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3 out of 5, reviewed on May 04, 2017

I used City Move to move my personal effects from a storage facility to new residence. Approx 25 cubic meters. Booking was for 7am. Arrived at 7.50am. Were very friendly chaps. Was slightly annoyed that I was not informed the only way to pay was via credit card and there was a surcharge. I wanted to pay via savings but this was not possible. When the removalist went to charge me, he billed for 200 minutes total $543. This was a lot more than I expected but thought I must have miss calculated / estimated. After the move I checked the charge and realised I have been over charged. The job only lasted for 130 minutes. I had been overcharged 70 minutes. I had to chase a reply to my email to query the over charge. Received an email saying as a "gesture of goodwill" they would refund me. I don't think it is a gesture of goodwill at all. I have been overcharged and am owed that money. I wonder how many other people they overcharge and in the chaos of moving don't realise. Refund was promised in 7 days but 14 days later I am still waiting.

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Citymove Removals Official

Hey Kate, and thank you for the honest feedback! I've checked with accounts, and we have now paid your refund, apologies for the wait. I certainly don't like being overcharged, and having a delay t... read more »


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Efficient & polite, however damaged first item to go in the truck!

3 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 07, 2015

I completed a short move with Citymove approximately two weeks ago, to a temporary address. There were a couple of issues, none that I would class as major though.

There was no half hour warning phone call. The first I knew of them on their way was to see the truck driving down the driveway. (I even checked my phone log/history in case I had inadvertently missed a call).

I booked 2 guys & a 4t truck. Had to ask questions when 3 guys got out of the truck, as I didn't agree nor want to pay more for the additional man.They explained that I wasn't paying for the 3rd man, as one of the others had hurt himself in a prior move and was paying him direct. (Begs the question why was a man with an injury still working? He thought he might have a broken finger.)

The very first piece of furniture that was put inthe truck was badly damaged. Having experienced damage before (NOT with this company) I tend to follow the guys and watch them carefully.

A chest of draws was badly cracked at the base & up the side panel when it was put onto the lip of the truck and pushed inside (it was obvious what had happened). I pointed it out straight away, almost in disbelief because it was the FIRST item! The two guys who did it called for the more senior staff member, who came outside and politely suggested that it must have already been damaged. I was absolutely shocked at the suggestion, so I responded calmly & clearly "I am telling you that five minutes ago that chest was not broken or damaged in any way". After some discussion, he seemed to understand I wasn't going to let it go, and suggested that "we sort it out" between the two of us without me ringing Citymove.

The rest of my belongings were moved safely and without incident. Several items of furniture were bubble/shrink wrapped to the extreme, however I had concerns over having no way to confirm just 'how much' wrap was used - as it ended up being extremely expensive!!! I point out here that the cost of wrapping was explained to me and was not hidden in any way. My concern is not knowing how much was used, and not being able to confirm the accuracy of charges applied.

I rang Citymove in transit to the new place (with the truck following my car) and was told I could resolve the damage of the chest via the office OR with the removalists on site. The choice was mine, and I could accept whatever the guy offered if I decided it was satisfactory. I felt more comfortable knowing that the guy wasn't being shady, and I subsequently accepted his discounted offer for the damage.

Overall the move ended up more expensive than I would have liked, it appeared to be due to the wrapping. The actual time to load/transport/unload was excellent, but I had no way to be sure that the huge charge for wrapping was correct so didn't waste my time questioning it. I would have measured the bubble wrap had I have been at my permanent address and been able to do so, but because it's only temporary the items are still wrapped.

At the end of the move, the senior guy spent at least half an hour on his mobile phone talking to several different people about his truck having mechanical problems. He was organising to swap the truck out and pick up a new one on different sides of Brisbane. He was also very unhappy with the duration/type of jobs that he was getting because he was earning nothing. He complained that he'd been assigned a job at Victoria Point that morning, and had to travel at least 45 minutes just to get there and then the job was tiny anyway. All of these phone calls happened while I was waiting for him to prepare my bill, which was a shame. I even went inside a few times while he was on the phone because I felt rude standing waiting. Perhaps the calls could have waited until our transaction was complete?

Today I've booked Citymove again to move me to my final destination next weekend. I hope that the small problems I had last time are not repeated, because overall I was satisfied. Fingers crossed, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes.

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Pretty good but a couple of minor problems

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 28, 2015

I moved with CityMove on 15 January (in Brisbane). Overall they were pretty good. It was a stinky hot & humid day (37 degrees!) & mine was the second job of the day so they were a little slow because of that. No breakages or any problems with damage and the guys were polite and friendly. Main thing to watch out for is to provide your own bubble wrap & wrapping or it can cost you a lot extra, but they were happy for me to provide my own. Also, at the end I wanted to pay by EFTPOS but they couldn't get their terminal to work so I had to use credit card & had to pay a surcharge, which I wasn't happy about. If they can't provide EFTPOS when I want to use it, I don't see why I have to pay their surcharge.

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Good service

3 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 20, 2014

Friendly and helful staff. The problem only is the inaccuracy quotation but generally the service is good. I will recommend your company to my friend.

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Not happy

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 31, 2014

In total my move was 6 & half hours - thank god they charge by the minute so $647 later. No confirmation email, even though they said there would be, no 7:30 started almost half an hour late, no checklist & requirement to have all white goods bubble-wrapped not advised to me & then wanting to charge for that at $10per item - ever heard of removal pads guys, I required 2 x 4 tonne trucks apparently & 4 guys. Managed to not load a couple of items that I now need to have moved separately. Almost forget to load my queen ensemble after being taken through the house & advised what needed to go. Fast, efficient ??? Not the guys who moved me !!! A 5 minute discussion on how to lift a trolley with a chest of drawers on it over the front door entry between all 4 of them - not really my expectation or experience of professional Removalists - fridges not plugged in, cord of fridge caught underneath fridge requiring me to call a friend for assistance - and there's more - will never use or recommend due to my experience with this company.

+ Nice uniform

- No confirmation email, late arriving, not fast or efficient

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Citymove Removals Official

Hi Shar. Thank you for your feedback. I have been able to identify your booking, from the 28th? Sincere apologies your expectations were not met on your recent move. I am surprised to hear that you... read more »


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Citymove removals

3 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 08, 2013

Just the facts;

- moving from within Perth metro. 15km total distance.
- move happened 31-10-2013.
- booked for 7:30am but they called to say they will be 40 minutes late but arrived 8:49am.
- they came in a pink truck.
- didn't wear their uniform
- did not go through the checklist with us before the beginning of the move
- wrap our items even though I told head office I didn't need. Charged us at the end for it too

07-11-2013 update:
After complaining to Citymove they have offered $50 rebate for the lateness and refund 50% of the unrequired wrapping cost.

+ - prompt & professional response from the company, had 1 point of contact the whole time to deal with the complaint

- - ground staff needs better training, numerous phone calls.

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Banks, ACT

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Cheap and cheerful, or so I thought

3 out of 5, reviewed on May 27, 2013

First up Citymove booked me and confirmed my date and times by email, but a few days later called me to inform that my timeslot was overbooked and no longer available. That wasn't great news since I had arranged to take time off from work and rearranged by schedule to suit. Anyway, I agreed for a later time slot. Two french speaking guys came out and did the job, nice fellows they were, and they did a good job even though they appeared a bit inexperienced. No problem with the guys they were great. But later when we got the bill the extras started adding up. It appears Citimove love to wrap with bubble wrap and plastic, even though the truck had heaps of blanket material they could have used.

I asked if they could use the blankets but was referred back to the bubble wrap and no responsibility if it gets damaged if I dont use it. Initially I didnt get it, there were heaps of blankets they could have used, but time was getting on and I didn't want to argue. The move went OK, the guys were a little rough with my furniture but they worked hard and did the job in a reasonable amount of time. Next hiccup the final invoice in which I was overcharged. I'm in the process of having that sorted out. Overall Citymove was OK, but at no time did I ever speak to someone with an aussie accent, seems most of the phone staff had Irish accents and the driver and his helper were French.. not that I mind, just an observation.

+ Good Communication

- Incorrect billing, I was overcharged

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Citymove Removals Official

Hi MrConsumer. I'm quite confident I can identify your case which I handled this week. In respect of being overcharged, this was a technical error from when your rate was dropped after the change t... read more »

To their credit, Citymove did refund me the amount that was over charged, plus a bit more. I still think their policy regarding cling wrapping items rather than using blankets is merely a 'value a... read more »

Melbourne, VIC

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Office Location: VIC, Melbourne

Citymove service delivery in Melbourne

3 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 11, 2013

After searching for about 10 offers, I used Citymove to move from Lower Templestowe to Broadmeadows in Jan, 2013.
Their charges seemed to be more reasonable but they hired backpackers and overseas workers which are not professional removalists. I watched them move my furniture with fear. Call me if you want to hear more in detail 0466 965 475.

+ Their customer service was reasonable and their charges likewise. Their website looks great!

- They did not use professionally trained Aussie removalists; the men who did the job were not trained in manual handling procedures and removal techniques.

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Questions & Answers

Hi I would like a quote how do I go about requesting one?

Bokkie asked on Jan 03, 2016

Answer this

Hi Michelle, we would love to help you. Please send an email to with the details of your move and include your phone number and someone will call you tomorrow morning with a quote. Alternatively call 1300 729994 after 8:30am AEST. Thanks James

Hello I have sent several emails to citymove regarding a move on the 12/06/13. I have also left a detailed account of the events and incorrect noting of the insurance that I did purchase and all the items that were damaged in the move. I have yet to hear back. The customer solutions reply states a response within 2 business days. Please advise of when I can expect to hear back? Thanks M.Swiggs

Swiggs asked on Jul 22, 2013

Answer this

Hi M.Swiggs, Thankyou for your enquiry. Sincere apologies we did not reply to your admin emails within the promised time frame, although I'm glad I managed to have a chat with you yesterday, I have sent through the claim forms to your email. Please call the office as soon as possible if these have not been received. I look forward to resolving your claim these are complete.

Kind Regards, Customer Solutions.

And how many times do you have to ring me, before you accept and understand I don't want to use your service?