This product has been discontinued by Bose.


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Date Purchased: Jan 2015

Bose cinemate

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 04, 2017

Bose cinemate only lasted 2 1/2 years sent back to Bose quoted $349 to fix I have decided to ditch the Bose and start again maybe Yamaha or similar Bose trades on being high quality but in my experience its no better or worse than anyone else just twice as expensive

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Date Purchased: Mar 2017

Wow, never expected to get that kind of client service over the phone.....

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 14, 2017

The person I have spoken with guided me through the whole process for the installation of the sound touch and explained why I could not do it on my own. Very much appreciated. Actually, he was very patient and I am pretty sure that he did more than expected to do. Just love this product as it is responded to my needs. Never thought that it was that powerful in terms of sound quality and moreover the accessibility of getting more applications.

Purchased at: Best Buy Supplements

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Date Purchased: Dec 2016

The Bose 120 is magic

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 16, 2017

Bose created a clever easily managed system in the 120. It was almost everything it was says it was and was cut out to be. The sound is excellent, it has the bass and the rest where it ought to be. It does take a fair bit of volume to get the full value from the bass woofer. What wasn't mentioned when I bought it was the ease with which it connects to the internet and spotify through the wifi and particularly the soundtouch app that you download with it. What does happen and is unexpected is that from time to time the soundtouch app 'loses' connection with spotify and the 120 system. But in all fairness that may be my ipad's fault. Otherwise very good value for money and sound!

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Date Purchased: Feb 2016

A lot of bang for your buck

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 06, 2017

Bought this a while back, this little bar packs a lot of punch. It easy to install, stick the headphone like device on your head and move around the room the device set itself up, compensating for space in awkward space rooms, given you even sound. Its a definite must buy, great present for that sound or tech savy partner. you wont feel short changed.

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Date Purchased: Nov 2015

Brilliant value for money

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 03, 2017

Unbelievable product! Neat installation and easy set up. For a unit that's relatively compact it packs a big punch! great bass, great crisp sound, no white noise at low or high volume. My theatre is 5.3mx 3.9m and I cannot watch a movie at high volume!

Insane value great product'

Purchased at: JB Hi-Fi

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Date Purchased: Jan 2016

I love it but only ONE flaw.

4 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 01, 2017

I purchased a Sony 4k TV and later decided I needed to replace my clutter with something more compact. I did the usual rounds online and discovered the BOSE Sound Touch 120 on several sites both here and overseas. All sites said it was fully compatible with 4k systems so I was happy with that part and continued to do more research,visitting stores to hear and compare it with others. On doing so, that confirmed my choice and now the only hinderance was price- $1600. I had bought the TV from DJs at West Lakes and had a great retail experience so I returned there only to find the place was being cleared out as Dick Smith (DJs electrical dept) was closing down.

I spoke with the salesman who looked it up online and found it in the city store for $999. What an opportunity!
On rushing to the city,discovering the same there, I asked the salesperson to confirm it was all 4k compatible and she confirmed it online for me too. That was that. Home I went and set it all up, connecting the HDMI cables (4k compatible) with the TV as per the instructions.All worked wonderfully and the sound setup process was a breeze with the mic/headphone position detector that was provided. This sets up an algorithm in the unit so that no matter your seating position in the room, you hear the same as everyone else. Awesome! I was suitably impressed. Unitl a few months later when I found a Samsung 4k Bluray player on special and bought that. Connected it with the appropriate cables and...NO picture! What was happening? I tried spare 4k cables and nothing changed.
I always enjoyed the connectability and being able to operate the whole lot from ONE remote using the pass through ports on the BOSE unit.So off I go,online to do some research. No good calling DJs - no one is there!

I discovered from forums, that the BOSE Sound Touch 120,whilst being "4k compatible" is NOT compatible with HDCP 2.2 (latest multimedia standard of control) which was not stated on ANY of their sites at the time of purchase. I now have to use the optical (TOS) output and still have the same great sound I enjoyed before.
I've been emailing back and forth with BOSE, citing websites and specs from their OWN info which has now been changed to reflect the correct information. Basically, this is ultimately what I got back:

"Dear Paul
Thank you for your email/request. We are sorry to hear that the incorrect information has been placed on a third party dealer website. However your Bose SoundTouch 120 system is working to its specification which is HDCP 1.4 not 2.2."

The so-called 3rd party dealer" website was an International BOSE specialist dealer from which I obtained much of my information, as did the DickSmith store.
I have since informed that dealer and they were very grateful, not being aware of the "problem"

Apart from this foible that the consumer MUST be aware of if buying a new 4k system, Im more than happy with the system. It blends live action,voice and music very well whilst also allowing me to stream music from upstairs or anywhere else. You can also use a BOSE remote app on your phone and control everything from there.
So if you have a brand new 4k TV just be aware of the above.

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Kingscliff, New South Wales

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Date Purchased: Feb 2016

Perfect for my viewing.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 01, 2017

I am absolutely amazed at the absolute clarity of sound with very little volume required. Perfect accompaniment to the 50 inch television. Make television viewing an absolute pleasure, especially when I put on a cd through my DVD player. It almost sounds like I have a surround sound, and the unit takes up so little room.

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Gold Coast

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Date Purchased: Nov 2015

Good Sound & Quality

4 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 03, 2016

I purchased for my room setup, sound is great and clear. Does bounce around in my room as its small. So the effect is their. It does have a high price for what it is. After a while it does shut down so I will have to have a look at my settings. You don't have too much control with settings as other surround sound systems. Links with everything I use and plays wireless music or Bluetooth which is great. I have bought several Bose products and have been a Bose supporter for some years now. Would I but it again, yes. So 4 stars as it is a little costly and could have some slight changes to settings to improve. But overall great product.

Purchased at: TVSN (TV Shopping Network)

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It's just a sound bar. Not a home theatre system

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 19, 2016

I've had a small Samsung home theatre system HT-E4500 for a few years now. OK it doesn't have wireless built in and to connect to Internet you need lan cable or wireless adapter. However the sound coming out of it is amazing. True surround and 3D Sound where you can adjust it to your liking in 10 various ways.
Over the years I got bored with this system and I started dreaming of bose soundtouch 120. After over a year of my dreaming I went and bought the bose.plugged it in and after spending $1400 on a bose sound bar (after 20% discount ) I got extremely disappointed. The sound was crisp but tinny. And why was I dreaming that a soundbar would deliver better sound than a proper surround sound system? I dunno. Thanks to heavens I was able to return the bose after a week of using it and get my money back. With great pleasure i reinstalled my old Samsung and enjoyed again a proper 3D Sound.
Bose - can play Spotify from an app on you phone. But the Samsung creates a true cinema feel while watching TV or blue ray movies which bose couldn't. Sound was coming only from the front and you can't really adjust much on it. Only the level of base and treble. Now I ordered the wireless lan adapter and will see what this can do in regards to streaming music. later.
Ok. This samsung is no longer for sale. Shame.because the small speakers DO pack a punch (1000W) and are much more inconspicuous than the big tower speakers in models available now.
Lesson to all of you! Don't change your home theatre system to a soundbar because you will be disappointed - even if it's a bose.

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love my bose but the only setback

4 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 16, 2016

the sound is good it took me awhile to set it up still trying to figure some things out c.s. was too long have to wait to talk to someone for 1hr. the setback is when i turn on the bose the t.v. speaker is also playing sometime i just what to listen to the t.v.

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This is perfect home theater sound bar system

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 08, 2016

I'm really amazed by its sound quality and specially surrounding effects which make my mind blow away because many times I have to repeat scene to check that how sound comes from my behind to front or completely surrounding me. I never fell that I should have conventional 3,2,1 speakers home theater system because my Bose 120 makes same effects

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Extremely Good !! But Pricey !

4 out of 5, reviewed on May 29, 2015

Bought this product a while ago, it's quite brilliant for the amount of space it does take (when you consider the multiple speakers you otherwise have), the price is a bit high when compared to the other sound system out in the market but worth the investment as the quality of sound and the ultimate product is really good.

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Bose Cinemate 120

2 out of 5, reviewed on May 18, 2015

I purchased this unit last December and Ive been very happy with it. Looks great, decent sound and very neat. I mounted the sound bar to the wall using the wall bracket. Set up orcess very straight forward. I connected the TV HDMI cable to my 60inch Samsung TV "ARC" HDMI connection. I then connected Apple TV to SAT/CBL HDMI point, and a Blue Ray DVD player to DVD HDMI point on rear of the Cinemate Controller. I also connected Fibre Optic cable from TV Audio out into the Optical connection point for the Cinemate. The set up process for surround sound worked fine.

The Samsung TV automatically recognised the BOSE and went into "receiver mode" channeling the audio via the BOSE system rather than via the TV speakers. I could use the Samsung Remote to change volume on the BOSE system which was very nice.

The problem started about 3 weeks ago. Firstly. the Samsung remote stopped working with the Bose for sound volume / power off. No big deal. Then it stopped working all together. I have to revert back to the SAMSUNG TV speakers to get any audio. I did a factory reset on both TV and BOSE unit. No luck. I then changed the HDMI TV cable - success. Was back and working again....for 5 days. Now I cant get any sound from the BOSE unit either via HDMI or Optical connection. Its like the unit simple wont receive or decode anything from the TV. The Samsung wont even recognise that a receiver is connected anymore. Only sound options are TV speakers or Audio Out (Optical). The Optical wont work either.

I thought the problem might have been the SAMSUNG TV, so I tried different devices plugged in to the TV - works fine. The the problem is with the BOSE system itself.

I'm reasonably competent when it comes to electronics, but this one has me completed stuffed! I'm taking the receiver back to BOSE store today to test it in store. The cynic in me thinks that the 6 month warranty just ran out.......

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Decent small sized Soundbar

4 out of 5, reviewed on May 07, 2015

First, I have another review on here for the Sonos Soundbar/sub - so I'm coming from a position where I can compare these two directly. I say this as I'll reference the differences in this review. I also own the Sony HT-XT1 sound base but that is a different tier of product.

Given I already have a solid Soundbar...why another?

Long story short...I heard the Cinemate 120 in a store with less than ideal wall configuration. I, and my audiophile friends (who snob Bose like a good audiophile should I'm told) all swore the little Soundbar unit was somehow pitching sound from behind us, as well as creating a nice wide sound stage.

It appears Bose are using a similar (if not as refined) process to bounce sound around a room from different drivers in the Soundbar. Interestingly the Sonos also had side facing drivers but, while it also has a nice wide sound stage, it has never had a very directional sound to my ears.

This, along with the more compact form factor appealed to me and I had to see if it worked as well at home.

The other 'compelling' reason to...sidegrade (?) was the small receiver unit that came with the platform. This moves the various HDMI connections for media players in my configuration down from the TV and into the back of the TV cabinet. The reciever is capable of handling various surround formats, and the look is, IMO, neater.

Did it work? (Surround effect)
Not as much as I'd hoped sadly. I believe this has more to do with the layout of the TV and lounge than the product though. There simply aren't walls in the right places to effectively bounce off or space behind the couch. I look forward to trying it in another room in thefuture

The sound stage is, however, nice and wide though, with effects moving clearly across the space in front of me. The Sonos fills a space quite well as well, but I feel like the Bose has a more directional quality from the smaller unit.

I do wish I'd been able to test a Yamaha YSP unit alongside the Bose and Sonos. I get the impression that it might have done a better job simulating surround, and has equal (or arguably better) support built in from a HDMI pass through perspective (as opposed to the Sonos which has a sole optical link)

Sound quality?
I'm not an audiophile and my hearing isn't that great. Like the Sonos originally did I find music sounds a bit digital. Like the Sonos this may improve with time but at this point I wouldn't recommend it for music.

For TV and movies it has significantly improved the sound over the TV speakers. I also believe it's much better than the (much less expensive) Sony HT-XT1 sound plate.

I think if I were recommending a mid- Higher end Soundbar, out of the two I own, I'd pick the Sonos for music lovers. I'd say the Bose has a slight edge on movies/tv, I'm hoping this improves in a different room config.

The Sonos set up is the most expensive, I don't think it's great value unless YouTube an existing Sonos set up you want to link it into.

Bose seems to be attempting a similar setup with music steaming but at this time I think the Sonos arrangement is superior (personally). I bought the. over priced Soundlink adaptor so I could stream music to it (something to keep in mind)...given music sounds mediocre I probably won't be using this option often so it was a bit of a waste and does make me further question value for money. The Bose is still a fairly high priced item for what it is. I do like the more compact form factor of the bar itself. Much less intrusive visually for the sound it produces.

For someone just wanting a Soundbar that is well featured and can apparently simulate surround well (in the right conditions) I'd suggest checking out the Yamaha YSP options. At the time of writing the YSP-2500 looks like much better value. It reviews well and I wish I'd found one locally to audition (might offload one of the others and give it a go). The Yamaha is a longer form factor so less subtle, but it also doesn't need a separate box/receiver. It also seems to have 4K pass through which might appeal to some as future proofing? It's also much less expensive than either the Bose or Sonos.

Final thoughts?
Not much else to say! Odds are I will offload the Sonos Playbar and Sub (keeping 2 x Play 3's just for music streaming). I'll keep the Bose for now on the main TV and see how it goes in a different room config. Hopefully it's the best of both worlds.

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Questions & Answers

How many watts is the output?

Jimmy Lau asked on Aug 16, 2017

Answer this

not sure as Bose do not give out technical specifications but it as good as most mid priced amplifiers around $500 or so if you spend $2000 on a good receiver and speakers you will get better sound and you can upgrade as components get old and wear out with Bose nothing is interchangeable with other brands the sub-woofer will only work with Bose and Bose wont last mine did not last three years

can we use the soft touch 120 with videoke also? lea

LEA asked on May 09, 2017

Answer this

No it cannot be used for video.

Ihave had the 120 at our second home since May. It sounds good on our Samsung SUHD tv but when we turn it on the Dvd wants to come on and take control. We had a Sony bd dvd hooked to it and once I pulled the HDMI the system worked fine, then I hooked up a Samsung UBD and the same thing happen. Turned off CEC and then it only happened now a then but the TV started shutting down every 25 minutes or just now and then. Unplug it and the system works for the TV. What do you think I have done wroung?

Judy Hayes asked on Sep 29, 2016

Answer this

HI there.
Try using new HDMI cables that are compatible with 4k. You can get them from MSY computers very cheap. Don't be talked into spending $50 for a cable! They are all the same. (Look it up) If you've already done this, all I can suggest is doing a software update on both devices. I had a similar problem with my setup and update solved it. Good luck

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Product Details

Price (RRP) $1599
Channels 5.1
Subwoofer Type Wireless
HDMI Inputs 4
Bluetooth Yes
Height 86mm
Width 431mm
Depth 80mm