The Dux Endurance Continuous Flow has been replaced by the newer Dux Always Hot Continuous Flow model.

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Model: 16L Gas Type: Natural Gas Date Purchased: Feb 2012

Reset is a dum design.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 17, 2018

The hot water system occasionally needs to be reset due to power outages. The design of the unit is totally set up to make the installer and the service people rich. If the reset was on the out side of the machine with a note if the unit does not reset contact service department may not increase the profits of your service people but may stop people like me promoting how crap your product is.

If you are reader to reset the unit take the cover off and hold the black button on the mother board until the unit resents. You will hear when the unit resets.

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Model: 26L Gas Type: LPG Date Purchased: Jul 2011

six years

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 08, 2018

Appliances that I expect to last six years;
A toaster, a kettle, a car battery, a cheap washing machine these are a couple of items which I would be glad to get 6 years of service out of. I can now add frustratingly add to this list a DUX endurance 26l continuous hot water system.

This item was bought with much joy and it worked as it should only servicing a kitchen and bathroom. Last year the problems started with hot water not working, it took a few minutes of turning the tap on and off again to get hot water; 'mm that was strange one would think to themselves' as I stood there naked in the bathroom in a cold Victorian winter. Then the hot water issue really kicked in with inability to ever get hot then by miracle it worked for a few days as it should then back to not working. This problem sustained for a few months when finally its time to call dux and get a service person out. To quote the experienced plumber;
' yeah see this all the time with this system, your choices are we can replace the igniter (which is rarely the problem) or the PCB unit (computer control) which probably is however with the time it takes incorporating the call out fee and cost and its not a guarantee fix; it's best to replace the whole unit'.

6 years old and replacing a hot water system that should last 15-20yrs! Am I being over expectant!
Thank you DUX for your inferior engineering costing us a further $1700 in 6 yrs of the last installation bringing a total of $3500 on hot water systems. Your electrical componentry department should read the MANY complaints and hang their heads in shame for making such a unreliable product. Here's a suggestion divert your advertising budget into researching how your machines might last longer than some the many various complaints have specified. I will have nothing good to say about your products and assume that most of your product line will be made to the same inferior standards of this one I have experienced.

We were facing having to replace this hunk of junk with a another Dux to my absolute repulsion as it was all we could afford but by some divine intervention was given a Rennai, whom respond to their complaints upon researching their products. I understand you have probably lost faith due to the tremendous backlog of unhappy customers you have created with your worthless and expensive products.

So to the savvy spender reading this review, from my experience buy a mitsubishi electrical or motor, buy an Lg product, buy makita and AEG but whatever you do DON'T buy a Dux product...

You'll be sorry!

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Model: 26L Date Purchased: Jul 2016

Piece of crap!!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 29, 2018

This hot was system is crap!

Dux customers service is horrible. Booked in a service for warranty. The person they booked in didn’t even call, they just started working on hotwater system. It wasn’t even the company that they told me that was coming out! Don’t buy any of their produces, it will only give you a headache!

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Model: 16L Gas Type: Natural Gas Date Purchased: Mar 2018

No good

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 02, 2018

We recently bought a house with the unit installed. A few weeks in, I realised after finding this page that I am experiencing the same problematic symptoms as everyone else. There is no hot water and it is unreliable. Who ever is reading this, here is your summarised answer: replace it with something better!

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Model: 20L Gas Type: LPG Date Purchased: Jun 2017


1 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 02, 2018

Had my great builder (not) PA and DS Burns install this useless gas hot water service. Before we even got into the house we had 3 units installed by the builder as the first two wouldn't work. We now find out the book that has come with the unit doesn't even let us know what model etc. I have had two other gas hot water services one was Rheem and the other Rinnai and never had an ounce of trouble with them. Do not under any circumstances let your builder install one of these. Either water is too cold or too hot can't seem to have a warm shower.

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Model: 26L Gas Type: Natural Gas Date Purchased: Aug 2010

Rubbish company

1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 05, 2018

It looks like I had the same problem as every one ells wish i had seen this site before buying. Wanted to buy and help Australian company, not any more. Spent $350 on Dux so called service engineers both said the boiler is five years old and was lucky to have it last so long, recommended I replace with Renni.
Went to the factory as i live around the corner and was told to leave or they would have me forcibly removed.

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Model: 26L Gas Type: LPG Date Purchased: Feb 2017

it's a piece of crap,

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 29, 2018

this is the most unreliable hot water service available. Was installed by a statesman homes contractor who use the cheapest available.runs hot and when you add a little cold water to make it usable it goes cold. Most reviews seem to be a similar problem. Have had three other brands in other homes and they all worked fine.

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Model: 26L Gas Type: Natural Gas Date Purchased: Aug 2012

So far so good

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 14, 2017

It has been used near 5 years, still works well.
I have used Bosch Pilot Ignition for half year, it was terrible. When showering,if you feel the water too hot and try add a little bit cold water, don't worry, it will be totally cold water came in few seconds. If anyone use water in kitchen, you will stuck in the same situation. LMAO
After that nightmare, I am so happy with the Dux finally.

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Model: 26L Gas Type: Natural Gas Date Purchased: Jul 2012

Has anyone one fixed DUX 26l PCB

1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 27, 2017

Has anyone one fixed PCB or pin pointed what actually fails on PCB I have 2x 26l units both have failed have intermittent hot cold flow wasted a lot of money on DUX units I want to repairs these as there not very old any help would be appreciated Cheers

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Model: 26L Gas Type: Natural Gas Date Purchased: Oct 2017

Worse hot water system that I’ve ever had.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 23, 2017

Water goes cold. Then hot, then cold again. Very unreliable. Paid $136 for plumber to say that we needed to turn the flow up much more? It was at a comfortable level when it went cold. DUX say the unit it operating ok like this.
Avoid if possible. Choose a different manufacturer.

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Verified Purchase Model: 20L Gas Type: Natural Gas Date Purchased: May 2009

Its a terrible product

1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 16, 2017

Unit 6 to 7years old hot water was eratic would be hot then cold.had the pcb board replaced.cost of $275.after a few months it started again plumber came out to check it said it was all ok the eratic temp.of the water continued. After spending nearly $600on repairs enough is enough and had the hot water replaced but never with a dux.after approaching the company and explaining the problems i had with this product they just did not want to have anything to do with this .very very poor customer service.shame on dux.

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Model: 26L Gas Type: Natural Gas Date Purchased: Jun 2017

One shower at a time

2 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 28, 2017

Hi...would like to get some urgent help re: Dux 26L.. our family is unable to use 2 showers at a time, let alone 3 as the hot water can only run JUST enough for 1 standard shower. When I called customer service, they advised I call a plumber as this could be an installation issue. This was not the case! Very disappointed with the unit and have only had it for 3 months. RIP to my old but trusty Rheem tank..!!

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Model: 26L Gas Type: Natural Gas Date Purchased: Mar 2002

Great unit

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 17, 2017

I'm a plumber and I've installed numerous of these and even have one in my own home. As I've noticed doing service work 90% of the issues I find with these systems are incorrect sizing or installation. I have found that around the 5 year mark a PCB normally needs to be replaced but on a storage gas or electric at 5 year it requires a service which involves replacing valves and anodes you're looking at further costs then a simple PCB replacement. Great systems and will never recommend much else

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Model: 26L Gas Type: Natural Gas Date Purchased: Feb 2014

PCB fails and unit is 3 years 4 months

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 29, 2017

Very disappointed with Dux endurance 26 litre. Purchased and installed on 17th February 2014 and PCB died on 26th June 2017, very little help from Dux after sales service. Replacement cost $450.00 for PCB including labor. Only suggestion was to email - email came back as undeliverable?? Why? Now have emailed my invoices and proof of purchase to hoping for an answer. A product that obviously has an issue with the PCB and would not recommend again. product should not fail after just 3 years 4 months. Very disappointing.

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Update, Dux have refunded me half of the total cost. I received a refund of $225.00 on 27th July. Still believe that a product should not fail after this amount of time. Dux explained that the PCB ... read more »

Model: 16L Gas Type: Natural Gas Date Purchased: May 2013

Alarm code 11 and 12

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 16, 2017

Most days it's a struggle to use it. We wait hrs till it kicks in or shower cold. It comes up with code 11 then once it's going, code 12 will come along and we're back at square 1.
After reading all the reviews it's obvious to go with another brand. Pretty annoyed as it's only 4 years old.

Anyway, I'm gonna go try to have a shower... My first attempt was 2 hrs ago and I'm still trying.

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Model: 16L Gas Type: Natural Gas Date Purchased: Jul 2011

Rubbish product, will file complaint with ACCC & Consumer Affairs.

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 22, 2017

We are having very similar issues to those described by other here. I also have had no luck with Dux, so will seek appropriate consumer and LEGAL address.

Intermittent heating, inconsistent and unreliable performance. Product has been appropriately serviced, but issues started to arise as soon as it got to about six years old.

BTW Dux I work for a major national retailer and I have referred our property team to these reviews to consider when fitting out our stores.

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Model: 26L Gas Type: Natural Gas Date Purchased: Dec 2010

PCB board fault

1 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 24, 2017

PCB board is faulty. This is very common.
Dux knows there is an issue with the PCB board but has no intention of recalling or repairing faulty units.
Admittedly my unit is seven years old but the fault is common and wide spread and no effort has been made by Dux to cough up and pay for the repairs.Dux has no integrity and will not accept responsibility for the fault. The world is small given the internet and word of mouth is powerful.
Knowedge is power Dux and the more knowledge I can share about your units the better I feel.
Please dont buy a Dux unit you will not get any service all you get is excuses.

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Model: 26L Gas Type: LPG Date Purchased: Feb 2013

Dux performance

1 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 23, 2017

again! intermittant heating,or does not go at all,just out of warranty,bought top of the range ,contacted Dux, they don't want to know me,they suggested fix at big dollars which may or may not work,totally unreliable for a working family.Absolutely frustrated and disappointed with the company and backup! Many posts on websites stateing exact same problems,but no satisfactory resolution from Dux , so much for business integrity.My family will now have cold /hot /cold/no showers until I can afford to replace the unit with something hopefully more dependable.

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Gas Type: Natural Gas Date Purchased: Aug 2011

Inbuilt obsolescence?

1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 11, 2016

I have the exact same problem with my unit as a lot of the other reviewers. Started working intermittently after 5 years. Now it won't work at all.

As others have said, it should last longer than 5 years. What a disappointment.

These faulty models should be getting repaired or replaced by Dux!

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Model: 26L Gas Type: Natural Gas

Dux Endurance Plus, Stated Claims of 40 degrees rise at 16.25 l/m just Misleading and Deceptive adve

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 07, 2016

We moved into a new house 2 years ago. It is fitted with a Dux Endurance Plus (or 26L). The specification is +40 degrees at 16..25 l/m. The best I can get is 45 degrees Max at 6 l/m at the sink! The system is not fitted with a Kitchen remote so that might help. When we moved in, the kitchen sink had a fancy extendable tap spout which would only allow 3-4 l/m, not sufficient to activate the second stage of the Dux burner. This $400 tap was replaced with a simple $100 tap and the water flow and Temp improved, but only to 45 degrees at 6 l/m. I also increased the input pressure. I removed all the flow restrictors from the showers, as they too would not allow sufficient flow to bring in the second stage burner. My current cold temp is 18 degrees, so I get a 27 degree rise? Like others on this blog, I too are on the verge of throwing it out. I have had a number of Bosch HW systems over recent years and they have been far superior!

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We’ve had a plumber come out this morning to look at our Dux gas hot water unit. He said it’s a rebadged Rinnai unit. We are having intermittent hot water, with it usually cutting out during a shower. He couldn’t access the codes needed because it’s a Rinnai make? Do we need to get a Dux/Rinnai technician to look at it now, as the problem remains? Or is there a less expensive way to fix this issue, e.g a suggestion to get hot water running continuously or at least for longer?

Steph P asked on Aug 08, 2018

Answer this

Hi Steph,
I don't think I can give you any great insights into your hot water issues but if it is a dux call the company and they can arrange an approved service person to come out to check it.
As far as the plumbers comments to the badge, ours made the same however I think he meant to the construction standards these machines are being made to now. As there is not much difference between them.
The PCB unit seems to be the main trouble maker of these systems which is basically the brain of unit controlling the operation. They cost $500 just for the part then there's installation at plumbers prices $$, ouch!
Hope it is a cheap fix for you, it could be something simple but if not dont act emotionally. Find the best deal if you have to replace the system.
Good luck

we had similar problems with our Dux,we found it is worse in the summer. Our Dux is limited to 45 degrees ,so in the summer the water going into the hot water service is warmer and so it reaches it's temp and then shuts down. Winter time and the problem is not so bad.if you can increase the water flow through the hot water service it may help,but then you will use excessive water. I have had a number of different hot water services, and all had a lot higher cut out temps and none gave us the problems the Dux has given us. Hope this helps. New gov.regulations say the high temps must be limited to around 45 degrees

Were is a test point for the main burner on gk2620@?

Dino L asked on Jun 23, 2018


Our 26 endurance plus won't ignite. Any ideas? Hugh!! [details removed]

Hugh asked on May 30, 2018

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