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Verified Purchase Construction End Date: Jan 2018

Beyond impressed

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 20, 2017

I went through the builders with a fine tooth comb. I came across 8homes and from the minute I was in the door there was no BS. No broken promises no lies and no false hope! Everything was out on the table and was all truth. They have made contact with me weekly/fortnightly even though my land was delayed 8 months!!! I cannot recommend this builder more. I would 1000% go with them again and again. The best experience Iv had so far:
Thank you 8homes

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Eight Homes Official

Hi Rachel, we really appreciate you taking the time to write this review. Very glad you're happy and we've met your expectations so far. Please get in touch if you require any assistance at all.


Verified Purchase Construction End Date: Apr 2018

perfect start

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 14, 2017

We drove through the estate today and found only 2 site fences up.These 2 belongs to EIGHT HOMES.We are very excited and happy to see the quick progress.I came to know through the estate face book groups that other builders still waiting for something.We are the first to start construction.well done and appreciate your effort.Construction is going as per plan and very happy about the progress

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Eight Homes Official

Hi Pravin, thanks for sharing! Glad to hear everything is on track and you're happy with your journey so far. Please get in touch if we can assist with anything else.


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Verified Purchase Construction End Date: Jan 2018

Very good so far..............

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 13, 2017

We would like to share our experience with Eight Homes so far. I will update this as we have just gone into construction phase. Over all, we have had a positive experience till now. The timeline is as below :

Sales quotation sign : End of March 2017
Color Selection : April 20th
Contract sign : May 16
Land settled : June 15
Building Permit : July 5
Site start : July 12

Sales stage : Sales consultant Maddy from Tarneit display was good. He was very knowledgeable, patient and willing to help. Maddy was very thorough and covered all the

Color selection and Pre-site : we have an excellent experience here. Our color consultant Jackie was excellent. Our Pre-site Administrator Nadia was simply great. Nadia was very prompt in communication and accommodate all our requests. Eight Homes is the first one in our land stage to be on site which is less then a month from the land settlement. Very impressive! Hope they will complete the construction nice and quick as well. Also, the amount did not change from sales quote to contract apart from our upgrade in color selection. This is great!

Pros : good design, excellent customer service so far, fixed price contract which did not change at contract signing, very accommodating with customers, quick to be onsite.

Cons : the only reason I did not give 5 star due to their Drafting team. They made few changes and deleted items from our selection but did not discuss with us. We had to pick this up while reading paperwork and question it. They should NOT assume that customer will be ok with the change rather discuss with customer with other options

I will update this review as we go into construction stage, which is the most important part. Please feel free to ask if you have any question. Overall, very happy for now :)

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Eight Homes Official

Hi Optimistic, thank you for sharing your experience with Eight Homes so far. We appreciate your feedback and will take your comments on board.

If there is anything we can help with in the meantime please don't hesitate to get in touch.



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Verified Purchase Construction End Date: Dec 2017

Had great expectations, Reality is different!

2 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 21, 2017

I wanted to write this review so people know what is to deal with Eight homes or Urbanedge group that’s seems to be the parent company.
Our journey started looking very good as the sales team in Mernda was very helpful and took their time to listen and find out what we wanted and to make everything “clear” before we moved to the next contract step.
Soon after we moved from sales to the office person our headaches started, looks like we got an inexperienced or lack of detail and care person as things started going downhill. So I will try to su
mmarise what has gone wrong:
- Appointment of building surveyor, here is where I should have turn around and go far, by law the builder cannot appoint a surveyor for you, but eight homes bypass this by just letting you know that they just work with group four surveyors so you have no option to choose a surveyor, as you already are in days to contract step, the only option is to hire other independent surveyor or inspector (wait…. the money you pay for the home is paying group four so you are paying double surveyor).
- In our sales step we choose a wide door 1020 without side glass, the contract had a 1020 door, but the office person made the wonderful decision that a 1020 door would not fit even the opening is like 1400. So she sends a variation to us with new drawings March 2017, we told her that we wanted a 1020 door and been charged for it. They say sorry it will get fixed. 3 weeks later materials arrived to site and guess what the “920” door showed with side glass. We advised them of the error and nothing was done, to the point that door got installed!!
- Framing came pretty quick, I said too quick as the work done was not very good and had errors (as per our friend surveyor). Group four did frame inspection and they suspended it as frame was not ready to pass inspection our was not even in an inspection state.
- Received a variation of our electrical selection saying they deleted the light above ensuite mirror as we have decided not to upgrade it. What? We selected that and got charged for it in the selection. We told them they made the mistake and we were told no problem is now back to normal. 3 months later I get another variation trying to charge again for the same item as still was not in the drawings that by executive decision this office person decide to remove. What a pain!
- We noticed that the drawings for the shower height and curtain were not as in contract in one of the variations sent to us (all by builder office errors). We were treated as we were the one making the mistake, and were told that’s the final correction I make for you. Really? We are not the ones doing the mistakes. But seems that our job is to supervise and correct their mistakes….I think I need to send them a bill for my drawing engineering services.
- On June 4 we send a picture of other wrong door being installed, the internal door to the garage was requested 2340 (approx.) But is a 2100 door, we still waiting 16 days after to hear if they were able to measure door and see the mistake….
Anyway eight homes continue the work without finishing framing….really not finish one step move to other, they moved to put roof tiles, doing the brick, electrical and plumbing around the home…without finishing frame!! I see it as a race to cover the errors and mistakes as fast as they can… name should be hide homes not eight homes….
There is frame errors that need fixing but not sure if they will fix as roof is already up….or as their building manager said “don’t worry we will solid fill that roof gap will not be noticed” as they have put one wall higher that the adjacent one so the ceiling plaster will have a gap to the support…. I want a straight and correct measurement job.
One day came to site t see how things were going and bricker was starting to brick wrong door around, told him that’s the wrong door! (yes 2 months later after we advised eight homes that was the wrong front door).

Other surprise we got was that we have “Whole house double glazing” in sales point price (provide double glazing to entire home), they advised us that the alfresco doors were not included and if we wanted double glazed ones will be extra, so we agreed to have also those doors double glazed. The contract say “provide double glazing to all windows and sliding entertaining door” but for our surprise went to site and found that the laundry door window is not double glazed, contacted office for clarification and they said “sorry that’s a hinged door” and we don’t offer double glaze on it as our supplier does not offer, you need to take care after handover” really??? They offer whole house but that does not include the window in the laundry door? So do 95% of house double glaze and think you pay and get 100% whole house double glaze? NO.

Have you notice that some builders in the display home the garage is locked? That bite us!! as you don’t usually pay too much detail to it….we just discover that ours will have no framing or plaster inside…..it will be just plain brick walls, we did not catch that and nobody mentioned, the drawings just shows a line….so we did not know until now….too late….I am trying to stay positive but they have use all the bricks with biggest white markings on the garage wall so I don’t think looks good.

In top to this, we discover that the slab on the garage was not straight so the bricker had to cut the brick in along the long side of brick to start the wall…..really a slim brick at bottom to put a full brick on top? Try building a lego wall with a small piece at bottom, what happens? But for them is ok, if want send me a private email and I can forward the pictures of the doggy work. I am at the point to file a dispute with Domestic building dispute resolution Victoria as they say is ok but our surveyor gave us standard definitions and is supposed to have a full brick. We are really concerned as this is one we noticed, how many was done like that as our ground floor wall is already up?
Other issue for us is that the site supervisor got fired or quit….don’t know, we hope our new site supervisor can get things corrected but feel the things will be hard to correct as too much been done and too many wrong things.
Also looks like their billing department has no clue what’s going on….they send me the framing step bill like 3 weeks ago and frame has not been finished or passed inspection…….
My wife has lost complete confidence in our dream first home, to the point she just wants it finish to sell it….she does not even want to go to site to see the home…..
Thanks for reading my review, will keep updating it….if have any questions please don’t hesitate to pm me.

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Eight Homes Official

Hi Doreenrunner, We're disappointed to read you feel we haven't met your expectations. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention and we'd like to look into this further. Can you please send... read more »

Verified Purchase Construction End Date: Jun 2018

Fantabulous Experience

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 20, 2017

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Eight Homes Official

Hi Sathish, Thanks very much for sharing your journey. We're delighted to read that our Sales Consultant has been instrumental in providing a seamless process throughout your journey. We thank y... read more »

Verified Purchase Construction End Date: Dec 2017

affordable homes without sacrifice

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 20, 2017

overall our sales process with 8 homes has been good, we did have some issues where things we asked for in the initial quote were not actually added meaning we had to add them at the colors stage making the price a lot high than we thought as we anticipated those item were already added. That aside everything else has been fantastic and overall we are very pleased and looking forward to starting the actual build

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Eight Homes Official

Hi C Mckillop, Thanks very much for taking the time to review Eight Homes. We are continuously looking to improve our overall experience and we appreciate your honest review. Thank you for the k... read more »

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Verified Purchase Construction End Date: May 2017

Could be better, could be worse

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 16, 2017

I can’t seem to edit my initial review so have deleted and reposted with the original text included.

Review updated for JUNE 2017 (3 stars):
We are now almost a month past the contracted finish date and still not yet at lock up stage. Frame problems that caused the long delay to begin with were never fixed and have now been bricked over, which will now require the bricks to be removed, for the frame to be brought up to code (a first floor frame wall and bricks are not connected at all), so I don't see lock up happening anytime soon.

e the staff at Eight homes are lovely, a fair few of their contractors appear to do a very basic job with not much adherence to basic building practices, they don't come back to fix their mistakes. We get fobbed off with the line "you're in safe hands" by the site administrator whose fortnightly build updates are often incorrect (we drive by the build every week). She is polite and professional but never seems to have the correct info, which doesn't help me trust in their processes.

While not completely terrible (I think most volume builders would have similar issues) I would not recommend this company to build your home, they are slow to build, slow to respond and it's disappointing. I don't feel confident that Eight homes is going to build us a house that meets Australian building standards.

Further review/updates will follow, hopefully with a positive outcome.

Review from OCTOBER 2016 (4 stars):
Building starts Monday so we can only comment on the pre-build process so far:

Initially the sales rep at the display village was great, answering all of our questions, and helping pick a floor plan that would suit our family. We were very excited! Unfortunately for us he was slightly lazy when it came to adding all our requirements to the sales quote -- for several of them, he told us they'd be added at our contract appointment. We didn't question this (having not built before), but on the day of our contract appointment our Eight Homes customer service officer was very surprised to see us come in with a long list of upgrades and not be in a position to sign the final contract as we didn't know what the final price would be.

Luckily the Customer Service Officer took on the job of the sales rep too: she addressed all the final changes and (at our insistence for them not to be a added as post-contract variations) worked to get us new, complete contract and plans. We appreciated the effort she put in and felt 100% comfortable signing that final contact when it was ready a week or so later.

It's been a long wait for our land to title (nothing to do with the builders at all), and in that time our customer service officer has been great, checking in with us every couple of weeks, talking to the developers to see how the land was progressing, and providing updates on any products that changed during our wait.

Since the land settled everything has moved really quickly. Eight Homes have been amazingly quick at sorting out the required permits and engineering reports, and they start building in a couple of days. That's only a week and a half from when the land titled! We are super impressed and can't wait to report back on the next stage.

This review would be 5 stars if is wasn't for the initial sales rep not doing his job and causing a huge amount of stress, to the point where we were ready to walk away completely. Luckily the customer service officer has made up for the sale reps failings, and hopefully the service we receive from our site supervisor and construction coordinator continues to meet that same high standard.

We will update the review and rating once the building progresses.

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Eight Homes Official

Hi my42cents,

We're disappointed to read your review. As mentioned previously, can you please send your full name and contact details to enquiry@8homes.com.au and we'll happily look into this for you.

Kind regards,

Thanks Bec, we spoke with customer service today who are looking into it, as we never heard back from our site supivisor or administrator. Hopefully I can update (or rewrite as there is no edit option) with a positive outcome.

An update: we are now another month along and no further ahead. Construction Manager thought everything could be fixed in a week, 4 weeks later we had a re-inspection and almost nothing was fixed... read more »

Verified Purchase Construction End Date: Dec 2017

With 8Homes you can't go wrong!!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 16, 2017

We are building our second property at Kingsleigh Estate at Werribee. Being on tight budget for this investment property we decided to build with 8 Homes purely based on fact that the building cost worked out to be $10K cheaper than other reputed builders for similar home size with way less inclusions.

We are so impressed with the product and service we have received for the competitive price as compared to other builders. 8Homes has maintained highest level of professional service that many builders fail to provide that too at very reasonab
le building cost.

Our first experience ever with a builder (Mimosa Homes), when we built our family home, wasn't up to mark.
On this occasion, we had short listed Henley and 8Homes and I am glad we chose to go ahead with 8Homes. Being experienced with building companies I know first hand how bad some of the builders are in communication. There are no hidden surprises, unprofessional staff and Sales consultants who rush you to sign the contract.

With 8Homes we get updates every fortnight. Our construction service consultant Telisha responds to promptly which gives us confidence that we will be looked after.

I would definitely build with 8Homes again and recommend them with 5 STARS in exceptional customer service.

** House is at frame stage at the moment and hoping to have it completed by Christmas by looks of it. Will provide a followup as soon as we have the keys. I am confident build will be as good as their service is.**

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Eight Homes Official

Hi Harminder S, Thank you for taking the time to review Eight Homes. We are pleased to hear you've had a positive building journey so far and we thank you for choosing us to build your investment ... read more »

Verified Purchase Construction End Date: Nov 2018

Excellent experience during sales and colour consultation

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 16, 2017

We are first time home buyers and we had just completed our colour selection a couple of days ago. Our colour consultant Jackie is excellent and provided a very positive and professional service. She knew her work very well and provided us with very good guidance and ideas when we were stuck. The whole process was smooth from start to finish and we enjoyed the experience. Megan our sales consultant , was very helpful too. She is patient with our queries and similarly gave good advice on the items that we needed to fit our budget. We are waiting for our land to title next year and cant wait for build to start and the home to be ready.

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Eight Homes Official

Hi Ashraf, Thanks very much for sharing your journey with us and congratulations on building your first home. We're thrilled to hear you've had a positive experience with Eight Homes. We're confid... read more »

Verified Purchase Construction End Date: Dec 2018

Fantastic Experience

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 13, 2017

As first home buyers, the prospect of choosing a house and land is a daunting one. Our sales consultant Caitlin John has been an absolute pleasure to deal with and made our lives much easier. Dealing with Caitlin and Eight Homes has been very easy and not a complicated process at all. Very straight forward, knowledgeable and given enough information without being overwhelming. Would absolutely recommend to anyone thinking of building.

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Eight Homes Official

Hi Tess, Thanks very much for the wonderful review and congratulations on building your first home! We're delighted to read your journey has been a pleasant experience and we're confident the gre... read more »

Verified Purchase Construction End Date: Jun 2017

Excellent- couldn't have asked for anything better

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 10, 2017

What an amazing company to build with, right from the sales consultant, to the site manage and customer service team. They have gone above and beyond to build our home. Nothing seems to much trouble. Always kept in the loop as to what stage your home is at be it by phone or email.
I would highly recommend Eight homes to anyone who is thinking of building.

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Eight Homes Official

Hi Naomi, Thank you for the fantastic review. We are extremely pleased to read that your entire building journey has been a positive experience. We're really excited to continue this journey wi... read more »

Verified Purchase Construction End Date: Aug 2018

Fantastic Experience So Far.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 09, 2017

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Eight Homes Official

Hi A.M, Thank you for sharing your journey and congratulations on building your first home! We're thrilled to read your experience with Eight Homes has been a seamless process and we look forward... read more »

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Can I please ask what is the direct email address of 8 home's complain department? I sent a complain letter to 8 home customer service but I also would like to make sure complain will be seen and issues can be addressed ASAP. The staff who responsible my job is not reliable and trust able at all. Not replying your email, not follow up for your requesting, ignore your question, arguing with you, lying, never does what she promise or does it in other way. It just too frustrating. I need someone can help me with this situation.

Tintin asked on Jul 19, 2017

Answer this

Hi Tintin, there is no detail for any complain contract detail on their website. They have a customer service officer Bec who monitor this site so you should get a reply soon. If you have sent a letter already, I will suggest to give 48 hours to action otherwise write up a review here detailing the issue. I think they dont like negetive review online and will act on your concern pretty quick. Hope things gets addressed with you promtly. All the best.

Hi Tintin,
We have received your letter and our Customer Service team leader will be in touch with you today to go over your concerns.

Any customer feedback can be send to info@urbanedgebg.com.au


I can't find any info about energy ratings , water proofing of wet areas ect ect . I really like eight homes, but just curious were they stand compared to other bulk builders? There's isn't much info on the web site . Thank you , Kelly

Kelly asked on Jun 12, 2017

Answer this

Hi Kelly, our energy rating was done very well, the consultants walked us through all of that and did a great job, and the water proofing etc all was done very professionally but team at eight are very helpful and I'm sure they would be more than happy to answer your questions.

Hi Kelly,

Thank you for your enquiry. As Naomi mentioned, we can organise a walk through or alternatively you can send your contact details to enquiry@8homes.com.au and we'll be sure to contact you with further information.

Kind regards,

Thank you both

Hi all, im looking at a floor plan with a base price of 200k, im wondering how much extra people spend once you include all the extras??

TimmyS asked on Jun 02, 2017

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My base price was 180k, spent an extra 30-40k. Everything included except need to landscape and fence.

my base price was $191k including alfresco. then another $58k which includes site cost, developer requirement, lifestyle pack ($11k) and gold pack upgrade ($16k). we have everything included except fencing and landscaping.

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