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Well I was pleasantly surprised at how well thought out these vans are.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 02, 2018

I got the van that included a shower and a toilet. I did not use the toilet but I did use the shower. Standing room only but yet enough water pressure and hot water to have a welcomed shower at the end of a day. Then I cooked a meal on the twin gas burner stove and washed up with the built in sink. The cooking utensils where comprehensive as where supplied cutting board and other accessories. Turning the rear sitting area into a comfortable bed was straight forward enough.

I am definitely doing this again.

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Do not use this company

1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 22, 2018

We rented our camperman campervan for two whole weeks last December 2017. We where given a van with a broken shower glass and after I demanded that this was fixed they fixed it temporarily. The kitchen was very small and only had open shelves where to put the pans. We were driving on a highway and a pan fell from the open shelves on top of the cooker, breaking the glass cover of the cooker. Apart from this we had water entering in the storage areas under the seats where we had our luggages. We told them about the glass and they charged us $250 for it. We tried to communicate with them since this was not our fault as the open shelves are not safe enough to keep things from falling. They ignored all our emails and messages and did not reply back. Apart from this the glass does not cost more than $100 this means we where charged more than double the price.

Bad customer service would not book again with this company!

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Camperman Australia Official

Hello there, i thank you for your feedback, there is cupboards in the van that have doors and there is cupboards that are open, this is your responsibility to place the items in the van before trav... read more »

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Great customer service

4 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 14, 2018

“Friendly and efficient staff! our family road trip was an amazing adventure, my son and I really enjoyed traveling to the Winton outback festival in the Camperman. Would book again

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Great little company!

4 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 12, 2018

Great trip. Staff were great and there were no hassles. The vehicle was a little 'tired' and getting to the end of its' working life, with a few things broken inside the cabin (fridge shelf, gas burner, water hose). However, these didn't spoil the trip, and the vehicle is more than adequate. We would certainly use you again. Thank you.

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Had great fun

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 29, 2018

The van was perfect and also the pillows, sheets and kitchen tools. We enjoyed and drove easily without any issue. Everyone was friendly on both ends and made the experience enjoyable. Thanks to Camperman!

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Paradise Family 5 was good

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 11, 2018

I booked my motorhome with Vroom Vroom Vroom and booked the Paradise 5 family. The pictures on the site looked good and great for my family. We especially wanted the automatic transmission because we never drive in Australia and want to make it easy. My family had much fun during our vacation for thirteen days on the Australian coast. The people at the drop off are really nice to us they call a cab to the airport. The double bed can accommodate 2 adults or 3 children. The negative is air conditionining does not go to the back of the was hot when sleep.
We had fun and we will do again when we come back to Australia in a few years. four stars for camper and product. Cordially

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Very good company and vehicle

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 11, 2018

Booked a campervan relocation in December and we booked it directly because we saw it available on Campermans website. We needed to get down south quickly for Christmas and this was a cheap easy way to do it. Some flights were $500!!! The lady I spoke to on the phone when booking was friendly and went through all the terms with me. $1 a day and we got a refund for gas to.
We got a van with a shower and toilet which wasn't needed but would be handy if we travelled for longer. The van had a comfortable double bed and was automatic transmission so driving was easy :) easier than manual
We will recommend to our friends and family thank you

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You can’t blame the service, because there is no service!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 07, 2018

We travelled for one month in the van and the van was driving well all the way! It is a budget van and that is what you get… the same is the service!

#1 I had many email correspondences with a lady from the head office, and I had a lot of questions, just to ensure I had understood their insurance policy, terms & conditions etc. The lady apparently had enough and wrote in her last email in the first line: “Thank goodness!!” (indicating she was a bit tired of all of our questions).
Yes, I had a lot of questions; and the staff might find it a bit annoying, but there is no need to let the customer know.

#2 From the day we got the van ants where everywhere; in the bed, in the cabins where the food is stored, in our clothes … and yes, we know that there are ants in Australia, but they should not be in the van when we are picking it up. We called them and their answer to that was “Go buy some spray - we have ants in Australia”.

#3 When it was raining, water was coming in from the roof and down onto our bed. We called the office and their answer was “Go buy some plastic and tape and fix it that way. If you drive to one of our locations, we can have a look at it!” But the customer should not drive Australia round to find their locations – Camperman should come to the customer and fix the problem.

#4 When we where cooking the gas was leaking in the van. We where travelling with a 7 months old infant – it’s not very nice to stay in the van at the same time! … We stopped calling them, because we already knew the answer! “Fix it your self!”

#5 At pickup the lady (it seemed to be the “email lady”) told us things we had to remember to do at drop of … but she apparently “missed” to tell us to wash the outside of the van, so the first thing they charged us for was that.

Despite, we had a great trip, but we will never rent from Camperman again! Think twice before you do!

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Lies, disappointment and stranded

2 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 28, 2017

I booked a Paradise 5 berth for 4 weeks travel between Melbourne and Cairns.
On pick-up the van seemed good. There was a basic tour of the van but I had to ask many more to really get to grips with it. The girl who took my card payment attempted to overcharge me by $100. Maybe an accident, maybe not.

On my 11th day and having travelled less than 2000km (so averaging about 2hrs per day) the water light came on. I pulled over at the next stop which was less than a km. The water was almost empty so I refilled it. I hadn't checked the water level on taking the van, most would expect it to be full, but you apparently get less than 1kms notice before empty. I had to wait 3hrs at the truckstop for it to cool before I carried on to my next overnight which was 11km (i travelled only 150km that day) and 500m away the light came on again. I turned off the engine when i got there and could hear it boiling. I should add that this was during their winter.

I phoned and explained and the first thing they accused me of was already breaking a van. Not a great start. To be fair to them, they called a mechanic and he was there within 90 mins. Said the head gasket was definitely blown and he called Camperman to explain while I was there. They said they would call me back within the hour. I waited 3 and called at 5pm before they closed, they said they were organising a van and they would call me in the morning at 8am. I called them at 9 as they again didnt call back and said there would be a van there by midday. Then at 1 I had to call to be told it was 4pm, Then at 5 it was the next day. I eventually got it at 11pm on the 3rd day after numerous broken promises about calling, different problems at their end, clearly all lies as I later found out from the driver delivering the replacement. I had a wedding to go to on the Saturday, should have been in Sydney early Thursday and get it at 11pm Friday. It forced me to drive at night which I was avoiding.

Obviously the first thing I check on the new van is the water, it's full. Turn the engine on and there's the water light again. Problem solved. They clearly pay zero attention to their water sensors and we suffer the consequences.The mechanic had told me that to blow a head gasket the dashboard must have been lit like a Xmas tree. (Now I know why it wasn't)

There were other issues that you only notice during the trip. Sliding door was dented so there was a gap at the bottom that let all the cold air in at night and made the drive much noisier than it needed to be. 1 window lock was broken. It slid open during the drive. Noisier! You could push it easily, tear the screen and be in the van within seconds. Shower cubicle had a large crack, back door would temperamentally refuse to close. Incorrect microwave plate so rattled during driving, poor inside lighting. I could handle all these as it was an old van. What I couldn't handle was the lack of care for the engine, terrible attitude by staff, continual broken promises and general poor service.

I gave 2 stars only as they refunded me for the missing days without the fight that I see some others have had to have. Still wouldn't recommend them to anyone. USed Apollo in NZ for 6 weeks during the Lions Tour and the service was a different class

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Great Time!

4 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 14, 2017

I was very pleased with our campervan experience and we had an amazing holiday. We drove up the east coast from Sydney to Brisbane and I feel we made the best possible decision to rent a campervan as the camping areas were all beautiful and it allowed us to stay very close to the most incredible beaches I have ever seen. The camper was a perfect size for 2 people. The only issue was we could not use the passenger window which was a minor disappointment and we were forced to have it repaired which was very quick and we were back on the road in less than 15 minutes (but were still not able to roll it down). The customer service we received was excellent and very quick to respond to all our enquires promptly even when we were emailing back and forth from Canada we always received a quick response. I would definitely rent with Camperman again and I hope to visit Australia again some day.

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Fantastic experience!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 12, 2017

We have just returned from an amazing campervan holiday up the east coast. It was our first time in a campervan. Everything ran so smoothly. The customer service from the time of making the booking right through to drop off was second to none. The campervan was so well stocked and very clean. We literally only needed clothes and food. We were weighing up booking with 3 different companies but went with camperman because of the low insurance and I am so glad that we did. We are already planning our next campervan holiday and will definitely be using Camperman. Thank you Camperman, it was absolutely brilliant!
See you next year

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Don't risk your holiday

1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 30, 2017

We hired a van for a 14 day drive from Brisbane to Townsville. When we picked up the van it was mouldy throughout the interior, but we figured it was cheap so what could we expect? The fridge barely kept our milk cold, and we had to store our meat in the freezer compartment to keep it at a safe temperature. Again, what were we going to do? We had a tight timeline to stick to and we couldn't afford to be stuck somewhere getting it repaired. One of the external vents flew off during our drive from Brisbane to Bundaberg, we superglued it back on after we called camperman and were accused of hitting it with something (we hadn't). All of this would have been forgivable as just a glitch in an otherwise enjoyable holiday, had we not broken down in townsville. The van overheated, and we called camperman for advice. it was 2pm on a 35 degree day. We were told to wait with the van for 90 minutes for RACQ to arrive. We had two small children with us, who were left sitting in the sun because the inside of the van was unbearable. We waited. Eventually RACQ arrived and said that the van needed to be towed. We called again to see what happened next and were told camperman were wiping their hands with us. incredibly, we were left there, on the side of the road with all of our holiday belongings, in the sun, with no transport and no help. Not even a taxi to a hire car place. We were forced to hire a replacement car at our own cost - leaving us more than $500 out of pocket because we had to pay a rental bond on the new rental. Camperman refused to take our calls after they took possession of the van. They didn't even call us the next day to make sure that we were ok. Now they are refusing to refund the days we missed out on having the van because of the break down. They're also refusing to cover the $117 we paid for the hire car. Despite our best efforts to resolve this, they have resorted to snide emails and childish behaviour rather than dealing with the matter professionally. I will recommend to everyone that they are not worth the heartbreak. Our holiday was soured by these fools, and four weeks later we are no closer to a resolution.

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Camperman Australia Official

We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused, up until the day before you dropped the van off it was all fine until you overheated the car, we called roadside assistance for you being RACQ at... read more »

Disappointing is the temper tantrum that was thrown when we said we were taking the matter to court. You’re a laughing stock camperman. We offered to sign a non disclosure statement, if you look like fools now that’s entirely on you.

Camperman Australia Official

I am sorry but we said we where happy for you to do this and i have emails here to prove this and am happy to post them if you like??, we are fair with our compensation as we double your entitlemen... read more »

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Old; fall apart. Find somewhere else.

2 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 22, 2017

Just dropped off our camper man rental, have to say I wasn't impressed. I'll start with the positive:

-easy to deal with
-price match, no hassle
-drop off Arlie beach

Now the negative; very old. The caravan (Toyota hiace toilet and shower) had 450000+ kms, pulled to the left pretty hard (wheel alignment needed) smelled of burnt oil when I overtook.

Very dented and dinged on the outside and in, two handles popped out during our use, sliding door and rear hatch (one was held in by an unsupported sheet metal screw) no wastewater hose for sink and shower.

One of the windows was shoddily repaired, very stiff handle felt like it was going to fall off. Three of the five rear lights didn't work, one of them being the outside light that would have been very helpful to play cards with, eat at night.

The two chairs they gave us were broken slightly. There is a small rise on the edge of the rear seat when it's in bed formation that is very uncomfortable to sleep on. Sleeping bags smelled a little weird at the start.

Also, nothing to do with the camper just a tip, most caravan parks have nice shower facilities, wouldn't bother paying extra money for the toilet and shower version.

The britz and other campers looked far newer and nicer.

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Great Value for Money

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 17, 2017

We rented the Juliette hightop and it was spacious. It was a cheap way to travel, especially because we cooked at camp or in the camp kitchens of caravan parks. It was great to meet other travellers and share tips and stories. Camperman’s pricing was all-inclusive. That included the one way fee and the low ($500) excess for insurance. We compared it with others and by the time you add stuff like that on to the daily fee, Camperman was the cheapest, and the hightop was roomier than some of the others on offer for the same price. We were given Big4 camping discounts that some of the other campervan companies charged $300 for. All our road tolls were paid. We loved the vanlife so much we want to do it full time. :-)

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The kids loved it, the adults...

3 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 17, 2017

Similar to other reviewers, the customer service was lacking - despite notification of our flight arrival time, the pick up location was closed when we arrived, which caused a bit of hassle, and meant we missed two days hire. Upon pickup, we were told that we had to wash (the outside of) the vehicle when we returned it (with the bucket and dishcloth provided)...surely this is not something that is expected of the customer?! The booster seat arrangement provided for my daughter wasn't particularly safe. Also, they told us they had only provided enough gas for one night. We bought an additional gas bottle, but didn't end up using it, because the gas lasted the whole time. The bedding was not very comfortable and I'm glad we only had young kids sleeping in the roof area - there is no way we could have actually fitted. The van suited our purposes, but we weren't sorry to bid it farewell!

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 12, 2017

We booked a Camperman Paradise hi-top van after looking at their website and speaking with the very pleasant girls that man the phone. There was a slight mix up on pickup with times but it was sorted easily and away we went. We traveled the inland route through Dubbo, and Echuca then into Melbourne, down to Philip Island, along the great ocean road, up through Ballarat then up through Goondawindi and home again. The van itself performed fantastically, even though the k's were up there, it was well maintained and we had no problems at all with it. It was easy to drive and really comfy up front, although the teenage kids were in the back and they likened some of the ride to a bull riding event hahahaha! thanks NSW road makers. over all we spent 2 weeks on the road and had an absolute ball. We would definitely recommend Camperman to others and would like to take this opportunity to thank them for helping to make our holiday a memorable one. Thanks heaps Guys.... oh an Gals
The Feral Clan

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Outback exploration

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 11, 2017

My husband and I rented a Paradise hightop from Camperman to explore the Outback Queenland region for 2 weeks. It had everything we needed (although we did buy some additional stuff at Target like a duvet and egg slice which didn't cost much) and it was spacious inside. ditto:It was reassuring to know all the road tolls were paid for and that we had 24 hr roadside assistance, even though we didn’t need it.

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Paradise Hightop - lots of room for 2

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 06, 2017

My wife and I rented a Paradise hightop from Camperman to explore the Brisbane region for 2 weeks. It had everything we needed (although we did buy some additional stuff at Target which didn't cost much) and it was spacious inside. It was reassuring to know all the road tolls were paid for and that we had 24 hr roadside assistance, even though we didn’t need it.

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All inclusive really is all inclusive

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 30, 2017

There were four of us and the hightop was roomy enough to fit us comfortably. It was the cheapest way for us to travel and Camperman’s pricing really was all-inclusive. Campervan companies always say the quote is the quote and then you have a one-way fee, or you pay extra to reduce your insurance excess etc. Camperman’s was all inclusive. We had no problems and loved our two weeks of vanlife!

September 20th 2017 Update:
We traveled as a couple in the Juliette Hightop and picked up from Cairns for the iconic drive down to Sydney. The staff at Cairns were great. They have a lot of useful road trip information on their website. Price-wise, everything was covered. You don’t pay extra to reduce your insurance excess. Everyone gets a low excess of $500. All road tolls are covered and there is no one-way fee for dropping the van off at another depot. It was little savings like this that made Camperman the best deal when we compared prices.

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Below average & poor customer support

2 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 15, 2017

We had very good customer support to get us to book (quick response etc). When we booked and picked up the van (that was all good), we went to drive with it. Mechanically there was nothing wrong with it (ok it is not new, but we knew that). We soon began to notice small things that are broken (drawers, windows, unsafe for small kids, broken indoor lights, not clean). That is not the worst part, I kindly tried to contact them through email by pointing out the defects and point for improvement and NO RESPONSE. We will never book again with them.

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