Great return policy

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 15, 2018

I have to say I’m quite shocked to see so many negative reviews here! I bought a heap of paint and realised I bought 4 cans too many of their deluxe flat white (not tinted) and I bought it back and they just refunded me on the spot!

I was thinking NO! I don’t need THAT much paint! But the lovely girl at my local store was so impressive.

What a great way to get people to come back too!

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Agnes Water

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Crazy staff welcoming customers

2 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 13, 2018

Visited your Bundaberg branch as we often do quite happily, however today Sunday 11 March 13:00 hours.... met by some male staff member dressed in a rainbow skirt + hat in rainbow colours.
No explanation at all or signage?? If it's to support the LGBT cause... we go to Bunnings to shop not be confronted on entry by any Moral or political campaign.

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good store but needs more staff and cash machines

2 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 12, 2018

i have had the same lack of staff help at Tuggerah store and still have to wait a long time at checkout the credit card checkout is useless not all people want to use cards

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Colour Picker Is A Joke

1 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 12, 2018

After looking at colour picker online, I thought I'd take down a sample. Well firstly, no one wants to serve you. When you do get served, its a young girl who knows nothing about paint. What she said first is "colour picker doesn't work". OMG they had every excuse in the store, telling me white or cream paint is impossible to pick. Guess what, 99% of paint they sell is white or cream! So then she used her EYES to pick the colour and it cost $7.60, for the sample. Rip off. I was not given cards to take home to compare against the wall. They took my wall sample and PAINTED OVER IT. That doesn't work, the thin coat on top looks like the colour below, but had no relation. She was comparing the colour to the open lid, which is wet paint. The colour dries about 10 shades darker. She also gave me a pink paint, for a cream sample. I managed to get both samples free, but have taken them back.

I am going to a professional store to get some service. It's an utter joke. No one knows anything! They look at you and don't have time to find the correct sample. I kept hearing that it was "exactly the same". OMG it couldn't have been darker. I ruined the wall using their samples picked out by idiots. I'm made a total mess because I thought it would be a close match. Put me right off Bunnings.

They do not supply colour cards deliberately and their colour picker doesn't actually work. Their perfect match is 10 shades too dark. Horrible service. They just want your money. And they still said to come back for help, so they can sell me a sample! Horrible people!

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Forest Lake

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Service really slipped lately...

2 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 09, 2018

Went to Springfield Bunnings in Qld, looking for suction cups and a Torx screwdriver set to fix my computer with, first 3 people I asked didn't seem to know what a suction cup was then I found an older gent who did but the only ones in stock were for lifting large glass windows etc - strike one.

Asking for a Torx screwdriver set got much the same response with puzzled looks and heads scratched until one fella in the tools section said I only had the choice of hex key type sets however I then noticed the exact set I'd been looking for on the shelf - he gave up before me!

Grabbing the set and some alloy carabiners I headed for the garden section to finish my shopping but was rudely accosted by a young girl at the tool counter who snapped at me that I'd have to pay for the goods before leaving the tool section as this was a "high shoplifting crime area" I mentioned that I had actually already left the tool area previously in search of other items without an issue but she insisted and so I dumped the items on her desk and headed straight for the carpark as I had never been accused of being a thief ever in my life and also was holding a rather fat wallet at the time too.

I decided that rather than give Bunnings another chance to insult me that I'd try online shopping where to my surprise the exact same torx set was a full 70% less cost for the same brand including postage - a few key strokes and no carpark hassles either. I also got the exact suction cups I was looking for instantly, apparently they are very popular around the world just not at Bunnings.

A footnote to this is that I did eventually check out another Bunnings looking for plants next day at my wife's insistence and sure enough their prices were sky high and there were several 'bargain' stands with dead and dying plants for sale for a few bucks off - what a joke! I went to the local flea market and picked up some lovely big bright hanging baskets for around half the Bunnings price and they are twice the size too.

I don't think I'll ever bother returning to Bunnings again as the internet is easier, cheaper, more variety and you don't risk your car in a cramped carpark or get insulted by some high school dropout.

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No Customer Service

2 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 08, 2018

Lately at Bunnings i have noticed no staff around to help. When you do find one they are 1. Going on a break. 2. Just got back from a break 3. Dont know what to do. Seriously Bunnings youve really gone downhill. Waited 30 mins for someone to come to aisle 11. When i approached an employee who came but didnt acknowledge suprise she'd just got back from a break and had no clue??? I left in frustration.

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to get satisfaction

4 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 07, 2018

Holman retractable hose
I've changed my H30 retractable hose for a H 20 haven't used it much but think it to be a lot better
maybe the spool sides will not get buckled because of less hose

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Gold Coast

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Corporate sanctimony

1 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 05, 2018

I agree that Bunnings is being a bit tough on the tradie in Hervey Bay. Maybe the foray into the UK is driving this need to wring every dollar they can. Will it become the Masters of England?
I have taken my regular purchases elsewhere until Bunnings forgive the tradie his debt and go for the grub that used the card fraudently.

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Kids d.I.Y

3 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 04, 2018

Today I took my 2 grand daughters to do craft when we got there, there was no one there I went to the front inquiry desk saying no one was there she asked another girl who the girl went home sick. They called another girl who came and said the same thing about the girl. She did say sorry but that was it. No sign . Surely they could have some one to step in and do the craft. I made a special effort to go there and i . Had 2 very disappointed girls I will ring up next time.

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Stop complaining customers

3 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 03, 2018

We live in a world now where we practically encourage customers to complain, by the press of a button. They may even exaggerate to make their complaint sound more horrible.
Bunnings make a big deal about customer service, but they don’t put enough staff on the floor to make that possible. I feel sorry for the staff on the floor there. If you’re complaining about products that’s fine, but spare a thought for the staff!

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Bolts and Nuts

2 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 03, 2018

I wanted to bolt 10 engineering vices (4 BOLTS IN EACH) onto 5 steel benches, so I went into Bunnings to buy 40 bolts and nuts the same size, and ended up with 3 different size bolts and nuts, because they didn't have the stock. Big gaps in their range and lots of sizes missing!!!

I went back 3 days later thinking they may have restocked... no had to buy another 2 different sizes, so ended up with 5 different sizes in total (an appalling range and quantity of bolts and nuts stock don't waste your time unless you are after half a dozen)

Get your act together bunnings & stock your shelves!!!!

By the way $5.33 for two 2 inch x 1/2 inch bolts and matching nuts in a packet is absolute daylight robbery (you can buy the same size in the local bolt shop for 50cents per bolt & nut)

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 01, 2018

Nobody in the world can make a better snag than Bunnings, it's the best restaurant I've been to in a while.

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Grumpy staff

1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 27, 2018

Garden tools section staff so unfriendly and unwilling to help. Did not want to speak acted as if it was a real inconvenience no smiles or any sign of friendly service. Treated as a pain and would not help 80 year old load lawn mower into her car. Very poor customer service.

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Don't buy Mimosa Outdoor Furniture

2 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 26, 2018

Purchased a 5 pc setting, bar and four stools from Bunnings. Mimosa brand made in Vietnam. Wooden (Teak?) frames with vinyl wicker seats and backs and with cushions. Looked great. Got it home and assembled as instructed. No measure of tightening would prevent stools and table from rocking around. Examined and found stress cracks in legs, factory fitted joints were loose, the whole thing was a basket case and poorly made with poor quality wood and fixtures. Took it back and got a full refund ($699). Was told at the store that this was the third one returned to that store alone and a check of the computer showed the product had been suspended (removed from sale). My advice.... Do not buy Mimosa (teak?) timber furniture made in Vietnam. Happy with Bunnings giving me a refund, but not happy that they sell this rubbish.

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Team member

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 26, 2018

I am sitting here reading all your reviews with a big sigh!!!! You all feel that you are not receiving the best customer service possible with Bunnings! Well I am inclined to give you the prospective of an actual team member that works in a Bunnings store. Have you ever thought about the hundreds of people that come and go from a Bunnings store everyday? Well let me tell you, I have. Bunnings is a DIY store which means "do it yourself" right! It is not a specialist store where you have specialists in every department (if Bunnings did, I assure you that specialist would not be earning an hourly rate of $22.80) and why would a specialist be working in a Bunnings store for that matter where he could be making a great living from what he specialises in?

Bunnings Team are constantly aggressively abused all day by customers. One of my own experiences, Asian lady waiting in line at the service desk early morning while I attend to a customer and also try to answer phone calls as the receptionist doesn't start until 9am. She barely waited 3mins. I processed her buy and apologised that my til didn't have high denomination and I had to give her change in lower denomination...her response "I don't fucken care just give me my change"! huff huff and progressed to snatch the receipt from the printer. And that is the start of my day at 6.30am. Can you guys even imagine by the end of an 8hr day and customers hurling abuse at you for no apparent reason...its no wonder we tend to bite back! So before you write a poor review, Customer service does not mean we allow customers to treat us like a piece of sh@t! Good day everyone and spare a thought for the retail worker who is constantly be aggressively abused!

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Verified Customer


2 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 25, 2018

I ordered 12 internal blinds some 4 weeks ago.
I finally got a call to say they were ready to be picked up from the store, I thought that’s great.
So I went to the store that day and paid the remaining $2390 and was given 2 large cylinders full of blinds.
I got home to install them and there were only 6 blinds in the packaging.
I called the store immediately and they said they would look for them and call me back first thing in the morning. The next day I had to ring them and they still haven’t found my remaining blinds. I have paid a total of $2890 and have only 6 blinds and still do not know when I will be receiving the rest of them.
So where are my blinds??
Who knows????

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Cost me thousands, will avoid shopping there again and ensure everyone I know avoids them

1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 25, 2018

Last November we decided to build a pergola over our deck. We were going to use it for a family Christmas party and had family coming from NZ to celebrate. I hired a tradie to help out while I took a week off to help build it.

We purchased the timber and hardware through Bunnings (mistake #1), and started building.
We got to the point of putting up the posts and preparing all of the timber beams and trusses which we cut ready to go and moved onto paint.

I had about 2 litres of Dulux Weathershield left over from projects I had completed previously including doors, and timbers around the garage in the colour monument. Absolutely no issues with them whatsoever. I told my tradie I would prefer to use it rather than mixing paints. He told me he preferred SolarGard, he had used it for 20 years and never had any issues whereas he had conflicting information about Dulux. So we went down to the local Dandenong Bunnings and spoke with the paint desk staff. A Dulux rep happened to be there are the time and allayed my tradies fears and suggested that we use Water Based Sealer and the Water Based top coat.

So I used the 2L I had left to paint one of the main beams which was going to attach to the house and front post and within a few hours we put it up and it looked great. We then proceeded to start painting the trusses. We painted half of them that day and left them overnight to cure and the next morning started putting them out on the deck to make room and dry further in the sun. Within an hour we went back out to see they started bubbling.

Every single one of them looked like a bunch of teenagers the day after a chocolate binge. So we went back to Bunnings and were told to contact Dulux. All Dulux did was tell us that our prep work was to fault and spouted a number of things which they apparently always recommend for treated pine but none of which is listed anywhere. They gave us a convoluted prep process which should have been followed which again is not listed on their products or website and when they said we should not have used Water Based and instead oil based we should take it back to Bunnings.

So we went back to Bunnings and after some toing and froing between them and Dulux decided to give us our money back for the timber and paint as they were the ones who told us to use it on treated pine which apparently does not work.

So we purchased 10L of Oil Based sealer and topcoat as they had advised and also purchased the timber from somewhere else because Dulux said that the timber was possibly too recently treated and it should have been left out for at least 2 weeks before painting.

I left it with my tradie as I had to return to work, he had to cut and prep all the new timber at an extra cost to myself following the prep instructions given to the letter. This meant leaving the pine to weather for 2 weeks, sand each piece down front, back sides, coat of sealer, let sit for 4 hours, sand, clean, 2nd coat, let sit for 4 hours, sand, clean, 3rd coat, let sit for 4 hours, sand, clean, 1st top coat, sand, clean, 2nd coat of top coat.
It was then left for an entire week to cure as they advised. As soon as that was done we put it in the sun on a 24 degree day... blistered again.

Mean while the one piece of timber we had managed to paint in the old batch I had lying around was still up and enduring 3-40 degree days. We went back to Bunnings and Dulux. Dulux still insisted it had nothing to do with their product and would not do anything. Bunnings said they would give us the money back for the paint again but this was not enough. This had now cost me another WEEK because of the stupid prep work advised that my tradie had to follow. I don't see why had to wear another weeks worth of costs, not to mention having to now go through it all again.

Bunnings finally, after many calls annoying the local manager (after seeing my tradie does enough business to warrant some sort of action), told us that Dulux would send a rep out to check and take samples. The came out 3 weeks prior to Christmas, looked at the bubbles and said it looked to them like a problem with the top coat adhering to the sealer as the sealer was adhered to the timber fine, it was the top coat peeling from the sealer. They then said they would take some measurements to see what % of moisture was in the timber while my tradie was watching and said the timber has too much moisture... unfortunately for them my tradie is aware of what the % should be within range of and told them despite them saying it said 15% it was clearly 12% so they should measure it again. The Dulux rep didn't want a bar of it, and argued until my tradie told him to do it again, which he did and low and behold "it's definitely within the acceptable range". So off to the lab the samples will go. "It will be marked as urgent and we should have the results back before the end of the week.

All of this was done by my tradie having to turn away other work to finish this for me so we could get the roof done for our party because he felt to blame. So this has cost me more money as well as him.

The following week, now less than 2 weeks til Christmas I had to contact Dulux to find out what is going on. They told me that it was marked as Urgent and the lab should have it back before the end of that week as it is quite important.

It is now the week of Christmas and again, I have to email, Facebook, call them to try and get an answer as our relatives from NZ are on their way and we need to see what is happening to try and organise everything. Nope the lab is closed until January... awesome.

While "discussions" with Bunnings were still ongoing trying to sort it out and being told constantly it isn't the product but our prep work and the timber but wait on the results, I went down and purchased 4L of Taubmans cheapest paint and sealer and using the off cuts from the piece of timber which was up on the house without an issue as that was stamped from 2016 (should be no issue with the treatment from that age and it being sitting on my deck for over a month since this whole thing started).

So I painted the off cuts without any prep, didn't even wipe the timber down, straight on, 20 mins between coats of sealer, left over night and top coat applied. Left over night, put straight on the deck on a 33 degree day, left it there, nothing, left it for a week, nothing.

Meanwhile Bunnings are no longer replying to our emails, Dulux lab techs are back but there is no news yet. It is now the middle of January and still nothing. My tradie had had a gut full and started calling Bunnings, constantly until we finally got a response from them that the results had come back a week ago and that;

"We have received information that outlines the issues you are experiencing are due to a natural characteristic of the timber. The yellow crystal like substance is causing the adhesion issues with the paint, this is not a fault of the product, but a natural characteristic as timber is a natural product."

So despite the product stating it works on Timber (treated or otherwise) it has problems sticking to PINE. The offered us $2000 and a $500 Bunnings voucher. This was barely enough to cover the timber and materials, let alone the extra costs of my tradies time in having to do it again.

So we responded in kind, declining the offer and asked that they take into account the fact they sold this product to us and it did NOT do what it said it would NOR what their experts told us it would do. It had cost me $2400 in my tradies time on top of the $2000 for materials and wanted that to be taken into account. They ignored this and for weeks did not reply.

FInally after threatening action at VCAT they send us an email at the 11th hour;

"We maintain that there is no fault with the product, and further to the reasons already outlined in my
correspondence, I can confirm we have no other matters of this nature on file, for either our Dulux product
or the treated pine. If there was a fault with these items, we would have been made aware by many
customers would be seeing a widespread issue, due to the network we supply with both of these products. "

Now they are making assumptions that because no one else is having problems with it it isn't a genuine problem which exists with the product. This is the product that they said has issues adhering to PINE because of a natural characteristic in the timber, not because of anything we had done, but because the product does NOT do what it is meant to do and as was advised by THEIR team.

The reality is this product would be mostly used on external cladding (I can make assumptions too), doors, masonry, concrete etc NOT pine which is used for framing. Most of this timber would not even SEE the sun but the main beams would and that was all ruined along with the trusses which were outside.

Obviously we did not get to have our Christmas on our deck outside on our lovely new deck (which has now faded because we were waiting to oil it once the roof was up) and we are left with timber warping in our front and back yards which looks horrible and a few posts waving in the wind.

We have already made sure everyone we know avoids Bunnings and also Dulux products, some of our other reviews are already getting 20 views daily which is without us even starting to publicize it, but we will soon, so this has already cost them more than it would have had they simply done the right thing in the first place.

We will be taking this matter to VCAT as we do not see any other way to have this fairly remedied.

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what happened to bunnings

1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 22, 2018

I bought a gazebo almost $100 it lasted 2 weeks l put it up used it once Second time l put it up it fell apart There was not enough steel each side of the rivets and it folded and broke Aldi ones are great no more bunnings for me

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A Currant Afair

1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 20, 2018

BUNNINGS DESCUSTED . Just watched A Current Afair. Will not be shopping in your store until you right that wrong. SHAME ON YOU

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Torquay Victoria

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Excellent service and price

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 16, 2018

Recently bought three Mojo bench cushions from Bunnings.I wanted them to sit on top of some storage boxes to make them look better out on my balcony.I searched the internet and Bunnings were the only ones that had the size I needed.They were $25 each and very colourful in green,white and blue.The staff at Bunnings Oxenford were very helpful.Couldnt believe I found exactly what I needed after an exhaustive search on the internet.

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Bunnings are offering ryobi one plus mega kit but know store has them does anyone know why they do this ?

WESTY asked on Mar 03, 2018

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I don't know if this is the answer Westy but my understanding is that Bunnings often have one off special offers/products and once gone they are gone. The small Ozito chain saws for $120 are an example. These one off specials are often once only deals and are quickly gone. Sometime they pay pop up again at another time if they were particularly popular. So if you see something that sounds unique and good value on special from Bunnings you may need to get in quick or it could be gone forever. Also FYI if you can't find it at your store you can go to the service desk and they will do an inventory check across other stores and if they find one they will have it sent to your store and held for you. You will have to pay a deposit. Regards, Clem.

When’s Bunnings going to get afterpay or Openpay please?

Janine B asked on Feb 24, 2018

Do you do laybys?

Jenny G asked on Feb 22, 2018

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