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Very happy with service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 04, 2018

Paid a little extra over the summer holidays but you would expect that and they were still cheaper than the larger rental companies.
Wayne and his team at the Hendra site did a fantastic job making me and my two small children feel like a valued customer.
Highly recommended and can't fault my experience.
Keep up the good work.

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NEVER hiring through this money grabbing outfit again!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 05, 2017

Booked a ute only to get there at noon and be told they're all gone and then get talked into hiring a different and more expensive vehicle for a one day BUT I'll have to have it back to them by 7.30am the next morning...that's not even a full days hire. They were unwilling to budge on the hireage price. They were awful to deal with from the get go. Even the fat dude there wouldn't acknowledge my presence until he'd finished stuffing his face and this is at the front desk! Still waiting for my $300 bond pre-auth on my Visa to be released too and this is 11 days later!

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Very unpleasant experience, totally unprofessional

1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 04, 2017

I booked a luxury convertible through Expedia and took the unlimited KM option, when I went to take the car I was told there is a KM200 limit per day. I then showed the representative the Expedia booking and he very reluctantly agreed to give me the KM200 free per day but said there is a KM250 restriction on where I can go with the car and then asked where I will be going with the car in a very Rude and arrogant way, never have I been asked where am I going with the car, further more I was over charged an Admin fee which once I contacted Expedia they immediately reimbursed me for and apologised for there Vendors unprofessional conduct.

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Just another bad experience

2 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 01, 2017

So we decided to use Andy's auto to hire a truck to help move into our new home, nice web site very clear easy to use, proceed with booking, no problems at a competitive price-well... so we thought
Then we received a call later that day to be told we could not have our requested booking times. explained to the guy, we booked the truck to pick up Friday afternoon and drop off Saturday afternoon only to be told the pick up and drop off times are from morning to morning, advised we don't want to keep the truck overnight again the guy said there is no other option. reminded the staff member that we booked using YOUR online booking schedule.
Not fully understanding as it's THEIR booking system we were using, questioned the staff member how come YOUR booking system does not apply for my booking ?? The guy was unable to Clearly explain why so dribbled some excuses that did not make sense. at this stage the staff member was becoming short and blunt
Still needing the truck we decided to change our plans and go with the morning to morning drop off
Then when confirming the price it was $100 more than what was confirmed on THEIR web site....again questioned why the difference? Again dribbled out some excuses how it's a Saturday and these trucks are high demand dribble dribble .....
Advised that's fine if that's the case most online bookings make that adjustment to prices, the staff member not understanding our frustration
said we charge more because we can, supply and demand you know!

At the end of the day we cancelled the booking and booked at the original quoted price with a competitor across the road, I gave two stars because of their easy to use web site but that doesn't really do much

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Very disappointing, not recommended

1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 31, 2017

I had requested a specific truck ,booked it one week in advance they told me yes will make sure you get it just to make me book, wen I showed up to pick up was a totally different story, they turned around and keep saying we cant guaranteed a specific truck, however they gave me the truck with the expectation to bring it back clean and with a full tank, car was a mess inside the previous people who hired the care had pets and you not allowed to by they standard policy, when I complained about it the excuse was they only have 10 min to turn around the truck.

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Easy to access and do business with

4 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 14, 2017

No real dramas. Gave them a call because I needed a ute in a hurry next day to go to the dump and move some stuff. Went around, brand new ute, guy takes photos and does the standard swipe of the credit card. Take the ute back full of fuel and quick wipe over of the dash and floor. Out comes the lady ticks it all off and on my merry way

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Have some leniency and compassion!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 07, 2017

I will NEVER use your company again. I could not recommend you to one single person on good faith. We borrowed our truck at 3.30pm on Thursday afternoon. We're informed it needed to be returned by 7.30am the next day. Completed a 4broom move overnight. No sleep. Went to return the truck when my dog was hit by a car. I have evidence (vet bills) to prove this, and this has cost me hundreds alone.. i contacted your company and said i could return it by 10 am but was told regardless that i would be required to pay an additional $158 for an extra day. I spent the whole night up moving so i didn't require extra costs and couldn't even have a little compassion from your company. I have previously used other hire companies and found them very understanding of life mishaps. Will never use your company again. EVER.

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Avoid at all costs

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 09, 2017

Booking was easy. Don't do it!
My customer service experience was appalling.
Without getting into a long story this is the mini version.
I received a faulty key which broke on the second day of hire.
The company claims it was my fault (in handbag entire time of 1.5 days LOL)
So of course no refund of hire and they are being kind not to charge me the 300 excess.
Had to get an Uber home that night and back to them the next day to return the key with no apology just blaming me for breaking what was a faulty key. Avoid at all costs !
Will never use gain or recommend this company.

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Verified Customer

Great service recieved

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 03, 2017

I was skeptical about these guys after seeing these reviews but was left with no choice after not being able to get the car I wanted with anyone else to cart around a but load of BMX's.

I was pleasantly surprised though after dealing with them and have no dramas throwing 5 stars their way for my experience. They arranged after hours collection of the car and were open on a public holiday when I returned it. There were no hassles, extra fees or any crap at all it was just a surprisingly smooth process and I recommend them to anyone as an alternative to the bigger companies.

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"Questioning an honest blokes word"

1 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 12, 2017

"Questioning an honest blokes word"
Quick recap of my experience at Hendra AARs.

Called up Monday morning, [name removed] answered the phone and sorted it all out professionally and respectfully. - very happy
Came to pick it up with my father, I presume it was the same guy [name removed] that went through all the instructions and protocols - awesome! He took photos of everything - very reassuring! The truck was fine, 88kms and no problems.

Then continued the strenuous process of moving houses. - still no dramas, excellent.

Proceed to Nudge fuel station to fill truck up full and clean the truck out as to return it how we got it - check.

Got back to Andys auto rentals at Hendra after an exhausting day moving.
**this is where it snowballs downhill for them**
The employee, her name escapes me, proceeded to tell us that the fuels not full. Fair statement. My father, proceeds to tell them that it was filled right to the brim. The employee without hesitation denies this. Well, yeah ok fair statement.
I patiently just let her, the employee, know that we just paid $138.00 for the truck + deposit of $100, did well under the 200kms per day of free kms, cleaned it completely and had it back on time before the agreement after filling it up at the service station and then I proceeded to ask her, "why would we cheap you out of a little fuel, $5 or so?"
A question that was answered with, "it's 10 litres under full". My father then mention he filled it up until the fuel trigger stopped, and then a little more (as he does in his 4wd) until a little Diesel sported out.

Then a lady with two cute kids by her side behind us proceeds to tell my father and I, filling a car is like filling a beer. I wish I had it on video! An obvious affiliation with the company, an owner perhaps with the audacity she possessed to make that comment.
This is where patients runs thin. My father and myself, honest customers, are treated like dirt.
My father was tired, exhausted and didn't have time for these little games and payed the $2.50/Disiel.
If we had the time to take a video and record their complete and utter incompetence in destroying their company name... as had happened recently with Thrifity (same situation however he took them to a fuel station to prove his case) but who has the time? They knew this. After a long day we are not gonna backtrack down to the servo to spill more fuel out of the truck.

It's not the cash that bothers myself, it's the principle.
Would I tell fair trading QLD? No, as there is no prove on my behalf. My review on this site and others is enough. An honest word spread is more then adequate.
Perhaps a one off incident, the possibility is slim after reading the other reviews.


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Definitely watch out for fuel scam!!

2 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 13, 2016

We used a total of $15 in fuel as we were on a barge for most of the trip, gauge showed not quite full when we collected van, which was duly noted on paper, we topped it up on way back and it wouldn't show as full on fuel gauge, but they've billed us $10 anyway, absolutely disgusted, and they weren't even open on time at 7am on a Sunday, couldn't be bothered to open gates until almost 7.30, very rude staff member, it's not the money, but the principle of the matter, we would never recommend this company at Loganholme, or use them again.

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Great service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 21, 2016

Had a big move on requiring a lot of planning due to having to arrange travel over to Macleay Island The guys at Andy's, Logan were so flexible and helpful by working in with my needs. Sue was great taking Me through what to expect and the man who I did not get a name in the office sat down with Me and went through step by step of what to do and expect. Well done guys. Will be back.
yours Neil Rogers

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Waited at Hendra office for 1.5 HOURS!! WAYNE'S response was 'don't role your eyes at my missy'

1 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 30, 2016

We went to hire a ute and got to Andy's at 9am. I signed two forms and paid the $80 for four hour rental, then the internet went down. We still had one form to sign and could not leave. AFTER 1.5 HOURS OF WAITING, I asked WAYNE who worked there if there were any forms anywhere in the office that he had printed off. That's when WAYNE lashed out. He said 'don't role your eyes at me missy' and did not apologise for making us wait 1.5 hours on a big day of work. Couldn't believe how rude he was!!!

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Gold Coast

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Not one of the reputable players. Be careful of these guys!

2 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 13, 2015

It's the hidden costs that mark Andy's out as being another Gold Coast tourist gouge (even though I believe they are based in Logan).
The base car rate really doesn't exist. Andy's $29 cars aren't really $29, and there really doesn't appear to be anything in the fleet that is. (And, that kind of questionable advertising practise really went out in the 1980's).
There is no option other than to take out the base insurance - it's not quoted, but it added automatically. The insurance doesn't really cover anything, so it really is a bump to the base rate. Your $29 per day car is now closer to $55 per day.
There is a penalty of $300 charged for first time hirers. What does it cover? Who knows. But, they hang on to it for a week (presumably to make money out of it) and then you may or may not get some of it back.
The cars are tired, with high kilometres on them, and not in very good condition. They do a superficial walk around with you to check for damage, but you need to be keeping your own records or you may be charged for all manner of repairs.
They may or may not work when you get to your destination. Mine certainly didn't, and Andy's may charge a penalty for calling out roadside assistance. Fortunately, I didn't need the car again, and got it back to the depot with minimum penalty (it autolocked for some reason, and the immobiliser wouldn't release the engine.)
In fact, Andy's charge a penalty for almost everything you can imagine.
My best advice, stick to the big three (Avis, Thrifty, Budget). They all offer cars at around the $50 mark, and they are in better condition.
If you must hire a cheapy? You would almost be better off buying one and reselling it.

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Watch out for their little fuel scam!

3 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 30, 2015

We hired a 9T Pantec truck and my husband returned it with no further damage and he filled the tank at the service station down the road. He actually filled it to the point of the bowser pump clicking off 3 times, but apparently when he returned it the employee told him it wasn't full and that we were to be charged for the additional fuel. My husband advised the man that he had filled it as much as it would allow before the safety shut-off triggered and was then told "diesel fuel froths up" and was promptly charged $50 extra! My husband has experience driving HR trucks so when he says he filled the tank, I believe him. It is always a rude shock to be charged more than you had planned/ budgeted for and leaves a bad taste in the mouth!

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Best rental car experience I have had

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 19, 2015

I recently rented a Prado. The car was ready when I arrived, and spotlessly clean. I used it to tow a caravan and it ran beautifully. The staff were fast and friendly, but the thing that impressed me was how transparent and easy everything was. There were no tricky upgrades for insurance, there was no surcharge for tolls, there were no bogus claims for damage (both parties noted small pre existing damage prior to rental), They glanced at the fuel gauge upon my return and did not question whether it could fit more fuel in. I have encountered these problems intermittently with other car rental companies, especially the insurance upgrades.
All in all a good experience and I highly recommend them.

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A car rental place with heart

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 07, 2015

The Staff at Andy's were on the ball and very helpful with regards to the original booking. Their customer service was impeccable right through the hire period. We had to put our vehicle into the Panel Beaters for a few days or so we thought and rented a small Toyota Corolla for 5 days. All was fine till the repairers rang and said they will need the car longer as the bull bar had to be replaced and the new one had to be polished. So to make a long story shorter we had this little Corolla for just on three weeks and were helped by a discount of the rental fee as we were up in the air to when our vehicle was to be returned. Andy's give us a reduced rate and insurance which helped us a lot. The car they gave us ran like a clock for the time we had it, and the service during this time was fantastic as they tailored they hire time and rate to suit our inconvenience. I could only give this company a 5 Star rating and recommend them to everyone.

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Good service but website isnt reliable

4 out of 5, reviewed on May 06, 2015

I hired a truck recently to help someone move some furniture out of storage. The guys were very helpful and explained everything clearly. They swiped my visa debit twice - once for the cost of the rental and the second was for the ($300) which they reverse if you return the vehicle clean and with a full tank. They explained the truck must be clean on return yet when I got home I found several empty Maccas wrappers and Starbucks plastic cups in it. A minor thing really but other than that I found their service to be very good. I normally use a differant company for hiring but they had no trucks available on the weekend I required it, Andys is close by so I tried them. I would recommend them but dont rely on their website which told me no trucks available but when I rang them to ask if one would be available at any point over that weekend they had 4!

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Poor Customer Service

1 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 10, 2014

One of the most unpleasant experiences I have ever had dealing with a company.
Started off by booking an 8 seater van over the Internet, including insurance waiver for approx $120 for a day.
Turned up to pick up the van and was informed there was a $300 bond as I was a first time renter. This would be held for up to 7 days and then released. If there was any damage it would be taken out of this $300 and the balance returned at the same time (salient point here).
Then I was expected to sign a blank credit card slip (not even a date or description.
Unfortunately we had a puncture whilst we had the van. The tyre was not repairable and I was informed it would cost $175. I was told if I had taken out GOLD cover tyre and windscreen damage would have been covered (GOLD cover was never offered at any time)
I find today they have taken the $175 ON TOP of the $300. The bank informs me this is standard practice (not what was told to me by Andy's Rentals).
To compensate me for the poor experience they provided they magnanimously offered me a 10% discount on my next hire.

Not a hope in the world would I ever deal with them again!!!

- bad customer experience

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Questions & Answers

Does anyone who has rented a truck with a hydraulic lift on the back know how to get it down as they did not give us a remote or tell us how to use it. Really stuck now !

Chris asked on Dec 04, 2017