Flavour: Chicken with Vegies & Rice


3 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 10, 2017

We have been looking after our Daughters pet Coco and she loves your product, so we tried some on our pet who is from the same litter as our daughters , he appeared to enjoy this so we purchased some to try on Webster so far he has had his meal last night and he ate it all.

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4Legs Official

Hi Les, thanks for your feedback. Glad to hear your dogs are enjoying their 4Legs so far!

Flavour: Kangaroo Lite with Vegies

my dogs cannot eat beef so you have a good selection they love it

3 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 17, 2017

the dogs love the rolls very much they have it every night and morning if my dogs could talk they would say its very nice

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4Legs Official

Thanks for your wonderful feedback!

Flavour: Puppy Food - 3 Meats with Sweet Potato

Good food but we have fussy eaters

3 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 03, 2017

Our dogs eat it and they are fussy eaters so its good to find things they eat and like it.

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Flavour: Chicken with Vegies & Pasta

Good dog food

3 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 22, 2017

This is a better supermarket bought brand. The chicken variety would be made better if it was made from free range chicken. The increase in price would be well worth paying for.

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4Legs Official

Thanks for your review, we'll keep your feedback in mind for future product development.

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Unfortunate outcome.

3 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 10, 2015

Although 4legs is a very good product and we'd fed it to our previous dog (a standard poodle), be very careful when giving it to any breed of dog prone to bolting its food. Our four year old boxer ate her dinner very quickly one night and the next day she required emergency surgery for a twisted bowel. She had not been able to digest her dinner and it had formed a mass in her stomach. Apart from her bowel twisting as she strained to go to the toilet parts of her stomach tore and the pieces of 4legs went everywhere. She developed septicaemia and she died a week later. Perhaps a warning on the packaging would be in order.

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4Legs Official

Dear Jules, we are extremely sorry and saddened to hear about your boxer and your review has lead us to do some extensive research into a twisted bowel and how it can occur. Please see more below ... read more »

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3 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 26, 2010

I wouldn't feed this as a meal, maybe mix in with other food. Its easy to store and serve but has a strong smell to it that tends to come out of the rear of my dog.

+ Easy meal for dogs

- gave my dogs the worst gas ever

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I found this convenient and supplied my dogs nutrition needs for our 16 year os red healer cross and a fussy tiny dog.

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Kangaroo Lite with Vegies

Hi we have been feeding our 4 year old staffy 4 legs for her hole life Just recently she has started vomiting when we feed her the kangaroo mix,any help would appreciate Thanks Eddy

Eddy asked on Dec 03, 2017

Answer this

Hi Eddy, we're so sorry to hear you've had this experience with our product! Please contact Christine in our Customer Service team (helpdesk@4legs.com.au) so that we can follow up and see if we can get to the bottom of this problem. Thanks again for getting in contact. Cheers, Melissa and the 4Legs Team

Can you please advise how I can get a free reusable lid or where I can buy one?

Gloria Jean asked on Nov 21, 2017

Answer this

Hi Gloria,
Thanks for getting in touch, I can send a free lid right away. Can you please contact me via our Help Desk at HELPDESK@4LEGS.COM.AU to let me know your postal address. You can get a free lid or cap anytime via our Help Desk or alternatively, you can register on our Website. Here is the link:http://4legs.com.au/free-tray-lid-or-roll-cap/
Whichever suits you best.
Cheers Christine & The 4Legs Team

Kangaroo Plus 5

How much calcium is in 4 Legs dog food?

Terry Porter asked on Nov 19, 2017

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