Click is doing good job

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 23, 2018

Click energy Set up is simple
We have not experienced any drop outs
We are Very satisfied with customer service and will be recommending your services to our friends and relatives

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This is the perfect

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 23, 2018

Electricity no time consuming it's very simple easy as compare to others and yes really reliable and 100% satisfied services.

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Worst Company Ever- Do not be fooled

1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 23, 2018

I have been with Click Energy for a little over six months now and my experience has been nothing but very disappointing. What has just recently happened has now escalated matters to the next level and I actually consider Click Energy as the most horrible and poor service provider I have ever dealt with.
I recently moved houses and as a responsible customer I rung to inform Click about the move. They were very prompt to get the new service connected but have still not disconnected the existing service at the old property. Now they want to charge me a disconnection fee when I was clearly told I will not be charged any disconnection fee as I knew the person moving into the property and they were with Click as well so the agent said it would be an easy no fee transfer. I received my bill dated up until the last day I was in that property which I am happy to pay however just a few days ago I received another bill for the new property with my pay on time discount not applied. I thought maybe because the other bill has not yet been paid, as it wasn’t the due date yet maybe they will apply the discount to my next bill, which I just wanted to confirm for my peace of mind. When I rung to query about it, the CSR [name removed] had no idea about the call I had made a few weeks ago to inform about moving houses and seemed very confused and asked way to many questions which meant the previous CSR did not leave proper notes on the account and also did not correctly action to close the previous connection. I was put on a 20 minutes hold after which the agent [name removed] was still confused and said that I will be sent a final bill. I asked when the final bill will be dated to and he said that it will be up until the date of the new account started at the new property which was 02/02/2018. The bill I have been sent on 06/02/2018 for the old property was dated until the 02/02/2018 by that it means that the bill I have is the final bill so why another bill has to be sent. At this point I was already upset about the service and when I then further queried about my pay on time discount being applied to my next bill, he informed me that since I have closed that account I would not receive it anymore. (The pay on time discount amount to be applied to the next bill was not small, it was $131.24). When I said to him but I did not close my account with Click Energy I have only moved houses, he said that they could not do anything about it. So I decided to end that call and do some further investigation. Upon reading my Welcome Letter, Terms and Conditions and the email that was sent to me, it clearly says, ”Ongoing discounts that don’t expire”, so why did it now expire when I moved houses?
Also your T and C’s states that the pay on time does not apply to the final bill, but this is not my final bill, I have subsequently received another bill from Click Energy and I am still a customer, so how is it my final bill?
I have been given so much misleading information from different agents and no one is ready to admit that Click Energy has made a mistake. After the first call with [name removed], I also received an email saying they are now organising a final read on the old property and that I need to make sure there is clear access to the meter. Are you serious Click Energy, I HAVE MOVED OUT OF THAT PROPERTY, there are other tenants living in there, I do not have rights over the access of the property. To top it all you offer me $30 good will gesture credit to be applied to my new account. No Thank You, do not do me any goodwill’s, just do your job correctly. And what a rip off of a company you are, I should have left long time ago, you never gave me the pay on time discount for my first bill saying it is always applied to the next bill and now you say that the pay on time does not even apply to the last bill, so essentially you have just ripped of the customer on the first and last bill, SMART no CHEAT MARKETING. Seriously haven’t seen a worst service provider than you. And you know what, when I asked the last agent that I was on call with this evening to explain and show me where in the terms and conditions does it state that moving house is close of account, she said she would email me tomorrow, when I insisted she look at it now while I was on the phone, she just hung up on me as it was your close time of 6pm. I did not even get a chance to reconfirm her name or get a reference number for the call. I know I will be contacting the Energy and Water Ombudsman (EWON) tomorrow to discuss this further because this is wrong and you should not be allowed to cheat any more customers.

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Its a great experience being with Click Energy

4 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 22, 2018

I have got electricity installed.
The proccess wasn't long at all.
The power has been reliable.
I'm ok with the customer service but I'm still not accepting the part where you have a question and its not answered properly. The staff still needs to give customers a chance to explain and answer as accurately as possible. Rather then judging a customer that doesn't know what some things mean.

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Helpful in signing up

3 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 22, 2018

House electricity, fast connection, reliable, satisfied,will recommended,enjoyed my time with you. Thank you for your service much appreciated. Go click energy

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The worst company ive ever deal with, dodgy

1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 22, 2018

Completely unsatisfied
After hours on the phone after NEVER agreeing to switch to them
They send out a bill
Which they take they then say this is the final bill
Take the money
And then go back on their word and say they dont have a date for when i can go back to my old supplier
This process has taken hours
Completely dodgy company
I cannot wait to be rid of them
They are painful to deal with

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Click energy was simple to sign up easy amd quick tops

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 22, 2018

Five stars and cheap as well im so glad i clicked my fingers over tp click...and the staff are great

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Verified Customer

Beware the Trailing Discount!

3 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 21, 2018

I've been with Click Energy for a couple of years. Initially drawn to them because of the competitive pricing, I didn't pay close attention until recently when I realised that my costs where quite high.

On a positive note, they put me on a much better plan. Less good was that I had moved onto this expensive plan at some time without realising it (my fault for not checking).

Although Click gives you an impressive sounding discount if you pay on time (and use BPay, blah, blah...), you don't get that discount until your following bill! So although there is no official exit fee, there really is because you will miss out on that final discount when switching to someone else.

Overall I'm neutral to Click but plan to switch to a company that applies the discount to the current bill!

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This company is A1

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 21, 2018

Very good customer service and support with a great rate and have never had any supply problems no problem with the set up procedure

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Con Artists

1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 21, 2018

I spent an hour on the phone signing up to Click energy for my electricity today only to be told after all of the conditions that I was not able to get their service for another six month. I spilled out all my private details including my credit card and licence only to be told NO? be very careful what you divulge to these money grabbing opportunists, once they have you're card details they can do as they please. I told them, after all this, I was not interested, but unfortunately it's too late they've got my details. Remember with any new contract, it's NOT what they tell you, it's what they DON"T tell you that will catch you out.

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This is a perfect!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 20, 2018

This company is great and reliable. Can help support electricity for hours on end and has been recommended by many people around me.

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extremely happy with services

4 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 20, 2018

Electricity connection was easy over the phone simple and no hassle. Follow up could be slightly improved as unsure when turn on was to occur. But very happy with service received so far

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1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 20, 2018

With help from energy ombudsman, extracted myself from Click when it was time to leave my rented accommodation around 6 months ago. Sharp increases in cost of electricity supply was frustrating - but nothing compared to trying to notify Click that I was vacating and required confirmation on final reading and exit date. I was forever on hold, also calls to head office and the connection department plus a number of emails that were actioned by Click, but went unanswered. Also ombudsman advocated for me after I had been overcharged (refund took another 3 calls over 4 weeks) At the time, Click management assured me that my bill was fully paid and account had been closed......... or so I thought.
Several days ago received a bill from Click almost 6 months after leaving the property (!!!) - demanding a $166.52 payment for a ten week period for which I was resident at the property for just 7 of those days. A call to Click was again frustrating - took close to 2 hours to explain situation to 4 different people in the Click Energy food chain over dreadful telephone lines. Operators were high pressure on bill payment. I found that I needed to hold a firm line saying over and over that there was NO WAY I would be paying this bogus bill. Finally a 'Customer Advocate' acknowledged 1. My account had been closed at the time I vacated the rental property and 2. Because there was no tenancy for 10 weeks at the premises - and power was consumed, they had sent me a bill to address their losses - All VERY dodgey. Thankfully the issue was sorted today (so they say). the process took around 2 hours -
and only had to use my Dad voice twice. If you decide to climb on board the Click energy chuckle bus - Here is a handy tip from experience - 1. Check your bills carefully 2. Demand the Click Energy person with whom you speak sends you an email with a clear acknowledgement of your issues, a clear summary of agreed outcomes and a reference number

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Click Need an Australian based Customer Service

3 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 20, 2018

Without notice, Click stopped paying our previously approved old age discounts for our Electricity Account at the end of August 2017. Nothing was notified to us; our discounts were changed and our electricity bills were, of course higher than they should have been. Many, very long and fruitless, phone conversations and emails followed with their Philippines based call centre. The people there were polite but ineffective and we didn't get our legally approved discounts back again until early February 2018 (when they were back dated) and that was because an Australian staff member visiting the Philippines office saw it and fixed it in minutes.

We had asked the Philippines Office to put us in touch with "someone in Australia" but they were not able to do that.

It took many phone calls and emails and the stress of it was so long lasting on us. Power is expensive enough without missing out on any previously approved applicable discounts.

Generally we have been very satisfied with Click but this was very disappointing and to us it highlights the ever growing problems the consumer is being subjected to by the use of overseas call centres. They don't seem to share the same values we do and it must be hard for them understand Australian attitudes and legalities.

At the moment we are supposed to be back on course again, We'll see when the next full account arrives.

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Sunshine Coast

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Was good but - 2 price increases in 3 months!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 20, 2018

Have been with Click for several years after being ripped off by AGL.
Click increased prices on Jan.1st 2018 & have notified a further increase on 1st March 2018.
About 7.2% for Tariff 11 & daily supply charge - will be over $1.50 / day.
Taken over by Amaysim last April.
Emailed complaints about this - NO reply.
Sent email to local member after trying to contact Queensland State minister for energy - difficult to find correct email through government web page.
Queenslanders are subject to a hidden tax - government own power generator & distributors - so the more profit they make means more taxes.

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Worst customer service. Direct debited without permission

1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 20, 2018

Do not join!! Never followed up. Never did what they said they’d do. Incompetent call center. Direct debited my account without permission!!

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Great service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 19, 2018

Had a query concerning billing. The call centre got me to the right extension and the person there solved my issues without any problems. All solved. Very happy with customer service. Recommendable.

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Give this a miss

1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 19, 2018

I've been with this retailer for at least 3 years and then they were bought out by another company. From that day onward I've watched my bills increase as they jack up their prices every quarter.

Then I switched to solar and everything went downhill fast. They billed me...yes charged me for my solar feed in tariffs. Multiple phone calls and emails did nothing. Although, they assured me they were rectifying the problem.

Finally, I called the ombudsman in disgust, had the matter settled. Now, they have sent me an invoice that they originally dated in December 2017 but I never received. Change the date and hey us again.

Unless you are looking for a headache. Stay away!

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No dramas dealing with Click

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 19, 2018

I have 2 electricity accounts with Click. Everytime I deal with Click, it is very easy and no fuss. I also think that I am paying less for my power than with other providers. Totally recommend Click to all my family and friends. Debbie from Maroochydore

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Worst customer service I've ever encountered

1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 17, 2018

I have electricity and gas accounts with them, and have cancelled by gas account with them. Their customer service is ridiculous. First, hours are 9-5pm Mon-Fri which means that you have to take your working hours to call them and then you need to wait at least 20 mins to get through to them.

I had a gas bill shock, despite hardly using any. In the end, I could not prove to them that they are billing me the usage of the previous owner as readings were estimates. The customer service repeatedly argued that I was wrong even though I called the distributor directly to understand the problem. The customer service did not even suggest to seek further clarification with the distributor, they just insisted that I was wrong. You could never make any sense with them.

I'd definitely go with another energy provider that has an Australian based customer service and one that operates on the weekend.

Tip for new gas account customers: check your reading when you sign up to a new provider.

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I live in Glenorie NSW and by bill is extremely high for 2 people 34.1 kph per day as opposed to benchmark of 13.7 per day. Father has looked at our bill and said it is the Hot Water as it is using 1372kwh per quarter which is very high. We are on controlled load 2 and he said to check if that is off peak ??? We have a 400 litre Rheem HWS only 12 mths old. Are we on off peak ???

Julie asked on Nov 26, 2017

Answer this

Hi Julie. I think you directed your question to the wrong person. I have no technical expertise
Good luck

refer Canstar - they have a great explanation. As for the 1200 odd kwh that seems correct for an electric HW service. As I understand it there are 2 off-peak rates in NSW. When you compare you should take off HW Service as many would have gas. I suspect but have no information but the averages may well be starting to also be affected by the amount of solar that people have. Older equipment can also cause this - Old Aircons especially as the newer ones are way more efficient.

Herewith link:

Has anyone signed up electricity online using Good Food promotion code back in Aug 2017 and received $50 voucher? I have not received the voucher as today! could be marketing scam!

Howard asked on Oct 24, 2017

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The discount applies to next bill so what happens on my last bill? How is its discount applied? I want to move out of Click. They are a big chunk of liars, play dirty sales tactics on customers

Neens asked on Sep 13, 2017

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When moving from Click you get two invoices, on the the back of the first bill it says actual, which apparently refers to the meter readings, on the front it will show the balance to be paid and the discount you receive on the next bill. They then send a second invoice which on the reverse, says final, this invoice however shows no discount on the front. When you enquire with Click about the missing discount (which could require up to a one hour wait online) the story is, because you do not have any further bills there is no discount. All this after a 100% increase in Controlled power tariff and a 40.71% increase in All Day power tariff since 01 July does not sit well.

This is ridiculous!! These guys are thieves. I dint get any discount on my first bill coz the discount applies on the next bill. And then i wont get any discount on my last bill coz there is no next bill to apply the discount.

These guys are ripping us. Their representative called me and convinced me to switch my gas connection to Click for cheaper rates and a $50 bonus credit. When I actually got my first bill, there was only $25 credit and way way higher rates compared to what they promised over the phone. Cheap Sales tactics! When I emailed them a million times, then I received a response to say the other $25 would be credited after 12 months! Unbelievable!
I am moving out of Click for both electricity and Gas now. Cant handle this anymore. Guys, never ever go with Click. They're a rip off

I have had similar experience with this disreputable company. They have hijacked my gas and electricity accounts not once but twice and they still continue to send me bills for services that they do not have. Have referred them to the ombusman and as a result they will not accept any calls from me . And they call that customer service !!!

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