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A must for men!!!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 18, 2012

The simple design and colors on the bottle really caught my attention. I like the simple design with the beautiful red and silver accent. The smell is wonderful with a touch of cinnamon. It is a little overpowering when first sprayed, but that is a good thing because a little goes a long way. Therefore, it is longer lasting. also it is inexpensive as well. Who doesn't love great quality products at low prices.

+ Long lasting. very nice masculine smell with a hint of cinnamon. I love the simple design of the bottle.

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4 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 15, 2011

This fragrance is great for use during the day for a few hours as the scent does not last all day. It smells nice and is quite a masculine scent making it great for a gift which most men will like. It has come down in price over the years and therefore makes it an affordable fragrance even to buy for yourself. The spicy tones give it an edge and strength that enables people to notice you are wearing something but still not overpowering and unfortunately not long lasting for all day wear.

+ Great gift for men; relatively cheap

- Not a long lasting fragrance

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3 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 19, 2010

this is a great product for its price. it comes in a very stylish bottle which is easy to apply. The masculine scent lasts a very good length of time, but care must be taken as to how much is applied.

+ a very long lasting scent. lives up to its masculine name

- can be a little overpowering when first applied

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Newport, VIC

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 10, 2010

The scent is a very warm and has hints of cinnamon and licorice. I would suggest wearing it in the evening especially in winter.

Unlike the previous reviewer I do not have a problem with the bottle. The bottle ain't pretty and shiny which is good because it is a product for men. I do not want all fragrances to come in glittering packaging.

I found that you can the product on special for $20, otherwise the highest price would be $30.

+ Smells very nice and is now available for a low price.

- It doesn't last very long on myself.

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4 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 01, 2009

My husband was brought this as a gift, I usually get concerned when someone buys him new fragrences as if the smell is to strong it tends to give me a head ache. This one was just right however and so affordably priced. Only con is the fragrence doesnt seem to last very long.

+ Great scent and affordable.

- Doesnt last very long.

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 02, 2008

The combination of ingredients - whatever they may be - works beautifully together. Smells divine without being overpowering. Girls, I'd recommend you buy this for your man. Just make sure he only wears it when you go out together!

+ Smells great - what else is there to say!

- the bottle could be better designed but who cares when it smells so good!

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