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Sydney, Australia

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Piece of Crap!!!

2 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 05, 2015

I feel so stupid for buying this piece of crap!!! I paid $400 for it... Thinking to myself "it's Bose, it has to be good" ... Well far from it!! You can go JB HI FI and get a speaker half the price of this one and So much better sound quality... It does not go loud!! Will never buy from Bose again.... Over priced Crap!!!

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Adelaide, South Australia

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One of my better purchases

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 14, 2013

I ummed and aahed over numerous wireless docks (yeah... I know it's not really a dock but you know what I mean) before taking the plunge on the Bose.
I have the Soundlink II (the heading of this review infers it is the original Soundlink) and I'm more than happy.
There are a couple of issues... pairing/connecting can be trying... I've found you have to turn Bluetooth off on all devices in range except the one you want to pair with... plus stereo separation is poor/non-existent.
Having said all that, it still does what I bought it for... provides great (albeit typical warm Bose) sound in a truly portable package.

+ Great sound from a tiny portable package

- Bluetooth connective frustrations and poor stereo separation

Purchased at: Myer

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Marsfield, NSW

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Great product only one let down

4 out of 5, reviewed on May 10, 2013

Great product, sounds great (for the price) great portability, and easy to use. Have had one issue and that was it would not update the software. But Bose kindly fixed that.

Only let down would be sometimes it forgets what it is paired to causing you to have to "re-pair" your devices. Battery last a decent amount, although could be better.
Sound is very very warm, so it you want crisp clean highs, I wouldn't recommend, as Bose is known for very warm, "bassy" sounding. some people love it some don't.

Overall a good product for the price.

A warning, a user, Rob, who posts on mostly Miele product reviews,seems to have an issue with my reviews, so be warned in case he has something rude or opposing to say.

+ Decent sound, good price, portable

- A bit too warm sounding, can forget devices its paired to, and battery could be better

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Avoid at all cost

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 30, 2013

Having listened to this speaker extensively in a shop, I can categorically say that this is yet another overpriced piece of junk from Bose, with very disappointing sound quality - and no, I am not an obsessive audiophile, just somebody who likes to listen to music moderately loud, and expects both clarity and bass (the Bose fails on both accounts).

There are much better alternatives. Look at Bowers and Wilkins - exceptional build and very good sound quality, or if you genuinely want to fill the room with top wireless sound look at Dynaudio Xeo. Or consider the recently announced Mini Aero from Moos Audio - serious wireless audio quality from a new Aussie company; may well be contender for 'best in the world'! There are also others, most offering better value than Bose. Whatever you do, don't buy the Bose!!!

- Boring design, poor audio quality, overpriced

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I'm about to track down a set of Moos Mini Aeros for a listen, but, given that not only are the two other makers you've mentioned (B&W and Dynaudio) among my all-time favourites, but also given tha... read more »

Hi Ron, I hear your opinion, but I stand by mine - if you look at 'sound quality' in absolute terms, matching the Bose against other systems, it would place in the bottom 5% for sound quality - no... read more »

When you learn that I'm a Sound Supervisor with over forty years' ongoing employment in worldwide "showbusiness" audio, (nearly all of it live, or "as live") you probably won't be surprised to find... read more »

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No, It Is Not A Sewing Kit...

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 13, 2012

...Nor is it a sensuously tactile, art-directed "designer" box for tissues or cosmetics. ...So what is it ?

Well, for anyone who considers music to be an important part of life, it's a complete and utter game-changer, ...that's what it is.


Huge sound from a tiny "go anywhere" box. Wirelessly. For hours. (Indefinitely if there's any mains nearby for its included "wall wart" plug pack.)

That's why.

OK, so the "Purist Police of the Hi Fi Geek Patrol" will sneer that its phenomenal array of active multi-band spectral processing, carefully tuned cabinet resonances, wave guides and ports combine to yield a sound that's "fake" or "tricked up".

Guilty as charged. (Easily charged, as it happens.)

But if, like most of us, you listen to music , (as opposed to analysing technology) this "fake" sound is the beating heart of an immensely satisfying, backyard (or room) filling and ...(above all) enjoyable experience.

More so than many of the tied-to-the-shelf mains-powered sound systems out there that cost more than
four times as much.


For a "designer" sewing kit, tissue box or cosmetics holder, ...definitely.

But for the matchless elegance of a rugged, go anywhere die-cast aluminium sculpture that will change your life forever...?

An absolute bargain.

+ Its sound. It is sound. Its easy,wipe-down portability. ...And its sound, that's right, ...its sound!

- Anything Bluetooth may require an occasional "re-pairing" should interference "walk in".

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@RonM - I'm no HiFi geek, but I do have a pair of ears on me and I can tell you that this Bose thing sounds like the tissue box it is. Tinny, overly bright, harsh, struggling for clarity when you... read more »

Not only do you have a pair of ears, Bob, ...but they seem to be a very well-educated and discerning pair ! I'm about to track down a set of Moos Mini Aeros for a listen, but, given that not only ... read more »

Perth, WA

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Great Bose Bluetooth Speaker

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 10, 2012

The Bose Soundlink Bluetooth Speaker is a great portable speaker to have. It is compact and rugged.

I must confess I am a Bose fan and have a number of Bose products

The sound quality out of this speaker is great. You would not expect the sound that comes out of the unit. The speaker does not distort even at the highest levels. The unit produces nice bass and great overall sound. I found that the apple store mp3's had a richer sound then some of the others.

This speaker is a portable unit that has a lithium battery built in. The battery life is fairly good. It seems as if at high volume the speaker lasts for about 3 hours but at reasonable volume can last from 5-8hours depends on volume you have it at.

It is fairly expensive for what it is and you could probably get a mini hifi system but the difference is that this speaker is portable and Bose. It would be great if the unit had a radio included but with different apps for your iPhone you can always use them. On the plus side with bose is that though the price is expensive Bose normally maintains its value even after a couple of years.

If you are looking for a portable speaker that you can use on the move and connect via Bluetooth and will definitely impress then purchase this speaker. If you want something more compact that you can use with an ok sound then get the x mini max which will probably do the job for your money.

Test them out and see if you think they are worth your time and money

+ Great Sound, Portable, Compact, Internal Lithium Battery

- Expensive,

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The reason for some sounding better than others, T-mo, lies in the encoding. ...All top-quality gear follows the GIGO "law", ...Garbage In, Garbage Out. The majority of iTunes downloads are enc... read more »

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