - I have a cavoodle who is 4 weeks pregnant and not wanting to eat much of anything - the only food I could get into her was cooked too burgers - which are low in calcium which is a concern for pregnant dogs - she actually enjoys eating your puppy food - has it got adequate calcium levels for pregnant and lactating?

Merilyn M asked on Feb 18, 2018

Answer this

Hi Merilyn, thanks for getting in contact. We have responded to your query in detail via your Facebook message. Here's a brief summary of the information Dr Felicity provided you with:
The energy requirements for a dog in the first 42 days of pregnancy is the same for an adult entire dog. For a 7kg cavoodle, this equates to 540kcal per day. (340g 4Legs Adult Chicken and Rice or 450g 4Legs Grain Free Puppy).
Energy requirements during the last 21 days of pregnancy typically increase by around 50%. For a 7kg cavoodle the energy requirement would increase to about 900kcal per day (560g 4Legs Adult Chicken and Rice or 760g 4Legs Grain Free Puppy).
We recommend either the Chicken and Rice or Puppy Grain Free varieties as they contain calcium levels that are moderate.
During lactation, a complete and balanced diet that provides energy is required. Calcium supplementation is not required unless there is a dietary deficiency. Feeding a good commercial diet that the mother finds highly palatable is essential. Puppy formulations are fine to use during lactation.
Melissa & the 4legs Family

Angus Beef & Vegies Roll

Is this suitable for puppies.

Kylie ann asked on Feb 12, 2018

Answer this

Hi Kylie Ann, thanks for getting in contact. We recommend using 4Legs Puppy variety and then introducing adult food (like the Angus Beef & Veggie Roll) once they have reached 80% of their adult weight.
Melissa & the 4Legs Family

Kangaroo Lite with Vegies

Does this food need to be cooked?

Jessica W asked on Jan 16, 2018

Answer this

No cooking required, its ready to serve straight from the pack.

Hi Jessica, our food is ready to serve right from the packet. Cheers, Melissa & the 4Legs Family

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