Worst than terrible.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 27, 2017

Sent in the car for repairs after being rear ended through AAMI. Got back the car with poor paint job, a different car's transmission badge fixed on, warning lights all illuminated, and was told was that the car is still safe to drive after resetting the ECU with ABS, TCS, i-stop faults still illuminated or flashing. Obviously didn't test the car before returning it. Not professional, very bad experience.

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1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 06, 2017

terrible, when AAMI offer to send your car to their "recommended repairer" SMART, do not let them do it. These people are bloody hopeless. We had my mazda in there for a simple rear bumper replacement after my wife was reversed into in a carpark. It came back and the paint was the wrong colour, there was an orange peel effect in the paint, there were imperfections in the paint, it hadn't been aligned properly, the parking sensors weren't re-fitted properly. The car was 2 months old and was still new, we wanted to keep it that way. We called AAM I and they asked us to give SMART another go (which despite my better judgment, we did). When we dropped it off I pointed out everything that was wrong with it and was advised by the manager that they would be able to fix it all. We got it back again and the paint was still the wrong colour and there were still imperfections in it. When we asked the manager what the story was he gave us a bunch of cobbswobble about the paint not being able to be the same colour because the bumper was made of plastic hence the colour difference. I was furious. After contacting AAMI again and demanding it go somewhere else, we took it to Canberra Bodyworks in Queanbeyan and shock me, when we got it back from them it was perfect, paint was the right colour everything had been done properly. It took a few extra days than they had originally estimated but that was because once they took the bumper off they discovered that SMART has just tried respraying over the old bumper twice and had stuffed it up so badly that they had to order a new one. Avoid this place at all costs, they are owned by AAMI so to save money on their own repair jobs they cut corners wherever possible and rely on people not being bothered to take cars back and make them do it again properly. If I could give them zero starts I would

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If you want more trouble, take to these guys!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 03, 2017

Book the car in for a front fender and bumper repair. When I got the car back after 3 days, the new fender is not level up, colour does not match with the rest and they refuse to redoing the job. So now I have to go around booking for other repairer to do the job. And if you there, look how the guy name George will talk to you, he will start the fight before you ready!

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What a disgrace

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 30, 2017

SAY NO TO SMART REPAIRS How they got paint streaks on my rubber moulding is mind boggling. What's even worse when I took it back they " fixed it up" by rubbing and smearing the paint all over the entire moulding. Clearly useless and incompetent.

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Do not go to Capital Smart.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 30, 2017

Capital Smart destroyed my car during the repair process - panels lumpy, poor paint, leaky boot and missing seals and hinge parts. After multiple attempts at repair, it still was obviously not satisfactory. Even to the naked eye. GIO (who own capital smart) then prevaricated for month after month which was a process designed to wear me down. A $66,000 dollar car rendered worthless. The St Mary shop is the one who did the work. Under no circumstances take your car to Capital Smart. Having said that, the people in the office at Alexandra are very friendly and polite.

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Extremely Poor Workmanship

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 30, 2017

Overspray everywhere, car wasn't masked up properly before it was sprayed, the car was filthy when it was returned to me. White paint on the black bumpers, paint on the seats inside the car. They have had my car for over four weeks and it's still not ready. NEVER LET YOUR CAR GO TO CAPITAL SMART AT RIVERWOOD.

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Terrible experience. Never go again! Should be "0" star.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 30, 2017

1. The receptionist was not happy with me because I arrived at the place to pick my car up 15 minutes before their closing time but no one ever told me I should get there at least 30 minutes earlier.
2. I have to call RAA after I picked my car and drove to the Good Guys just cross the road because the malfunction waring light was on. I have to wait about 1 hour for RAA to come and RAA also said it may come from the repairer's mistake.
3. I drove the car back on the second day because the car hasn't been fixed properly (more dent, bubble and
hair under the paint). I explained what happened the night before but they said nothing. They also tried to tell me my car was repaired by their contractor not them so it was not their problem. They eventually accepted to re-repair but three more days. I asked for reimbursement for my husband's taxi fee from airport back home but they refused.
4. I picked the car up one week after the second repair but the result was still not satisfactory. I had to wait there again for repolishing but I gave up eventually even though I was still not happy because the manager tried to tell me that's the best result I could have.
5. I also changed my car insurance due to this terrible experience because my car insurance uses Capital Smart as their nominated repairer and I don't want to go back to this repairer so I had to change the insurance to avoid this repairer.

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Pretty quick turn over. Ok job

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 28, 2017

Car went in with driver side damage. In and out in 3 days. Some minor adjustments to light and paint which were fixed.. overall an ok job..

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Simple job poor workmanship

2 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 22, 2017

Minor front passenger accident. 7 days later repair allegedly completed. Only to find front bar not straight and parking sensor surround paint chipped. Paint chip fixed immediately. Now have to return to repair the bar. It will only take a day they claim but I now can't be without my car for about a week. What a hassle. Not happy and I have given my feedback to AAMI. Not impressed that we can no longer select our own preferred repairer. Will be looking at another insurance company for all our vehicles.

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Sub standard repairs

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 09, 2017

Spray painted wheel that flakes off.
Terrible re spray more like touch up.
Over spray.
Dimples everywhere.
Just not good.

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Excellent Service and quick turnaround

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 08, 2017

I was called a few days before to let me know where to drop the car and the procedure that will occur when I arrive. Rang to change the drop-off time which wasn't a problem. The woman I spoke to was friendly and helpful.

When I arrived I was told to take a seat and the assessor would be with me shortly. Only waited about 5 minutes and then taken out to my car and introduced to Jared. He inspected the damage and told me what they would do and that the car would be ready on Wednesday. A two-day turnaround which is excellent.
Back to the servi
ce area where a taxi was called and the offer of tea, coffee, or water. Another 5-10 minute wait and the taxi arrived. I left feeling relaxed and happy that my car was in safe hands.

On Wednesday morning I received a call that my car was ready for collection. A taxi was arranged, arrived at the smash repairs and then I was handed the key to my car.

The only negative I suppose is not being told what to do if I have an issue with the repair or anyone coming with me to discuss the work done. However, it was only a minor repair and I can't fault their work.
I am surprised and delighted that they have managed to match the colours as my car is over 10 years old.

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STAY AWAY from them!

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 29, 2017

My car was repaired at their Riverwood workshop recently. I had to bring my car back twice as I found missing parts that were not installed during the repair. Even though they guaranteed me each time the repair was completed. And the repair was done with poor workmanship.
The only positive was their customer service staff were very helpful and prompt in booking me in a time to bring my car back.

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Could anyone advise me on the Capital SMART in Booragoon and how your job went? Thanks Tony

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