Capital smart - The not so smart place to get your vehicle repaired at

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 19, 2018

Capital smart (Blackburn) focus on having a short turnaround time.

There are scratches on a freshly painted panels, the guard and bonnet feel rough, the rear door and quarter have markings all over it and they just went half arsed on the car. If you don't care about your care much then these guys are the cheap to go place, their finished products are not checked once done.

The finished paint has micro scratches everywhere and isn't very nice. It's probably been buffed with heaps of dirt on the panels

For such a small job they surely screwed it up well and truly, lets see how long it takes for them to repair it.

Inside the bonnet, the bonnet the guard doesnt line up properly and have been told that this is standard for an old ford.

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Basic repair done poorly

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 14, 2018

Overspray and poor panel fit. Difficult attitude, had to get AAMI assessor to confirm repair was unacceptable. AAMI own capital repairs.

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Capital Smart Myaree - NOT an Authorised Porsche Repairer

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 12, 2018

Capital Smart are NOT an Authorised Porsche Repairer, there are only 2 authorised Porsche repairers in Perth. I was made to go to Capital Smart and they had 3 goes at fixing my car, none of which I was happy with. I kept calling AAMI until an assessor agreed to meet me (a AAMI assessor, NOT a Capital Smart Assessor).

I arranged to meet the assessor at one of the authorised Porsche Repairers and the Porsche Assessor and the AAMI Assessor agreed my repair should be redone.

My repair was redone at Mirage Panelbeaters, one of the 2 authorised Porsche repairers, and was perfect first time.

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Service and friendliness was 100%. The staff are very helpful and the service is above and beyond wh

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 11, 2018

I appreciate the service that was provided to me and the friendliness and how helpful the staff were. I will recommend S.M.A.R.T. to others who would need repairs done. The quality is 100% I was anxious about when my car would be ready and the staff assured me I would have it on time for a weekend celebration. Thank you so much. Much appreciated.

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Perfect result

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 05, 2018

My experience with SMART was 10/10. Staff were welcoming, helpful and courteous. Repair job was perfect and then my car was given back to me cleaned and detailed. I could not be happier....... Thankyou Nick and all at SMART Knoxfield. Uber rides were great too. All so organised !!!

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Speedy and Quality repair

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 05, 2018

Capital SMART have it all, friendly staff, great communication, very fast turn around and a quality job - all in all a great experience

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Dealing with Capital SMART was a great experiance.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 04, 2018

Last week a lady drove into the back of me on the Pacific Highway Sydney. Their insurer asked me to go to Capital SMART at Lansvale in Sydney.. The people there were all fantastic-- from the receptionists to the repair people who attended to my car. It was fixed promptly and with no fuss. I was so impressed that I asked the receptionist if they did repairs that were not associated with at fault accidents.
Unfortunately the answer was "NO, sorry we don't have". A shame because my company has a fleet of cars that always seem to have small bumps.. As the M.D. I have a bit of influence over where repairs are done.

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Can not believe they scratched my bumper

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 29, 2018

Have my car repaired for minor scratches from accident, the car was returned for less than 24 hours which surprised me. However, I doubt the quality of such a rush nature, and what happened when I checked my "repaired " bumper, dents was not properly filled with prime and still can see the little hollow spots, besides, I found new abrasions....the repair guy was ok, he admitted the fault being accident happen when repainted, need to put to redone... still waiting to see the result, sigh.

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Excellent repair job

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 27, 2018

Repaired by Capital SMART Blackburn then to Dandenong where they handle bigger jobs.
Damaged bumper, light, front end and bonnet after a driver reversed into me so I did not have to claim. My insurance co. suggested this repair group so I went with their recommendation. I drove to the Blackburn shop then they arranged an Uber lift back home. The next day I was contacted to say it is a bigger job than just a few days and it would need to be taken to the Dandenong shop. After reading the reviews on this site I was getting concerned so I contacted the Dandenong workshop and the customer service rep. was very understanding because she has also seen these reviews. She reassured me that they have two insurance assessors to check the quality of the repair job before the car is released to me. My car was delivered back to the Blackburn shop who then arranged for an Uber to pick me up. The work seems to be excellent including an accurate colour match. Perhaps it depends which repair shops are doing the job but my experience was very fine.

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Arrogant Receptionist

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 26, 2018

This 1 Star is basically for the receptionist at the front desk. Non courteous and unhelpful. Tone of the voice suggest arrogance, behaviour is unprofessional. We experienced unnecessary delay in our crash repair assessment because of her obstructive nature. Technicians were helpful though !

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Never Again will Capital Smart touch my cars

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 18, 2018

Nissan 370Z went in to Capital Smart, Carrum downs for damage to right front quarter panel and bumber, phoned that car was ready 2 days later, after picking up car and heading home i discover drivers side window wouldn't work,so back i go then whilst investigating it Capital Smart break my drivers side window. Two more days later go back requesting that manager comes to inspect the now further repairs and i find my car sitting under a tree covered in leaves and bird droppings, many apologies and the car is immediately washed . Then im reassured that the car is perfect and all good now. Driving out onto the road, my mirror now does not work. straight back to capital smart for the third time. They had refitted the door skin and jammed the window switch all the way to one side... So much for checking everything. This again is fixed while im waiting... by now i have lost what little faith i had in their repair job. The car is parked at home and as its not my regular driving car it sits for a week or two before i drive it again. I notice a clicking sound every time i open and close my door, eventually i realize that the new window that has been fitted is not correct size, who knows where they got it from but as the doors are pillar-less it hits the B pillar of the car. Enough is enough. The car is now going to a competent repairer to have the job done correctly and will be checking that all the screws and fittings that were on the original repair are also correct. I have heard some horrific stories about Capital Smart but now I've become one of their disgruntled customers.
I have let AAMI know my issues and they are fully aware that i will not use Capital smart to repair any of my vehicles again.

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Car door repair

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 07, 2018

Be sure to double check the work done here. It is a preferred repairer linked to AAMI and they make it very difficult to get a quote elsewhere ( they quote the most competitive) . It’s run like a conveyer belt operation , the paint wasn’t even dry when i inspected my vehicle. after 4 taxis at their expense and 8 days without a car made the whole process very painful .

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10/10 service!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 06, 2018

Absolutely perfect service from Capital SMART. My insurer Bingle recommended them, and being the closest to my house I went with them. I saw a couple of other mechanics before Capital and they seemed very unfriendly and not very helpful, saying the car would take about 5-7 working days to have fixed. Capital on the other hand, paid for an uber to and from the shed, quoted me 4 working days, and had it done in 2 and a half! Couldn't be happier with the job they did, especially when it comes with a lifetime guarantee. Big thank you to the team!

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Unbelievably poor

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 05, 2018

Our car is two years old and we are insured with AAMI. We hit a kangaroo recently causing substantial damage to the front left side of the vehicle. Had the car repaired by Capital SMART as directed by AAMI. The repair job was very poor. After collecting the repaired car, there was a small kink/bend in the fender that attached to the windscreen. This caused paint to come off the car and was very noticeable. Also the front bumper popped out of alignment with the fender at the front left of the vehicle. Called the insurer and took the car back to the repairer. Repaired a second time, collected the car and noticed that a seal between the fender and windscreen was twisted out and that the front bumper was out of alignment on the other side (right) of the vehicle. Again, took the car back for a repair. Collected the car and then after a few days, the bumper popped out of alignment with the front fender, this time at the first location (left side). The gap between bumper and fender is approx 5mm, but clearly visible. Took the car back for repair, collected the car and again after a few days the bumper pops out again. This time called the insurer, submitted a formal complaint. The insurer has directed us to another repairer who advised that the original repair job was done on the cheap to save on cost. Instead of replacing the front bumper the original repairer decided to heat up and try an re-mould the damaged bumper back into shape and then re - attach to the car using glue. This obviously should have been replaced in the first instance. We have expended significant time on the phone to the insurer and repairer. Also the time without having our car was a huge inconvenience. Capital SMART were also quite rude and non-friendly to deal with. The whole experience was a great disappointment as having paid for fully comprehensive insurance, we had expected more. Our recommendation is to avoid this repairer if possible.

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What a joke of a repair shop !

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 02, 2018

And to think shannons recommends this place !!! broke more parts than was fixed and the repairs where a joke ! Life time warranty when they can't do the repairs in the first place ! pfft , would not recomend this place to my worst enemy !

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Sunshine West - excellent customer service.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 01, 2018

Efficient, thorough, courteous and friendly customer service staff. Badly dented and scratched panel looks brand new again - insurer chose them, not me but I'd go there again if I had another job like that to do. They're obviously part of a big chain that has a streamlined system of processing repair jobs that are done in a big warehouse with a lot of staff, which was a little off-putting to begin with. Turn around was 2 days and they organised the taxi/uber for me on drop off and pick up. They gave me a clear understanding of the timeline and came within it by half a day early. I see the negative comments already listed - maybe it depends on the site, maybe they're better with some things than others but there are plenty of dodgy small operators so it can be a toss up either way.

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absolutely shoddy!

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 30, 2018

car was returned after 10 days with leaking light fittings, substandard parts, paint all over the interior and a boot that would not close properly. When the issues were raise I was told that the paint could not possibly be from them, even though no one else had been near the car with paint and it wasn't there when it was dropped off, I had photos! The "repairs' that were rectified, weer all returned in exactly the same condition, not fixed at all and advised that they had tried but were unable to remove the paint, even though I could see that there was still dust sitting over the top of it and it had clearly not been touched. Staff were aggressive and dismissive of any complaints. Please post your reviews to google as the ones on there can clearly only be fake looking at the lack of positive reviews contained here

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Very bad experience - returned car in unsafe / unroadworthy condition

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 28, 2018

Absolutely terrible experience with Capital Smart Brookvale / Riverwood.

Was forced to go to them by my insurer. Not only did they take almost three weeks to return my car back , with no apology for taking so long (after initially advising it would take 2 working days), but when the car was returned to me the damage was not fixed properly. They had failed to put two covers over the holes in the front bumper.

However, what is even more concerning is that there were issues with the brakes when the vehicle was returned. Warning lights are on in the car which were not on when I gave them the vehicle. When I called Capital Smart Riverwood and questioned them about this, they advised that they had indeed noticed this issue and had their electrician looked at it but he had concluded this issue was not their responsibility to fix up. To top it all off the car had a flat tire which was not there when I gave them the vehicle! Therefore they knowingly returned a car to me that was unsafe to drive.

So they conceded that they were aware of a safety issue with the car that hadn't existed when I gave it to them yet had not brought this to my attention to warn me. Perhaps they were hoping I wouldn't notice? Either way, I can't think of anything more negligent than giving a car back to a customer with safety issues and not warning them. It is horrifying to think that if I had not noticed the issues I would have driven the car and could have resulted in a serious accident.

Capital Smart tried to blame me for the issues with the brakes saying I should have taken photos of the dashboard before I dropped it to them to prove that there were no warning lights on when I gave it to them. Seriously?

I'm pretty sure there are also scratches on the car that were not there when I gave it to them.

I will never trust this company again and would encourage others to heed this and the other negative reviews before using their services. I will be moving insurance company as well.

If you are reading this and have no choice but to take your vehicle there, I would recommend you take photos of every piece of you car in the presence of a Capital Smart employee as they are completely untrustworthy.

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Completely unprofessional

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 28, 2018

I have been advised by my insurance company to use this smash repairer but never again, this was the worse
experience in my life, there focus was to rushing jobs with bad result, I drop my car in the morning with a big damage at the rear, they call around 4 pm claiming that the car ready to be pick it up, on arrival they direct me to it, it was parked, squeezed to the wall, so I drive it forward so I can have a good look for the outcome, what I saw was shocking, all gaps around the bonnet and rear light not matching at all and the foot print of the workers showing in the car floor mattes and dust every were, I complain to the assessor, he agree and he order the car for adjustment but he disagree of cleaning the car claiming that is not part of his workshop job, after few minute he car was ready,the outcome was worse then before, I try to explain to him my concern, he was so rude by turning his face and walk away saying that he is busy. My insurance company aware about this mess, they order my car to be inspect by a different assessor.

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Worst repair experience ever!

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 24, 2018

Capital S.M.A.R.T Ingleburn has to be one of the worst customer service experiences I have gone through. Initially I had some minor scratching to a rear panel of my car which I went through an insurance claim to get fixed. Upon the initial dispute of which smash repairer the vehicle should go to, the insurance company assured me the Capital S.M.A.R.T were capable and would be able to quickly and flawlessly fix the damage. I dropped my car off the initial time on a Monday and was told that it would be ready by Friday and that I would receive a call and a taxi to pick me up upon completion. This was the first lie… Kim the receptionist was horrible with communication and I did not receive a call at all until I decided to reach out at about 3:30 PM on the Friday (mind you they close for business at 5PM). At this stage I was informed that the car was not yet completed, however is still on track for completion that day and that Kim would call me shortly to organise a taxi. About an hour later and still no phone call I decided that I had to chase this up myself because clearly communication was not Kim’s strong point. After all this back and forth I was told that it was too late for a taxi and that I had to find my own way to the smash repairer if I wanted to pick up my car. This was extremely frustrating as I had to take a day off work as they had told me that the car was going to be completed, but received no communication about the delay, then I had to find my own way their instead of the taxi that I was promised. Upon arriving to pick up my car, there was no hand off or any customer service, it was basically my key handed to me and I was told to go and find my car along their back wall and if I had any issues with it to call them to discuss. From about a mile away I could already tell that the car had not been repaired correctly and that quality control was non-existent here. If you look at the first set of images attached, the car was left in a filthy state, a panel had paint peeling (mind you this was never the state of the car originally, it had minor scratches and not any peeling paint), the door handle had not been touched even though this is what had some scratching on it, there was still structural damage to the rear panel which was apparently “fixed”, the original pink marker which was used to mark out the damaged sections was not cleaned off and there was oil and residue all over the car panels. This was just a mess and I could not believe my eyes when I saw all this. I immediately drove the car back into the shop and requested to speak to a repairer. I was appointed to Allan, who is apparently in charge and approves all the cars to be released. His first instinct was to put the blame on me for “putting pressure on them” to finish the car on Friday, which in the first hand was their promise to me, not my demand. He then realised how terrible the job was and asked for an extra day to fix the issues. At this stage I had no trust in him or anyone at Capital S.M.A.R.T Ingleburn to fix the issues and decided to escalate with my insurance company. Upon speaking to my insurance company they organised one of their inspectors to come out and inspect the car to confirm my complaint. This cost me another day off work as I had to stay home in order for the inspector to look over the car with me. Tim could not believe his eyes when he came out to inspect the car and even noted a few extra defects that were not visible at an initial glance. He formulated a report and informed me that by Law we had to give Capital S.M.A.R.T a second opportunity to resolve their issue prior to taking further action. Basically I was back at square one, if not even further back as I had to take another day off to drop off the car for the second time (Monday again). This time around, my insurance company had assigned an inspector to go and review the progress of the car daily to ensure that the correct level of quality was being upheld. I received periodic calls throughout the week from Dave the inspector and he assured me that the car would be ready for pick-up the following Monday. Here we are at the Monday of apparent pick-up and I receive a call from Dave mentioning that he inspected the car first thing in the morning and noted that he told Capital S.M.A.R.T to fix up a few items before they handed the car over to me (dust particles in the clear coat and some peeling on a corner). Late in the afternoon I receive a call from Capital S.M.A.R.T to let me know that the car is ready. I made my way over to pick up my car, and same story again, got my key and go find your car against the back wall. Once again my nightmare with Capital S.M.A.R.T Ingleburn continues…. The points that Dave had raised earlier that morning were not actioned at all. This time around I had dust marks under the clear coat of paint which is not very attractive, there was a slit in the tyre below the panel which they were working on, the car was left in a filthy state (dirt all over the driver’s floor mat, oil streaks on the seats and inside door panel, the corner paint peel that Dave mentioned was still there, there was dust all over the door seals and damage on the rear door lock bracket). See second lot of attached images. At this stage I was furious and demanded to speak to Allan again. First of all, he was extremely rude and abrupt, clearly does not have any customer service what so ever. Secondly, his excuse this time around was that “he’s busy with so many other things and can’t believe I’m complaining over something so minor” and I quote “I’m not sure what you expect”. I am not a very demanding person, but this is a business transaction, money is leaving my pocket in exchange for a service to repair my car and I do not expect there to be any defects! He then went in a raging fit, both yelling and screaming when I told him that I would once again escalate this with my insurance company and would expect compensation for all the drama and waste of my time he has caused. I am now going through this second escalation and could not be more disappointed. My only hope from this review is that future customers are aware of this poor customer service, non-existent quality control and completely incompetent business which is being run over here at Capital S.M.A.R.T Ingleburn. They are an absolute joke and I would recommend to everyone to avoid them at all costs. In addition, I hold the insurance company just as accountable for allowing this terrible experience to occur.

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Has anyone dealt with Capital Smart in Seven Hills NSW?

Renate asked on Apr 05, 2018

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Yes i had very bad experience with them and my car still after 2 months is in different smash repair to rectify the damage caused with them to my car.

I had my car repaired by Capital SMART Seven Hills. They did a great job, dropped the car in 2 days later I picked it up and no complaints they did an excellent job.

Anyone had experience with Capital Smart in Banyo QLD?

Elise S asked on Feb 21, 2018

Has anyone used the Murarrie repair centre? Very concerned after reading the reviews.

Diane asked on Feb 19, 2018

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