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Can't live without the Aldi Tuna

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 24, 2018

Variety of products, also good price in general, but some products have a huge diference of price comparated with another supermarkets.

Also, the lines are very quick

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I just don’t like you

2 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 23, 2018

The “always stocked” item was not on the shelf. Trying to find someone to ask was impossible. Finally at the checkout I asked (after having waited for some time) only to be told he had no idea and then having to go to another checkout to get my question answered. “No maybe tomorrow”. Tomorrow ain’t no good to me. I fail to understand why people buy fruit and vegetables from ALDI. Their prices are always much more expensive than other stores and the quality is not as good. The service is non existent, charged for credit card usage, queues are long (minimal number of checkouts at this store), staff including the store manager lack people skills. Only two items at ALDI make me go back grudgingly and when one of them is not there, you can imagine how I feel.

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Poor management of the tills

2 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 23, 2018

I was always told the sale was not made until the money was in the till. Aldi go out of their way to annoy their customers by opening and closing tills continuously causing large lines and congestion. We will visit purely for the specials otherwise give them a wide berth!

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Great groceries bewsre of the specials

4 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 22, 2018

I am a bid Aldi fan.. only a few isles and few profucts to compare prices are good , but beware many of the specials are cheap just stick to the food and youll be fine

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Staff could'nt care less!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 22, 2018

Bought 2 bottles of 2 litres of A2 milk, with an expiry date of 15 days, Curdled 10 days before expiry. Bought another bottle of 2 litres, again same thing. Tried speaking to one of the staff members, trying to understand what is happening, brushed it away like nothing. V disappointed, never going back again to Aldi. They are definitely changing a lot of things for their benefit in their favour.

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Disaster churros

2 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 21, 2018

When I went to make the churros i put them in the oven and started to melt the chocolate. They actually hardened and by the time the churros were done I had nothing to eat then with. I set them aside while I tied to get the chocolate to melt but by the time I decided to give up on it the churros became chewy and unbeatable. Very disappointed.

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The best supermarket in the world

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 20, 2018

Aldi has amazing products at even more incredible prices. Their fruit, vegetables and meat is so fresh and such good quality. They sell everything such as ski gear, furniture, clothing, luggage, excercise equipment and cooking utensils. They sell evrything at family friendly budget prices. #notsponsered #iwish

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Miners Rest, Victoria

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Cheap but could be better

3 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 18, 2018

After moving back to Australia from NZ I have to say that ALDI is a breath of fresh air with prices much cheaper compared to other Australian retailers and NZ. Their products I have to say are a pleasant surprise as although they are cheaper the quality in most cases is exceptional such as Spaghetti, Chicken Biscuit Dip and their Coffee Machine and pods. Only complaint are their stores hours could and should be longer and they seriously need more staff as there is always a very long line up at the check out and customer service in store is poor. Could improve in this regard.

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Sprinters chips downsize

3 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 16, 2018

Disappointed to see Aldi downsized their sprinters chips. I thought they would do better than the other supermarkets but they're doing the same!

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Service and bagging area (no area)is terrible

1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 14, 2018

The service is trash they sit down and are not helpful. Also there is no bagging area to put food down

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Make like you care

2 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 13, 2018

Let me help you with your ratings. I love this store.....except for a bit of hurry at the register. It's just about your attitude. I go to the trouble of sending you feedback and no response.......twice. Like I said, your Parmesan is going mouldy and your bakers paper containers fall apart. Otherwise just work on your communication skills and sorting problems and I might keep raving about you. We need you to stick it to Wollies.

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Needs taste

2 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 12, 2018

Tried the sausage rolls and microwavable ones. Hate to say but there's no flavor to them. I can make better myself as I'm sure even the ones on my kitchen rules could. Please taste before sending out. All I could taste was the pastry. Very disappointed. Even my mum hated them and she wouldn't have them again.

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There's dumpling you should know...

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 12, 2018

I love Aldi. I shop there whenever I can and love their products. Recently I bought Urban Eats "Chinese Style Pork Dumplings" from Aldi. It was a disappointing experience as they are very bland. They are quite literally an unsalted wheat case stuffed with pork - no coriander, seasonings or dressings. I would not recommend this product to anyone to buy.
I really do love Aldi and more importantly DUMPLINGS which is why I'm writing this - I don't want anyone being disappointed!

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2 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 10, 2018

My husband and I visited ALDI Bunbury yesterday. Although I'm impressed with the cheap products I was very disappointed by the rude, unfriendly male check out operator who served us. It doesn't take a lot to be friendly and respectful to people.

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Aldi- West End, Queensland, Out-of-stock most of the times

1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 09, 2018

I am a local living in West End 4101, Queensland. At West End Aldi store, most of the times, daily essentials like bananas, yogurts (specially organic ones), bread, eggs, veggies and numerous others items are out of stock. This means either the manager doesn't know to handle the ordering or they are simply careless. Most of the staff is just talking around and doing nothing. Some shelves and racks were not cleaned regularly. They are just destroying their own shop.

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Just Get Those Old Records Off The Shelf

4 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 09, 2018

Bought this 3 or so months ago. It's purpose is to convert vinyl and cassette recordings into MP3s. Plug in a USB.stick and you can transfer the output to a computer, MP3 player or use the USB in your car. Price was $70, substantially competitive in comparison to similar products. Manufactured in Germany. Good quality, good output.

What can I say? It does what it's supposed to do and is compatible with a variety of speakers. Have even run it through my guitar amp. Love it. Go through your 'oldies' collection and hear them digitally remastered. The results will surprise you.

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Normally a good experience

4 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 07, 2018

Special buys: The rotating range of specials often have items I'm interested in. Check with other stores though, as the recent Dyson sale wasn't worth the effort (for $50 more you could get a brand new (vs. Aldi's refurbished) vacuum from BigW that was at least 1 model newer).
Fruit, veggies, bread: Aldi tries not to have bread or much produce left over at the end of the day (they get new stock each morning), which means that they occasionally run out of items later in the day.
Tills: If you're prepared and pack the belt effectively, keeping up with the cashier and packing goods into your trolley isn't that hard. Don't try to pack as they scan, it's just stressful and all you do is save yourself a minute or two whilst wasting the time of everyone waiting behind you.
Range: They generally only have one brand for each item, so if they run out of stock there aren't any alternatives to choose from. This isn't common though.

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Aldi NOT Disability Friendly- Tolerance and support not existent to the point of being hostile

2 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 06, 2018

I have had 2 bad experiences now shopping at Aldi in North Altona Melbourne.
I have a disability, I use a walking stick to assist my mobility and balance, so really operate one handed with support of stick or Counter.
1. All Trolleys very heavy, awkward and very deep, no choice for lighter loads
2, Sloping footpath to Disabled Carpark and car park- if you lost control heavy awkward trolley it would fly down to hit cars below and shopping gone.
First time experience not long after Aldi opened - I had a large shop of awesome products, got to counter and asked if I could have help to the disabled bay in front of the shop. Explained trolley heavy and awkward, especially loaded. I was refused help as told that Aldi do not allow it. This surprised me as with local Woolworths and Coles there is no issue and staff friendly and kind. They watch me struggle trying carry bags one by one to car, until another customer helped me. Decided never to shop Aldi again.
Todays experience- Relented and tried again. Small shop today as I knew there would be no help with a large heavy load to the car. When reached the Cashier who was a Deputy Manager, he became frustrated as I placed items awkwardly one handed, into a bag in the trolley. He asked just to put items straight into trolley and then re pack them it at front which would have meant difficult double handling. I said I couldn't do that, it was to hard for me, I was on a stick and only one handed. He did not accept this and asked me move along again and said this is how Aldi operates. It would not have speed things up very much, maybe 45 seconds or as I can really only use one hand and need counter to balance.

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Generally a good experience, but Erskine Park Branch needs to be sorted out

1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 06, 2018

Was an Aldi fan until yesterday. I test most of their electronics and find it usually of good quality though not the cheapest on the market. Very rarely have i had to take a product back. (maybe 2 in the last 8 years). Even now it is not the product I am complaining about but the service at a particular branch. I find that in most branches they are very friendly and efficient.

On 24/1/18 I was around that area for a match and while waiting, I went over to the Erskine Park Aldi to do a bit of shopping. I found an item which was clearly labelled with a price and bought it along with a load of other things.

I usually do not check the bill, but when i got home, I did, and found that they had overcharged me by over 50% for that item. The Erskine Park Aldi is a bit out of my way, but on 3/2/2018 I went back to the same branch to get this corrected.

I asked about the policy online which said they gave the first item free if the price was wrong - though i did expect them to wriggle out of it - but my first whinge is about the way they did it. The attendant one over from the one who was attending to me shouted out, rather rudely, and loud enough for the whole store to hear, that the wrong price rule was only for "everyday items" and not "special" items. I pointed out this was not on special (like what they have on Saturdays or Wednesdays catalogues) and how that affects anything but doubt she heard me over her own voice. Anyway I was ok to get the difference refunded and walk out with that day's purchases and the item I brought back and put it behind me.

There was no apology for the mistake, despite me having to drive from Penrith to rectify their error, nor to meet what they said on their website or explain their position in a polite manner. When I got home, I checked the bill for the refund and the transactions for that day, and, surprise surprise, found two more mistakes! They had even overcharged me again on the same item when they did a refund and were trying to correct it.
I will not go to this store again and would recommend anyone going there to check your bills for mistakes before you leave the store. For a major supermarket the service level is far below par for what we get at Aldi stores elsewhere.

Having said that, I shop at ALDI a lot, not for groceries, but for their Wednesday and Saturday catalogue and the items are at a good price-point for the quality they offer. This complaint is only for the Erskine Park Branch where I have had this negative experience and not an indictment on the service elsewhere, where it has generally been very good. But after this experience, I am rethinking that strategy and will rest from Aldi, at least for the next few months.

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Wow manager wow

1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 05, 2018

This is about how the manger spoke to her staff member in front of customers and didn’t even care how she acted or what she said .
The lovely girl was being harassed by an idiot male customer he was rude so 3 people in front of me let’s his wife go ahead of them as he was being rude to the sweet girl at liquor register ... mean while she pages for help and another staff member came out & asked why she had pages some one else . He reply was the other peroson would only do... job. Clearly this person thought she was far to important to serve. Then a few &’only a few minutes later she was relived, but the way she spoke to the ladies in front of me and the staff member says she did have time to sweet and nice she the manager and she was very serious ... even with her action it was shocking we all looked at each other with amazement ... wow how rude is your manager at thins branch she need to go through her management training a training course again.
Now it’s my turned to be served and I said the young girl you keep up your lovely bubbly self that I hear s little earlier not let that bother you, your doing great.
Never would I ever act or speak to my staff and customers that way ever( I’m a sales manager for top company ) there’s a time and place for that behaviour ...

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lost the product cd key maginon dvd maker wondering where to get one?

Gwen F asked on Feb 11, 2018

I have the Aldi three drawer cabinet (lowboy). The runners are all broken but we can’t find replacement runners to match the Aldi ones? Where can I get these please?

Tamara E asked on Feb 06, 2018

Answer this

Speak to your local store about it or head office.I don`t work for them.

Like everything made in China, fix it yourself or put it on the nature strip and order your kerbside clean up

I purchased a sohl toilet storage caddy a week ago only to find it stunk through the whole house! The product is releasing toxic fumes. Making us physically unwell. Can't live with it in the house. Only after 1 day, we moved it to the back yard, under percola to air out. 1 week later still smells. If I hadn't ensembled the item I would of asked for a refund. What can I do about this stinky caddy? Please help

smelly toitet caddy asked on Jan 16, 2018

Answer this

Call the manufacturer/distributer (enclosed booklet etc) of the Product here in Australia - just like you would do with any product purchased at any store elsewhere.
Aldi is only the retailer.

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