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Product is perfect but the service is poor.

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 06, 2018

Bossini highpoint branch, 4th of May, around 6:30pm the store was not busy. My family were Up to buy this nice pair of jacket for my boys but we were not attended to by the sales person, my wife was asking for some assistance while holding the jacket but she was ignored but as soon as this white gentle man walks in, he was assisted although he didn’t buy anything. the management of this shop needd to look into this because we are a fan of bossini here and overseas but it put us out by this kind of service.

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1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 14, 2017

while my son was trying on a suit today I pointed out that the lining was too tight at the back and the fabric was pulling and not sitting properly. At this point the rude sales girl walked off on us without offering an alternative or solution, wouldn't even take the suit from him when he handed it to her, but rather asked him to leave it on the counter. My $350 was better spent else where

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1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 08, 2017

Went in-store to purchase a suit, found one I liked but the pant legs were too long, so they asked if I wanted to pay $20 to have them adjusted to which I agreed. The woman folded the pant leg up to measure it and I asked if it would be more accurate to actually get a tape out and measure the leg length so the fitting would be right. She dismissed my suggestion and continued. A few days later I picked up the suit and took it home for a wedding I had to attend in 2 days time. When I tried it on the pant legs were much too short and I no longer had time to readjust them, so I had to wear them like that. Any suit store that doesn't take proper measurements is unprofessional. I would not return to Bossini unless I was accompanying a friend whom I secretly hated in order to ensure they get unprofessional service.

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Bosini fakes its brand

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 02, 2017

I bought a Bosini Jacket but after a while i noticed that under its brand tag there is a cheap japanese brand. This means that they bought a cheap 5th class jacket and put their mark on it and sell ut as their own brand. How cheap is that to fake their own brand.

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Belt broke

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 27, 2017

The belt was worn a few times and the pin (metal part that goes through hole) bent rendering the belt useless.
Poor quality. Very disappointed.

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Workers there are arrogant.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 11, 2016

Chick was rude when i was trying to make a simple exchange. I'm sorry you guys barely have a refund policy but your workers are disgusting and arrogant.

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Perfect Wedding Suit

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 30, 2014

Visited bossini Perth with my fiancee outside the new raine square shopping centre.
Michael was very more than happy to help meet my needs for the perfect size suit. With a wide range and a 3 piece, good quality suit for $250 i left extremely happy and would highly recommend Bossini

+ Customer service, price, good quality suit

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Do not trust to the sales person,

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 29, 2013

I purchased couple of jumpers at Bossini Northland store for the price of $100. As these items was gift for my partner’s birthday, and obviously he wasn't present at the time to try on, I discussed the matter with the seller and he sold the items on the condition that within 14 days of purchase an ex-change or refund will be available.
After above agreement and payment of $100, the seller advised that “printer is broken” and he cannot provide a printed purchase receipt, instead he gave me a handwriting receipt.
Unfortunately both of jumpers were unfit, 2 days after, we gone back to the store, and my partner tried a bigger size with no hope as we believe the issue is from the style which does not suit my partner, we browsed the shop to find any other alternative but he didn't like anything else at the time. Hence we decided to refund the items as it was agreed with seller few days ago.

But surprisingly we have been advised that there will not be any refund at all, we raised the problem with the store manager and she confirmed that there will not be a refund at all in a very rude manner. I noticed a table on the wall stating the refund policy, which clearly stating there will be a refund if this was a condition of sale!!! which was!!!
After all this she advised us to raise the matter with the head office, I write to them (via email and fax), a guy called me and advised that I misunderstood the sale person!!!!
I will never ever will go to them again.

- The are nor trustful, they simply lie to sale the item.

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