Faulty product

3 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 20, 2018

Stirling designer collection kettle lasted 10 days.The lid on the product stopped opening when pressing down on button.Problem always when hot and half opens when cold.

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Aldi's Gluten Free Cheese Rings Has No brand - great flavor but.....

2 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 18, 2018

I really loved these Cheese rings which are so much nicer than Cheezels (which have become so salty, dry and really tasteless) until I read the nutritional info on the packet and discovered these cheese rings contain approx. 40g of FAT per 100g of product!!

To give you an idea of how overloaded with fat these things are, Kettle brand chips have just 28g of fat per 100g!!

As much as I enjoy eating these things, if the fat content doesn't come down, then these G/F cheese rings will disappear from my spontaneous shopping list when they are made available.

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 17, 2018

Just saying a big thank you to ALDI Coolangatta, it is not often that you are treated with respect and did not have to explain and prove that the goods you are returning are faulty. the management and staff excepted my explanation and immediately exchanged the product.there are not many companies in Australia that LISTEN and Care. Good on you ALDI

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Vegan Products

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 16, 2018

Love the vegan products, all very tasty especially Yoconut frozen dessert. Bakery goods always fresh. I buy most of my groceries at Aldi, like the quality and prices.

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great store

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 15, 2018

I love Aldi. It is easy to get around and with limited choices in number of products make it quick and easy to do the shopping. It is better to try the products yourself. 98% our family like only really tinned sopaghetti and baked beans they don't like as much. Their electricla products when they have them are very good and last just as long as any other brands I have bought. I love the fact they have preservative and colour free products.....and when they have their gluten free things available I stock up. They have a fairly good supply of GF products daily anyway and the new bread recipe is amazing....size and texture of other bread and stays fresh out of the freezer for a few days.
If they have a great weekly special get there early as I find they only usually have a few of those available.
Staff at the Rowville store are very friendly and helpful.

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Tastes bitter, not sweet.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 14, 2018

Just wanted to say that Aldi's 'Asia Specialties- Kecap Manis soy sauce' tastes rather bitter instead of sweet. When I first put it on my tongue, it started out tasting sweet, but ended up having a bitter after taste. Other supermarket brands tasted so much better on my Dim Sims.

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Disgusting eye fillet steak

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 11, 2018

The $20/kg Jindurra eye fillet sounded too good to be true. It is terrible. Ended up in the dog bowls.

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Great for what they have

3 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 10, 2018

Love Aldi's special buys many of my favorite kitchen asppliances are from Aldi our coffee pod machine for example lasted at least 8 years of daily use before finnaly needing replacement. The selection of food items is rather limited especially as somone who tries to eat clean and avoids gluten but the few foods I do buy at Aldi are great. I love thier organic pasta sauce with basil and thier grass fed mince for the perfect bolognaise.

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Customer phone service

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 10, 2018

Your customer phone service 132534 leaves a lot to be desired. The lady was polite but after 20 mins on the phone I was left none the wiser as to the availability of Chicken Pad Thai in your Kilburn Aldi (South Australia) store. Totally useless and time wasting. To be asked what the postcode of where the store was located indicated inefficiency of your part. How the heck am I supposed to know Adelaide's postcodes. I had given the lady all the address details I knew but she just didnt get it I guess. Anyway, back to the product availability, like I said I was none the wiser at the end of enduring 20 mins of her saying "thankyou and I am checking now, will just be a sec". Your call centre staff in the Philippines needs re training as my experience today was absolutely horrible.
AND another thing, why when paying cash your receipt doesnt show how much change is given.... ie my bill today came to $31.30 and I handed over a $50 note. Nowhere on the receipt does it show the change due. That also need addressing ALDI.

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Terrible Aldi frozen chicken tenders

2 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 07, 2018

Lost track of how many times we have bought the Aldi frozen chicken tenders as they were the best on the market with actual chicken tenders used and the perfect crust. There was nothing processed about them! So disappointed as the last time we bought them the chicken is now mashed and really processed and the crumb just falls off, so just like any other terrible frozen tender!

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wonderful service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 07, 2018

The manager went out of his way to get another window cleaner in when mine was faulty. Fruit and veg always fresh and well priced. The staff are very friendly and helpful. Definitely, recommend this store.

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Horrible check out

2 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 07, 2018

Staff is not efficient. Check out happens in a rush way that customers don't find any time to check the prices on the screen or the receipt.
I have been charged twice once I bought only one. Went back and without any apology, had to stand again in a long queue to get my refund.

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Aldi's Misleading and Deceptive Practices - Changing products and retaining product name & packaging

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 06, 2018

Just spoke to Aldi Customer Service as I have noticed that the quality in the Aldi brand shampoo and condition 'Protane' has become watery and no longer works. Was informed that the original contract supplier has finished and the new contract only supplies 3 types (no longer the 'smooth and shine'). This is deceptive practices as a consumer we should be advised when the supplier, product changes so we can make informed choices. Changes also noted in their coffee (size and quality).. Hope when Costco comes they will do a better job, until then I will return to the major brands at least then I know what I am getting for my money.

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2nd worst product sold by Aldi

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 05, 2018

We purchased a Aldi Stirling Coffee Machine in 2017, has had only limited use as in 1 per day only, until the other day it stopped working in a big way with an internal haemorrhage.

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ALDI please don't humiliate your customers

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 04, 2018

We usually do our weekly shopping at ALDI. But recently they started checking my handbag at the checkout which made me so embarrassed and offensive in front of others. Today the cashier didn't even make a friendly request to check the bag. We will not shop at aldi ever again.

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Bad for Bad service

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 03, 2018

Last Saturday we did our weekly shopping at Aldi in Wodonga. When checking out we noticed that the pumpkin was rotten so I went to change this. All remaining pumpkins in the bin, 4, were also rotten. I brought this to the attention of the staff member who said he would get some more, out of the 5 new ones 3 were rotten.

When unpacking at home we discovered that 2 out of 5 apples were also bad. Add to this the 4 pack of yoghurts were split and the contents were leaking into the fridge. All up we had to toss about 8 to 10 per cent in value.
Aldi, being very secretive on how you can contact them, I managed to short-circuit this, sent them an email and received a phone call telling me they would advise the store manager and he would be in contact with me. The silence has been deafening. Adli slogan good different sure is true.

At the time of writing, on this site Aldi had 284 excellent reviews and 375 Terrible reviews, they now have 376. Aldi just does not care, they do not make comment on bad reviews and expect the customer to return the faulty goods back to the store, very inconvenient when you like 30 km from the nearest store.

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So disappointing

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 02, 2018

Every time I seem to find something our family really likes to eat it disappears from the shelves never to be found again so sad at least with other food chains you can always get want you want.
Each time we buy electrical goods they are great till they about 2 or 3 months out of warranty then they pack up and can't be fixed I am really getting over aldi don't think I will bother shopping there any more.

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Best supermarket in Australia

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 01, 2018

I love Aldi. Great prices and often has interesting new products to try. I always get the brochure to see what specials are coming and have bought quite a few bargains. I like the quick checkout and I can take my time packing the way I want. I love the bring your own bag policy they have always had - or purchase a forever bag for a small amount. Produce plastic bags are bio-degradable. The staff at my local Miami store are always friendly and helpful.

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1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 31, 2018

avoid this brand, this stuff is disgusting
will be taking it back to ALDI for a full refund, this is the sort of product you would eat if you HAD to to stave off starvation but to pay actual money for it??? i would compare the entire FARMWOOD brand products to having to drink your own urine to survive, but they want money for it? yeah right.

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Not always reliable

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 31, 2018

I bought Elmsbury 24 pack sausage rolls but the first 3 I cooked they smelt like liver however they they say part of the filling is good quality beef mince, however like McDonalds the 100% ground beef contains veins arteries etc etc finely minced. So I will be returning them. Beef can actually mean any part of the animal.

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Questions & Answers

Hi, Has anyone purchased the acacia wood daybed from Aldi before? Happy with your purchase? Thanks.

Jimmyloco asked on Aug 15, 2018

Answer this

Ni I havnt sorry.

No, but others have and said it was crap. Buy real furniture not Chinese matchstick rubbish.

Just bought one and it doesn't fold out to the bed position, just the seat. Tried pulling the section out but it's either glued or screwed in.

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Quality of aldi towels?

Gillr asked on Aug 12, 2018

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Depends if you are asking about the $6 towels or the $14, $18 or $20 towels.
As for the $6 towels, they are about the same as you would get in BigW and usually lose colour, fluff etc. and fall to bits in about 12 months. You get what you pay for.

Is it just me or is Aldi attracting a BOGAN bunch of dummies that have nothing better to do than make false complaints on any website they can find ?.

Boris Yasminsky asked on Jul 04, 2018

Answer this

Possibly. I can't fault Aldi for service, price and guarantees

Thanks for your reply Patch.

You're right Boris !. Dummies galore and they cant spell either.

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