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I am pretty disgusted with this product!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 19, 2012

We are catering for a high tea which is a fundraiser for Relay for Life. I thought these little bundt pans would be a great size for the high tea! Well I was in for a shock, twice I tried and both times it stuck and I was ready to throw it out. I used an orange cake recipe which is beautiful!! This was a total waste of ingredients!

- It stuck

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Perfectly cute little cakes with a hole in the middle!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 06, 2012

This pan makes the cutest little bundt cakes. I think it is important to brush inside of each cavity to remove excess spray if greasing with a spray. This will ensure optimum definition/imprinting of the pattern onto the cake. Don't over fill. They are a perfect size (like a small cupcake). The pan is of the usual baker's secret quality.

+ makes a dozen nicely sized small cakes.

- nothing - as long as you grease well.

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I have had two disasters with the bundt cakes, both stuck to the pan and I am not very happy with the product

Ive also made a batch of bundt cakes today & both trays stuck. I will try your method & brush with a pastry brush after spraying!

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How should you grease bundt pans to prevent sticking?

Rena5 asked on Oct 16, 2012

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I have not used these small bundt tins but often use large ones and find it important to spray on then brush off excess followed by light but complete dusting of plain flour.

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I use these every weekend for banana nut bread and I just spray them with olive oil. I have never had a problem with them sticking. You mush be patient and allow them to cool, they will come right out. I love the look and they are always a hit.

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