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Unsatisfactory End Product, Refusal to Rectify Defects, Extreme Use of Profanity Against Me

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 16, 2018

This is my experience with All Hills Fencing. I would not recommend them to anyone based on the service received.

We enlisted All Hills Fencing a few years ago to install a sliding gate for us. Despite a conversation between myself and the owner, confirming the work to be completed, the job was not done according to our wishes. Tradespeople were not punctual, the project manager was non contactable. Our gate was supposed to be powder-coated, surrounding concrete would be replaced with a new strip that was level and a suitable lock would be provided. What we ended up with was not even close. They expected us to pay extra to fix the defects. Our complaint fell on deaf ears. We were given a $200 discount to go away.

As time went on, everything started falling apart. The concrete completely disintegrated, the lock seized up, paint continued to peel off, the gate constantly came off the track and filled up with water when it rained. After two years of putting up with it we’d had enough. I contacted the office and made a formal complaint. No response. Had to threaten legal action.

Magically the owner called me up. After a lengthy phone call, the owner was supposed to call me to organise a suitable time. Instead he blew off me for me 3 months sending an occasional email blaming the weather.

In the meantime, a member of my family went into hospital with a serious health issue. AHF made no attempts to contact me during this time. When the family member was finally able to come home, I contacted AHF again and was told that ill health in my family wasn’t a good enough reason not to get back to them (they were supposed to be calling me).

The owner refused to return our calls, emails or stick to his promises. The one time he did call us, we were sworn at continuously for simply exercising our rights as consumers to get what we paid for. AHF was given multiple opportunities. They thought paying us $400 would make us go away.

We ended up going to the Tribunal. They made orders against All Hills Fencing to powder coat the gate, fix the drainage issues, fit a new handle and install a suitable lock. We asked if the sliding track could also be replaced at our cost since the old one was full of rust. They tried to rip us over $200 for a piece of track that cost $90

Work stalled. No response from the owner. Sent a text message. The owner then called me and I had to endure 10 minutes of relentless profanity. Never in any of my dealings with this company was I disrespectful nor did I resort to profanity to try and make my point. I was told in no uncertain terms by the owner exactly what I could do with my gate.

The powder coating on the gate was terrible. I Had to fit the handle myself. The lock is a D-Latch which has been installed so close to the gate that you can’t fit a padlock through it to lock it. The job remains unfinished and never will be finished.

I regret ever contacting All Hills Fencing to begin this project. I was treated like an animal, not like a person. As a consumer when you purchase a service or product from a company you expect to receive what is promised. In this case, the service provided by All Hills Fencing fell more than short of what is acceptable. I have now had to spend more money to pay another company to complete the remainder of this project.

I wish I could post pictures along with this review as they show the poor workmanship but unfortunately there is no facility to do this. Please, to anyone who is potentially looking for a fencing or gate project, do not use this company. I have full written correspondence of my experience with this company along with an audio recording of the conversation in which the owner used more than excessive profanity towards me. I would be happy to provide anyone with this documentation if required to do so for the purposes of verifying the validity of the information supplied.

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Great job!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 11, 2018

Just had our back fence replaced by All Hills Fencing. Very professional and great finished product. Reasonably priced. Verry happy. I would recommend them. Ray.

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