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Wonderful Service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 11, 2017

I had my major service done here. The service was exceptional and friendly and at very competitive pricing. I will be getting all my future services done here! Thank you city car care Braddon

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Half Service

1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 08, 2017

Recently I have taken my car in for a service , understandably the last car professional service was in 2015 so i was prepared for high numbers.

But in the end it was just replacement of battery and the other general stuff like tyres.

So after leaving it there for 8 hours I came back to pick it up and was dissapointed when i was unable to start the car.

The same mechanic that had been working on my car stated the reason for this was because they had left the head lights on during the period they were working on the car ( odd reason 8 hours on a new car with head lights on would not mean a flat battery) , but whom am I to argue with a certified mechanics.

So after returning home to run a few errands i decided to go for another drive. ( BAD NEWS car didn't start again) , i'd been driving for a good 30 minutes between mechanics and home so the alternator would have charged the battery if it was flat. Unfortunately the car would not start and i needed to call NRMA road service.

After having a look at the car the NRMA road service mechanic stated the reason for the car being unable to start was not the battery but in fact the connectors to the battery terminal were not cleaned.

After he provided a replacement of connectors the car started with no further issues.

So after paying $1,000 for the car to be serviced and parts replaced rather dissapointed to experience these issues.

Leads me to think how certified was the companies mechanic?.

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