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Rubbish Service!

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 07, 2012

Bad attitude by removalists (they didn't like working on a Sunday). These totally unsuitable guys damaged my furniture and apartment floor! I spent months pursuing their Managers for compensation, only to be fobbed-off, lied to and left high and dry!! Worst experience ever. I would not recommend this company and have warned people not use them.

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Citymove Removals Official

Hi Scott, we are truly sorry about your experience. we have been in communications and I understand a we have paid for a repairer to be sent over to you. I can see this is not up to your satisfact... read more »

Not true! Some other Removalist guys (they were NOT qualified repairers, just Removalists)came and started to do some sanding-repairs, but they never came back to finish the job - I have the photos... read more »

Citymove Removals Official

Again, I am truly sorry your expectations werent met with the repairs. I will have my Ops manager send you an email for deposit details for the finalisation. Again, thank you for your understanding

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Fabulous service

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 16, 2012

Our removalist, [name removed] was fantastic, fast, efficient and on time. They were helpful in doing two moves for me on one day. I have since referred them to a number of people I know, and really appreciate their cost per minute/km charging as I knew they completed the job as fast as they could.

+ fast, on time and friendly

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Awesome and efficient

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 16, 2012

friendly blokes, bubble wrapped everything and no damage at all to furniture or property. They asked us questions on most things and it ended up cheaper than i expected. i will definitely use them again and recommend to friends and family. they did not stop all day and set up the furniture that i asked for.

+ friendly, honest and efficient

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Office Location: NSW, Marrickville

Easy move, no fuss and no headaches

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 17, 2012

From the initial enguiry to the final wave, I found the whole move to be very easy.
I had contacted several companies and given them the same info. City Move were one of the last I contacted, and one of the first to respond with a provisional quote over the phone, that was very competitive.
Once all arrangements had been made they kept in touch to confirm what was happening, and I got a call from the guy doing our move, the night before to confirm the arrival time. He called again in the morning to confirm, and then a little later to advise they were running late due to the weather.
The whole move out went like clockwork, with our apartment being emptied in only a couple of hours (16 floors to the basement where the truck was parked, with one dodgy elevator and one ok)
We then arranged a time to meet at the other end (an interstate location), where they rang me again to confirm they were running a little late due to bad driving conditions - I had experienced them too so had no issues about this
Everything was in the new place in about an hour and they were on their way shortly after

The whole process was painless, and we had all possessions the same day

+ Fast, efficient, cost effective, friendly

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So stress-free, you are unique!

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 30, 2012

Moving a small, but well-loved load of furniture from Melbourne to The Channon in NSW is not everyone
s idea of a great job, but your staff were fantastic. Very polite, came on time, cared for and packed my beloved couches beautifully. They have never had such attention. Everyone was charming, and there was absolutely no stress - even at the other end in The Channon which is not always an easy place to get into....but your people co-operated beautifully with my son to ensure the safe and happy delivery of furniture which has given my distant family much joy and comfort.
Hooray for Citymove!! I have been referring them to everyone and will use them when I make my next move. All the best, Robin.

+ a great degree of integrity which in the moving business is unusual to say the least and attention to detail..

- possibly a little expensive for such a small load, but then it was a long way and well worth it.

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Amazing service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 16, 2012

Citymove delivered an excellent service from the very first phone call. Efficient, pleasant and knowledgeable staff. The men who moved the furniture were pleasant, quick and delivered a service that I cannot fault. (Andrew and Carl - of the big orange van!!) This service I would highly recommend to who ever needs to be moved quickly and efficiently at an amazingly good price.

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Citymove removalist that you must avoid at all cost

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 20, 2012

Paid by the min but took them more than hour to move a one item off the door, no experience poor decision making.
Cost almost $250 to wrap an old plasma TV with bubble wrap. Lots of hidden chargers stay away from them if you can.

Invoice for the item didn’t even use to wrap the items.

+ Just on time

- In experience, hidden chargers, ripped off warpping cost

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I'm not the only one with identical issues, just google it, you will find few more complaints against them and they even fined by ACCC for fogging the customer feedbacks. Well good for you for havi... read more »

Brisbane, QLD

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Good per minute pricing however sting you with expensive extras!

2 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 01, 2012

City Moves promote themselves with pricing per minute and per km travel ($2 per minute and per km travel) which upfront makes them the most attractive offer for choosing them, and we took out the Silver damage protection warrantee for $89 which instantly alerted the staff to protect everything with layers of bubble wrap and shrink wrap!
We would have expected this move to be completed in 3 hours and cost us under $400, however with the layers upon layers of bubble wrap (charged at $3/m) and shrink wrap (charged at $10/m) our total bill ended up over $650 for the 3 hours of work put into the move (with about four of the family chipping in to help move stuff to the truck to save time!)

We feel a bit sour about the wasted time and money from the three paid removalists fooling around more than loading the truck and would not recommend City Move nor use them again ourselves!

+ Good per minute pricing

- Expensive extras not clearly declared in advertised pricing, slow workers constantly fooling around and on phone/texting

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Highly Recommend

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 24, 2012

I've moved with Citymove 3 times in the last 3 years and they are always fantastic. They're competitively priced with upfront and detailed quotes -I've never been charged any hidden fees. They're always well-organised and send confirmations and reminders. They allow you to book in a preferred window of time on the day, and have alway turned up right on time. They've always handled my furniture with care and expertise but what I've enjoyed most is that every mover I've had, has had this 'can do' attitude which really takes the stress out of moving. All three of my last units have been 3rd floor walk-ups and two have them have had a 200m odd walk as well and they've always approached the job like it's no problem and they're happy to help.

+ Positive attitude and expertise of movers

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I can't believe any of the 4-5 star reviews.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 02, 2012

Having used many removalists previously this was by far my worst experience for the following reasons:
1. Movers were late and got lost finding our address. (we lived on a main road in Prahran VIC)
2. The 3 moving guys did not look 'physical' enough for the job and this was confirmed throughout the move.
3. The move of a 2 bedroom apartment to our new address 900 metres away took 4.5hours with 3 movers and the much needed assistance of my brother. This was about twice as long as any other move and those moves have always been over far greater distances.
4. The movers seemed inexperienced, as if they had never moved furniture before. An example of this was one guy did not know to place one dining chair upside down on another and carry it as one piece. Instead he tried to carry one chair per hand down a narrow stairway.
5. The movers double-handed everything. They took all the items down the stairs and left them unattended on the footpath. Then they proceeded to move things into the truck.
6. Damaged items - We paid to have our lounge suite 'wrapped'. They did an inadequate job of wrapping the couch and it was damaged. Our fridge received a large gouge down the side. There was a gouge in the wall of our new place.
7. They struggled to get the lounge suite through the sliding door at our new place. It is a big piece of furniture but rather than try to solve the problem they wanted to just leave it in the garage. My brother fixed the problem by taking the sliding door out of its tracks.

As if all of these problems weren't enough, we had a very lacklustre and verging on offensive response from Citymove management when we called them during the move to express dissatisfaction and concern about the time being taken for the move. There was no acknowledgement of our concerns at all and in fact we were treated as if we were doing something wrong. The phone call ended with the 'manager' instructing the movers to charge our credit card immediately otherwise they would not complete the job.

- Untrained staff, unprofessional management, poor timekeeping, damaged items

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Racist, aggressive unprofessional

1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 30, 2012

They ripped my sofa and dented my fridge. Denied the latter, even though we had an insurance policy with them. Became aggressive, slammed glass doors ('it's only a door), left packing materials around the house and in our bins, picked up a 3-seater sofa by one leg which then came off, and started saying horrid things. They were late and hopeless! Management goes by their word. Disgusting!!

- Aggressive, refused to pay for damage

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Thank you for the first apology I've received in this regard. I have been liaising with a 'director' for a good few weeks. He believes the movers denial of damaging my fridge (they have fabricated ... read more »

Citymove Removals Official

Citymove No depot fees No rounding up No Gst. Fast fit men 10,000 move per year 200 clients a week. Move is a high risk and high emotion we do our best to help solve issue that may arise. We are... read more »

Citymove has been provided with multiple photo's of the dent in the fridge. The fridge is black and they keep asking for brighter photos.... Am I expected to bleach my fridge???? The magnet they ar... read more »

Excellent and effiecient service by City Move

4 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 01, 2012

I can only recommend City Move enough having recently gone through a relocation with the company. I was stressed out and 7 months pregnant, alot of pressure to be out of my apartment and into new house within a few hours whilst having to coordinate carpet cleaning and key hand over. The boys where efficient, understanding, relaxed and emphatetic. The boys moved me out in no time and did not break a single item.

+ Reliability, effiencent

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Worst removalist company I've ever used

1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 05, 2012

Move was delayed by 24 hours due to their previous job running behind. The following day they were 3 hours late. Once the guys arrived they strolled around the house looking at our furniture for up to 40 minutes, before talking to us about the extra fee's etc. It was over an hour in before they started the job. They took forever to load the truck, with both my partner and I desperately trying to speed up the process by helping and keeping our 8 month old baby out of the way. The move went well into the night, furniture was damaged and in the end they just dumped our furniture in door ways etc in our new house. Walls were dinted, Furniture was damaged. We were exhausted after 2 days of moving to finally finish the job at 10pm. All in all costing us a total of just shy of $800. I strongly recommend not to use this company.

+ They guys were polite enough.

- The guys barely spoke English, weren't up to the job. definitely not strong enough to handle heavy lifting.

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Citymove Removals Official

Citymove No depot fees No rounding up No Gst. Fast fit men 10,000 move per year 200 clients a week. Move is a high risk and high emotion we do our best to help solve issue that may arise moving I... read more »

Perhaps if your men didn't stop so frequently to text their friends, then they could have knocked off for a beer hours earlier. The facts are they were late (probably because they were texting an... read more »

Citymove met my expectations - and that's not easy

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 07, 2012

Citymove removalists are friendly and helpful from the first phone call to moving day. The guys who turned up were friendly and professional. They wrapped my big fridge, mattress and glass cabinet with bubble wrap and moved everything with care. They also honoured their policy of crediting me with $1 for every minute they're late for showing up (up to 30 minutes). These guys are highly recommended!

+ Friendliness and professionalism

- No cons but if you are lazy and don't want to do any packing yourself, don't use them because they charge by the minute.

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CityMove made physical threats against me and my property...

1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 10, 2012

My review is best expressed through posting my last letter to [name removed], Director at City Move regarding a really terrifying experience I had with him and his company. I am exposing him Australia wide....

Dear [name removed],

As mentioned on the phone (6/11/12) my complaint regarded misleading information provided on the written quote provided by City Move.

I am sad to report that I did not in fact receive, have explained to me or sign a Schedule of Charges or job sheet form at commencement of the move or at any point on 6/11//2012. I understand that this form requires my signature to verify that:

'I/We have understood the CityMove terms and conditions of transport including all charges associated with the move as outlined above. ................................... I/We agree to the rate and details written above, confirm they are accurate and complete'.

It seems clear that I did not sign any contract or agreement.

I must also note that I did offer to pay $400 to the removalists (the amount calculated based on the information provided in the quote) as they were waiting around for an outcome. I was expecting your company to provide a professional dispute resolution procedure regarding the remaining monies calculated so that the staff could return home. It was clear, and also explained to me by them, that they could not offer any assistance with the issue. That they were just employed to move furniture. However, they refused to enter any other number but $600 into the eftpos terminal. I note that since then $400 has been debited from my Visa card on 7/11/2012.

However, these complaints are tiny compared to the highly illegal action you directed your staff to carry out once I raised issue with payment. Which was to enter my premises and steal my personal property (washing machine, fridge and TV). Not only is this action unprofessional but a criminal offence in dispute resolution. This of course was the action you favoured over entering into a professional, fair and respectful dispute resolution procedure through your company. However, due to your grossly unprofessional management the situation escalated immensely. As you continued to direct your staff to harass me for payment I was forced to lock myself in my house to protect my property and myself. At this point your staff threatened to steal my personal belongings on the verandah and then aggressively threatened my personal safety. As a single female alone in this situation with two grown aggressive men I was terrified. In tears I called the police and explained the situation for them to attend which they agreed to. Your staff left abruptly (not before revving loudly past my house several times to intimidate me) and I was able to cancel my call to police. I was incredibly shaken by the incident and terrified that they would return and try to break in or hurt me.

After browsing review comments on Citymove, I was not surprised by the large volume of customer complaints. There was no shortage of online complaints in which customers attempting verbal/written complaints with yourself were met with the same rude, aggressive and bullying nature as I was. It was also heart warming to read a review by your former employee who kindly explained your approach for managing customer complaints.. 'If/when you do experience grief, the idea is to tire out the customer until they will not pursue the matter any more' [url removed]. This was also the experience I had with you on 6/11//2012. I was also interested to read the ACCC report regarding CityMove providing misleading reviews on the myreview website between 2010-2011. Understandable, considering the torrent of hateful reviews that flooded review pages between 2007-2009. I understand that CityMove were fined for this and as part of the Trade Practices Compliance Program were required to carry out the following:

2. Complaints handling:

2.1 CityMove Pty Ltd.

2.1.1 Develop Procedures for recording, storing and responding to trade practices complaints within two months of this undertaking coming into effect; and

2.1.2 Provide the ACCC with an outline of the complaint handling system developed within two months of the undertaking coming into effect'

I would be interested in informing the ACCC of the illegal actions CityMove took in response to my complaint. As well as obtaining information on the complaints procedure CityMove submitted to the ACCC and agreed to follow.

As a single female moving by herself and her vulnerability not ‘respected’ but completely taken advantage of with no regard for the law I also believe this behaviour breaches basic law but also your ‘Female Friendly’ accreditation.

As outlined in the Human Rights Charter a human being has the right to live free from physical threats/harm from others. (Let alone companies) With this in mind and considering the seriousness of the incident I will be lodging a Police Report. I will also be discussing and lodging a complaint to the ACCC re: breach of the Trade Practices Act, as well as making threats to my property and physical threats against myself.

It is too late to cry mercy. You picked the No.1 worst person to mess with. I like to play hard ball too. I know your history, ACCC knows your history, MANY angry customers know your history which has been published online. The Police and ACCC is just an entree. This is going on every review site worldwide, every media outlet in Sydney including ACA and Today Tonight, Female Friendly Accreditation, Twitter, NSW Fair Trading,, etc. And that’s just off the top of my head.

Kindest regards,

Alexis White

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Citymove Removals Official

“Thanks for your feedback and I sincerely apologise you move did not go as expected. We do over 10,000 moves per year and this is very uncommon. Please contact our Customer Solutions department (c... read more »

Where was this 'customer solutions department' when I had a complaint on the day of the move? All I got was a rude, aggressive Director who bullied me and directed his staff to steal my belongings.... read more »

Citymove Removals Official

Citymove No depot fees No rounding up No Gst. Fast fit men 10,000 move per year 200 clients a week. Move is a high risk and high emotion we do our best to help solve issue that may arise. Alexis h... read more »

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Buyer beware - not worth the stress!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 13, 2012

Failed at the first hurdle. I ordered the Apartment Pack (of boxes) from Citymove through their 'free delivery" service. When the boxes arrived, they were in poor condition, but more importantly they did not match the apartment pack description - the sizes were all wrong. I know anyone can make mistakes, but the crucial thing is to rectify the problem. They suggested that I return the boxes to their depot for a refund, and in good faith I tried to get the boxes in my car - to no avail. I explained all this, only to be given 3 options by the director:

1. Return the boxes and receive a refund for everything in the same condition it was received in (how would they ascertain that?)
2. Citymove would pick the boxes up for $49 and then refund me for everything that is in the condition that it was delivered (again....)
3. Keep the boxes

Since then I have tried to reason and to work out a resolution but to no avail. The only options provided would leave me out of pocket (cost of pick up and delivery). Both the ACCC and NSW Fair Trade have confirmed that I should not be out of pocket for such an error on the company's behalf, but Citymove have refused to fix the problem accordingly.

The matter will now be referred to NSW Fair Trade, but if you're considering using Citymove, please think again. You may be lucky and everything may go smoothly but if there is an issue (and it happens) then do not expect a timely or reasonable outcome. The director refused to engage with me over the phone, and plastered his emails with confidentiality notices. I feel that their tactic here is to simply make it too difficult to follow a complaint through. Unfortunately, it's just not right and I'm glad I realised in time to cancel my removal job and look elsewhere.

Moving house is stressful enough. Why risk putting yourself in the hands of a company which had to be reprimanded just last year by the ACCC for unethical practices

Just steer clear. No company should have had to be told that this was the wrong thing to do - it simply speaks volumes.

- Completely redundant complaints process.

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Citymove Removals Official

Citymove offer Student packs with 20 various size cartons / boxes 1 paper 1 tape with free delivery for $69 and $1 back on return as the cartons are recycled.

Thanks - but this is not at all relevant - in fact, is this an advertisement as a response to a complaint? It appears you have not read the details of my review which by the way, is symptomatic of ... read more »

Citymove Removals Official

citmove offer apartment packs with 40 various size cartons / boxes 3 paper 1 tape with free delivery for $153 and $1 back on return as the cartons are recycled.

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Perth, WA

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Think twice and do your research before considering using CityMove.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 19, 2012

Where do I begin?? I will begin by saying once bitten twice shy, and strongly advise anyone considering engaging the services of CityMove to think twice, and do an internet research on CityMove before you make your final decision. I certainly wish I did. While I had no problems with the guys who helped us with the move, I was very much let down by their lack of "after sales" service.
I engaged the services of CityMove to assist us in moving our belongings, choosing them over more established and well known removal companies due to their excellent over-the-phone and email customer service, answering my online query within 1 hour of sending it. Their sales team were very professional and helpful, but unfortunately this is where the professionalism ends.
We agreed on two x 2.4T trucks and two men to help with the move. The following week I received a call from CityMove confirming the booking, only to receive another call two days later reconfirming the booking. Bewildered I confirmed the booking once again. I received a call later that day from the driver letting me know that he would be there on the day of the move at 8.30am.
The driver and his assistant turned up on time, but when I queried where the second truck was the driver had no idea or knowledge of a second truck. This immediately put us on the back foot and behind what was already a very tight schedule. Upon calling CityMove they were unable to provide an explanation as to why only one truck turned up, when two trucks were booked. We were told that we would receive an explanation within 24 hours. To this day I still have not received an answer as to why this occurred.
During the move a door was damaged, which I was assured by the driver that our silver cover insurance would cover the costs to repair or replace it. I was also told that we would receive a call from CityMove within 48 hours. After 3 return trips (each return trip = 44 kms) and forking out $1200 (which was about $400 more that we anticipated) the job was still incomplete, and I was forced to hire a trailer to complete the job the next day to collect items that wouldn't fit on the 3rd load.
After 4 days with no phone call I called CityMove and was told again that someone would contact me within 48 hours. I was advised to send photos of the door and fill out a Service Warranty claims form.
After a week of not hearing anything I once again contacted CityMove and was adviced that after a search of their system they had no record of my emails. An email chain of all correspondences was re-sent with a pdf of the warranty claim as an attachment.
After not hearing anything (again) I asked to speak to the [name removed] (Director), but was told he was busy. 24 hours later [name removed] emailed me, advising me to obtain quotes to repair the door which was subsequently sent to him via email. After no response to the email another follow up call was made to James where we decided on a agreed settlement of $150 to repair the door. Bank details were emailed. 3 days later (and yet another email requesting a status update) I have still not received a cent or a response.

+ Efficiency of the removalists even when under the pump. Pre-sales customer service.

- Post-sales customer service.

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Citymove Removals Official

Hi, Citymove do over 200 moves Nationally per week and prefer happy clients. The issue these days is that if you have not had the best experience on the day clients are always more than keen to ex... read more »

Granted that an amicable cash settlement was agreed upon and received after this review was posted, for which I am grateful. However at the end of the day I am still left with a damaged door and n... read more »

Awesome removalist company!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 21, 2012

They turned up on time, very professional, honest upfront and reliable, honest and no hidden costs!
Also, the call centre have very friendly operators and I love how they do a follow up call after the job is done to check if happy with service. Awesome company, definitely use again!

+ Reliable, inexpensive, honest, accountable, no hidden costs

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Efficient and on time

4 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 22, 2012

I was really satisfied with the service provided by Citymove. The boys did turn up on time and did call 20 min before that they are on their way. I have only moved within the same block but I was bit worried as there is no lift. 3 levels up is pretty hard work, but the move was smooth, fast and without any damage to my furniture or the surrounding area.
The minimum charge is for 90 minutes and I have been given a little warning that we have 10 minutes to go. We did finish the whole move within the 90 min at the end, there was no extra charge to the agreed price.

+ Efficient and on time

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Fantastic Service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 23, 2012

The boys arrived on time, and from the minute they arrived were friendly and ready to go! My move was painless and very quick. The boys did the whole move within the minimum 90 minutes and with time to spare. My furniture was looked after, mattress was plastic wrapped and the option to protect the rest of my furniture was given to me. I would gladly recommend Citymove and would definitely use them again in the future.

+ Efficient, reliable and friendly service

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Questions & Answers

Hi I would like a quote how do I go about requesting one?

Bokkie asked on Jan 03, 2016

Answer this

Hi Michelle, we would love to help you. Please send an email to with the details of your move and include your phone number and someone will call you tomorrow morning with a quote. Alternatively call 1300 729994 after 8:30am AEST. Thanks James

Hello I have sent several emails to citymove regarding a move on the 12/06/13. I have also left a detailed account of the events and incorrect noting of the insurance that I did purchase and all the items that were damaged in the move. I have yet to hear back. The customer solutions reply states a response within 2 business days. Please advise of when I can expect to hear back? Thanks M.Swiggs

Swiggs asked on Jul 22, 2013

Answer this

Hi M.Swiggs, Thankyou for your enquiry. Sincere apologies we did not reply to your admin emails within the promised time frame, although I'm glad I managed to have a chat with you yesterday, I have sent through the claim forms to your email. Please call the office as soon as possible if these have not been received. I look forward to resolving your claim these are complete.

Kind Regards, Customer Solutions.

And how many times do you have to ring me, before you accept and understand I don't want to use your service?