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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Nov 2018

Recommend looking at other builders

3 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 25, 2018

Prior to the build, I was offered and advised the house included a few items which I later discovered it did not.
I spent over 5k in upgrades and when I did my pci discovered that the walls hadn't been sealed despite having email correspondence from the salesman that it did. My flooring pattern was completely different to what I was shown in my flooring consultation, which has since been resolved.

External lighting is not included (which you don't find out until hand over).

The flooring in the kitchen has a large bump in it which is getting resolved. The chips in the walls and markings are meant to be the 'painters responsibility' despite the house not coming with painting? Ensuite door handle opens onto the bathroom shower screen, again my responsibility to get a stopper (i nearly smashed it during my pci) No air con was included, no down lighting or painting, no alfresco, no laundry bench, no clothes line etc.

There are soo many other builders out there that offer the little things like the above, and if I hadn't felt pressured to buy the land I would have certainly explored my options instead of forking out an additional $19,000k on top of my $420,000.00 house and land package just for A/C, painting, downlights, clothesline, laundry bench etc...

Aside from all the exclusions, I found my site supervisor Jamie easy to contact and personable, he answered my queries in a timely manner and rectified any issues I had throughout the build. He clearly explained the contract of PCI and went through the defects with me.

[name removed] my prestart consultant was also personable and easy to contact, she varied my contracts on a number of occasions with no hesitation, she was very thorough and was really helpful with all the changes I made.

I recommend the prestart + build process, however pretty unpleased with the misleading information given in my sign up of the house + the flooring that is incorrect - this is through Carpet Call.

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Easystart Homes Official

Hi Emma,
Thank you for taking the time to send us your feedback which we take very seriously. Can you please send through your contract number so we can investigate as a priority?
Rikki (marketing)

Verified Customer Construction End Date: Jan 2019

An Easystart to your first home indeed!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 16, 2018

I made the decision to purchase my own home last year, after far too many years of renting. After much researching, I decided to build rather than buy existing as it promises to be a wiser investment for a first home owner (better Bang for Buck).

After shortlisting and visiting a few reputable building companies, I walked into my local Easystart Showroom and was greeted by New Homes Consultant Daniel Lewis. Daniel is a fountain of knowledge, and just an all round top bloke. I was impressed by his knowledge of the industry, and that he wasn't pushy like some of the other consultants I encountered.

After a few meetings with Daniel, I made the decision to build with Easystart based on the information given, and the fact that I wanted a quality (Summit) built home.

Daniel certainly went above and beyond to find and secure me the right block, in the right estate. And personally took the time to show me many different blocks, and showrooms till I found what I was looking for. For this I cannot thank him enough.

When the time came for my Prestart meeting, I met with my Contracts Administrator Anna Sharpe. Anna is an absolute gem and certified Prestart Ninja, and was instrumental in helping fine tune and finalise my many Prestart selections. I was also lucky enough to be one of the first people to choose my selections through Summit's new state of the art showroom.

For finance, Daniel recommended Gary Pope and Michael Vague from Westgate Financial Services and I cannot recommend them highly enough. They were great to work with and helped secure finance for me, even though I only had a small deposit and single income.

My build is now underway (roof just completed) as I write this, and I couldn't be happier.

Sub floor supervisor Wayne Pitcher kept me in the loop at the start of the build regarding site works etc. and I am impressed with the quality of the slab.

John Rees is my Construction/ Site Supervisor and has been great throughout the build, he regularly sends me updates to how the build is progressing and I'd like to thank him for overseeing everything and for the build quality, and maintaining a clean and organised site.
John also sends me multiple Photos of the build on the Easystart Online Portal each week, which is awesome for someone as busy as I am, and/or people who can't get to site regularly.

I also like the fact that I have the same team throughout the entire process. Daniel Lewis has been in regular contact with me since day 1, and will continue to be untill the completion of the Build, as are Anna Sharpe and John Rees.

Overall, I am very happy with Easysart (Summit group) as a whole, and would happily recomend them to anyone thinking of building.

A special thanks to Daniel, Anna, and John, and to all those behind the scenes at Easystart.

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Easystart Homes Official

Hi Kris, thanks for your wonderful review! We are thrilled to hear you are enjoying your building journey with Easystart Homes. I will be sure to pass on your lovely feedback to Daniel, Anna, John ... read more »

Verified Customer Construction End Date: Mar 2018

Pushy with cheaper options out there

2 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 13, 2018

We built our house (our second build) through easy start one of summits off-shoots (every person we dealt with was summit though). Our house was highly modified from the original plan due to the gradient and layout of the land and the biggest thing.

My biggest thing was how Summit/Easy start dealt with variations to the plans. Addition often came with a huge price tag (excess 50-90% markup) and every reduction on the contract seemed underwhelming. A couple of examples were i decided to do the tiling myself. For a 86m2 worth i was credited ~$1700. While i think this covered materials I don't think it took into account the actual laying (I was quoted tiles and install @ $5800). Another was during my Variations i took 2m2 off the house and placed 2m2 onto the garage (in separate variations). It reduced the cost by $800 but adding it to the garage cost $1300. Addition wise: I added a cut-off drain that they charge ~$700 for a have had that quote from a independent plumber at $460. We had to move your doors from BAL 12.5 to BAL 29 Rated. I called the door company and they said the price difference (for trades) would be $400 we were charged an extra $800. I will say if you buying off the plan with no variations Summit are a good option. If variations are on the book i ended up getting a quote from Gemmill and they came in 22k cheaper for the same design.

The other thing that annoyed me was when I got the quote from Gemmill I had already signed the contract with Summit (i Know a mistake). I called Summit/Easystart and said i am willing to pay out time/resources you have completed on the house and cancel the contract. This lead to a number of discussions that ended in a call from there manager saying that if i tried getting out of the contract they would take me to court and try to seek damages/time wasting on top of the value of work completed. I was planning to see this through however they had taken several months to get to this stage (Due to drafting not getting the plans right and taking 3 weeks per modification) and was running out of alternative housing options that would last the entire build so we pushed ahead with Summit.

To Top off my gripes. Little lessons learnt:
Check how your bath goes against the wall our tiles are not flush they overhang the edge this is "industry standard" we were told
The Stove top is pushed hard up against the splash back (Again "industry standard") however even smaller pots rest of the splash back when centered on the back burners and the manufacture safety instructions says it needs 50mm.
House build manager was great until we listed a bunch of problems after handover (little stuff like shower leaking, wrong light socket fittings, door handle falling off door) then it became we were wrong about everything until they saw each individual item with there own eyes.

We were really happy with the actual build the contractors in our area that Summit use showed great care and accuracy in the build and were really happy It come together faster than we expected in the end and enjoy our new home.

Conclusion: I would use summit again but would be drilling them about there prices. I didn't realise till way later but the summit sales guy did say that we could take a quotes in from outside parties and they could add it into the contract. Not sure if this is the case across the board though.

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Summit Homes Official

Hi Ben, thank you for taking the time to send us your feedback, we take this very seriously. Can you please send through your contract number so we can investigate this as a matter of priority? Thanks, Gemma (marketing)

Verified Customer Construction End Date: May 2018

Perfect for first home buyers!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 20, 2018

Shawn Lewis
Lauren Gibbs
Gary Pellington
Darren (Brickie)
All those involved in the office and other trades
Thank you for being the best.
You have helped my family of 5 build our very first home.
Being working young parents of 3 young kids it's pretty crazy but you have made the process so smooth, stress free and easy!
As first home builders we never knew how the process worked. Shawn was there to answer every call and email to help get us what we wanted. Our finance took a whole year to sort. We had our heart set on the perfect lot. Shawn stuck with us to make sure he did everything he could and we did the same. Holding onto a piece for a whole year is really pushing it. But we are now in our beautiful home on the land we really wanted.
Lauren was so good in explaining everything to us at pre start. Making recommendations we never even thought of to make our home better!
Gary.Wow.The best site manager.Making sure timelines are met and questions answered.
I wish we couldve met Darren (Tiler) and his team because they did an amazing job putting our home together in this heat!
Build quality was perfect. On inspecting home once complete we couldnt pick out any major faults! After we moved in there was heavy rain for weeks. Not a leak in sight. We never had any issues during construction and never had to followup because we looked forward to Garys photos during the build via portal to keep us updated. I strongly recommend Easytstart to anyone and everyone. And if you get the above mentioned people thats a bonus! Thank you Easystart it really was that.EASY

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Easystart Homes Official

Hi Rebecca, Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback and 5 star review. We’re thrilled to hear that you enjoyed your building journey with Easystart and are now loving your new home! I will pa... read more »

Verified Customer Construction End Date: Aug 2018

Great team made it easy.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 11, 2018

From start to finish the specific team I was allocated made it easy.
From Brodie on sales who helped get a block and land to what I wanted. To Danica and Victor showing expectional customer service, helping me when I asked.
I didn’t visit the property that often, only a major parts of construction, so it probably made the process a whole lot easier.
Compared to everyone else I know this build seemed stress less and enjoyable.
A couple minor things, like my last expensive electricity bill to cleaning up block which got dealt with straight away.
Thanks again.

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Easystart Homes Official

Hi Rob, thanks so much for your 5 star review and wonderful feedback. I will pass this on to Brodie, Danica, Victor and the team. We wish you many happy years in your new home! Kind regards, Rikki (marketing)

Verified Customer Construction End Date: Jul 2018

Fantastic customer service & a beautiful, quality build!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 15, 2018

I had my reservations about building. I built many years ago with a smaller builder & the experience was terrible. Out of curiosity I looked online at what was available. Easystart had a great reputation so we made the effort to visit a display home. We are so glad we walked into Daniel Lewis’s display house! He was so helpful from the start. He was very informative about the building and finance process but also had a lot of knowledge about Perth real estate in general. Daniel didn’t pressure us & basically wouldn’t allow us to proceed unless we were comfortable. His customer service was faultless and was always contactable regardless of what time of the day it was. Nothing was a bother for him.

We’re now in our new home & to be honest, I think it’s better than the display version! Our building supervisor, Paul Swarbrick did a great job. The quality of our home and build is amazing. We’ve just had a couple of weeks of bad weather & we’re right on the coast. The house has taken a beating from the weather but it’s built water tight & whisper quiet. So very happy we built with Easystart Homes. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to build a quality home. Worth every cent!

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Easystart Homes Official

Hi Margaret, thanks so much for your wonderful review! We are so thrilled to hear you’re enjoying your home building journey with us. I’ll pass on your great feedback to the team. Thanks again and ... read more »

Verified Customer Construction End Date: Dec 2018

Smooth Sailing

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 19, 2018

I had resigned myself to the fact that building our first home was not going to be an enjoyable experience after being hauled, by my husband, through many different display homes with different companies, being ignored while the consultants would speak only to my husband and being told over and over “you should really have your finance sorted before you look”.

Then we walked into the Easystart display home in our local display village. Daniel Lewis was our consultant and made a great impression from the start. He was enthusiastic but not pushy and had a wealth of knowledge on the local area we wanted to build in which put our minds at ease. Daniel spoke to both of us equally and made no assumptions. Within a week we had chosen our land, house and met with the finance broker.

Our prestart meeting went off without a hitch and was easy and organised. We used the online portal to make most of our selections beforehand to streamline the process and Isabella Carr was patient and helpful throughout.

Our construction is now part way through and we have had no issues. We get regular updates on our online portal and emails directly from the site supervisor, John Rees, with information on what to expect next. We have driven past the site and are amazed at the cleanliness and quality.

Our experience with Easystart has been beyond reproach and we would recommend them to anyone we know, and we have. My sister is now starting the process after I arranged for her to meet Daniel knowing that he was be helpful and guide her through the process as smoothly as he did us.

Everyone at Easystart has been helpful and friendly and Daniel has been amazing, making the entire experience enjoyable and simple. Thank you to everyone at Easystart.

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Easystart Homes Official

Hi Kiah, Thanks so much for your wonderful review. We’re thrilled to hear you’re enjoying your home building journey with us. I’ll pass on your great feedback to Daniel, Isabella, John and the team... read more »

Verified Customer Construction End Date: Jun 2019

An 'Easystart' to the process

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 17, 2018

We are just starting our journey with Easystart Homes.

We met with a few other companies. With a very tight budget but realistic expectations we were continuously told they could deliver a plan to suit our block (rear strata) and budget. Time and time again they were over budget - not Easystart Homes.

While we are first time buyers here in Australia, we owned many homes in NZ and even built our first home, so are not totally inexperienced, however, here in Australia things are very different. Because there are so many unknowns to us, we wanted to first make sure we could build for our budget and secondly, have confidence in the company and team that we build with.

Our consultant with Easystart Homes, Paul Miller has been fantastic. He has put both mine and my husbands minds at ease with the process, he has come up with excellent ideas for us and been very honest. Paul came to our house today (Sunday) to look at the block and talk us through the process. So far I can confidently say Paul has made the process stress free and exciting but more importantly for us, kept the project within budget!

We are really looking forward to this journey and can not wait until we get our keys to our new home next year!

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Easystart Homes Official

Hi Emma, Thanks so much for taking the time to provide us with your great review. We really appreciate it and are thrilled to hear you’re enjoying your experience with Easystart. I’ll pass your f... read more »

Verified Customer Construction End Date: Mar 2019

Excellent Service - Highly recommended!!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 07, 2018

Being our first home, we did not know where to begin. It all seemed very daunting and overwhelming. When meeting with Andy Olsen, all these stresses seemed to disappear and we knew we were in capable hands. Words don't seem enough to express the sheer satisfaction and gratitude that we feel about Andy's assistance along the way. He was very accommodating with our queries and questions relating to our house plans. From the handful of designs he created for us to the time stress demands, we were so impressed by his professionalism and customer service.
Also, our prestart consultant, Danica Watts was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and very much on top of our job. She has excellent attention to detail which made the selection process run so smoothly.
We are still in the early stages of our building journey but so far we are extremely pleased with Andy Olsen and the rest of the team.
Overall, I would highly recommend Easystart!

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Easystart Homes Official

Hi Melanie, Thanks so much for your wonderful review and feedback. We’re thrilled to hear you’re enjoying your building journey and look forward to getting you into your brand new Easystart home! ... read more »


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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Jan 2018

Bad experience

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 05, 2018

I signed a pre contract with them for building my home, I paid the agreed deposit. after give them the opportunity and the time to do the job for me, they made several serious mistakes. I decided for myself to leave them and sacrifice the deposit rather than sacrifice every thing. so I don't build with them and I chose another builder for my home. If I can advice you with one thing, stay away from easy start. This is my choice, what is yours? how do you feel when you leave them? for me, I feel more comfortable and very happy with the other builder.

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Easystart Homes Official

Hi George, Thank you for your feedback. We are very sorry to hear you had this experience. Are you able to please private message us a contract number or some further information so that we can i... read more »


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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Sep 2017

Bad start homes

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 11, 2018

I found our experience with Easy start was defiantly not easy and positive. This was our first ever experience with building our first home.

Prior to site start
The Sales rep lied to us continuously and tried to back up his lies with more lies, we recorded every single lie ever told and overall this was not a positive experience.
Prior to us signing up we were advised of many inclusions and pricing which we wrote down every single one of them and by the time pre-start came it was then realized that most of the inclusions we were advised were no longer included which it came to a fight to have these included or priced correctly as promised... this should have never happened.
One of the inclusions was the cupboard's in the kitchen which was supposed to be built up and around the fridge space as discussed on our display home visit with the sales rep but for some reason they removed this from the plan and was not built into our home like we were expecting (this was only realized after the house was built and too late, but this should have been built, i don't know why you removed it in the first place because you told us you were going to build it in!)
They do not read land design guidelines properly, despite us questioning this many times they stuffed that up to then decided to blame us and makeus pay for their errors despite them being in breach of the builders contract, this was advised to general manager [name removed] but he didn't care and was rude, i never walked away from a meeting so mad.

We weren’t impressed by the fill in site supervisor, he advised we should stop micromanaging our job – oh sorry for being interested in our house - are you kidding, very rude!

The story behind this was we were asking when the brickwork would be completed as it was going super slow and then one day it stopped and nothing had been done for several days, we were told by this guy that it was finished, which we questioned this further because we were missing a kitchen and laundry wall, which I guess he didn’t like because he told us to stop micromanaging our job.

On another day we found a giant pile of paperwork lying out the front of our house, which we were not pleased about as it included all of our contact information - was not pleased to find this as we did not want just any person just taking all this information away, i though the privacy could have been taken a lot more seriously. - we have contacted the general manager about this but didn't get a response as requested - bad management (despite him saying if we had any issues to get in contact)

We did find a lot of the time we did have to keep contacting Easy Start asking for updates as they were quite behind in advising us of up to date information, sometimes it was good, but other times not so good.

We did tend to find out a lot of things wrong for the 6 month inspection, it was really lucky actually i found the paperwork a week before the due date, when i was told it will be sent to me by email/in the mail closer to the due date - if i didn't look for something else i would never had found this.

The things we did note in the inspection report have been fixed within a timely manner, probably not the the higher expectation we were expecting, just patch overs and not actually fixing the problem which is more of what we were expecting,
for example the hole in the shower tile leading to the open brick work behind (we would expect a new tile put in this place and a smaller hole cut) - what did happen is a tiny bit of white grout put in there which did not fix the problem.

Issue 2 - the cornice falling down, we are still having this issue, it was just patched over, it looks cheap and nasty.

Issue 3 - the frame work around the front window, keeps cracking, the paint work is bad, it is not leveled evenly, this was just patched over and not fixed properly.

After completion, 6 months down the track, whilst we have cracks going up and down the walls every which way, they just keep coming and not really happy about how bad some of them are.

We have found the quality of some parts of the overall build is not that awesomely great the paintwork is sloppy, there is paint splashes everywhere, there was paint spray on the majority of the window frames, and some are still like that.

there is a lot more i could say but i have just ran out of time.

We would still like the kitchen cupboard situation to be looked into as we do feel like we have been cheated out of what we have paid for - so feel free to get in contact.

Update to my review, easy start/summit since contacted me regarding this review as we stupidly gave them one last chance to try rectify any wrongs.

Don't know why they bothered really, they made it a complete joke.

1. They sent the same maintenance guy out as last time, who ended up leaving early and not finishing (which i didn't mind too much as he said his father had a heart attack) and forgetting his work despite the fact i took the whole day off again, and whats even funnier he had the audacity to speak about us in a negative way whilst taking a phone call next to our cameras (which by the way do record sound), he lied about random conversations we apparently had which was not true, as our conversations were also recorded on in house cameras, guess that's the service you get with this mob.

2. They sent another guy out where we had to take more time off to complete the last guys job which by the time i got home he was gone, so i called him to find out what happened and he lied to me and blamed us for why he didn't do the work saying he didn't know what there was to do and nothing was communicated to him, even from the easy start office, despite our conversation and text messages and emails 2 days prior, and he couldn't do the work because it was late at night and he has life, please note he's the one who chose the best time to come to do this.
We covered all communication here with photos, phone calls, emails and even text messages yet we got the blame from this guy for his incompetence.

3. They sent another painter who finished the rest up, yet whats concerning is the painter said the hiuse shouldn't be cracking that badly at this age.

Easy start/Summit homes are not interested in making anything easy for home owners, they will tear every single dollar from your pocket that they can and take you for granted.

They had the chance to fix this for us but instead toar us apart even more, i have NEVER dealt with such a badly run company, there is major communication breakdowns, lying rude incompetent staff and even management is a piece of work.

This is disgusting behaviour from a so called professional company.

So much bad has gone into this house its hard to even think of this as a home because we loathe the company who build this wreck.

Overall, we will never and will advise everyone we know to stay away from this company, and you know what the 3 families and counting we have steered clear away from you already loosing you a lot of money, simply because of your complete failures.

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Easystart Homes Official

Hi Rachel, We are sorry to hear you are unhappy with your Easystart experience. We assure you we take this very seriously and want you to be happy in your new home. I understand our construction ma... read more »

Hi Gemma, That is correct that we declined further contact. Summit homes/Easy start has been given multiple chances along the way to rectify all issues at hand with failure every single time so ... read more »

Verified Customer Construction End Date: Mar 2018

Very happy with the result

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 12, 2018

Easy start stood out from the rest of the first home buyer building companies, we initially looked at a few different ones and then walked into a display and were greeted by Daniel Lewis ( New homes consultant) His approach very professional and friendly, I would highly recommend going through Daniel if you are looking at a first home build. Our contract administrator Jacqui was very responsive and helpful throughout the whole build. Our building supervisor Alistair was very thorough and supportive through out the building phase.

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Easystart Homes Official

Hi Dan, Thanks for taking the time to write such a great review! We work hard to make it easy for first home buyers so we're thrilled that you enjoyed your home building journey with us. I'll pa... read more »

Verified Customer Construction End Date: Sep 2017

First home owners best friend, highly recommended !

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 11, 2017

I just wanted to take the opportunity to say how happy I am with the build of my first home and the whole process from start to finish.

Being a first home builder the whole process seemed really daunting and didn't have a clue where to start! (as well as hearing some horror stories of building) So I did my homework (this website is awesome for that !) and knew a couple of builders who had good reputations but after visiting some display homes with other builders I went to an easystart display home and got into contact with Brian Belnick and never looked back.
Brian made the whole process sound achievable and no request was too hard for Brian.

Then when I was all locked in, I was informed of what to do at every step (which is great for someone who really has no idea what steps to take and in what order) every single person I have had contact with at Easystart or at the Summit Homes office has been super friendly, patient and professional :)

Then onto Prestart with Marie Vitanza. Marie was wonderfully patient throughout the whole process and really is passionate and knowledgeable about what she does. She again, made a seemingly daunting process achievable and informed me of what to do at every step making sure I was always in the loop with what was going on in regards to the house.

The @home portal is absolutely fantastic for helping with prestart decisions, I was able to choose at least half of my selections before my appointment. As well as keeping me in the loop throughout the build.

As soon as construction started on my new home, I was contacted by Paul Swarbrick my site supervisor, introducing himself and seeing if I had any questions. I was truly amazed with Paul's attention to detail and thorough work getting all trades working and keeping me informed at all stages.
I had no dramas throughout the build process and if ever there was, Paul was right onto it and I knew my home was in good hands.
I've just recently had my PCI and Paul was super friendly and understanding. As we walked through the house Paul picked up items that needed amending that I would not have even noticed, it just amazed me how knowledgeable he is about what he does and the attention to detail. Paul is a great asset to the Summit Homes team.
Special mention to Paul who answered my one million emails with endless questions in a very patient manner.

As a whole, my build was phenomenal and I am so happy with the quality finishes of my home as well as all the people who put in hard work to finish it.
I will definitely be recommending Easystart and the Summit Homes Group to all my friends and family.

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Easystart Homes Official

Hi Caitlin, Thank you for taking the time to write such a wonderful review! We pride ourselves on being the builder that makes it Easy for first home buyers to achieve their new home dream and ou... read more »

Verified Customer Construction End Date: Sep 2017

Perfect journey!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 29, 2017

It has been a pleasure building our first home through summit homes group. Our journey started with my amazing sales consultant Andy Olsen who helped us not only choose a home that is right for us but also went above and beyond to give us exactly what we wanted. During the process the administration team at summit were very helpful and accommodating to any questions or requests we had. We also had the privilege of having Brendan shugg as our building supervisor, he kept us informed with every step in the building process. I cannot express how smooth he made the whole build. Brendan's experience and skills has been evident through the quality of our home. Every trade has been exceptional and I will be highly recommending summit to my family and friends. I would like to take the time to thank the whole summit team for making this such an exciting and stress free experience.

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Sep 2017

Very Happy

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 25, 2017

Our home has just been completed and the build process has been very organised and professional with Summit Homes. The quality of products used in the home are very good - including the paint, bathroom fittings, kitchen ware, air con etc. (better quality than other builders in my personal opinion)
The work from the tradesmen was of a high level and our construction supervisor was very informative and very good to deal with. (Allastair Hunt)
Our finance was a lengthy process to get through with keystart (6 months), however the finance guy we had (Paul Marriot) was very informative and very helpful. I would definitely recommend building with this company, they were very open to questions and were very helpful to us throughout the process (we are first home buyers).
We are all moved in now and very happy with the final product, the whole process has been very enjoyable.

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Easystart Homes Official

Hi Shannon, Thanks so much for the 5 star review! We’re delighted to hear you’ve been delivered an an enjoyable journey to your first home and would be happy to recommend. Our team work hard to ... read more »

Golden Bay

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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Sep 2017

So pleased.

4 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 16, 2017

Great customer service/pre-start team.
Our site manager was outstanding. He was always available to answer our questions and put our minds at rest over any queries or issues.

We have really enjoyed the whole experience and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend Summit Home/ Easystart Homes .

All we need now is a decent win on the lotto so we can do it all again.

A big thank you to everyone at Easystart. It really was Easy.

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Easystart Homes Official

Hi Rich and Kath, Thank you for your wonderful review! The Easystart Homes team work hard to make it easy for first home buyers and we pride ourselves on excellent communication from our knowledg... read more »

Verified Customer Construction End Date: Feb 2018

Paul Miller - outstanding service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 12, 2017

HUGE shout-out to Paul Miller, sales consultant extraordinaire from EasyStart Homes by Summit. Paul went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable with building my first home. He tweaked the floorplan five times to make my home exactly what I wanted. Paul was not your typical pushy salesman, in fact his integrity and patience set him apart from the rest of the bunch. I didn't want to feel cornered into making quick decisions, and Paul respected my wishes and let me set the timeline. I can't recommend Paul highly enough. So far my experience with Summit has been great, they are a very organised builder and the customer service at every stage is brilliant. I will definitely build with Paul Miller and the Summit team again in the future. I am very impressed.

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Easystart Homes Official

Thank you for your wonderful 5 star review! The Easystart Homes team work hard to make it easy for first home buyers and we pride ourselves on excellent communication and customer service from our... read more »


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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Jun 2017

Easystart are exceptional!!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 21, 2017

From the start of our interactions with the Summit group and the Easystart Homes team we have been bowled over by the professionalism and care that has gone into making us feel individually special during what could be a very stressful period of our lives.

In our case it has been anything but stressful, in fact we have been continually impressed with the construction of our home, the way that it has been managed, the time frames that things have been completed in and the fantastic support of our site supervisor Andrew Rose, who has been on hand whenever we have needed him to offer advice and assistance. He is a fantastic conduit to everything and everyone and should be treasured as a real asset to your business.

The site itself has been consistently clean and tidy; something very important to Neil as he is from a building background (family business) in the UK and the quality of work by the trades that you use has also been exceptional.

Even prior to the actual building commencing, we were in the very capable hands of Simon Patrick and Jana who literally held our hands every step of the way and were there whenever we were unsure and had questions to ask. A special mention also needs to be made to thank Zia in the finance team for all of her help - she will know why. :)

In summary, you should be very proud of the work your guys do and in a world where good customer service is very hard to come by, it was a welcome change to liaise with people that we know genuinely care about what they are doing and want the best outcome for you.

Thank you so much - you all deserve a medal!!

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Hi Tanya, Thank you for your wonderful review! We’re delighted you have felt supported by our team’s dedication to delivering exceptional customer service. Our ‘built around people’ philosophy m... read more »


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Verified Customer Construction End Date: Sep 2017

Just amazing

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 20, 2017

We are so, so happy with our first experience building. Easystart Homes have been absolutely amazing to work with. We have not had any hiccups with them, only a smooth process and exciting experience. My only criticism, thinking back on the process so far, would be that more help could be given in the process of selections. The online portal is great, but it doesn't show much in terms of upgrades - some brand brochures or a complete selections book would have been more useful, as well as assistance in achieving an overall design scheme.

Firstly I would like to give special thanks to our amazing consultant Antonio B. From the beginning he was informative, non-pushy, and gave us endless freedom and great ideas for our build. He asked all the right questions (guided us to the perfect floor plan, including achieving things we thought we couldn't have, like a scullery). He also did great in answering all and any questions we had, even while he was on holiday. I would highly recommend him and have no hesitation to work with him again if we build again one day. We've also stayed in touch, unlike other builders where the sales consultant disappears after signing - he's still available to answer questions and provide access during lock-up, which is fantastic.

Next was our contract admin, Lauren G. She was amazing, incredibly prompt and swiftly took care of absolutely everything, including an issues with the council and bank. We couldn't have gotten a better CA. This stage was pain-free, all thanks to her :)

We are now reaching lock-up stage. Our site supervisor Andrew R has been great to deal with, especially because at the Summit Homes Group you can communicate directly with your SS. The build is looking amazing so far, even my neighbour (who's built 4 times with different companies) said he's never seen a build and site so clean and of high quality.

We're thrilled we went with Easystart, we believe that you 'get what you pay for' and its paying off. Be weary of the many builders who are advertising ridiculous prices and offers - check their reviews. It's great to be with a company who take pride in their work and genuinely take care of their customers. Thanks Easystart! :)

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Hi T.I, Thank you so much for your review! We’re always working hard to make it easy for first home buyers and your feedback on the portal and selections process is invaluable to us, as it allows... read more »

Verified Customer Construction End Date: Jun 2017

Headache FREE first home build!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 19, 2017

As first home owners, the process of building a home is often a very stressful one. What we thought would be a whirlwind 6 months of ups and downs, proved to be the most seamless transition into owning a home that we could have imagined!

The team at Summit/EasyStart who made this dream a reality were awesome. We are so thankful for how considerate of all our questions and issues raised they all were. We are immensely grateful to Simon Patrick, Amy Allars and Jamie Mcdonald. They each were thorough, friendly, honest, sincere and approachable - the traits that you want people to possess that are involved in such a momentous time in your life. As we both work full time, it can be difficult to organise a time to schedule in appointments. Each one of them was willing to accommodate to a time that suited the both of us.

We wanted to take this opportunity to pass on this positive experience to people who are unsure of what to expect. It is nice to experience genuine customer service and a company that legitimately cares about its clients. We will be recommending Summit/EasyStart to any family and friends that are thinking about building a home

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Hi Steph, We really appreciate you taking the time to write such a lovely review! We enjoy helping first home builders into their dream homes and our friendly team work hard to make to make it ea... read more »

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Hi, what is the deposit required for easy start first homebuyers grant?

Jane asked on Feb 18, 2018

Answer this

Hi Jane, thanks for your question. At Easystart Homes, we have access to home loans with as little as $2,500 deposit. For a limited time, we'll also pay your rent while you build. Best regards, Rikki (marketing)

I am about to build a home with summit. I have chosen to go with timber frame roof structure instead of steel. Is there going to be more cracks appearing over time once the house settles? is steel the preferred option for this ?

Tom Mac asked on Jul 06, 2017

Answer this

Wall cracking can also occur in circumstances where your property has been poorly-designed or constructed. Too much weight on a wall can contribute to wall cracks. Inferior, flawed or faulty building materials or under engineered footing design can also contribute to wall cracks. Timber is subject to rot or wrap if expose to element, like insects and termites. How ever this can be treated and is more cheaper then Steel. Timber is lighter and therefore put less stress on your boundary and internal walls. From a safety point in case of fire most houses reach 700 to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit while burning. Steel weakens in 230 degrees Fahrenheit. Wood however does not ignite until it reaches 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Wood however remain cooler on the inside then the unprotected steel. Hope this answer your question and when it comes to engineering of your complete project rest assure I did my homework first and Summit tick all my boxes.

Thanks for your help. I am going with timber. Hopefully it all works out to a high standard.

Hi, Just wondering if low deposit scheme is still available and how it works, or do I need to provide a minimum 5% deposit to purchase a H&L package. TIA! Sharon

shazsam31 asked on May 31, 2017

Answer this

Hi Sharon,

We have many financial solutions available to help you into your first home, including if you have a low deposit. We'd love to talk to you about this more, please feel free to give us a call on 6555 7549 at your convenience.

Best Regards,
Jay (Marketing)

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