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Not interested

2 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 05, 2018

I recently saw that I was charged around 300.00 per year for this card. When I asked if they could do better since I was a long standing customer, they were not interested. So card cancelled and I can get the same at CBA for 50.00. And I get more points for dollars spent. So ANZ lift your game.

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Disgusting customer service

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 11, 2017

My card is up for renewal fee.
I called ANZ and was put to the cancellation team!! I never asked to cancel just consider reduce or waive the renewal fee. The lady on the phone was extremely rude and was hoping i actually cancel the card!!
Disgusting customer service....hope these jobs go offshore and teach them a lesson how to "retain customers".

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Travel Claim Took Too Long

1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 29, 2015

I travelled overseas in June and had a fall on a cruise ship, dislocating my shoulder. After going onshore to Juneau Hospital for treatment I was left with a bill for $3,842.27. I contacted the insurance and was told to keep all receipts and lodge a claim on my return to Australia. Once home I downloaded all the necessary forms from QBE and the checklist with all required supporting documents and submitted my claim in August and informed them that I was still waiting for some outstanding receipts from the hospital but would forward credit card receipts and the actual copies of outstanding receipts as I received them. The claim went on for weeks and there was no correspondence from them, then finally I was told that I had to provide more details and evidence of my trip. This should have all been requested on the initial claim. So the claim gets stalled again. When you submit anything the company does not contact you to let you know that anything has been received so when you wait and you do not hear anything and eventually follow up with emails you get told that it will be 10 days before anyone can get back to you. Eventually they paid the initial part of my claim but the remaining $1,104 was still outstanding. Again I submitted credit card receipts and a further receipt from the Hospital, as I received them, on 3/10/2015. I heard nothing from QBE so sent an email on 20/10/2015 and again on 23/10/2015 and received no response. Finally I called them 29/10/15 to be told that the payment went in to my bank account yesterday and again no one contacted me. So a warning to travellers, if you pay your travel medical expenses on your ANZ Platinum Credit Card, be prepared to carry the expense for several months and don't expect to be contacted and informed by QBE on any of your queries regarding your claim. What it has cost me to carry this expense on my credit card for several months, it would have been cheaper to get separate travel insurance elsewhere.

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QBE Travel insurance

3 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 08, 2013

I've had the Platinum card for many years now and haven't had any problems with it. I recently tried an overseas trip just using the free QBE Travel insurance offered if you spend a minimum of $250 towards the costs of your trip (flights etc...) instead of purchasing regular travel insurance (we usually buy either RACV or Covermore).

Of course the one time we didn't purchase travel insurance was the one time something happened. I developed an infected finger which involved multiple trips to the doctor for injections and tablets and even day surgery to drain out the infection which was very costly. I called QBE while overseas who informed me they would cover everything as long as I kept all receipts and got a medical certificate explaining everything.

When I returned I used the online claim system and entered all the information in however after I submitted it I didn't receive any confirmation. I called and was told to wait a few days. After a few days I called again and for whatever reason it did not work and I lost all of the information that was entered and had to complete a paper version and scan and email in which was highly annoying. It takes 10 working days for them to process so the clock was reset from the time I reapplied. After 10 days I received an email asking for another document which meant another 10 days processing time. Finally after another 10 days I was contacted and informed I would be paid minus the $250 excess fee.

Apart from the delays and the error with the online system it wasn't too difficult to get paid. Although it can be difficult getting through to them on the phone.

+ Free (as long as you spend min $250 towards the cost of your trip)

- Online system error and time taken to review

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We also had a claim which took awhile to be paid and it was suggested my husbands" Stroke" was pre existing . After a lot of back and forward to our doctor and ANZ doctors it was paid minus about ... read more »

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4 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 02, 2012

Expensive for a platinum card (St George only $89 and 13.25%) however, Qantas points are included. Insurance cover is second to none and is better than some coverage offered by insuarance companies. Bonus partners are somewhat limited but still handy. Qantas points are capped at $1=1 point up to $2500 per month, $2 = 1 point $2501 - $10000 per month. 0 points above $10 000 per month. Pity that the excellent car rental protection is extra - it should be included like the Gold Card. Hope youre listening ANZ. ANZ customer serivce is exceptional. Refreshing to speak to a local person who knows what they are doing. Priority service is also a godsend. ANZ Monitor suspect transaction. I was booking travel with and as I was transacting, ANZ called me to verify the transaction. Impressive stuff. Platinum concierge, Restaurants and travel of questionable value. Most savvy travellers can look after themselves. THe "deals"dont seem that special either. EG; Airfrance to Paris in business is quoted at the same rate as a booking with If you dont want the points - get the basic Gold card. Its the best in the market.

+ Travel insurance included, Optional car rental insurance, Frequent flyer points, Prestige image of Platinum card, Visa global acceptance, CHIP technology essential for use in Europe and UK, Extended warranty cover, automatic points transfer to Qantas

- High APR (19%), High annual fee ($200) Exrtra for car rental cover ($24pa) Points capped same as Gold card, useless concierge serivce (use google and get a better deal),

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Not covered for cancelled trip

3 out of 5, reviewed on May 10, 2012

Booked an adventure trip overseas - 14 days. The purpose of the holiday.
Booked another two weeks around the adventure trip - flights, hotels etc

The adventure trip was cancelled so no point in all the surounding bookings. Flights to and from etc. Had to cancel everything. Got lots of refunds but a number of things are " no refund on cancellation".

ANZ Platinum Visa Insurance advised they will not cover this situation unless the adventure trip was cancelled due to mechanical failure of a vessel, bankrupcy etc.

+ Cheap and reads well

- Clearly the fine print is not clear

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 29, 2012

We were lucky to have originally taken out a basic ANZ frequent flyer card several years ago when the annual fee was fairly low, and then get offered a free upgrade to the Platinum card by ANZ, so our annual fee is still much lower than that for new customers, making this quite worth-while for us to continue using the card. Having the travel insurance included in the program is great, as we often travel overseas and it's nice to not have that extra expense.

+ The fact that I can earn Qantas Frequent Flyer points by simply paying for everything with my credit card. Great travel insurance is included as part of the rewards program, plus several other little extras.

- Nothing really!

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4 out of 5, reviewed on May 27, 2010

I opened this card to make business purchases & make the card work in my favour for points. So far after 18 months I am quite impressed with the points structure & the extras that are offered. Compared to other cards this one seems quite practicle and value for money.

I have always found ANZ uncomplicated, as in there are many branches, the internet banking site is easy to navigate and their statements can be sent weekly if required and are well laid out.

+ Fees reasonable if card used and paid off regularly
Great bonus structures
Longer warranties on some products purchased on card

- The fees (but that would apply anywhere!)

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I have an ANZ platinum card but ANZ frequent flyer platinum card member. Is the membership free?

Imelda Magers asked on Jan 07, 2012

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Yes! You just need to register on their website and they will post you a membership card. Too easy..

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