Ballarat East, VIC

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Verified Purchase Date Purchased: Sep 2018

Beautiful and balanced bike

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 05, 2018

Been riding the bike for a couple of months now just around town, to be able to visit family and friends. The only issue was it jumping into neutral while going into first for the first 100km's, scary as hell when in traffic, but has corrected itself. The bike has plenty of power handles corners like a dream. An excellent bike for the price. Has ABS which absolutely a must with the unaware motorists on our roads.

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Date Purchased: Jan 2017

One of the best LAMS bikes available

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 04, 2018

I was sceptical to say the least when looking, but you don’t know unless you try, this bike 650nk abs in white has preformed well through out the year I’ve owned it, it handles city riding and highway without issue, even a trip to Woomera from Adelaide was no problem with only a stop for toilet and gas. These bikes where so surprising,that I now have three types of cfmoto motorcycles which each just as good as the other.
Have had two warranty claims one for dud O2 sensor and one for high pressure fuel clip, both where handled well with the bikes being delivered back within two days
Good bits,
Good mileage from the 17 litre tank
Great styling
Very easy to ride, comfortable
Bad points
Paint is easily scratched and there isn’t any touch up paint avaible

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Date Purchased: Aug 2017

Love this bike

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 10, 2018

Purchased a new 2017 cf moto 650 nk. No issues no problems 6 monthsdown the track. Bike handles brilliantly loads of power and great performance. Glad i looked into a new model, had a 2013 cf moto 650 before this one and there is no comparison the newer models are better in every aspect.

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Date Purchased: Jul 2014

You get what you pay for

3 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 14, 2017

TK650 2014 purchased new. Warranty issues from week 4 with leaking fuel tank. Not much help from service provider or importer, had to chase them up for repairs. Has been replaced but now rusty inside. Replace chain and sprockets less than 3 years old or around 11.000kms. Also at 11.000 the ECU no longer works with no good will from importer. Cost of ECU around $1000. There is a expertation that a motorbike would last more that 3 years.

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Hervey Bay

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Date Purchased: Oct 2017

What a surprise

4 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 27, 2017

I had the opportunity this week to test ride a 2014 CF Moto 650NK and despite my skepticism which was mainly due to hearing things through the bike vine usually from people who don't know and are just offering their uneducated guesses.
With just over 10,000kms on the odometer I set out on some urban zones and the highway and needless to say that it handled it so easily and it was fun to ride. Apparently a direct copy of the Kawasaki ER-6NL which is plainly evident when you look closely at it. It handled itself above and beyond what I had expected and even on the highway I felt it had enough in the tank to handle a long weekend cruise and enough power to enjoy yourself.
The dash has everything you could ask for, and yes it was 3 years old and some things could've done with some attention like the spot rust on the bars and a flickering dash light but I was tempted to trade in my 2016 CBR300R then and there, and I am still considering it right now.
I would love to test ride a newer model and am lining up a test ride on the 650MT which is the adventure option and at $7490 is also an affordable option when you compare it to the MT07 Tracer, Versys, V-Strom etc.
If you want a 650 as a LAMS bike then this is not a bad option, I would suggest you are close to a CFMOTO dealer just in case but with their association with KTM their products are just going to get better.

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Date Purchased: Jul 2017

Maybe you do get what you pay for

3 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 09, 2017

Bike: 2017 Cfmoto 650nk
Length of ownership: about 3 months, 2500km
Great looking
Plenty of power
Nice instrument cluster
ABS brakes and braided lines
LED lighting including headlamp

Poor quality paint job. Tank scratches easily and paint wears through plastic bits and rear sets. Seems to be cheap spray paint not 2 pack or powder coated.
Bike developed oil leak from pressure switch after about a month.
Bike started stalling/cutting out due to faulty tip over switch after about 1.5 months and has yet to be replaced/repaired. This was very dangerous.
Headlamps sometimes get stuck on high beam if it rains heavily.
Suspension quite stiff/harsh over bumps.

Overall view:
Great bang for buck but need to accept there will be issues with the bike that you'll need to rely on warranty for.

Purchased at: A1 Motorcycles

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Date Purchased: Sep 2015

Excellent Runner

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 12, 2017

I have been riding for over 50 years and have both British and Japanese bikes, this is my first Chinese what a surprise> I have had it for over 2 years, had 25000 kms on it,. a little knocked about but always serviced by a dealer.
Can't fault the bike.

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CF Moto Official

Hi A65fc, fantastic to see you enjoying your 650NK and thanks for the review!


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Date Purchased: Aug 2017

Great bike - pity about the brakes

4 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 26, 2017

I bought a 2014 650NKs from a private seller with 12k on the clock. It's a backup for my 2007 Super Blackbird. The 650NK is a basic but very enjoyable urban commuter which is light on the pocket. Replaced the CST tyres with Pirelli Angel GT's and also a DNA air filter. Only problem is the front brakes which when applied lightly are fine but if any pressure is applied, a pulsing is felt as though the brakes are on/off/on/off. The is no movement in the brake lever. The rear brake is fine. I think I'll replace both front discs and pads.

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Date Purchased: Feb 2017

Best 6500 you will ever spend

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 29, 2017

Hi guys bought my 2017 black 650nk at motorcycle revolution Adelaide on 12/2/2017 and If your looking for a something quicker ( I mean like a lot quicker) than every man and his dogs ninja 300 or R3 but don't want to pay upwards of 10,000 buks and you want the reassurance of a 2 year warranty well I've pretty much said enough this bike has been nothing but reliable,quick safe and turns a few heads aswell I find it hard to believe some of these reviews that say things like bike is jerking at speed uncontrollably and dealership says it's normal I mean come on guys unless you purchased the bike from complete muppets. No one with half a brain would seriously tell you that was fine and most of the negatives come down to people's experience with bad dealers that's not the bikes fault? I only say all of this because I frigging love the bike I can't fault it and I've already done 7000 hard hills country kms and it's perfect. I'm the first to knock the Chinese for build quality and reliability but trust me CF moto are not to be associated with these peasants selling crap for a weeks paycheck at your local used car dealership. It's well built cheap to fix (if and when u break it) and my god it's light on the pocket plus I got a free riders jacket so saved another $200 plus there aswell I'm laughing at everyone who paid 12500 for there ninja 650L lol

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Date Purchased: Aug 2015

Died numerous times while riding

2 out of 5, reviewed on May 17, 2017

I bought a cf moto nk650 and its the biggest mistake I have done. It died for no reason a number of times while riding it. It has been to the shop more times than I can remember, aftercare service is poor, spare parts are cheap low quality materials and break down fast. Worst bike I have ever owned, if you want to make a mistake of a lifetime the go buy a cf moto.

I sold the pos a mere 6month after buying it, best thing I ever did.

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Date Purchased: Apr 2017

CF Moto 650 NK

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 10, 2017

I bought a brand new 2017 model Cfmoto 650NK ABS, i have put 1700km on it, and im loving the power it has, i haven't had any problems as i am a aggressive rider, i have put a new exhaust on it. it looks a "LOT" nicer and it has an aggressive tone to it now if you what to no what exhaust i got its the Delkevic MINI 200MM ROUND STAINLESS STEEL SILENCER TO FIT ER-6N ER650C (2009-2011) it cost me $350 AU and it bolted on with no problems.

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Date Purchased: Oct 2014

Great bike, pure and simple

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 19, 2016

2013 model bought in late 2014 from Canningtons in Perth. Has been a great bike,reliable everyday, has great looks and it sounds even better the older it gets. It's a deeper grunt than when new. Had 108ks when I bought it, now over 17550. Replaced kill switch (under warranty) after 5 months Canningtons were great even drove 2 hours to pick up the bike free of charge. Gets heaps of looks wherever I go,sounds awesome when you give it a burst. Got 17000
ks out of the standard CST tyres so that was good. Put simply this bike is a purist bike ; simple and naked, with good handling and power on tap when you need it. My informed purchase was a good one, still love it.

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Hi folks Rico here, Just done 23000ks with no problems whatsoever..Replaced chain and sprockets at 17000 along with tyres and have had a great run on Pirelli's. This bike is so good in pouring rain... read more »

Howdy folks, just clocked over 35000 ks . Freeway riding is a blast, this bike is very reliable and ideal for lane splitting. Handles well and plenty of torque in low revs. The fact that KTM is hel... read more »


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Date Purchased: Aug 2016

650nk wk UK bike

3 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 27, 2016

So far with the bike items that worry me.

Corrosion on engine bits
One of the plastics around tank fractured
Indicator had something inside it rattling
Fuel tank badly formed and paint not good, told by UK should have been picked up at pdi, wk have read my email and not replied
Fuel gauge has mind if it's own

The good

Lots of bike for the money
Runs well and doesn't feel too heavy
People think it looks the part

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CF Moto Official

Hi Dougie, as this is an Australian review website, we can not provide comment regarding the no response to your email from the UK distributor. We would suggest as a starting point to contact your local dealer to discuss your issues.

The UK distributor is not even replying to the emails and there are no sites for reviews on the bike in the UK.

I did give the bike a review from my eyes in the UK and I do like the bike

Verified Purchase Date Purchased: May 2014

Love this bike. Looks and feels good.

4 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 21, 2016

I only have 8000k on my TK model. For me, these are only minor issues, and as far as value for money is concerned its a lovely bike. I'm a tall slight build, so the seat is a little uncomfortable on a long ride having a bony behind. I'm having a slight issue with the ignition switch, which sometimes doesn't turn on immediately when the key is turned to the start position, I have to turn it off and then back on. A new ignition switch is ordered, which could fix a couple of other minor issues, like the fuel gauge reading empty, when its half full, and the warning light for the oxygen sensor has been coming on every time I ride it for the past couple of months, but the dealers here in Rockhampton have been very helpful and are confident it can be sorted. It doesn't seem to affect the performance, even at hard acceleration, or consistent speed. I'm just hesitant to take it for a long ride until its fixed. Designers might look into shifting the 12v power socket to a slightly higher position on the faring to prevent the knees from rubbing on anything that is inserted. These are only minor issues, and I have really enjoyed this bike so far and I expect to have many more enjoyable rides on this one.
Stay safe bikers.

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Penrith, NSW

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Verified Purchase Date Purchased: May 2015

A few issues? aww man

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 31, 2016

Updated as of 05/03/17 - Update 4: Issue with my bike jerking caused my crash.

I purchased it brand new March 2015, dealers can't fix my strange front brake pulse.
Headlight high beams turn on in rain, unfixable fault..?
I E-Mailed CFMoto about a misaligned filler cap almost a year ago and no response.
RPM needle wearing out dust all inside cluster..

Engine's reliable though!

Okay so the front brake pulse was because I didn't wear in the front rotors/pads correctly when I originally purchased the bike, sorted that by relying more and more on the front brake and now it's pretty much gone.

Instrument cluster was replaced under warranty last week since metal pieces fell out from the RPM needle, unfortunate that I didn't get the newer design. :(

Just began having an issue, the bike randomly loses power for a split second every few rides scaring the crap out of me. If it happens mid-corner I'm pretty sure it'll end pretty badly. After doing so the fuel injector light flashes for two short pulses (ERROR_TPS_HIGH) so it's going in for that.

Replaced TPS sensor so no more random engine power cuts, but my exhaust shield fell off while riding and now I'm worried that it may have damaged another vehicle without my knowledge. I hope it didn't, insurers charge a lot of excess for under 25's.. Bike now has about 14,000km

UPDATE 4: My bike had developed a weird back and fourth jerk that varies in severity depending on engine load at constant throttle - and had it for a few months now, which last week caused the rear wheel to lose traction and of course I crashed my bike as I was going around a corner in the wet.

Prior to the accident, I have had my local CFMoto dealer investigate about 3 times but each time have said the jerk is "normal" (which is weird because I've had the bike since new and it didn't do this until 12,000-ish km). My dealer advised me when I picked it up last time that he (once again) and a CFMoto representative rode the bike and claimed the behavior was "normal" for this bike.

I was going to take it to another dealer, but it runs out of warranty in a few days.. I've really praised the brand to my friends and strangers, but after having an accident caused by an issue with the bike how the hell can I recommend it to anyone?

Now I have a bike that already had low resale that has road damaged parts and cracked fairings that I've superglued back together, a bent, scraped shifter and damaged pegs. I doubt I'll get $1000 if I sell it privately with the damages it has now.

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reasonable bike, bad customer relations

4 out of 5, reviewed on May 15, 2016

The dealer that I bought bike from stopped selling them and wouldn't fix it.
Not many issues apart from a broken clutch cable and this time a high pressure fuel clamp came off.
But trying to find someone to fix it was difficult so I left another message for them.
See below
Hi anyone that reads this.
The bike has now been fixed, but for a bit I was thinking of selling it and never recommending this brand to anyone.
The fact that nobody got back to me as where I could get my bike repaired still concerns me.
Also not being able to talk to a person in an office anywhere in Australia also is a concern.
You have a reasonable bike (I've been riding Japanese bikes for 24 years) build quality isn't as good but you can live with that for a cheaper bike for commuting.
If you want to be a selling brand taken seriously in Australia then have someone that you can talk to on a phone and let people know how to sort a problem.
Yes we live in a day of social media but this is not a way to communicate with customers, social media can also destroy your reputation pretty quickly.
Worth thinking about if you want to be taken seriously in Australia.

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CF Moto Official

Hi Vinny - you can contact the Australian head office for CFMoto on (03) 99188000. We have a technical team on staff and Area Managers in each state who can also help answer your questions and help find another dealer near you.
CFMoto Australia

Thanks cf moto
Why do you not have this number on your website.
You have to fill out a contact email form
Then nobody gets back to you, even after leaving more messages.
Amend your website with these numbers on it

for everyone that read this review. UPDATE just sold this bike because things kept going wrong. I knew that once it's out or warranty, it would keep costing me a money to fix. if you're thinking o... read more »


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Verified Purchase

Cutting out for second every 20 second or so

2 out of 5, reviewed on May 05, 2016

Sounds like the same problem, bought the bike last year 2015 from Motorbikes R Us Underwood BRISBANE
They say they don't cover the warranty, but I can pay to have it fixed.
My bike has 2000 Klm on it and less than a year old.

Don't buy a bike from these guys.

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Keep well away from this piece of crap

1 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 22, 2016

I purchased a brand new one of these bikes in Jan 16 it has spent more time in the work shop than on the road. after taking it back to the shop were I purchased it 4 times because the thing kept jerking at various speeds and was told each time by the shop the problem was fixed. picked the bike up, ride the thing for 5 minutes up the road and it started to jerking again. Took it back just before Easter and after a few days was told it needed a new throttle sensor I asked how long before the part comes it was told not to hold my breath.

Purchased at: Dealership Direct

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Date Purchased: Jan 2016

Simply superb

4 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 18, 2016

EDIT MAY 2017: Unfortunately due to inadequate customer service, I have reduced the rating from 5 to 4 stars. Buyer beware: on occasion the error light begins to flash when the bike reaches around 5,000rpm generally in 1st or 2nd gear but even sometimes in 3rd or 4th, and rarely 5th or 6th (highway travel). There are 3 long flashes followed by 7 long flashes, which points to a problem with the oxygen sensor according to the manual. Upon taking the bike around 3-5 times to two separate CFMoto authorised dealers for the same issue, it has never been fully rectified and returns shortly afterwards. This is after I have paid money when being told it was 'fixed'. CFMoto have been completely uncooperative, and do not care that I have wasted hundreds of dollars in the process. This has been going on for over a year now. END EDIT.

What a bike! The looks, power, build quality and fuel efficiency - all incredible. You forget it's LAMS and you feel like you're riding something worth far more than $6,500. Handles marvelously and runs like a charm; it hasn't missed a beat since purchase.

Do note however, it's a heavy and relatively high-seated bike. You'll need sturdy lower body strength to manhandle this ~200 kg beast around. It also needs a little help leaning into corners, which I think may have something to do with how its weight is distributed. In terms of height, I'd say you'd want to be no shorter than 180 cm, otherwise it might be a constant struggle trying to stay balanced at standstills but then of course some people might not mind tolerating this. I would describe the riding position as a relaxed racer style which compliments the ridiculously comfy seats and medium-soft suspension.

The dash is digital and is just nice to look at. You can have the view set to show available fuel, time, odometer, voltage or engine temperature. Even if it's not set to the fuel amount meter (ie if it's displaying the time), the fuel icon will blink when it's time to fill up.

My biggest gripe? It's near impossible to put in neutral if you're not on a completely level surface. This can be infuriating at times, especially in heavy stop-and-start traffic. This to me is its only significant shortcoming, and even then it's overshadowed by the bike's glaring positives. Gear changing is otherwise smooth and responsive.

Purchasing a Chinese bike was a 'calculated gamble' and so far I definitely don't regret getting the CFMoto 650NK. I dub it 'The Charming Commuter with a Ballsy Attitude'. For newbies looking for a powerful LAMS bike, or even for the more experienced riders, I highly recommend checking this bike out!

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Pretty fantastic so far!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 25, 2016

Gotta admit, I was hugely skeptical of this bike when I first bought it, but figured $6k for a brand new bike (comes with unlimited 2 year warranty on everything) most of the bells and whistles of a much more expensive bike, and that aggressive appearance, it's not a huge financial investment risk, even it it turned out to be a complete piece of crap. But so far, I've been super happy. I'll admit, I've not had it all that long, still less than 1000k's but its so much more fun than the CBR250R I came from. Every bike has it's quirky characteristics and unique pro's and con's, so here's my unbiased summary so far:
Torque - it's on tap and immediate in pretty much any gear (and I'm considering its category here).
Comfort - its a nice big comfortable seat for the rider and passenger (so my girlfriend tells me)
Appearance - I actually turns heads with this thing! Albeit its usually from other riders, and they're probably curious to know what the hell it is, as CF Moto is still pretty unheard of in the mainstream market
Speed - It's a LAMs bike apparently (not sure how), but I've got a full license it is still PLENTY fast enough for me
Components - braided steel brake lines as standard, adjustable rear shock, 4 pot calipers (breaks are good)
Price - So cheap!
Experience - it's just a real hoot to ride

Fuel Injection is noisy! Constant high pitch whine, which I initially thought was a low fuel warning, was a bit annoying at the start but I got used to it.
It runs hot - fan comes on all the time and my legs feel like a hand dryer it constantly blowing on them. Not ideal in summer days stuck in traffic.
Weight - its a bit of a lump, but not any more so than the equivalent Ducati. But coming from a light CBR sports bike it was a bit a change to struggle to "tip-toe" reverse.
Fuel consumption - may be my riding style (the torque is very addictive), but I seem to gobble through quite a bit of petrol. Don't care too much though, $14 for a full tank of fun doesn't play too heavy on my mind.
Insurance - I struggled a little to find many insurers that would actually cover this bike. Again, it could be to do with it being a fairly new player...and the stigma of being Chinese, I couldn't get an official explanation why. Basically out out of the 5 I called to get quotes, only 2 would insure it
Tank is a bit wide - I'm not of particularly big built, so I found my thighs don't really hug the bike quite as naturally I've found on other bikes
Seat was a bit high - being a shorter rider was always poses some challenges, I had 4cm taken out of the seat when I bought this and I still couldn't quite flat-foot it in my normal footwear. Since then the suspension has softened and the seat foam compressed more and with boots I hold a two-footed stance quite comfortably. Can't really blame the bike for this, I have the same problem on many other bikes over 300cc.

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Hi, i have a 2015 650nks, the issue is with the RPM tacho, it all of a sudden does what it wants and sits anywhere on a 360degreee rotation . Does not reset to zero and flickers when riding at any RPM. What could this be as i cannot find out where is receives its signal from? Thanks Paul

Paul B asked on Nov 28, 2018

Answer this

Hi Paul, best to contact a CFMoto dealer and get a mechanic to check it out. To find one please head to our website

Hi my bike is coming up with error code 54 (five long flashes 4 quick flashes) but i dont understand what Error_pk (pick up) means?

Blayne S asked on Nov 21, 2018

Answer this

Hi Blayne, please contact your CFMoto dealer who can further assist with your 650NK. To find one please head to

Has anyone had any trouble with the neutral light saying on and the injector light flashing?

Sut asked on Nov 17, 2018

Answer this

Hi Sut, it is best to get in touch with a CFMoto Motorcycle Dealer to inspect your bike as it is hard to diagnose with out physically seeing it. If the injector light is flashing constantly it could simply be the service light reminder. If the bike is running correctly and the neutral light is stuck on, this could be to do with the neutral light switch. Again these are only assumptions as I do highly recommend that you get in touch with a dealer. To find one please head to

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