Flavour: Kangaroo Lite with Vegies


2 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 23, 2017

I fed five dogs some of the balls yesterday morning. By night one would not eat his dinner and is still off food and unwell today. Another vomited twice and another has diarrhea sadly. Two are fine. This happened once before with another dog who has since passed. I am wondering if it is the coconut.

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4Legs Official

Hi Sarns, we are really sorry to hear that your dogs are unwell. We would like to investigate further to get to the bottom of this. We would appreciate it if you could send your contact details to ... read more »

Claims of less water more meat simply aren't true

2 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 19, 2016

Something has changed in recent times....the 4 legs used to have more meat less water but the past 5 occasions I have bought the chicken pasta and vegie rolls they have been full of water and very 'spongy'.

Sad to see a good product ruined through cost savings (adding more water & less meat to recipe)

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4Legs Official

Good Afternoon Sandrita Thank you for your email, we are sorry you have had to experience this with our product and can confirm that we have been adjusting our process in order to perfect the text... read more »


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Chicken Pasta with Vegies Chub

2 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 01, 2014

Purchased Chicken Pasta & Vegies 1.7kg Chub from Coles Supermarket, I found that the green dye in the packaging has leached into the food, can anyone tell me if this is harmful to My Dog ?
Is it normal for this to happen with plastic wrapping.
She seems to like it but I have to cut away and dispose of Green Tinged section.

+ My Dog seems to like it but I have to cut the Green section away before giving it to her...

- Green tinge seemingly from plastic wrap leeched into product...use by date is 06 October 2014

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4Legs Official

Hi Barb45, The green tinge on the outside of the roll is actually very common and whilst in might appear to come from our packaging, we can assure that it doesn't. Our packaging is food safe and ... read more »

Thank you for your prompt response...will watch and observe my Dog.

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Puppy Food - 3 Meats with Sweet Potato

Hi - I have a cavoodle who is 4 weeks pregnant and not wanting to eat much of anything - the only food I could get into her was cooked too burgers - which are low in calcium which is a concern for pregnant dogs - she actually enjoys eating your puppy food - has it got adequate calcium levels for pregnant and lactating?

Merilyn M asked on Feb 18, 2018

Answer this

Hi Merilyn, thanks for getting in contact. We have responded to your query in detail via your Facebook message. Here's a brief summary of the information Dr Felicity provided you with:
The energy requirements for a dog in the first 42 days of pregnancy is the same for an adult entire dog. For a 7kg cavoodle, this equates to 540kcal per day. (340g 4Legs Adult Chicken and Rice or 450g 4Legs Grain Free Puppy).
Energy requirements during the last 21 days of pregnancy typically increase by around 50%. For a 7kg cavoodle the energy requirement would increase to about 900kcal per day (560g 4Legs Adult Chicken and Rice or 760g 4Legs Grain Free Puppy).
We recommend either the Chicken and Rice or Puppy Grain Free varieties as they contain calcium levels that are moderate.
During lactation, a complete and balanced diet that provides energy is required. Calcium supplementation is not required unless there is a dietary deficiency. Feeding a good commercial diet that the mother finds highly palatable is essential. Puppy formulations are fine to use during lactation.
Melissa & the 4legs Family

Angus Beef & Vegies Roll

Is this suitable for puppies.

Kylie ann asked on Feb 12, 2018

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Hi Kylie Ann, thanks for getting in contact. We recommend using 4Legs Puppy variety and then introducing adult food (like the Angus Beef & Veggie Roll) once they have reached 80% of their adult weight.
Melissa & the 4Legs Family

Kangaroo Lite with Vegies

Does this food need to be cooked?

Jessica W asked on Jan 16, 2018

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No cooking required, its ready to serve straight from the pack.

Hi Jessica, our food is ready to serve right from the packet. Cheers, Melissa & the 4Legs Family

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