Verified Customer Construction End Date: Dec 2018

Top notch!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 14, 2018

Initially the design process was very smooth with great advice and a personalized approach. Pre start and selections wer smoothly handled with expert and honest advice. Once the building process commenced he's progressed quickly and efficiently. Some minor frustrations at times with communication, however site was maintained to an impeccable standard throughout and everything progressed on track with what was agreed upon. Very minimal amount of issues at PCI and clear that the workmanship and build quality of the property was exceptional.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Dec 2018

Wonderful house building experience as a first home buyer.

4 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 13, 2018

As a first home buyer, we were quite anxious going into this as we had no clue about construction and building a home. B1 was wonderful at answering all our questions and concerns. Also, we were amazed at how fast everything was built and the quality is above expectations! If we had to point out one issue is that pre-start could have been more informative. As a first home buyer, there were a few things we would have changed had it been highlighted. But at the same time, there were many good recommendations. Given the chance to do it all again we would definitely go with B1 Homes. A big thank you to the team Stacey, Pam, Jessica Matt and Gav!

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Dec 2018

B1homes-Best building company ever

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 10, 2018

Very well managed build. We are extremely happy with the workmanship of the build. It's definitely built to the best quality. It's just perfect. Excellent communication throughout the whole building process. Never dreamed of owning a home like what we built for a low cost. B1homes has made that possible and we are extremely grateful for it. B1 homes have really put our best interest first and made this whole process comfortable and easy. I just want to thank the team at B1homes for their excellent service.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Sep 2018

Amazing build, amazing customer service!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 07, 2018

Everything about our build experience was bang on point! From the initial sale and budget estimate, to the pre-start selection process, to the actual finished product, B1 delivered everything they said they would, exceptionally!! The whole team (Stacy, Pam, Matt) are not only knowledgeable but go well above & beyond to help/advise when needed. B1 will definitely be our first choice when we build our next home.
Thanks so much B1.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Nov 2018

Overall a Good Experience

4 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 05, 2018

1. We found that B1 homes offers exceptional designs compared to the average market. The interior design was good with a good use of space and maximum allowed zero lot boundary walls.
2. Harry (marketing) spent so much time explaining the building process and driving us around showing many display properties, which was really appreciated. We did have experience with some other companies where the marketing team wouldn’t even bother getting out of the office.
3. We found the built quality is good (however should wait for a couple of months to further observe) but and again the exterior design for that price looks very good. I can easily say that our property stands out of the neighbouring houses which are also brand new.
4. The selection range for the house inclusions was reasonable.
5. A knowledgeable site supervisor,
Things to improve:
1. The construction was delayed by 3 weeks (however we built in a rainy season) and the construction kick off was also delayed more than what we expected (However we also had a planning application in place awaiting council approval).
2. Didn’t meet the site supervisor to the last minute (flooring and tilling stage).
3. The costumer liaison person (Wanda) was not responsive at all, I was disappointed to the point that we got a new team member Jessica helping us and she was terrific, with a very prompt response time. We had a problem with the garage door and she followed up and arrange it to be fixed the next day.
4. Some miss communications between the main office and the site supervisor.
5. Scheduling department had confusions with what was included in the package post and prior prestart. So, I would say the communication between different departments has a good room for improvement.
6. Inclusions and exclusions (Vos) were a bit more expensive compared to the other companies, but I found it justifiable considering the built quality is good. But overall not just with B1 homes, I would highly recommend not to change anything after the construction commenced unless they can Not be changed in future.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Nov 2018

14 Weeks from Slab Down to PCI - Fantastic

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 23, 2018

During our early engagement with B1 Homes, we found the Sales Reps to be extremely driven and passionate about providing us with our first family home on an awkward sized block. We had clear specifications and I personally felt that we were fairly demanding in our needs. Our budget wasn't the largest but the Rep made it all possible by staying persistent and professional. She delivered exactly what we asked for, within budget.

Things took a slight u-turn during our planning phase post pre-start. We had issues with the council in relation to parking and at this particular moment, we felt that B1 could have argued our case a little better with the Shire as opposed to always adhering to their demands. We felt frustrated that B1's Shire Liaison didn't have our best interests at the forefront of her requests and simply followed a process. We engaged the land owner at this point as we were close to throwing in the towel. Eventually between all parties involved, we came up with a feasible proposal which thankfully got approval. We were back on track.

Once our slab was poured, it was all systems go. As we lived close by to our build, we visited site almost daily. To our amazement, we watched the build unfold before our eyes and at a pace we didn't believe was possible. The Site Supervisor was clearly well organised and there wasn't a day that passed when something hadn't changed. Having worked in construction for 16 years myself, I was always assuming that I would be picking fault with trades and finishes. In reality, I hardly had to mention anything. A couple of snagging bits here or there in relation to painting was all I had to bring to their attention, and once I had sent through requests, almost the next day things had been rectified. We are very impressed with the quality of finishes considering our budget and finishes like tiling in my opinion, are stand out. Everyone who has seen them say exactly the same.

In summary, I would recommend B1 Homes to anyone. I believe that they are the best project Builder in their category in Perth.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Oct 2018

Good build

3 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 18, 2018

The final build by B1 was great. We are very happy with our home. Turned out even better than we expected. No issues with the workers on site, they were all professional & fast working. The completed build happened a lot sooner than expected. Extremely happy so far.
However, we did have several major issues with some of the office staff from start to finish.
There was a huge lack of communication & extreme rudeness from the construction office staff when an issue did arise through the build. After this, it would be hard to say if we would use B1 again. Despite this, we did have 2 great team members, [name removed] & [name removed] who were amazing & so helpful!

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Nov 2018

Fantastic build experience and a quality home

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 17, 2018

I had a dream run with B1 Homes, who made the building process so easy and stress free. As a first home buyer and building on my own, B1 Homes took care of everything and made sure I was kept in the loop at every step of the process.

The time was taken in the design and planning stage to ensure the home was functional, and that nothing was missed whilst also fitting in with my budget. Nothing was ever made to be "too hard" and worked tirelessly to ensure the end product was amazing.

The build time is something I was extremely surprised and impressed with. I was told by many people that build times always blow out, however mine was the complete opposite with the build finishing well before estimated deadlines. It was very well managed by my site supervisor Adrian who ensured that all deadlines were met and that quality assurance was adhered to throughout the entire process- thank you Adrian!

In summary, I had the best experience throughout the whole build process (with a special big thanks to Colin and Marianna as my sales reps who moved heaven and earth to get me exactly what I wanted and more in a first home, Jess Wright and Wanda Jansen who kept me in the loop all through out and Karen Bennett, just to name a few) and would recommend the Scott Park Group to all my friends/family/colleagues who are looking to build a new home.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Apr 2018

B1 Quality build

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 13, 2018

It was a quick and efficient process from start to finish - the best was seeing the progress in front of your eyes and realizing the dream of having your own home - designed by yourself with all your specifications! The B1 team are wonderful and no question is too much, Adrian my building supervisor is so experienced and fabulous to deal with!
Any question I had was quickly dealt with and sorted efficiently and to my satisfaction. Would definitely recommend and I will certainly use B1 again for my next build!

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Nov 2018

Bliss Bedfordale

4 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 12, 2018

Our build was awesome as it was handled by the best supervisor in the state of WA. The workmanship was to a high standard, as all the trades were hand picked and you could tell they love their job.
The only issue we had was we had about 3 ladies look after our job during construction and it was hard to get a clear track of what was included and what wasn't during the build. The issues were sorted out straight away in most cases.
We had a different kind of set up with our build as it wasn't just off the plan build. Most of items were supplied by us and we knew our costs from early on at contract signing.
All in all was a pleasant process.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Sep 2018

We are so happy in our Beautiful new home!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 09, 2018

Thanks so much to the entire team at B1. From the start when the Plan was drafted till the time we were handed our keys we found the whole team to be so very helpful.
After some council issues which held us up at the beginning, (thanks to Chantala for helping us through these), the build went so well. Every step of the way Matt, Wanda, Candice & Jessica kept us in the loop and any small hick-ups were sorted immediately. The trades quality is great and we are loving living in our new Family Home. Thanks again B1!

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Aug 2018

Great customer service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 24, 2018

We had a great experience with B1. From the beginning we were kept in the loop as to what was happening at each stage and when we could expect it to be completed. All the staff were lovely and very efficient. We were more than happy with the final inspection and could only fault very minor things. We would definitely build with them again in the future.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Oct 2018

Excellent Quality and Service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 06, 2018

Building with B1 Homes was an enjoyable and smooth experience. From the very beginning, even before officially signing up, the staff were so helpful in providing information and ideas about building for the first time. Sorting out plans in the first few weeks of signing up was lots of back and forth emails, but B1 Homes listened to all my ideas and input, made changes where possible, and ensured that I ended up with a plan that I loved! Prestart was also a very smooth process.
Communication throughout the build was always prompt, whether via phone or email. B1 Homes noted that I preferred communication via email and, where possible, ensured they contacted me in this form. Early on in the process of the build, I had some finance queries and confusion; although it wasn't directly related to B1 Homes, they were most willing to chat to me about my concerns and have a look to see if they could work it out. The customer service at this time was above and beyond expected level.
The build took approximately 5 and a half months from when the slab was poured to handover. I was very impressed with the workmanship and found only a few minor things to be fixed at final inspection. I had 2 different site supervisors during the course of the build; both were very friendly and helpful. It was always easy to get in contact with B1 and the site supervisor if I had any questions along the way. I had 3 onsite meetings, all of which were arranged to accommodate my schedule. In the last few weeks of the build, B1 Homes emailed me weekly updates to let me know what stage the house was up to and what would be happening in the next week. This was very informative and it was great to know what was going on inside.
The only issue that arose at the end of this build was the plastering not being finished very smoothly. Therefore, once my painter came in after handover, he had to do extra sanding to ensure a quality finish. Unfortunately, I didn't know this at my final inspection. It's also a shame B1 Homes won't let you bring a painter in during the build before the floor coverings have been put down.
Finally, all the staff that I dealt with during the build were friendly, extremely helpful and professional, and I am certain that building my first home would not have been such an enjoyable or smooth process if it weren't for them. I am very pleased with the final product and would definitely recommend building with B1 Homes.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Sep 2018

Such an enjoyable experience

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 28, 2018

I started out with trepidation as I had never built a house before and I had heard such negative comments, but my experience was so positive, I enjoyed it all, it was great to watch it taking shape and the finished result is just what I wanted and I am so thrilled with it.

Adrian the site supervisor was just amazing, him and his team were the key factors in making it such an easy and enjoyable experience, nothing was too much trouble or to difficult and always so helpful.

Stacey done a wonderful job in planning what I wanted and all the team were great and I would most definitely recommend B1 Homes

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: May 2017


5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 28, 2018

When deciding to build my first house I was a little apprehensive at first as I was a first home buyer and had no idea where to start. After meeting a few different sales representatives from a few different builders, I decided that B1 Homes would be the perfect builder for me. Damien, the sales representative for B1 Homes, was exceptional! Damien went above and beyond to ensure I understood the whole building process and prepared me for what to expect before, during and after construction. Damien not only did a great job helping me with my house design but also took the step further to help me obtain a block of land and introduced me to his finance broker John Russie, who was also exceptional throughout the whole process. The communication and enthusiasm from both Damien and John were second to none and I am very grateful for the hard work they put in for me.

Pre start with Pam was also amazing. Pam's friendly and professional attitude made the pre-start process a breeze. Pam's product knowledge and ability to help with design/colour selections made decision making easy and comfortable. Pam was extremely helpful and professional.

Wanda, my client liaison was no different, providing me with constant communication throughout the construction stage. Wanda was always willing to help and her friendly and professional attitude made my experience much easier and stress free.

The overall build quality was great, with no complaints regarding the workmanship and customer service provided by the team at B1 Homes. I would highly recommend B1 Homes to anyone who wishes to build.

Thank you so much to the team at B1 Homes!

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Jul 2018


5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 04, 2018

Where to start?

My Husband Steve and I have a young family and we are first time home owners and builders, all the time you hear all the horror stories about building and how so much can go wrong.

We met with a B1 sales rep who was a friend of a friend and he pointed us in all the right directions. Signed us up and started what we thought would be a long and stressful journey, well we were so WRONG.

From Pre start with Tanya ( omg all the glorious selections, the colours, the quality )to Wanda our amazing Client Liaison officer, to Mal and Gavin our Site supervisors has been a smooth ride.

Tanya was welcoming and kind, we loved how warm she was towards our 18 month old so that was a massive bonus for us.

Wanda, is friendly and always beyond happy to help.

Mal and Gavin are phenomenal supers, super attentive and on the ball, if something went wrong they would already have plans set in motion to have the situation rectified, when some rat stole some electrical items from the garage, cut into live power and stole the gas metre B1 Homes were on it straight away and informed us asap and told us that it's ok, thing had already been take care of and it wouldn't stop anything.

We even got to meet Mr Jim Holland the GM of B1 Homes and he is so nice and down to earth and has no problem listening to and answering any questions you might have.

The Tradies that have built our home have done a truly fantastic job, everything is the top quality and finish.

The journey of building our home has been so insanely different to what we pictured, and it is down to the magnificent team at B1.

Thank you for making it a stress free process from start to finish, we have already recommended you to friends and family and will continue to do so.

Steve & Alleesha

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B1 Homes Official

Hi Steve & Alleesha, Wow, thanks for the fantastic review, always good to hear that the team at B1 Homes have met all your expectations, it is one of the biggest investments we make and very str... read more »

Verified Customer Construction End Date: Jul 2018

Best experience I have ever had

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 02, 2018

Right from day one when I first met Damien everything was just perfect, he was extremely friendly, helpful and professional finding the best block and estate for me. I couldn't have asked for a better home design from damien. Even when I had a few hiccups with my finance Damien and my broker John sorted every issue out for me with constant communication from them both.
My pre start consultant Pam was incredible on designing my home although I had no idea what I wanted she made it so easy and did all the hard work, even designing little things like raising the shower head because I am tall and hiding the laundry taps. Things that pove that she really cares about her clients and likes to help.
Wanda has been awesome and so helpful and again constant communication from her with updates on my home and was more than happy to help when I kept changing items on the plans.
Adrian is clearly fantastic at his job as my final inspection was a breeze I couldn't find a single fault with my finished home and he was extremely helpful on the many questions I had for him. As for the quality and speed of the of the build I dont think I could rate it high enough, there was never a single fault with anything and everything was done with such professionalism and turned out so amazing and was less than 4 months build time! My experience with B1 Homes has been excellent and they made building my first home exciting and easy. I would rate them an easy 10 out of 10 stars.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Jun 2018


5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 13, 2018

The quality of the build was excellent, all the staff are friendly and very helpfull through out the build. I was always kept in the loop with everything that was going on and anything i wanted changed or any ideas i had B1 made it happen. Even after my house has been built any tiny things that ive noticed B1 has straight away sent someone out to have a look and rectify it.
I highly recommend B1 to anyone who wants to build.

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B1 Homes Official

Hi Josh,

Great result, thanks for your positive review and super happy that we have met your expectations, i will pass on your kind words to all the staff at B1 Homes, we wish you many great years in your new Home.

Regards Jim.

Verified Customer Construction End Date: May 2018

Excellent Quality and Care

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 10, 2018

We absolutely loved building through B1 homes. From the very beginning to the key hand over, the team and staff eased all of our concerns and worked to high level of professionalism and customer care. As someone who works in the building industry, I can say I highly recommend B1.
Our finance process turned out to be a little bit rocky with the company we opted to go through and as a result, our build process ended up taking 18 months. However, B1 assisted us in rectifying the strung out finance process by working efficiently to get our first home and dream home built as fast as possible.

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B1 Homes Official

Hi Jamie and Charlotte,
That is fantastic news, it is a stressful time building the family home, I am glad we assisted you in a smooth building process and thank you on behalf of all the staff at B1 Homes for your fantastic review.
Regards Jim

Verified Customer Construction End Date: Jun 2017

Good Service/Support

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 05, 2018

Good Service/Support from B1 homes.
We had an ongoing electrical issues in which B1 Home stepped up and eliminated all our doubts by re inspecting our electrical side. We had the manager on site who wished to discuss the issue in person and after the meeting we are 100% happy with the outcome.
Thanks to B1 Homes for the clarification and satisfaction.

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B1 Homes Official

Hi Jaz and Virinda,
Thanks for your time today, glad that we have have resolved the issue, great result. B1Homes wish you both many happy years in your new Home.

Regards Jim

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Hi, We are building with WSH who have now gone into Administration. We are up to our Completion Stage with a number of defective and incomplete work. Is this something you would be able to provide assistance with?

Jyuohsei asked on Mar 21, 2017

Answer this

Hi Sorry to hear that, unfortunately we only build in Perth, good luck with completing your home.
Regards Jim

Hi there, just wondering whether you guys have an option for low savings loans (without the guarantor)? Love the house designs you have.

Alanab asked on Feb 24, 2017

Answer this

Thanks for your email, yes we do, I will arrange for one of our consultants to contact you and discuss the options.

Hi, Can you send me a contact number or an email address and we will be InTouch with the options we can offer you.

Regards Jim

Hi me and my partner are looking at few house land packages. We are looking for a few other opinions and tips from people that may off went trough this process. We are both new to the whole thing and not sure what to consider or think about before we go ahead with the build. We not to know if it as easy and smooth as people make it out to be and should we get a solicitor if we are signing a contract like this

Nialloz91 asked on Feb 02, 2017

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Good questions. Getting all the ideas and tips you can certainly puts you in a better position of understanding what you're in for. Being better armed with knowledge will help you manage your own expectation levels better. Building isn't an exact science and lots can go wrong. A building company is measured by how well it deals with it's mistakes / problems. There are plenty of good independent people that can give you guidance prior and during the journey. I'm one for instance!

No, there is no need for a lawyer to read over the contracts. They are standard contracts that are compliant with the Act. You will want to be thorough on making sure ALL the things you THINK are included, in fact are.

Good luck with your journey...

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