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Date Purchased: Jun 2013

Bonaire ducted heater (error code 20)

2 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 21, 2017

Ive got a error 20 comeing up on my navigator touch pad.The unit is a bonaire MB4 internal ducted heater.
Apparently its a over heat lock out what gets me scratching my head is.
"If the unit dont ignite how can it build up heat for the unit to go into heat lock out mode which is a error 20 on this crap bonaire ducted heater unit.
If anyone has experienced the same issue and managed to rectify the problem i would be thrilled to know how or what they did to overcome this headache iam experiencing with the unit.

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Model: B4-30


1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 19, 2016

120Mj central heater Bonaire. Bolt on Evap Cooler, ducted Gas
Absolute rubbish, motor rated at 4.5 amps. blower needs 7 amps to run, triac blows and fuse inside red box a design nightmare, can't turn your back on this unit it will break or stop or need a new controller ($408) or motor ($220+) will never ever try and fix one again. We did everything right we have 60 of trade knowledge.. fully licenced electricians 2 generation family business. Just hopeless and dangerous. Law suit waiting to happen. ESV should shut this product down. Class Action time.

Purchased at: Reece

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Model: B4-14

Absolute Rubbish

1 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 30, 2015

I have run my heater for less than 20 hours over the past 3 years since the new unit was installed. Now it will not switch on, the backlight on the controller is blue and whatever button I push it tells me "error". Reset the heater via power and then the controller as per instructions to no avail.
Do not waste your money with Bonaire, absolute junk. For the actual usage times it works out to $80 per hour based on the life of the product. I am simply not prepared to pay them to come out to rip me off a service fee for something that should simply work.

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Model: B4-20

Ineffective, unreliable and noisy.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 22, 2015

Under 5 years old and has been terribly loud since being installed. If we had neighbours we probably would have had complaints. Now it constantly displays the ignition fault code and needs resetting more often than it successfully starts up. $180 call out fee per time it needs to be looked at in metro Melbourne by most unhelpful and patronising people, this system and the Bonaire evap aircon (which has needed a complete bearing and pump overhaul within the same 5 years) leaves us with one conclusion.... Never buy Bonaire!

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Bonaire b5 all series

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 02, 2014

All low quality product and market as high efficiency product, all rubbish.

all of them got manufacturing defect, which they should have recalled their lemon product and given to smelter as scrap product,they know that their product is defective but the will delay to fix the problem and they know that it will eventually pass the warranty period and all their product will slowly dying.

they found many problem cost $900plus and also bypass heater fan ,not heating and on constant fan run, without putting a new circuit diagram for next tech, showing what's going on with circuit is in effency ducted heater,it run's on one speed,with continuous gas burning and heating house very slowly.
please please do go for hi tech product with hardly knowledge of international level of research and development
all the part are bit, pieces and borrow on old and new tech,without through stringent test

do rely on adver,same old vulcan product
we all should take this company to consumer affair

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Terrible After Sales Service

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 31, 2013

i have been a month without a heater now, I understand things fail from time to time but there was a faulty batch of fans that failed in mine.
They are unable to provide the contractor with the replacement fans as they are out of stock and didn't return my call regarding an ETA.
I will never buy a Bonaire product again after the lack of after sales support.
It seems to be a batch of faulty units, its a known problem so they should be ready to go to make good on the problem ASAP.

+ Works ok as a heater but nothing amazing.

- Terrible After Sales Service

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Hi just wondering have you ever had a surge of electricity come out of your PowerPoint or anywhere else due to faulty fan. I had the fan replaced around 3 moths ago still having problems with surg... read more »

Hi mamma, I didn't experience that problem. If you would like to try and diagnose the issue, now its coming into summer and you won't need the heater, un plug the heater from the power point and l... read more »

Hi charley I forgot to mention that these surges only happen when heater is on and when heater starts up. I am getting no where with clim tech the technicians that come out say we can’t find a fau... read more »

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Terrible product - never buy Bonaire

1 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 07, 2012

Our Bonaire system was installed 9 months before we purchased the house. Problems with zone motors, zone cards, then had to replace replaced fan and motor all at our own expense as Bonaire will not honour warranty as it is not transferable. Worst customer service ever. I read on another blog that there is a manufacturing problem with their units and they are trying to delay repairs until warranty runs out. Don't buy, my parents had a brivas that ran for 17 years ( and is still running) without a single problem. Will be replacing the Bonaire with something decent.

- Bad warranty service, terrible customer service, parts started needing replacing at 12 months old

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vulcan bonaire gas ducted heating

2 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 30, 2012

i bought a bv521i (5 star ducted gas heating) this system has been problematic since new. it keeps cutting out or not comming on at all. it shows fault code hc01 f12. this is a new fault as it has allways said hc01 f04 since installation. (obviously it has had times when its operated ok.) when i origonally called specialized heating and cooling in hoppers crossing who installed it (only a month or so after installation) they told me that i should not have opted for the 5 star system as they "knew this would happen". as you can imagine i am very displeased. also, the guys that installed it did not know how to program the controll panel, they just said it was complicated and would take some learning, well, we have tried and tried over the years and have not managed to enter the correct time let alone have it heat the house at a set time. a rubbish product, im freezing in my own home!
ps. look out for reviews here written by the manufacturer and/or their sales people saying this is a good product, they will tell you anything to get your hard earned money.

+ good when it works

- rubbish product, very poor after sales service

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I am having the same problems. I have tried all the problem solving solutions to no avail. It has a mind of its own. I am now out of pocket $300 and have been quoted for a new board (if that is th... read more »

Same problem 3 years ago. Cost me $700. And now it's happening again. Not happy. Never again Bonaire.

I'm in Melton Victoria and have one of these units too. It comes on with cold air only and I have to turn the power supply off for it to reset. After a technician fed me a line of BS, I checked it ... read more »


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An absolute disater

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 30, 2012

This unit has been a disaster from the beginning. When it is working, it is very effective but it continually turns itself off and needs to be reset.

This is a nuisance, but at times it looses its communication codes - this involves switching off all the power to the house and performing a routine with the control unit.

Installer has been very helpful, but despite numerous service calls by the manufacturer,the problem persists.

- They're unreliable

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i bought a bv521i (5 star ducted gas heating) this system has been problematic since new. it keeps cutting out or not comming on at all. it shows fault code hc01 f12. this is a new fault as it h... read more »

Having same problem with my brand new Bonaire ducted heating unit MB320. I am in a continuouse cycle of having to reset the unit after it stops working. I have been told it is highly sensitive. Any ideas on how to get it to be less sensitive ?

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my heater starts working then few minutes stops working fan. error 6 massage come. Any ideas?

tish asked on Jul 29, 2017

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Due to your internal fan is not working due to broken internal parts .
This will give error messages, this fan has to force hot air to blow into the vents.
Accumulation of too much hot air stop the system to protect by the control board.

Hi, I was looking at buying this system worried after reading the reviews, is there anything anyone can recommend for me that's better and more reliable?

Jet asked on Oct 04, 2016

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I can only speak from my experience with this unit but definitely speak to several different installation companies' technicians before making your selection. They are the people who can tell you about the reliability and call outs for different options. I have certainly learned a lot from these guys on improving efficiency of what I have installed already and tips for next time.

Your question will be specific to the model that you've selected.

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