Poor advice, high fees, direct investments to own products

2 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 18, 2019

Our SMSF was (expensively) with Dixons for a short time 5 years ago. I've just looked over their advice we received at the time. They basically advised us to sell most of our performing assets and move into their own such as URF which have sustained large losses since. We didn't implement most of their advice but if we had we would have been down over $300,000! Obviously this was in the days before new regulations mandating the client's best interests as the priority!
A big advertising budget does not mean a quality service!

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Poor performance high fees

2 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 03, 2019

High transaction costs for buy and sell of shares. Not proactive. Too much in fees always directing people to their products with low performance. Share price dropping. No real benefit over a public fund.

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Dudded by Dixon related party investments

2 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 27, 2018

Just read the review by another Dixon SMSF client and have also lost money in URF, NEW and also ED1 float. I have been with them for 12 Months and lost more than $30K so far, will leave at end of financial year at this rate. Admin service is working well.

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Money well spent.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 18, 2018

Totally professional in all super advice and documentation provided by Nicholas and Nick. We have been with Dixon for over 4 years and are looking forward to more of the same over the next decade. Jack & Jean.

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Verified Customer

New to SMSF

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 28, 2018

I transferred my super across to Dixon about 2 years ago, and the transition has been very smooth. from the initial meetings with Alex and Randall to the ongoing management on the fund by Randall and Matthew, it has been comprehensive in the advice and information update. We now have my mothers financial management being handled by Dixons and the advice afforded by Laura and the other support team members has been invaluable in allowing us to set up her finance with all the complications of centrelink.
Would highly recommend the service

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Self Managed Super Fund

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 18, 2018

Thank you to Brittany and Antony for your continued impeccable advice in relation to managing our SMSF.

We have always found you advice and service extremely professional and you understanding of our unique situation has made our lives simpler.The corporate culture is clearly right, as staff continuity is hallmark of Dixon Advisory's business. I have recommended this business to people looking for sound advice on their superannuation and retirement. This is something I don't usually do, but indicates my high levels of satisfaction with the service Katrina and I receive

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 09, 2018

Thanks Rahulan Ruckman and Komal Babani for guiding us in our SMSF experience in such a pleasant competant way. Always up to date and professional. Our first experience with one of the big banks was totally the opposite. Thanks for giving us advice we trust.

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Simply The Best

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 05, 2018

Thank you Hazel Tan and Amanda Watson for your professionalism, competence, efficiency and attention to detail, for your advice and recommendations and administration. Hazel and Amanda are the Tina Turner of my SMSF: simply the best! Not only do they stay well informed but they are always accessible, friendly, sympathetic and attentive to my needs. Well done ladies, and Thank You.

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Verified Customer

A Team I Trust

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 03, 2018

I wish to give a feedback regarding Dixon Advisory, which has been managing my SMSF for nearly 1.5 years.

During this period, I’ve been impressed with the corporate culture at DA. I find without exception, all staff friendly, supportive, knowledgeable and professional.

My team discusses all investment proposals carefully with me, answers all my queries and takes into account any input I may have before we finalize decisions. And typically, if I ever I require to meet with any member of my team, and/or talk to them; their response has always been timely and very positive.

I feel confident my team is dedicated to facilitate the best outcomes for me and further, I'm aware that often times they have even gone the extra mile for me.

Without a doubt, you're an outstanding bunch of people. And I'd like to say "a big thank you" to Katie, Alex, Matthew, Jo-Lyne, Melanie, Vanessa, Joshua and others (too numerous to mention here). Collectively, you have all made my SMSF experience a smooth and positive one.

I shall certainly be pleased to recommend Dixon Advisory to friends, relatives (or anyone for that matter) who may be looking for a professional and ethical team to manage their financial needs & Superannuation.


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SMSF advisor

4 out of 5, reviewed on May 21, 2018

I wish to congratulate Dixon on a very professional and sound advice I have received in the past 12 months in managing my portfolio under SMSF. The financial advisors are consultative and actively consider the client's views before recommending. We can call them whenever we have any issues and they always respond with substantive analysis and answers. They take great pains in trying to get diversification within the portfolio and explain the reasons for a set of recommendations, in writing, so that the clients are fully informed of the rationale behind the investment decisions.
The other aspects of SMSF viz. the administration, preparation of financials, arranging audit and actuarial services are all done professionally and seamlessly.
I strongly recommend Dixon Advisory to SMSF clients to take the regulatory burden off the shoulders of the trustees and get the right advice at the right time.

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Great service and advice

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 18, 2018

It is important to give credit when it is due. We have found dealing with Dixon very good.
Thanks to Randall Fulton, Lester Lagasca and Laura Coneliano, our financial lives have been made simpler and lower stress. Talking with friends who are also clients who are helped by other members of the Dixon team, they reflect a similar experience. The investments they offer (with zero pressure on whether we take any up) is with eyes wide open (of course with the vagaries of the investment world).
In investments, the only way not to lose money at times is to put the money under the bed.
Keep up the good work!

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Verified Customer

Where I go to invest my retirement savings?

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 14, 2018

My impression of DA over the last 7 years is that they have been developing investment opportunities with the aim of protecting retirement savings and which will provide a reliable income. Our Investment Manager is Rahulan Rukman. He has impressive qualifications and has guided us into sound DA investment opportunities and a spread of other diverse investments. I am happy to pay the fees that DA require to be a part of their smarter approach to investing our retirement savings and managing our SMSF for us.

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I think we've all been conned !!!

2 out of 5, reviewed on May 03, 2018

For all those who comment how wonderful Dixons are , perhaps they haven,t read the article of April 15th in the Financial Review.The article in question highlights the relationship of Dixons and the fees they charge to their US Masters Fund {URF}.I expected Dixons to give us professional advice, to preserve our capital and provide an income stream in our retirement.Together with their other venture in solar power {NEW},I as a relatively new client of 2 years have lost $20,000 on their recommendation of these two investments alone. So who are Dixons working for; us or them.Their SMSF admin people are first class but I feel the advisers are simply sales people flogging the company product.Unfortunately we sold solid productive stocks on their recommendation into what is now a very ordinary portfolio.I suspect there are many more Dixon clients questioning the ethics of the Dixon business model.
So do we hang on and hope things improve or do we look for some good financial advice.

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Dixon Advisory Official

Dear Sir/Madam, I am a Director in our Brisbane office and would be happy to discuss your concerns over the phone or in person. I have sent you a private message with my direct contact details. Regards, Justin Power.

My decade experience with Dixon Advisory

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 17, 2018

I cannot speak highly enough of the outstanding experience I have had with Dixon Advisory managing my Self Managed Super Fund for the past 11 years.A totally integrated service model & a great client experience.
Nothing is ever a problem & the staff are totally client focused at all times.It's fantastic value for money.I greatly appreciate the terrific support I receive from Alex Haywood,William Linnett & Hannah Doherty-McMillan.
An above average Service provider.
Michael McDowell

October 8th 2018 Update: My view as a long term client of Dixon Advisory

I have been with the Fund 11 years

It's a first class service & great value for money.

High quality & capable staff who have a client focus at all times

Strong focus on education of clients on Superannuation & investing.

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Make my ‘Super’ life easy.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 09, 2018

I am so happy with the advice and help I get. My husband was the one who looked after and had all contact over our Super Fund. Your staff have been most helpful and patient in getting me up to speed with all this. I highly recommend Dixon Advisory.

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Completely Satisfied

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 28, 2018

My wife and I have been clients with Dixon Advisor for over 10 years and we have always been completely satisfied with the administration of our SMSF and the investment advice we have received.

There have, of course, been personnel changes over the years, but we have found all the staff to be very professional, highly competent, well-informed, accessible, friendly and very attentive to our needs. This very much includes our current ‘team’ of Dyon, Daniel and Komal.

The regular seminars offered by Dixons are very informative and we have also used, and been very happy with, Dixon’s estate planning services.

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Great Partnership with Dixon Advisory

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 19, 2018

My wife and I started up our SMSF in 2012, after approaching Dixon Advisory for advice.

This decision has enabled us to reach our goals in retirement with minimal risk, and provide an income for us.

Our dedicated financial advisor Amiee and fund managers Jacqueline and Ben and their teams have provided investment support with a very friendly approach. We are confident with ongoing management provided by Dixon Advisory and have no hesitation in recommending your services.

Tony and Liz

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Taking the hassle out of SMSF

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 09, 2018

We've been a client of Dixson Advisory for almost 5 years and have found the team to be very professional in their service delivery and thorough in the governance area in particular. It is heartening to witness the professionalism of the team from top to bottom and the apparent desire of management to provide career paths for staff through in-house advancement and the drive of staff to take advantage of these opportunities when presented. We have been with our current account management and advisory teams for the past 2 years and have found the assistance and guidance provided by Tu and James together with their respective teams to be both helpful and informative.
One criticism though - the recently proposed changes to the investment parameters governing the original APOF 1 investment fund. The original proposal, given it is an in-house product, provided the investor a finite date for this investment even though some fluidity did exist in this regard. I have been assured at this point in time, there are willing buyers for this stock however, given the absence of a true market, the disposal/acquisition could come at a cost and one has to bear in mind, these changes have been made without an undertaking of asset revaluations on a regular basis. Looking around the room at seminars etc., in-house investments in perpetuity with the aging nature of the customer base could simply create issues for the Executers of Estates without an open market in which to sell.

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Extremely happy we have Dixons manage our fund

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 16, 2018

We have been clients with Dixon Advisory since 2005 and have always found them very professional and helpful to deal with. Costs are very competitive compared to our previous industry super fund.

Ryan Maxwell manages the paperwork for our fund and could not be more helpful or obliging. The level of detail required is not something we would attempt to manage ourselves. Our investment team (Lyle Meaney, Brian Kim & James Israel) have always been very efficient.

The regular seminars are very informative. We have purchased a number of successful investment products developed by Dixon Advisory and will certainly continue to do so in the future.

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Great support

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 05, 2018

I have always found the team at Dixon's to be supportive, but no more so than in this past year when life circumstances have changed for me. I have really appreciated the guidance and personal support and encouragement they have provided to me. I have been very happy to participate in the WISE program that was recommended as well

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hi. i am long term worker in Melbourne for a large global car company. In retirement they offer a non indexed defined benefit 100k pension or alternatively 1mill payout. i am age 61.have another 700k in smsf. what is seen benefits of each DB pension or payout? thanks in advance. Des

carter asked on Nov 21, 2016

Answer this

Hi Des,

Thanks for your question. This is an area we may be able to help you with but it would be best to discuss over the phone or in person so we can get a better understanding of your situation and provide you with the most relevant information. If you contact our Client Services Team on 1300 852 017 they will be able to put you in touch with one of our advisors in Melbourne.

Best regards,

Dixon Advisory Team

listening to daryl Dixon on Tony Delroys show the other night, he implied that if I was between $500 and $1.2 million I would be better off to blow that money on an expensive house and live off the full pension. 250K would yield me about $120 / week in income which would hardly cover my rates and electricity. What would I live on. Currently I am receiving a yearly pension of $50k from VicSuper. Could you please explain how I would be better of upsizing on my house? Tony Fahy tonyfahy43@gmail.com

tony fahy asked on Sep 10, 2015

Answer this

Hi Tony,

Thanks for your question. We have passed this on and Daryl will contact you directly with a response.

Best regards,

Dixon Advisory Team