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Verified Purchase Date Purchased: Oct 2018

Most excellent invention

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 04, 2018

What more can a pensioner with no additional income want, than an air conditioner which won't cost arms, legs, and first born, to run. I received my unit yesterday, after having ordered just the day before. Setup in my bedroom was so easy. My room is small and I only share with a cat, so the personal nature of the cooling is great... he's not very fond of normal air conditioning. The unit weighs about 17Kg and even I, weak as I am, was able to lift it from its box. It rolls easily on its castors and so will be moved from room to room as I need the additional cooling.

Overnight use: it stopped cooling and the light began flashing after about 4 hours... reason being, I had the temp set too high on the unit. I turned it off, set temp to 22ºC and off it went again. Perfect. Tonight, I'll remember to set the temp a couple of degrees lower than expected overnight room temp. I also had bought the cool focus gadget to increase cool flow and that was a matter of plug'n'play, and it works beautifully.

Noise levels are not intrusive. On the highest setting, it is no noisier than my pedestal fan on 2 of 4 speeds. On low, barely noticeable. Some people may find it very noisy, it will depend on what you are used to.

I'm feeling very positive about this air conditioner. I had been researching split system and ducted and apart from the general cost + install cost, the running costs seem to be reported as quite high. For some people that doesnt matter. For me, ongoing cost is a huge issue.

I'm basing this review on one afternoon and night of use, and will update it if anything changes. I don't expect that to happen. 5 stars and highly recommended for those who don't have the budget, space, or location to have anything else.

[edit] Adding a bit more, as my review has so far not yet been published. Another day on, at 36º and the Close Comfort did not falter. I had a very comfortable afternoon.

NB: This is NOT for cooling whole rooms. Its for spot cooling only. That is, you are the spot.

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Close Comfort Official

We really appreciate you sharing your valuable experience, and very glad to hear you are happy with our product! Please call (+61 8 9386 3257) or email ( us if you have any... read more »

I thought about the bed tent, and then remembered that all cats have OCD and are autistic. You can't change *anything* without ructions. He would never cope with a bed tent. TBH nor would I. Its great just as it is.

Don't seem to be able to update the original review so adding more comments here. This little unit was perfect for overnight in my bedroom. I mostly run it on a low fan speed, its enough for me. ... read more »


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Verified Purchase Date Purchased: Sep 2017

Best option for low cost, mobile air conditioning for 1 or 2 people

4 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 19, 2018

The Close Comfort air conditioner does exactly what it says - and does it well, although it is important to understand that it doesn't work the same way as traditional 'whole-of-room air' conditioners.

1. The cooling works well, and the air flow & speed can be easily adjusted
2. It makes about the same amount of noise as any other portable air conditioning unit
3. It is very portable, and can be moved around very quickly and easily
4. It is compact, and takes up very little space
5. It is very cheap to run.

The key to this product's success is understanding what it can and cannot do - and how it differs from other types of air conditioning.The key difference is that it doesn't attempt to cool the whole room - only the 1 or 2 people it is pointed at, and it vents the warm air that ir produces up to the ceiling. Depending on the size of the room, the height of the ceiling, and the ventilation, this can eventually affect the heat in the parts of the room not cooled by the Close Comfort - so that, for example, if you keep it running overnight in a small room and then turn it off in the middle of the night, the room can end up feeling much hotter than it did without the air conditioning.

However, provided you keep the room in which you are using the Close Comfort, well ventilated, it won't noticeably increase the temperature of the rest of the room.

As I live in a rented house, it has been easy to move it around, although, like ALL portable air conditioners, it is too noisy for me to sleep with at night (I'm a light sleeper).

As I write this, the room I'm in is at 29C, but the Close Comfort it is keeping me nice and cool.

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Gold Coast

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Date Purchased: Dec 2017

Well executed

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 12, 2018

Very nice to have a low energy cost aircon for the summer, plenty of piece of mind knowing you can turn it on and not spend bucket loads. An energy consumption plug is a great addition as you get even more piece of mind, I spent more on the $20 energy monitor than power in the last two months!

Know that this is a personal air conditioner, and won't be adequate for two people unless you use the igloo tent. This fit my use case and I'm very happy with it.

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Questions & Answers

Do you need to put water or ice on it

Jane asked on Jan 05, 2019

Answer this

No, it is a normal air-conditioner compressor unit, not an evaporative one. Just plug it in, and clean the filters occasionally. That's it.

Hi Jane,
Happy New Yeay!

Close Comfort is a compressor type portable air conditioner. Our product requires neither water nor ice, even no pipe installation. Just plug in and use.
best wishes,
Close Comfort Team

What is the noise level when the unit is on? Many thanks, Maria

Maria asked on Dec 29, 2018

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Hi Maria, the noise level is medium. I wouldn't call it quiet, and I wouldn't call it noisy. I've found that it also depends on the room - if the room is large then it sounds quieter, and if the room has plenty of soft furnishings (carpets, rugs, curtains, fabric upholstery, etc) then it sounds quieter, probably because the fabrics absorb the sound.

I've used it for long periods of time (several hours, or more) when working at home. After a while I don't really notice the sound anymore, only the cool air.

Thanks for a very quick reply, can you tell me the decibels? Over 60 decibels? Thanks

Over 60, average 63 on high, i run mine on medium and from where my head lays, its about 53.

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Hello, please advise if this air conditioner can be operated with a generator or inverter with 12volt batteries when travelling by caravan and without a normal a/c power supply , thankyou, Ronald Moore.

Ron M. asked on Jul 23, 2018

Answer this

Hi Ronald, I'm not sure. I only use it on normal 240 volt mains supply. I would suggest contacting Close Comfort, they have been very helpful and I'm sure they'll give a quick answer.

Thanks Will for your reply, i appreciate you taking the time to respond.I trust you are enjoying this aircon. being portable, lightweight and very economical to run and think i will probably buy one myself - regards for now - Ron.

Hi Ronald, thank you for contacting us. In Australia, more than a third of our customers are caravan owners who use our products during travelling. So the answer to your question is YES.

The PC9+ operates on 220C-240C AC. As long as your generator and inverter have the correct voltage output, then the PC9+ can operate from them. The unit consumes about 300W of power, and please note, every time when the compressor starts it draws 5 to 6 times more current for less than half of a second, you will expect the same for any inductive load, e.g. motors, fridges & freezers. Most of the generator we have seen so far (1.2KW or above) can run one or multiple PC9+ at the same time. However, the high start-up current of inductive type load can become critical when choosing the right inverter if you are planning to operate air conditioners from batteries. We have seen cheap 500W inverter can run the PC9+ overnight without overheating, on the other hand, some good branded 3000W inverter could not even start the compressor due to the oversensitive internal protection mechanism. I suggest trying different inverter products before purchasing.

Either 12V and 24V batteries will do the job, just making sure the battery matches with your prefered inverter. While the 12V system has a lower upfront cost, the 24V system does provide more battery life cycles. As a rough estimate, to use the PC9+ for a full night sleep of about 8 hours, you will need at least 350AH to 400AH of Deep Cycle type battery. The actual operating time is also depended on the depth of discharge, inverter efficiency and environmental factors.

Let us know if you require any further assistance. You can also go to our website for more Q&A and video explanations on how you can reduce the 300W power consumption to even below 180W by using in combination with our bed tent product ( ).

To purchase, please order from our online shop ( Alternatively, you can visit one of our display outlet at Barazi Coffee Machines in Brisbane; The EnviroShop in Melbourne; or our head office in Perth, WA.

Our products are also available in Pakistan, Singapore, Indonesia and India.

best regards,
CloseComfort Team

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