The AusClimate Supreme All Seasons 50L WDH-060DA has been replaced by the newer Ausclimate NWT Supreme All Seasons 50L WDH-070EBP model.

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Dry home!!!!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 13, 2016

This dehumidifier is excellent. We have been having huge amounts of rain with excessive humidity. We couldn't sleep, work or play but as soon as the dehumidifier arrived and we plugged it in our lives began to get better. Every day we have seen the amount of moisture in the air disappear. It is fantastic! Our home is dry, we haven't used the aircon as much and would recommend this product to you. Russell was true to his word about everything he had told us and the delivery time was just a couple of days, as we are in regional QLD. Overall an awesome service.

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Fantastic product - everything they said it would be

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 16, 2015

I am very happy with the NWT Supreme Home Dehumidifier WDH-060DA I purchased in March this year. The helpful advice and friendly service that I received when I contacted AusClimate as well as the good product reviews helped me decide to purchase this model.

I live on the Sunshine Coast so we do get a lot of rain. We used to have mould on the walls in all rooms in our house with three of the bedrooms being the worst. Mould even grew on the inside of the glass in photo frames and on the windows. The plastic vacuum bags for storing clothing and linen were covered in mould and I had to replace them often. At least once a week I would have to demould our shower and shower screen, sometimes every few days. The carpet smelt mouldy as did our fabric covered lounge suite. If ever we went on holidays the whole house smelt of mould when we came home.

Since purchasing the dehumidifier in March we have had new carpet laid and bought a new lounge suite - no mould on either of them despite heavy rains. No more mould on the walls and recently after a two and a half week holiday the house did not smell of mould when we arrived home. When it rains the humidity in our house can be up to 84%. I turn the humidifier on in each of the bedrooms and generally empty out at least 18 litres of water over a three day period with the humidity reduced to 50-55%. I tip the water on my pot plants so they are flourishing. Our house is a much healthier and nicer place to live. Thank you AusClimate!

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Great solution

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 21, 2015

We had to replace our old de-humidifier in an archival situation where humidity always needs to be watched carefully, especially in our Queensland summers. We were recommended to contact AusClimate. Russell suggested several models but eventually we chose this one because it had plenty of power and was selling at a good price. Information and advice was sound and freely given, delivery and installation was done promptly and it is doing the job extremely well in conjunction with the air con in keeping the room at a constant humidity and temp. We can recommend AusClimate for good service and good products.

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Fantastic Product, Incredible Customer Service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 02, 2014

After reading a number of reviews on this website, my husband and I decided to purchase a WDH-060DA Dehumidifier from Ausclimate. We ordered online through their website. We were amazed to receive a phone call from [name removed], the co-founder of the company, within minutes of ordering, who very kindly explained the capabilities of that particular model and that he was happy to provide assistance in the future, should we need it. The customer service is very impressive, to say the least! We live in Darwin, it's building up to the Wet Season, the dehumidifier arrived today, free delivery by courier, fantastic price. In two hours the relative humidity of our living area has gone from a sticky 85% to a more comfortable 45% I would not hesitate in recommending Ausclimate to anyone.
Thank you [name removed]! We are looking forward to meeting you when you are in Darwin next year.

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