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Model: 300

Floor condensation

2 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 22, 2017

We are a family of four who go camping all seasons and every 2 months approx. The Blackwolf Turbo Twin 300 we have has not been as good as what I expected for the price. The back zippers have seized but the really frustrating thing is floor condensation. We have a picnic rug down and self inflating mattresses. Every morning we have to drag everything out to air and dry due to moisture. I have seam glued and experimented with and without tarps underneath with no success. I've removed the picnic rug but there will be moisture under the mattresses . It is not due to a leak from a hole as it only happens under mattresses and rugs. I have all windows and vents open. It is so frustrating to see that the Coleman, Oztrail tents my friends have do not have the same problem. I spoke to a fellow blackwolf owner and they had the same problem. I will not be recommending or purchasing another blackwolf tent. I would love to hear of any solution. Nathan

Purchased at: Snowys

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Model: 300

Great tent. But very very heavy

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 21, 2017

Family of three with small child who camp at least every month in all weather. We love this tent. The ease of setup is fantastic with average time being less than 20min. I always peg the ground matt however only bother with any side lanyards if windy weather is predicted. Have had a few moments with very high wind where this tent hasnt moved!
The canvas and particularly ground matt are extremely durable. Some leakage the first couple of times but after hosing down and drying no issues now.

There is a handy storage pocket on one side of bed.
Wish it was both sides. Also the internal zippered seperation only allows for a bed in one orientation..we do not use it.

Packup takes a lot longer. Esp if its wet. The bag is barely big enough and i leave pegs out due to roofrack weight limitations. It is very hard to pack with one person. Certainly the overall weight would justify some bag wheels.

Front door zip arrangement is frustrating. With the D shaped entry needing a lot of unzipping to use, as opposed to a single central vertical zip.

Overall i love this tent and would buy again. But car camping access only due to weight. Best of its type!


Purchased at: BCF

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Model: 240

Has provided many years of good service

4 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 23, 2017

I purchased the 240 lite in March 2012 & have used it several times a year since in all climatic conditions. I read reviews prior to the purchase that mentioned the lack of ventilation however this version had the gusseted windows etc so that problem resolved. My brother-in-law had the canvas version & was pleased with it which influenced my decision. I preferred the lite version. It has the lip over the entrance which is formed by connecting two angled pieces of aluminium which can be fiddly to feed through the tube. The storage bag is made of stout material & easily holds the tent & fly, a Wak Jak, pegs & a light ground sheet. The tent dries quickly & I like the way you can store the ropes. I've camped in the Snowy's in Autumn & been perfectly comfortable despite frosts at times. Have been fortunate to not experience too much rain but endured a heavy thunder storm in the Warrumbungles which saw water briefly cover the camping area. The tub floor kept the water out with just a small leak in one corner. The wind had no affect as all ropes were used to secure the tent. Have camped in Central & FNQ in the milder months & the tent catches any breeze as windows & door provide adequate ventilation. A window at the back would be perfect. The insect screen keeps midgies at bay. It's easy to erect & dismantle. The material & poles have held up well with none of the problems others have experienced so touch wood. I hang a light from the middle of the tent. I also own a Black Wolf Turbo Stretcher which is equally easy to setup, comfortable (use a self inflating mattress), strong & the right height.

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Model: 240

Lite 240 Plus 2017 Model

4 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 14, 2017

I must say that even after reading many reviews that don't put these tents in the best light, I still went ahead and bought one. The design best suited us, as did the dimensions of the bag to fit neatly in our vehicle. We also have an 8 year old that loves his own room in the rear, so the 240 Turbo Lite Plus model was for us.
As soon as it arrived I put it up, and there it stayed in the back yard for a few days, and when we had rain and a couple of windy days I was keen to see how it handled the weather. The were no issues with leaks, I had
purchased seam sealer which I went around the outside stitching with, and because of all the taped inner seams, I didn't need to do them. We ''camped out'' a couple of nights while it was up, and there were no issues with leaks anywhere, and it stood up to the gusty winds no problem. I packed it up just as easily, and I had a spare duffle bag and packed the fly into that so the tent bag was less bulky and lighter weight to handle. I went ahead and purchased the deluxe side walls and front, and we went to a campground to try it all out. Once again there were no issues, except that we had still night and a heavy dew overnight, and condensation formed inside the tent, even with the roof vents open. I had closed all of the windows, because it was quite cool, but that may have contributed to the inside dampness. Once consolation it wasn't dripping wet inside, but next time I'm packing moisture absorbers and leaving a portion of a side window open to see if that helps. In all the years we've camped in tents (around 20 years), we have never had condensation, and yes, we have even camped in the highland snow here in Tassie. So it was a little irritating, but I feel with preparing the tent for the camping conditions we can minimise this. Well, it's still early days for us with this tent, and we are going away again in a couple of weeks time and hope it lives up to our expectations. One concern I do have is, the fly seems to sit hard up against the knuckle joints of the frame, so I'm going to make some soft little ''wraps'' with velcro fitting to put over the knuckles to help protect the fly from possible rubbing points. It's also a shame there is only one accessories storage pocket in the rear room, when the main area could also have one, say, near the power inlet. It also would be handy to have a couple of fabric loops sewn into the roof panel near the dividing wall, to hang a coat hanger, or extra light, or string up a makeshift indoor clothesline, that sort of thing. Apart from that, I am hoping over the next few months we will put it through it's paces in many different weather conditions,, but I will keep our old faithful Sportiva Outlook sitting in the cupboard as the emergency tent, we know that will stand wind gusts of up to 100km when we were last up in the Highland Lakes, but it just takes so long to put up!! I feel really spoilt to be able to not only put up a tent on my own, but within minutes... which is great when master 8 is only thinking of food & drinks and hubby is pulling out the rest of his gear because he wanted his bike 10 minutes ago!

Purchased at: Wild Earth

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Model: 210

Well made, but quite small.

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 15, 2017

Purchased at: Gifted

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Model: 300

Been great for us!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 09, 2017

Purchased the turbo 300 canvas back in late 2015 from Anaconda with one of the side panels following, from Snowy's I think. Decided to upgrade after my hiking dome tent was stolen and wanted something different we could stand up in, store our kit and also have some covered sitting space. This has been a great choice for the comfort.

Have used on a few occasions, mainly festival/weekend getaways but a recent trip prompted me to write a review. We were over on Kangaroo Island after Christmas where we experienced more than 24 hours of rain and
wind of varying strength, but consistent. Not a drop of water inside or issues with canopy where we could still sit under which I think is impressive. Numerous other sites were affected had a number of people ask about it including the camp manager. We've only just recently returned from camping near the Darling River with extreme heats, the tent is well ventilated, certainly offering good heat protection and the side panel really useful for blocking wind or sun and can be swapped when needed. I'm thinking of another as it offers good privacy.

It dries quite quickly and easy to setup and take down. I usually take my time to ensure the underside PVC floor also dries before I bag it so I don't have to do any more work when I get home. I did water it down a couple times prior to my first use which I believe has helped. We're very happy with the new setup and quality of the tent. Small downside is the bag size and weight but that's the compromise with canvas/heavy duty floor but at least this thing stays dry through prolonged rain!

Purchased at: Anaconda

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Verified Purchase Model: 240

Great tent - so long as it doesn't rain and you don't want warranty service

2 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 22, 2016

What a great design for a tent. It's truly easy to set up and put away once you master it. Care has obviously been taken in the design, the designer most likely goes camping a lot - something which doesn't seem to be the case with some tents.

However, little point raving about the great design .... sadly, as is noted in other reviews, the tent is not good in a climate where rainfall can be expected (and if you expect the water to stay on the outside).

Sadly, as is also noted in other reviews, while you might expect it, you will not get
a warranty service in keeping with the premium price tag.

We used our tent twice, the second time in moderate rain - and it leaked.

We returned the tent for warranty (despite it being used only twice). The tent waited in the store for pickup for two weeks. Still tent-less, we've cancelled our Christmas camping plans.

Rather than twiddle our thumbs and make Black Wolf voodoo dolls, we've posted a utube video and write up tracking progress. It's not as much fun as camping, but with the tent-less weeks rolling by it's something to fill the void.

If you are thinking of camping when it rains with a Black Wolf Turbo tent, you might like to watch it first.


If you still like the tent, either don't camp when it rains or take a spare tent. KMart sell cheap tents which, in our experience, have better waterproofing. Just a thought.

It's worth noting there are several positive reviews about this tent. Design-wise deservedly so.

However, how many of those reviewers have used the tent in moderate rain? And how many positive reviewers have used the tent sufficiently to notice the unusual wear noted in other reviews? We can only comment on the former, having used our tent only twice. Our tent is unlikely to show signs of poor workmanship or premature wear because it's sitting in the Black Wolf warranty warehouse in it's bag. And of any positive reviews you find meeting all of the above, how many are verified purchases?

None of the above are concrete reasons not to buy the tent. But read all the reviews and take all of the above everything into account before deciding.

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Model: 210

2nd Tent - Still leaks in moderate rain!

2 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 14, 2016

So disappointed in our canvas 210 Turbo tent. you pay the premium for a product of high quality. Its just not good enough our first tent leaked in multiple places seams, through the electric pouch at the front. I returned the tent to anaconda which was a long and delayed process after they send the tent to the manufacturer ( black wolf) for assessment.

They ended up replacing it after multiple follow up phone calls over 3 weeks. We have had the second one for maybe 12 months never had it in more than a sprinkle of rain.
But, just returned from a weekend we had one night of moderate rain fall and it leaked at the seams.

Time to return it again!
Would never buy again.

Purchased at: Anaconda

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Model: 300

WHERE can I buy a centre hub

3 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 27, 2016

So frustrated with my Black wolf. I dont have any problem with the stitching, fly screens etc but the centre hub is a nightmare. The Eliptical stick - Part 3 comes out at random times and it is a pain to get them back in. It really ruins the whole experience, especially when you pay over $1100 with the thought of trying to make camping easier with 2 little ones. I would definately not buy this product again, would be a different story if I could just find a place that sells the part I need, but no.

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Model: 240

Second tent same issue

2 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 17, 2016

We purchases the 240 turbo tent and as we do a lot of bush camping and thought we would spend more for the quality. We used our tent for ten days around Exmouth when we noticed all the fly screen mesh in the fron doorway was fraying and then cover was rubbing bear near the top horizontal pole. On return we contacted BW who told us to send back. We waited over 8 weeks for the return but a new tent was given. We have just been camping for 5 days and yet again the fly screen is fraying and the seals leaked in mild rain.
We will be returning again but are not happy at all with the terribly low quality of this product, another great company selling out I feel.
Do not purchase these tents :(

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Model: 300

I want to love it, but it has been disapointing

3 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 26, 2016

I really love the design and ease of use. However the quality is just not there. We are currently in the middle of the Northern Territory on our around Australia family campong trip. The tent leaks and the zippers around entrance have failed completely. As I am typing this I am having a beer with the camper next door who also has the 300 model. He has the exact same problem. Not good enough Black Wolf. Even worse being in the middle of Australia with two kids under 4 and a failed tent.

Purchased at: Anaconda

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Model: 240

Never buying a Blackwolf product again!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 05, 2016

I bought a 'canvas' Blackwolf Turbo 240 Plus recently which was used twice. During the second most recent trip in moderate wind with stronger gusts and rain the fly / awning was ripped apart and the inner tent base leaked. The tent has always been set up and secured as per Blackwolf instructions. I sent the tent back to Blackwolf expecting a replacement or repair under their so called 'limited lifetime warranty.' However Blackwolf advised this was 'normal wear and tear' and would not replace the tent. The matter is now with the NSW Dept of Fair Trading. I have since purchased an Oztrail Tourer 300 Fast Frame nylon tent. It has superior workmanship, is better quality and solid as a rock and has withstood two thunderstorms and torrential rain without a single leak and only cost $300 brand new! I wish I had found this tent prior to purchasing a rubbish Blackwolf product. My advice is to stay away from Blackwolf especially these Turbo models. They are expensive, the workmanship is poor and they don't last. And Blackwolf won't look after you even when their products are under a so called lifetime warranty.

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Questions & Answers


I have a serious problem with floor condensation, not a leak, under the mattresses of a morning. We have experimented with and without a tarp underneath to no success. It's so frustrating to see cheaper tents without the same problem. All windows and vents are open. Any ideas on a solution?

Nathan asked on Apr 22, 2017

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We also have had this problem. Our normal setup involves layers. Woollen picnic rug on the ground, then mattress, then and old doona on top followed by the fitted sheet. Originally done for thermal insulation it seems to prevent condensation too.

Thanks Pedro

I have never had condensation problems on the floor. I have a piece of shade cloth about 2x4 metres which when folded in half, goes on the ground and the tent on top. This creates a small air gap between the ground and the floor of the tent.
Of course the shade cloth made not be the answer, perhaps it has been the weather conditions when I'm camping.


Looking at getting a Turbo 300, If I was to get the plus can you leave the plus part not set up?? Ie if camping with two peple just use it as a 300 and then when away with more people set up the plus part to give you more room?

Dropped53 asked on Nov 15, 2016

Answer this

No, the structure requires the plus section to prive lateral support. Maybe also consider buying two oz tents, they can be joined In the middle to form a large tent with two rooms

I purchased my first Turbo 300 Canvas tent about 8 years ago. Loved it so much, I purchased a Turbo Plus 300 tent. I have been in all weathers in the heavy duty Turbo 300 Canvas tent - it never leaked anywhere. I liked that the canvas breathes in warm weather and retains heat in cool weather. The Turbo Plus 300 I find too heavy for me to cart about by myself. Great quality tents. I don't understand people saying they leak.


I have a black wolf turbo lite plus 300 and the seam tape is coming off on the fly and the tent it's self also there is mould on the inside of the tent, what products should I use to water proof the fly and tent and what product should I use to water proof the seams of the tent and fly? As far as I know the tent has not been packed away wet as we always dry them out at the scout hall.

Nathan L asked on Sep 14, 2016

Answer this

I'd look at re-gluing the tape using contact adhesive, put plenty on both the tape and the tent, making sure you can force some of the glue into the seam. This what I did. Alternatively, if you find the tape has shrunk and won't fit exactly back into place, is to cut the tape. This may leave a small gap and you cut a strip from something waterproof the same width as the original tape and glue this over the gap.
To remove the mould I'd use 'mould killer' or something similar which I believe is nothing more than a weak bleach solution (it smells of chlorine) and follow this up with a scrubbing of mild detergent.
For waterproofing, I've been using 'Nikwax' Tent and Gear Solarproof (it comes in a spray bottle) starting with an initial coating along all the seams using a paint brush, followed up with an all over application with the spray and spreading it around with a sponge. I must admit however that my tent hasn't been really wet as most time there's only been a light shower or two when I've put it up.
Hope this helps.

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