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Terrible customer service - avoid at all costs

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 10, 2017

I would strongly recommend against using them. The gentlemen who moved my things were nice but they were careless with my belongings, scratched my furniture and my fridge, lost parts of lamps, put a hole in the wall of the apartment I was leaving, took the padlock off the storage unit, got lost on the way to the house but included that time in the final invoice. They at least were reasonable and polite when I raised the issues with them unlike the management. That’s the reason I felt compelled to write this negative review. I passed along my experiences to their management via email and have never had such a disgraceful, unprofessional response.
I didn’t honestly expect much more than an apology to be honest, but I expected a least a little conciliatory interactions. Instead I was scolded, accused of lying, berated for it being a Sunday (he called me), demanded what I expected from them. Just outright rudeness. I had waived the extra insurance but when I pointed out that the damage had happened during transit which was covered, I was treated to a weak explanation that this means accidents or fire. None of this ‘fine’ print was in the email correspondence or on their website. If you hire someone to do a job, you should expect them to do a reasonable job without having to spend hundreds of dollars on additional insurance. If you hire a painter to paint your ceiling, you don’t have to take insurance out to ensure they don’t paint your car by accident.
He finally said he would contact me during business hours before fobbing it off on one of the employees who tried to call me once though I followed up at least three times afterwards. I've not heard from them since! All in all, a very disappointing experience.

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